Sunday, December 10, 2006


May 31, 2005
Prime Time Studios

Earlier in the day…

*Half of the interview was done back in April, during Pitt’s visit to Kenya and the infamous Diani Beach vacation. The other half was taped once Pitt returned to the states for the publicity junket.*

The June 7th Prime Time- Special Edition
Diane Sawyer interviews Brad Pitt…

“Good evening and welcome to this special edition of Primetime Tonight.”

“Brad Pitt”

Diane Sawyer:

“You probably can’t find anyone who hasn’t heard of Brad Pitt. He’s had quite a year; the end of his marriage, the new movie and the new costar. And we’ll have more on that in the course of the hour.”

“But if you’re wondering what any of this has to do with Africa, well, Pitt said if he’s going to go public, he also wants to talk about something close to his heart. The people who live in poverty in Africa, and the stories that have changed his life. By now, it’s in the news, the next month; the eight leaders of the richest countries on earth are going to decide whether to fund a bold new plan for Africa. “And supporters argue it’s a unique moment of opportunity to do what the US did for Europe after World War II. Education, healthcares, self-reliance and building democracy along the way. I’ve been reporting on the problems in Africa for two decades but tonight, Brad Pitt will take us on a journey from his life in Hollywood to a world an ocean beyond.”

Brad Pitt: “Though we may be created equal, we certainly aren’t born equal. I think it’s ambitious…I think it can be done. We have the potential to end poverty in our time. We could be living in that era. Man…what is more exciting than that.”

Diane Sawyer: ” Brad Pitt, a giant star in a country where people can have so much, is rallying support for children, a world away, children who dream of getting a single schoolbook or piece of bread, or a chance at life. Brad is asking others to join him in the ONE campaign. The campaign has united Hollywood and Christian conservatives.”

Brad Pitt: “In ten years we can half extreme poverty. In twenty we can end it.”

Diane Sawyer: ”And what was it you saw that you could do?”

Brad Pitt: ”I guess, shine some light on it. I mean I can’t get out of the press…these people can’t get into the press. So let’s redirect the attention a little bit.”

Diane Sawyer: “Why should we listen to celebrities?”

Brad Pitt: ”I don’t know that we should. I’m very uncomfortable sitting here. I’m sweating like a pig. I’m…I don’t think people should listen to me. I’m hoping the images will speak for themselves.”

Diane Sawyer: "So we set out together first to Ethiopia. One of the poorest nations in the world. It’s Pitt’s second trip there. They are waiting for him. The minute he starts walking down the street, the children gather with excitement. Why are they so excited? These kids have no idea who Brad Pitt is. When I asked them, they say he’s someone who’s come to help the children. He told them his name is Dabao."

Brad Pitt: Last time I was here, I told them my name was Brad and they kept thinking I was saying bread and Dabao is bread.

Diane Sawyer: It is a part of the world where people are trying to survive on less money per day than Americans spend on a morning cup of coffee. There’s a ram pet infection, open ditches full of sewage but the One Campaign says education can change all this and we don’t know it, the kids who live here sure do.

Brad Pitt: "We don’t understand not being able to put our children in school. They are trying to get out of school.

Diane Sawyer: "And yet, a cost of sending a child to school is?"

Brad Pitt: Sixteen dollars.

Diane Sawyer: For?

Brad Pitt: A year. That’s tuition, uniform and books. Which could make our break… their lives.

Diane Sawyer: Right away, Pitt wants to check back in on two girls he met on his first trip five months ago. They are orphans. Both of their parents died of AIDS. They live alone. Hannah, 13, Montpelier, age 11."

Brad Pitt: "So good to see you."

Diane Sawyer: ”A room with a fire for cooking their soul nutrition is bread. Look! How beautiful! Thank You. In our honor, some of the neighbors help bake a big loaf of bread with pepper.”

Brad Pitt: “It’s beautiful.”

Diane Sawyer: “Mintemier says she wants to be an engineer. Hannah, a doctor. Her favorite subject?”

Hannah: ”Biology.”

Diane Sawyer: ”A relief organization has given the two girls the $16 they need for school. And no matter how much her stomach is growling, how little light her concrete had, Hannah studies as if her life depends on it.”

Woman: “During the night, up to 2 o’clock in the morning.”

Brad Pitt: “You’re going to make a good doctor!”[Hannah coughs]

Diane Sawyer: “Then we hear a cough. Mintemier’s face says it all. Something is wrong with Hannah.”

Woman: ”That’s a, you know, she has a coughing, fever sometimes. She has diarrhea sometimes. Even so, she is very strict in her education.”

Diane Sawyer: “Coughing, diarrhea, Hannah’s dead parents, they have given her AIDS. These two girls are lucky. They have a champion.He’s your friend?”

Translator: ”He’s our father, she said. We love him as our father.”

Brad Pitt: “Aw. I love you both! Yeah. Hannah and Mintemier , they haunt me in beautiful way.”


Diane Sawyer: ”A lot of people have assumed that Brad Pitt has become involved in Africa because of his new relationship. In fact he says he became interested long ago, by first watching what Oprah did then one night at home when he and Jennifer Aniston gave a dinner for Bono at their home.”

here’s what Bono said:

Bono: ”Brad Pitt is an extraordinary man. He’s this you know…gigantic movie star but he’s very modest. You feel in America’s Midwest where he is from. You feel a sense that America wants something for its generation to be remembered. He said ‘Is there anything I can do?’ and he’s doing it.”

Brad Pitt: ”It’s not just me! Listen, we who born in America, have to understand. We hit the lottery by growing up here, by being born here.”

Diane Sawyer: ”Subdivision? Or?”

Brad Pitt: “Subdivision. Yeah.”

Diane Sawyer:Church?”

Brad Pitt: Lot of churches. More churches then Seven Elevens, which is interesting to me. We have lots of Seven Elevens. Do I need to go on? [laughs] Do you want more?

Diane Sawyer: ”Where did you grow up?”

Brad Pitt: ”I grew up in Southern Missouri.”

Diane Sawyer: Subdivision? Or?

Brad Pitt: Subdivision. Yeah.

Diane Sawyer: Church?

Brad Pitt: Lot of churches. More churches then Seven Elevens, which is interesting to me. We have lots of Seven Elevens. Do I need to go on? [laughs] Do you want more?

Diane Sawyer: ” Yeah! What kind of little boy were you? Trouble maker?”

Brad Pitt: ”That’s funny, I remember in 6th grad I was class president, yet I sent to the principles office more than anyone.”

Diane Sawyer: ”A troubled teen?”

Brad Pitt: ”Just by my own design. No…I had it very easy. I just wanted more…to see more. I hadn’t been on a commercial flight until I was twenty-five”

Diane Sawyer: ” And in fact, Pitt hasn’t needed much of anything since 1991 seismic debut on Thelma & Louise. His films have been alternately unconventional, risky, full proof. His latest, Mr. and Mrs. Smith opens Friday. More on that later. But it’s such a strange convergence: his movie career, his mission over seas and a melt down, here at home about the end of his marriage to one of the most beloved and beautiful woman in the country, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. He came back from Africa to the media frenzying and a public cry out say it isn’t so.”

Diane Sawyer: ” Your Google is up to now 2.7 million entries.”

Brad Pitt: [shakes head] “I… I don’t even know how to respond to that. It’s a strange focus, isn’t it? That my relationships or relationship mishaps or takes president over or something like that… I… I, listen, I understand it’s about entertainment but man, it’s a bit misguided, isn’t it?”

Diane Sawyer: ” Ok, Let me give it a try.”

Brad Pitt: “OK. We are going to talk about me?”

Diane Sawyer: ”YEAH!”

Brad Pitt: “Hey…”

Diane Sawyer: ”Why did your marriage end?”

Brad Pitt: ”Yeah, I’m going to talk about it here. [laughs] I don’t see my time, certainly my marriage as any kind of failure. It was an extraordinary time.”

Diane Sawyer: ”You quoted someone saying, “Things just take different shapes and it doesn’t mean that there’s no shape.”

Brad Pitt: ”Yeah! It doesn’t mean you lose a love, it’s just that sometimes, love changes shape.”

Diane Sawyer: ” Reported everywhere that you wanted babies and she did not.”

Brad Pitt: ”Ridiculous.” [coughs]

Diane Sawyer: ”A pretend cough masking an expletive.”

Brad Pitt: ”Completely fabricated. You know what you find with these stories is that usually it will turn one of us into the good guy and one of us into the bad guy, if you look at it, closely…or even not that closely and it’s ridiculous. Most of these stories, probably 2% real fruit juice and the rest just garbage with no nutritional value.”

Diane Sawyer: ” You said, “We talked about everything. We really did. We put it on the table. We didn’t hide who we were or what we wanted in any way.”

Brad Pitt: That’s true. That was… That’s always been the basis of Jen and I and it’s where we were made.”

Diane Sawyer: ” And that’s how he says he and Aniston decided together to move on in their lives.”

Brad Pitt: ” As far as I know, we get one shot at this thing. We get one time around and it better be everything you wanted it to be. I mean, it’s up to you to make that and that’s it! That’s it! I actually think it was a really brave, conscious, conscientious decision on our part. I mean, we’ll see.”

Diane Sawyer: ”And we remember some things they had said in interviews even years ago:

Aniston, February 2003, “Is he the love of my life? I think you’re always sort of wondering…”


Pitt in 2004, “Neither of us wants to be the spokesman for happy marriage, for coupledom…Is there…do you want to say about her right now, giving everything you have been through, something about who she is?”

Brad Pitt: “Not anything more than I have always said about her. She is still this same extraordinary person.”

Diane Sawyer: ”Stay in touch?”

Brad Pitt: “Yeah, I mean it’s difficult now as we determine what the next juncture is but, yeah, always. I predict.”

Diane Sawyer: ” Have there been any laughs in it at all? I think of the Saturday Night Live people saying: [Saturday Night Live] ”If these two are tired of having sex with each other, what hope is there for the rest of us?”

Diane Sawyer: ” The rest of us are just doomed. Let’s just forget it and go home.”

Brad Pitt: ”Yeah, we had some laughs, of course.”

Diane Sawyer: ”You did say, also…”

Brad Pitt: ”Damn it!”

Diane Sawyer: ”You said that you’ve got a call from your mother saying, “I’m disappointed in you, I’m angry in you, but whatever you do, I’ll always love you. All my bitches are mad at me right now.”

Brad Pitt: [laughs] ”What am I supposed to say?”

Diane Sawyer: ” Have they forgiven you?”

Brad Pitt: [laughs] “I love these women very much. [sniffs] Listen, everything, you know, has a cost, every decision is made on every choice on life and again, I make my choices and I live with those. I like that, I like that. My mistakes are my mistakes, my wins are my wins and that, I can live with.”

Diane Sawyer: ”I asked you a question long ago, 1997? Do you believe in happy endings?”


Diane Sawyer: ” Still believe in happy endings?”

Brad Pitt: ”Yeah, absolutely.”

Diane Sawyer: ”Still believe in happy endings?”

Brad Pitt: ”Did I say yes at that time?”

Diane Sawyer: ”You did. “Absolutely yes”, not just yes.”

Brad Pitt: “No, I don’t believe in happiness as a concept so… [laughs] I believe more in peaceful endings. Yeah…”

Diane Sawyer: ” So fast forward from Carabo in South Africa to Mr. and Mrs. Smith. It is Pitt’s 39th movie. An ironic and very funny dissection of the tiny torments in a marriage played out as war. For instants, her oven is just a decoy for her knives. Since they are both secretly assassins, and rekindling the flame after discovering they have been assigned to kill each other.”

Brad Pitt: ”It was really funny idea. It was really funny idea, man.”

Diane Sawyer: ”What was it that you like the best?”

Brad Pitt: “It’s just a husband and wife who want to kill each other. It’s great fun.”

Diane Sawyer: ” So, how are you with guns?”

Brad Pitt: “I’m good with guns. I grew up with guns, so.”

Diane Sawyer: ”Because Angelina said it was a constant competition.”

Brad Pitt: “She’s a good shot. She’s a really good shot.”

Diane Sawyer: ”Which was harder: using the guns and filming the action sequence of the dance?”

Brad Pitt: ”Well, we have established I am a dancer, so I’m gonna go with guns.”

Diane Sawyer: ” Well, the director of the movie said, at first, even their dancing was a duel. With both taking charge. You were both leading the first time. [Brad laughs] Originally the movie was going to star Nicole Kidman and when she pulled out, Jolie stepped in. She and Pitt working together for the first time. [to Brad] When you first met her, what were you expecting? The tattoos or the blood in the vile?”

Brad Pitt: “No.”

Diane Sawyer: ”He won’t comment on Jolie but describes her as not what the media leads us to think.”

Brad Pitt: “No…well, I have a great respect for her. She is a good egg. And a great actress and I admire what she is doing with her UN work.”

Diane Sawyer: ”Ok, let me try some of these questions.”

Brad Pitt: “All right. Let’s go! Personal questions…which I abhor.”

Diane Sawyer: ”Did Angelina Jolie break up your marriage?”

Brad Pitt: “No. Let’s handle this like a game show. [laughs] No.”

Diane Sawyer: ”Everyone says she is a home wrecker.”

Brad Pitt: “It’s a good story. You know, I’ve been in these tabloids for 14 years now and at some point, you just become the Zen master.”

Diane Sawyer: ”Angelina Jolie has publicly and emphatically denied that they were together while making the movie. But no one denies after his separation from Aniston. They met in Kenya, those photos on the beach and he has been wearing a ring, which rumors say came from her. So what kind of relationship is this now? Are they officially together? We give it a try.”

Brad Pitt: “There’s a lot still to..I guess, put in place. Listen, I don’t know what the future is just yet. There are still things that have to… I guess…be answered for me individually.”

Diane Sawyer: ”Are you going to be able to keep this up, not talking? Not talking about it?”

Brad Pitt: ”Well, it’s not… there’s not much to talk about, you know, at this time. If there is, I will.”

Diane Sawyer: ” Did you know that there’d be cameras everywhere? Did you know that there’d be cameras in Kenya?”

Brad Pitt: “Well, obviously not. You know, obviously not. I mean it’s an amazing fact that bounty that’s on my head and the length that these people go to get these shots and the amount of money that they are paying for these shots. I think something like half million dollars? Or three quarters of million dollars for these shots and as we talk about, what we are talking about today, I can’t help to think what that… you know… what that money could have gone to. Hell! I would set up the damn pictures myself.”

Diane Sawyer: ” Ha! Now, do you want to tell me about that ring?”

Brad Pitt: “What about? About this ring?”

Diane Sawyer: ”Uh-huh. Yeah.”

Brad Pitt: ” What about it?”

Diane Sawyer: ” Who gave it to you?”

Brad Pitt: “I actually got it at the photo shoot. No, really. I mean the thing we get to do is … It’s really, it’s not a gift from anyone. I know that it’s in stories and magazines or in some speculation that it was a gift from someone. I’m telling you straight out, it’s not. It’s a freebie.”
Diane Sawyer: ”And what about the tabloid portrait of the famously glamorous Jolie as a temptress and him as a guy in a mid life crisis.”

Brad Pitt: “So, you know, if you want to make me the bad guy, then I’ll be the bad guy. I know my truth, I respect my truth and I have no qualms.”

Diane Sawyer: ”And you have no mid life crisis?”

Brad Pitt: ”No, not yet. I keep waiting for it to rear its ugly head. Maybe I do, I don’t know.”

Diane Sawyer: ” What would you ask yourself right now?”

Brad Pitt: ” Well, anything I would ask myself... my response would be, I’m a 41 year old man and I don’t see any need to defend myself.”

Diane Sawyer: ” Do you want to clear up on record?”

Brad Pitt: ”No.”

Diane Sawyer: ” Do you want to throw something at me? [laughs] You do?”

Brad Pitt: ”Something heavy. Something really heavy with sharp corners.”

Diane Sawyer: ”In other words, whatever it takes for this hunted man to have a little part of his life all his own.

Brad Pitt: “Listen, there has been so much speculation and so much misinformation and it’s just been about entertainment and public consumption, I mean, you want to keep something for yourself.

Brad Pitt: ” It’s a New chapter, truly a really interesting time. It’s a shake up year of redirection and I find it very... very interesting.”

Diane Sawyer: “He’s ready, he says for a new kind of life in LA.”

Brad Pitt: “I want a simpler life. I’m trying to downsize. I’ve got so much shit that just accumulates. So the idea is, is this romantic idea of getting my closet down to small sections. And a little pile of clothes.”

Diane Sawyer: “And what about the house you designed?”

Brad Pitt: ”Yeah, it’s really beautiful... it’s beautiful.”

Diane Sawyer: ”You know what’s gonna happen to it yet?”

Brad Pitt: ” No. Someone will enjoy it.”

Diane Sawyer: ” Would you ever live in a house that big again, you think?”

Brad Pitt: “Um, you know, I don’t think so.”

Diane Sawyer: ” We remember, the last time we talked was when he was with his pals on Ocean’s 12 and we asked what he yearned for most in the future.”
[to Brad] “Still want a family?”

Brad Pitt: “Absolutely…Yeah.. Absolutely. It just feels like a natural progression. You know, if it takes the focus off of myself, it’s got to be a healthy thing.”

Diane Sawyer: ”As we know, Angelina Jolie adopted a child. We wondered if he would do that too, perhaps one from Africa.”

Brad Pitt: ”Oh, I don’t know. I’m certainly hoping to. It is a beautiful idea. Especially meeting these kids first hand but at this point, I don’t know.”

Diane Sawyer: “Because those people go on impulse, you know?”

Brad Pitt: “You know, just at this particular point, defining what this, I guess next juncture or direction is gonna be.”


Akiva Goldsman’s Office
May 31, 2005


Akiva stared across the room at what had to be two of the most beautiful people on the face of the earth; his stars, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. While he would give his word that nothing inappropriate had gone on between Brad and Angelina during filming, watching them now he could no longer say the same. He knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that they were together. Catching the small discreet looks Brad and Angelina sent each others way, Akiva sensed loved. He always backed love and having seen first hand the anguish that Brad had gone through during his marital problems while filming, Akiva could think of no one who deserved to be in love and loved more.

Watching Angelina as she tried not to react to Brad close presence, Akiva couldn’t dream of a better man to take care of her. She too deserved the love of a good man. But unfortunately he had a movie to protect and that was the reason he’d called this meeting. “So I guess you two are wondering why I asked you here.”

Brad spoke up first. “I think we can guess.” He glanced quickly in Angelina’s direction. “Africa…the pictures…”

Nodding Akiva tried to make the studio’s point. “Right now, you two are the hottest people on the planet. That means you guys are targets for the media. The paparazzi are following you and capturing your every move on film as I’m sure you’re both aware of.”

“And?” Angelina didn’t dare wait for the other shoe to drop. There was more and no point in beating around the proverbial bush.

“The studio was flipped upside down when those photos appeared in the tabloids. While we realize that you are divorced, there are those out there who are still riding the ”He cheated on America’s Sweetheart with America’s Bad girl” bandwagon. Now, truth be told, I know both girls and no offense to your first choice, I think your second one is ten times the better choice.” Akiva winked in Angelina’s direction.

Taking a quick swallow of his scotch, Brad smiled back. “None taken, I completely agree.”

Angelina smiled at Akiva. “Thank you, I like my third choice just fine as well.”

Akiva sputtered his own drink. “Does she miss a beat?” He addressed Brad.

Shaking his head in amusement, Brad responded. “Not a one.”

“Well that being said however, we really can’t afford for 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith' to fail before it even leaves the gate. The more you two are seen together, the more it seems to aggravate the ’fairytale’ believing masses.”

Watching Akiva tug nervously at his ear, Angelina recognized the signs of an omission. Helping him out, she finished for him. “So basically you’re telling us to stay away from each other.”

“Well only until after the film’s premiere and first couple of weeks. Brad…Angie you know I would never presume to tell you how to live out your personal lives or even ask you something like this unless it was absolutely necessary. The studio just doesn’t want the ’Gigili’ affect to curse 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith' as well as the negative public opinion.”

Sitting his drink down, Brad reached for Angelina’s hand before addressing Akiva. “We understand Akiva, no more public sightings. What do you want us to say during the press junket? I handled Diane in my usual way and we both fielded questions in the ‘W’ article. Ange has what?” he glanced at Angelina as he continued to speak, “An Anne Curry interview and a segment on ‘The Actor’s Studio’ with Lipton.”

“The contracts for the ‘Today Show’ and ‘Dateline’ have already been signed and Lipton isn’t that kind of interviewer. He won’t ask her anything inappropriate. From this point on, no personal questions will be asked. Gag orders…for want of a better term…will be signed before all press conferences. Okay?”

“Okay.” Brad answered calmly, even though he wanted to tell Akiva exactly what the studio could do with their worries.

“Fine.” Angelina watched Brad, he’d stiffened so subtly, but she felt it. She also understood it and she didn’t like it. But what could they do? It wasn’t the studio’s fault that public opinion ruled the box office.

Watching his two stars, Akiva couldn’t help feeling like the bad guy. If he were Brad, he didn’t think he’d be able to stay away from Angie and he’d probably had told the studio to kiss his ass in no uncertain terms. But Brad was a different breed of animal. Brad and Angie were both class acts and would do what was best for the film without so much as a negative peep. But still, he felt like an ass. “Look what you do out of sight of the media is none of my business, the studio’s or anyone else’s for that matter. I just want you two to be cautious, that’s all.”

Brad reached over to twirl a lock of Angelina’s hair around his fingers. “We hear you and we’ll try to stay away from each other in public.” Glancing away from the silky strands, he leveled his gaze on Akiva. “You gotta a date when we’re released from lock down?”

Laughing, Akiva finished his drink. “Starting from this meeting…give us at least three weeks runtime.”

One looking down…the other looking to the side; both Brad and Angelina whispered in tortured unison.

“Three more weeks…”


June 1, 2005
Essex Hotel
Angelina’s Private Suite

Private…not Public…

It was true, the saying about the best hiding place being right under the nose. He’d moved through the streets of Manhattan undetected. He’d entered the back of the hotel again undetected. Fate was with him as he took the elevator alone. No one entered the car as it made its way up.

He found the suite easy enough and silently let himself in using his card key. The suite was completely dark and incredibly silent. Removing his leather jacket, he dropped it on the sofa and continued on to the suite’s master bedroom. Stopping at the bedroom door, he listened for a hint of sound. Hearing nothing he entered quietly. A sense of harmony washed over him at the sight that greeted him.

He stood watching them sleep; the woman who’d walked into his life and with a single “hello.” had laid claim to his soul and enslaved his heart.” And the child who held the chains that bound him to the dream he carried in his mind every waking moment. This was what he wanted; to come home after a long day to the security of ’family’.

Moving to the side of the bed where Maddox slept in the easy abandonment that a child felt when sleeping in his mother’s arms. Reaching down he smoothed the child’s hair from his face. Maddox was such a beautiful child, so easy to love.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, he watched them a moment longer. Never in his life had he felt such an emotional pull. From the moment he’d laid eyes on her, he’d wanted her. She’d been on his mind and in his mind constantly, and for that he owed Jennifer an apology. Fate had waited so long to send her to him; making sure he’d learned from past relationships, allowing him to experience the metamorphosis from self indulgent ‘golden boy’ to a man aware of more than his own tiny world. He now realized that creating and maintaining a family required not only love but patience, understanding, compassion and above all acceptance. He wanted children…had always wanted them. But he realized now that they didn’t need to be of his blood for him to love. Fate had shown him that in the form of a beautiful thirty year old and her three year old adopted son. Fate knew it and now so did he. He was ready.

Placing his arms beneath Maddox’s knees and shoulders, Brad lifted the sleeping child and cradling him to his chest, Brad carried the toddler to his own room. Even as he laid the child in his own bed, tucked him in and kissed him on softly on the forehead the child never left his dreams.

Brad switched on the Spiderman nightlight and the sound monitor before leaving the room. Closing the door softly Brad made his way back to the master bedroom entering the dark room, he closed and locked the door. His time here was limited and that time he would spend with those most precious to him.

Making his way back to her bedroom, he stood watching her intently as he disrobed. Each time he saw her it was as though he was seeing her for the first time. Her beauty simply mesmerized him. How could one woman have such a profound affect his being? He might never know and he wasn’t sure he really cared.

The sound of the sheets rustling under her sleep driven movements brought him out of his reverie. His eyes still on her face, he moved to the edge of the bed. Gripping the bed covers, he tugged gently, pulling the sheets down her slumbering body until they rested at the foot of the bed. He chuckled at her choice of sleepwear. “So that’s what happened to my Bob Marley t-shirt.” Kneeling on the bed, he crawled his way up to lean over her warm slightly parted thighs. Whispering as he kissed the soft inner skin. “But you do wear it well mama.” His lips moved lightly, his tongue tasting the faint fragrance of her body wash as he trailed a damp path up the warm flesh of her thigh, his target just visible beneath the hem of her…his t-shirt. He watched the muscles of her inner thighs twitch as his tongue and lips explored the tender flesh that he knew so well…the flesh that he considered his. Applying enough pressure he began leaving a mark…his mark, a mark only they would know was there.

Shifting the t-shirt higher, he uncovered the treasure he sought. Staring at the delicate pink folds exposed to his hungry gaze, he leaned in to feast. His body tightening as he tasted each dewy lip. Finding the tender bud hidden there he teased it into arousal. He reveled in the taste of her. How he missed the taste that was uniquely hers; it was a mixture of exotic spice and wild honey. An elixir he found both intoxicating and addictive. She was his he didn’t want to give up.

Pulling himself away, he leaned up to capture her lips, teasing firmly, nipping almost painfully before soothing the pouty lips he dreamed of every moment of the day and night. Her sudden moan caught his attention. Staring down into the face he loved, he watched her eyes open slowly…


Her body was on fire, his lips were everywhere. She knew it was a dream but a dream was better than nothing at all and lord knew she did like where this dream was going. Never had a man’s lips tasted so good tongue so pleasurable, his hands so strong as they molded and soothed her now over stimulated flesh. With ever caress of his tongue her muscles tightened, with ever sip of his lips her body craved more. Moaning slightly she gave into the desire coursing through her body she shifted her thighs and opened her eyes slowly.

“You.” she whispered. Smiling, she reached up to trace the near perfect features that graced his face. “Brad…”


Brad smiled. “Me.” Capturing her seeking fingers he pulled them down to his lips, kissing each precious tip.

“I tough I was dreaming.” Angelina pulled her hands free to draw them down his sculpted back.

“No, not a dream. I’m very real and so is this.” He lowered his mouth to capture her lips, his mouth hot and demanding. His tongue slid along her trembling bottom lip, coaxing her to open for him. He deepened the kiss, drawing her breath into his mouth. ”God I missed you so much.” He whispered.

She made a small, soft sound in her throat, and he kissed the side of her neck, the softly rounded lobe of an ear. He smoothed back her thick dark hair, cupped her face in his hands and kissed her, long and deep, his tongue sweeping in to taste the rich dark cavern of her mouth.

“Brad…” she whispered. “Brad…”

His hand stroked her cheek softly he wanted her. Sweet god how he wanted her. His arousal strengthened, pressing against her heated core. His hands soothed and smoothed their way from cheek to ribs, then rose to cup each of her breasts. Her nipples were hard beneath. The thin cotton t-shirt and suddenly he was desperate to see them.

With shaking hands, he worked the shirt up and over her head and tossed it away, leaving her beautifully naked. Smiling up at him, she was simply the most erotically beautiful creature he’d ever laid eyes on. Long strands of her dark hair licked hungrily at her plump breasts, seeking out the rose tips that quivered with each of her rapid breaths.

“Lovely,” he said, lifting the shiny dark hair away and cupping the rounded weight in the palm of his hand.

Angelina whimpered as he lowered his mouth and took the tip between his teeth. Her back arched and her fingers smoothed over the nape of his neck. “Brad…” his name escaped her lips in a breathy caress an instant before Brad kissed her. He took her mouth as fiercely, unleashing the desire and lust that he’d kept bottled up these past weeks. His loins throbbed almost painfully with the heat of unquenched desire. He wanted to be inside of her, wanted it so badly he just hurt.

Angelina’s fingers splayed over his chest, testing the muscles beneath, measuring each indentation of his ribs, the cut of his abs and the perfect contours of his behind. Her delicate exploration of his body caused a fresh wave of heat to roll over him. She pressed her mouth against the side of his neck, pressed soft kisses across his shoulders and he thought that he might hurt her in his need for her.

Sliding her arms around his neck, she clung to him as his finger caressed the pouty flesh hidden in the private juncture of her legs and eased a finger inside the moist dark channel. He heard her sharp indrawn breath, felt the liquid warmth of her clenching muscles and his arousal went rock-hard. Stroking deeply, moving in and out slowly, he added another finger. Watching her face become flushed in her excitement, her bottom lip tremble in anticipation and her eyes darken with desire. He leaned down to whisper in her ear, “You’re ready for me, Angel.”

Angelina didn’t have the will to answer, her mind was blank…no conscious thought just emotion. She could only whimper and pray that he read the desire glowing in her eyes. Dragging his mouth down to hers, she found her voice as her lips captured his. “Stop talking…I need you so much. Fuck me now, love me later.”

No other words needed, he planned to do just that. Pulling his fingers free and lips away from hers, he stared into her eyes as he licked both fingers before tracing her lips with the same fingers, enticing her to taste her own essence. “Wild Honey.” He whispered, tonguing the delicate shell of her inner ear, enjoying the shiver that ran through her body. Without warning Brad reared up taking Angelina with him deftly maneuvering her onto her stomach, her face cradled in one of the beds large pillows. Spreading her legs once more he settled down, his arousal pressed firmly against the quivering channel his fingers had explored so diligently. His lips pressed to her ear, he growled “No sound; can’t wake the little guy.”

Feeling his arousal butting against her own aroused core, she widened her legs a bit more, giving him complete access to what he sought. “Pleeease!” her whisper desperate, she barely got the word out before she felt his body driving into hers. Moaning into the pillow, Angelina arched backwards frantic for the feel of him. Her body consumed by the heavy thrust and drag that sent shivers throughout her body. Instinct parted her legs even wider, taking him deeper, desperate to be closer.

He groaned as he surged forward, filling her again, driving faster and harder. As always a sense of wild abandon seemed to take hold of him. They were no longer Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. They were no longer Brad and Angie. They were simply man and woman seeking the ultimate heights of pleasure. He wanted everything she had…always…every time…the simple act of love making wasn’t enough. He needed more. Capturing her hands in his, he entwined their fingers. He pulled one out across the bed and wrapped the other in her thick hair and pulled the long strand tightly, baring the creamy skin of her neck for his lips; his mouth caressing, even as his lower body conquered, gliding in and out with long, firm strokes, deliberate, measured, penetrating to the extreme limits of Angelina’s yielding flesh. Angelina’s whimpers joined Brad’s heavy breathing.

He intoxicated her. He understood the delicate balance between violence and pleasure, between harshness and tenderness. With each thrust, Angelina reveled at how deeply he filled her. She felt the familiar current of heat sweep through her body, carrying her toward the sweet, euphoric oblivion lovers sought. The white hot fire building, her body tight with anticipation, Angelina’s body simply exploded with the sudden blinding hot orgasmic wave of bliss that washed through her. Her orgasm so intense her body shuddered continuously out of control. Gripping the pillow between her teeth, she screamed into the pillow.

Above her, Brad drove on. Bands of muscle popped out on his neck and shoulders. Two more deep thrusts and he groaned, his body joining hers in uncontrollable shudders, his seed spilling hotly inside her. For minutes, he held himself rigid above her. Then he kissed the side of her neck gently before easing himself away. Pulling her gently into his arms, he cradled her body spoon fashion against him. Brad held Angelina without speaking, his heart pounding so hard she could feel it where his chest pressed into her back.

They could have slept but their time was so short and the night was still young. Brad simply held her. Turning in his arms, Angelina came up on an elbow and placed a soft kiss on his mouth. “I love you.”

“Angie…” he whispered, his tone low and rough, his body aroused again, as though he’d never found release. “Angel…” She turned onto her back, and he rose above her. Kissing her, he whispered, “I love you too baby.” Using his knees he spread her legs and entered her body slowly, burying himself deeply inside her. “God, I can’t make myself stop. I just can’t get enough of you.”

“Aren’t you lucky, you never have to…get enough of me.” Reaching up she caressed his cheek, usually smooth, now covered in stubble. She knew she’d bear the signs on her skin in the morning. Running her fingers through his thick hair she continued down his back until she held a rounded buttock in each hand. Caressing and molding the supple flesh, she guided his movements. “Now it’s time to make love.”

The early morning hours were full of sighs, murmurs and giggles as he took her gently this time, his eyes never leaving hers.


June 1, 2005
Essex Hotel
Angelina’s Private Suite
7:30 am

Sitting on the side of the bed, she watched him sleep. He lay on his stomach, half of his face pressed into the pillow he held wrapped in his arms. How long she’d checked on a sleeping Maddox, ordered breakfast to be sent up at eight and grabbed a quick shower. Now she simply sat watching him sleep.

He was so beautiful. His face in repose held an almost pure angelic quality but memory of his almost ruthless pursuit of her gave him the warrior-like qualities attributed more to “Michael” the arch angel. He was as close to perfect as one could be. Reaching forward she drew a finger lightly over his profile, tracing the gentle flair of one nostril, trailing the perfect poutiness of his bottom lip. He had such a beautiful mouth. Outside of her family, she’d never seen a man with such a lush bottom lip.

Sitting back she let her hand caress its way over the sculpted arm and shoulder closest to her. She loved his arms. They always made her feel safe. She’d always thought herself pretty invincible, never needing any man’s help, but in his arms it wasn’t neediness. She felt safe…protected, she felt cherished. No man had every managed that. No man…until Brad.

His slow journey to awakening caught her attention. She watched those gorgeous blue eyes open slowly. No bewilderment, he knew exactly where he was. His gaze found hers immediately, the most beautiful sight his eyes would ever behold, his Angel. She was all he wanted…she was all he needed. No matter where he woke, if she was there it was home. Pulling one hand free of the pillow, he reached up to caress her cheek.

Smiling Angelina allowed him to pull her forward and down. “Good Morning.”

“Good Morning” he whispered in return, capturing her mouth in a soft kiss, before rolling onto his back with her in his arms. She ended lying across his body, her torso flat against the bed while her bottom lay across his. Curling over her, Brad continued his morning homage. Slipping the terrycloth robe from her shoulder her bared one breast, while his lips laid the path, tasting flesh from neck to tempting the tempting curve of her bare breast. Bending his head, he slowly drew the sweet bud into his mouth. He suckled with gentle care, bringing the rose bud to aroused life.

With one eye on the ceiling and one ear on the door, Angelina’s fingers found their way into Brad’s thick hair, her fingers clutching and releasing with every tug of his lips. Too breathless to utter a sound, she could only force the air from her lungs as she pulled his head closer.

His arousal engorged. His mind was on release. Taking his queue from her eagerly demanding fingers, he suckled harder, tugged on the taut crest, nibbled and bit. His fingers were working at the belt of her robe, trying to remove the one impediment to his fulfillment.


The child’s voice had the affect of twenty ice cold showers taken outside in the Midwest snow. Brad and Angelina went in separate directions, Angelina rolled to the opposite side of the bed, while Brad found himself airborne, having taken a hard shove from Angelina. His impromptu flight came to a sudden end as he landed butt naked on the carpeted floor beside the bed. He was thankful that he’d had the sense of mind to grab the sheet as he made his way floor side. He managed to wrap the cool sheet around his naked body just as a small body burst into the bedroom.

“Mommy…I…” Maddox stopped mid-sentence as his eyes lit upon Brad slouched on the floor, nursing an extremely painful erection. “Brad!!!!” The toddler launched himself at Brad, his “child-dar” homing in on Brad’s most sensitive area.

Squeezing his eyes shut, and trying to shield his nether regions, Brad braced himself for the physical trauma headed his way. When nothing happened, he inched one eye open and sighed heavily.

Having snatched the boy out of midair, his Angel stood smiling, holding the squealing three year old, in a football style hold under one arm, her other held out towards him. “You are sooo lucky, I’m good at interception.”

“Well sacking was always my specialty.” Standing he adjusted the sheet, tightening the material around his hips. “Hey Madness!” He put off grabbing the child for fear his wiggling body would cause painful havoc with his unrelenting arousal. He decided to beat a hasty retreat. “I’m off to take a shower!” reaching down he smoothed the child’s wild hair, chucked him under the chin and placed a quick kiss on Angelina’s forehead before disappearing into the bathroom.

“Sacking or getting into the sack?” Angelina watched him over her shoulder for a moment. Turning her attention to the child that she held under one arm, she carried him out of the bedroom, “Time for your bath little boy!”


8:00 am

Eyeing the bacon on his mother’s plate, Maddox shoved the last of the bacon on his plate into his mouth. “More bacon mommy!”

“I’m sorry. What are you asking for?” Angelina glanced down at the child expectantly, her voice light but insistent.

Darn it! Mommy didn’t miss a thing. “Can I have some more bacon? Please!” he smiled up at her with his eyes tightly shut and a toothy grin on his face.

He could always make her laugh. “Yes you can some more bacon.” She could refuse him nothing. Glancing across the small table, she saw the other man in her life she could deny nothing. She watched Brad hand the child a slice of bacon from his plate. “What do you say?”

“Thank you.” he said around the bacon already shoved in his mouth.

“Don’t stuff your mouth honey.” Angelina added half of another slice to his plate, along with two peeled apple slices and two orange slices to his plate. “Do you want some yogurt?”

“Yes, please.”

Spooning a small amount on the child’s plat, Brad sat back and watched him did his fruit in the yogurt before sucking the fruit dry and repeating the process. He would never be able to accurately describe the sense of well being that washed over him. His life seemed to have found the direction it was meant to travel. He was becoming William Bradley Pitt once again. “What time do you have to be at the Actor’s Studio?”

Topping of his coffee she added sugar and cream for him before answering. “I have to be there at ten. What are you up to today?” they kept the conversation light as not to disturb the young boy at the table.

“Nothing much other than a few small sound bite interviews, I need to be seen out and about though. You know the paps.” Brad referred to the paparazzi that seemed to constantly tail them, taking snapshots of their every move. “No matter what I have planned this afternoon, I’ll be here tonight…dinner and a movie.”

“Shark Tales!” Maddox tossed in.

Brad leaned over to touch his forehead to the child’s smaller one. “Yeah! Shark Tales it is!” sitting back again, he focused his attention on Angelina once more. After Lipton where are you guys off to?”

“I was thinking that we’d spend the day visiting an old friend.” Angelina wanted more than anything to spend the day with him, but they’d given their word to Akiva. There would be time soon enough. She had to be happy with their evenings and nights together.

“Anyone I know?” Brad asked casually. He didn’t know who she was visiting. He knew that she loved him and that she was a one man woman but he still couldn’t help the flair of jealousy that began to surface.

“Know of perhaps.” Sitting back she smiled at him, her tongue playfully teasing the corners of her generous mouth. “Do I smell jealousy?” she mouthed so that Maddox wouldn’t hear.

“Yes.” He saw no sense in denying it.

“Don’t be. We’re going to see Maddox’s godmother, Jillian Armenante. She lives in Jersey.”

“Wasn’t she in ‘Girl Interrupted’?”

“Un…huh. She’s a good friend. I’ll introduce you too after our forced solitary is over.” Angelina laughed at the thought. Less than three years ago she would have told the studio where to stick their request, but now there were so many other people she had to think of. The two most important were here at this table and then there was her mother. She’d agreed for those three only.

“I’ll look forward to that.” Tossing his napkin onto the table, he reached over to help Maddox clean his mouth and hand. Pushing his chair back, he jumped up, grabbed the three year old and swung him in the air, before settling him onto his shoulders. “Well since I won’t see you to for most of the day, I better get my fill of fun!”

Shaking her head, Angelina watched as Brad romped through the suite with her giggling son. Life was definitely taking on a whole new meaning. At the sound of someone knocking on the suite door she glanced at her watch, she noticed the time. It was Holly. Getting up from the table, she went to grab her purse and sunglasses. “Madd, mommy has to go bye-bye.”

The toddler came running into the living area as she let Holly in. “Hi Holly!”

Bending down Holly smiled and hugged the child. “Hey Maddy!” Standing she caught sight of what had to be the sexiest man walking the earth. Never in a million years could she ever have pictured Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie together…that is until she saw them together. Now she could think of no one better for Angie. “Hi Brad.”

Leaning down to hug the young woman, Brad smiled. “Hey Holly. How are you?”

“Fine and you?”

“I’m doing great. Madness and I are going to spend some time together, while you two go to work.” Brad picked the toddler up again. Holding him out toward Angelina for a kiss good bye. “Tell mommy bye.”

Maddox reached out and wrapped his small arms around his mother’s neck. Kissing her on the lips. “Bye mommy! I’m gonna stay with Brad. Okay?”

Smiling at her son, she agreed. “Yeah baby, you can stay with Brad. I’ll see you later okay?” Angelina kissed the child again, before handing him back to Brad, who leaned over to capture her lips. “I’ll see you later too.”

Maddox watched his mother and Holly leave. “What are we going to do?”

Brad hugged the child close, reveling in the feel of the small arms wrapped around his neck. He loved this child so much his heart ached at the thought of leaving him again. But he still had two days. “We’re going to buy mommy a birthday gift.”

“We’re going to the store?” Maddox asked, not that it mattered, he was just happy to spend time with his hero.

“No, the store is coming to us.” Brad laughed.

Copyright © 2006 all rights reserved By ‘Rica’


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