Monday, July 23, 2007

Umbrella Brangelina

Umbrellla is a song about strong friendships and love

The message of the song speaks for 2 people or more
It shows the strong bond 2 people may have for each other no matter how hard things may get they will be together as friends or lovers and when one friend needs help the other will be there to help them thats why she says "When the sun shines we shine together,told you i'll be here forever said that i'll alwawys be your friend talkin about i'll stick it out till the end now that it is raining more than ever no that we still have eachother you can stay under my umbrella"

Rain is the bad things in life and the umbrella is the shelter to help that friend from harm u get it I used it with brad and angie because of brad's issue with his ex and the tabloids judging him I always thought that angie was his guiding light and person thatt caught him when he fell and vis versa with her mom dying.

From Preggy Jolie


Bajegirl said...

Bless you, you're back! I've been checking in for a while now. Welcome back. Write, write!:)

Cinnabana said...

Welcome back. We miss you. How's Vegas treating you? I hope we get to read the rest of your amazing story.

See you soon. Great site by the way.

Alexanderina said...

Hey Rica, I was finally able to catch up on all your fanfics, especially the earliest one. What a great read. I loved them. I love your site, love the music and the videos. Great job