Tuesday, August 28, 2012

CHAPTER 25 - The Red Carpet Dance

Written by Rica
Illustrated by JAL
August, 2012

The Red Carpet Dance
June 6th, 2005
Santa Monica, CA

Mr. and Mrs. Smith Press Conference

Blocks from the hotel, paparazzi were ready and armed with large cameras weighted down by even larger telephoto lenses and their trademark photographer vests, pockets busting at the seams with more film, different lenses, filters and probably little room left over for the wads of cash they will likely receive for a candid picture of Ms. Jolie, Mr. Pitt or the holy grail – a picture of them together. 

Arriving at the hotel, fancy cars were pulling up in droves. Limos with darkened windows waited on the outskirts of the parking lot. A huge line of journalists stood waiting to enter the main room. The press line moved at a crawl, the hold-up resulting from a pair of "agreements" from both the studio and Ms. Jolie and Mr. Pitt's publicity teams, which essentially stated that the journalists were not allowed to ask personal questions and that, should they choose to do so, Ms. Jolie and Mr. Pitt could end the interview, and have the tapes confiscated.

A scant one hour and six minutes after its scheduled start time, the interview started. Considering the general rule of "Hollywood time" and the surrounding chaos, the reporters shrugged, ‘that actually wasn't too bad.


(Fall in Love Estelle feat John Legend)

Brad shrugged into the jacket, his assistant held out for him. He discreetly watched Angelina as she went through the same prep rituals as he. As promised he was on his best behavior. He’d arrived fifteen minutes before Angelina and outside of a brief greeting, he’d made sure that  any communication with her included at least two other people.

Waking up with her in his arms, lying in his bed had made his morning. He’d simply watched her sleep for almost an hour and it had been the most beautiful hour of his life. He wanted more mornings.

Angelina peeked out from beneath her long dark lashes. She caught site of Brad through the crowded. Watching him put on his jacket. She stood patiently allowing the attendants to fluff her hair, touch up her makeup and brush imaginary lint from her thin dress. Smiling to herself, she let the memories of their morning filter through her mind. She would never tell him that she’d been awake, lying still and happy while he watched her. She’d enjoyed the quiet peaceful hour, just the two of them. No cameras, no rules, no phones…just them.

Akiva walked into the busy room. “Brad…Angie.” He watched his two stars move toward them. He could find no fault in their behavior today. But he could tell by the glow on Angie’s face and the extremely content look on Brad’s face that something had happened. He could only guess and if he had been ten years younger, he might have given Brad a run for his money. But whatever they did, as long as it didn’t make it into the papers before the premiere, he had no problem with. “There will be a bit of a wait. We are waiting for the press core to sign the conduct clause we added this morning.”

“Conduct clause?” Angelina asked. She didn’t like the sound of that.

“It just stipulates, what questions will be answered and which questions will not be answered or tolerated.” Seeing Angelina’s face begin to cloud a bit, Akiva rushed to finish. “The studio just wants to make sure that this remains a Mr. and Mrs. Smith conference and not a “Brad, Angie and Jennifer” segment of jerry Springer. Okay?”

Sighing, Angelina nodded in agreement.

After Akiva turned away to leave, Brad reached over and ran a reassuring hand down Angelina’s bare arm. “Let’s go meet the paps. Mrs. Smith”

“After you, Mr. Smith.” She couldn’t stop her eyes from moving downward. Lord the man had great ass.


Q: What attributes do you think you have to defend yourself in an attack if you were an assassin? 
Brad: Well, again the assassin thing is secondary to me, because the movie plays so much more on the level of relationships and that was sort of just the backdrop or a metaphor or I can't think of the word. But...having said that, she’s a damn good shot. I'm a damn good shot as well. 
Angelina: I'd say the same. What makes a good assassin? Should I know the answer to that? Obviously, it's a film and it's our metaphor for marriage and it's kind of wild, crazy one, but I think it's a good one. And I think what makes a good assassin, I don't know. But at the end of the day it is interesting to see two people have to learn how to be a team. And I think that's the interesting thing about the film. We are both very good with weapons. 
Brad: And also the idea about assassins, it's sort of an 80's concept about film. In this thing, it's kind of the thing we'd use for a husband and wife who wanted to literally kill each other. So instead of killing themselves with words or psychologically, this time we're gonna literally put a gun in their hands. 

Q: Brad, how did you feel fighting a woman?

Brad: I felt good. I felt very good. [laughs] I took some shots… But again, the thing is not to be taken literally. We could go as far as we wanted to go and it's definitely one of the best sequences of the film. It became representative of how we take each other out in some form or another. 
Q: Angelina, what was it like to know you had to kick, hit, and then make love to him in one scene? 
Angelina: I wasn't upset about that. [laughs] It's a strange thing we all do for a living and at the end of the day it's a really fun script. It's about love and marriage so it has all of those things in it. And I dunno, it's got all the elements to make a great film so it was fun to do. 

Q: Angelina, you've never done a romantic comedy before. What was it like? 
Angelina: I was really uncomfortable and I was really unsure of myself, because I've never really done one. But everybody on this panel made me feel comfortable. I got scared. 
Brad: Yet she came up with the funniest jokes in the jam sessions.

Q: Who is the best shot? 
Angelina: We will debate this forever. 
Brad: We're going to start fighting again. 
Angelina: Not a good thing to ask us. 

Q: Where have you gotten these skills? 
Angelina: Throughout my life. [laughs] 
Q: Which other actresses were considered for Ms. Smith before Angelina? 
Brad: Well, at one point there was another actress and she had to drop out. And then we certainly had a great contender with Angelina, because it was really important that "Mr." and "Mrs." had some form of equality. What I mean by that, when you have fight scenes when you're literally punching the s**t out of each other, you have to believe they are very evenly matched… 

Q: Brad, how did you achieve the chemistry on screen? 
Brad: Between me and Vince [Vaughn]? [laughs] We didn't need any chemistry; we'd just look into each other's eyes. It caused a lot of discomfort, but Vince and I got over the worst and we're resigned to be just friends. And we respect each other professionally and that's all I have to say about it. 

Q: Is there a future? 
Brad: Is there a future? I dunno. 

Q: Why have you died your hair blonde, Brad? 
Brad: I just was concerned that I wasn't getting enough publicity. I wanted to do something to draw more attention. [laughs] 
Q: What do you like most and dislike most about each other? 
Angelina: That's only slightly personal. 
Brad: Ok, next? Again, as I laid it out, it's just a think tank of us throwing in bits and pieces from our own relationships and having a good laugh over it. As far as the other one, I'm abstaining. 
Angelina: Yeah, me too. 
Brad: But if you want, about Vince Vaughn. He's a good lover. He makes wonderful eggs benedict. [laughs] But I hate his morning breath. Toenails, wish he'd clip them. 

Q: Obviously, this movie is surrounded by an incredible machine. It must have been like an experience you never had. How do you put it behind you and concentrate on the work? 
Brad: I don't see the approach different from any other film. You go in and try and make the film work. Make some good friends along the way. And this one we cracked, I believe. 
Q: There are tons of paparazzi outside; security is like for the President of the United States. How do you feel about that? 
Angelina : Doug [Liman] is causing the problem. It's crazy that there is any attention that is put around us considering all the other things that are going on the world. You understand certain gossip. You understand certain things about films, things like that. But certainly this one has been ridiculous to how much attention has been paid. But does anybody here focus about it? We're all smart enough to know it shouldn't be part of our consciousness and we should focus on our lives and our families and our jobs and just try to pretend it's not there. It's unhealthy too. 

Q: Which kind of romantic comedy do you love? 
Brad: Romantic comedies, we talked a lot about The Philadelphia Story, which was one of our favorites. For the exquisite banter and the eloquent writing and brilliant performances. That was probably the bar in my book… 

Q: How important is freedom of speech to both of you? 
Brad: Freedom of speech? I believe it's everything. I believe everyone should have it. I think Angie will speak much more on it. 
Angelina: I think freedom of speech is important, but I think we can also be very sloppy with it within our present times with how we interpret things. I think sometimes there is so much that we don't even really hear each other and miss important things and it becomes just excitable news. And the idea that freedom of speech is misused and turned into something that is shocking and shallow and not what it is really meant to be. 
Q: Do you think there is a sequel in this and what in the sequel would you want to happen? 
Angelina: Now, I don't think you can answer anything like that. If you were to ask me to today, not today, but I don't know, you never know. I think a more interesting answer to that would be if we were to take them to the next evolution it would be that they can take on anything, but a bunch of little kids would take them on. And I think there is something beautiful about that because we all know about children. No matter how tough they are that would be their greatest challenge. 
Brad: I'm sorry; I have no answer to that. It always comes down to script and if the script works there is a possibility, but who can say at this point. 

Q: What is next for both of you? 

Brad: I'm doing into a thing with Andrew Dominic this fall called “
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.” 
Angelina: I'm going to a thing that Robert De Niro is directing called “The Good Shepherd.”


June 6th, 2005
Hotel Bel Air
Bel Air, CA

Angelina’s Suite

(Unthinkable – Alicia Keyes)

“Sooo? What do you think? Which one do you like?”

Half reclining on the suite’s large, plush sofa, he watched as she performed a complete twirl; the full skirt of the red Versace gown swing out, displaying one of the side splits that ran from ankle to high thigh.

Any other time he would have been bored out of skull. In fact he could remember times when he’d been willing to claw his own eyes out while shopping with others. But at this moment he was completely transfixed and enjoying every moment of the process. “Try the black one on for me.”

Laughing, she turned and walked back into the bedroom, looking back over her shoulder. “Yes my lord and master.”

“As long as you know who owns you babe. Oh and yes I will master you tonight.” Brad laughed.


Laughter rang out from inside the bedroom. “This is the fifth dress!”

“I know…” He tossed back. “The Neil Lane representative will be up in about thirty minutes and we need to choose a gown.”

Smiling at his use of the word “we”, Angelina slipped into the requested gown. “I know…I know. But you’re the one who can’t make up his mind. And you know…these dress are not that easy to get in and out of.”

“Ummm…well, I have to disagree. I have absolutely no problem getting them off. Who care about getting them on...or is it back on?”

“Well some of us lack your skill and proficiency at undressing.” Leaving the bedroom, she glided into the living room, stopping in front of him. She almost laughed aloud at his shocked expression. “Hmmm…silence…he must like…” reaching down she tapped his slacked bottom lip. Straightening up, she gave him a full three hundred and sixty degree view of the floor length, black leather Versace halter gown.

Brad admired the view. The tight fit hugged and emphasized the curves he loved. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. He wanted the premiere finished, the divorced finalized and the media hype to vanish, so that he could truly concentrate on what and who mattered the most. “Hmmm…come here.” He spread his legs apart.

Angelina moved to stand between his legs. “Need a closer look do we?”

“mmm…hmm.” Twirling his fingers, his command almost Imperial in nature. “Turn around for me again.”

Rolling her eyes playfully, she obliged him. “Tada!” She turned around giving him a view of her bare back and curvy leather clad behind. It wasn’t long before she realized what he really wanted.

Reaching out, Brad ran his palm down the smooth expanse of skin. His hand moved slowly, caressing the delicate curve of her leather encased bottom. He could think of several reasons for her to wear the dress and the premiere was not one of them. “I like this one.” He offered.

Silently preening, Angelina wiggled her bottom against his hand. “Then for you I will wear it.”

Smacking the wiggling body part he chuckled. “And for my lady? Any special request for my wardrobe?”

Turning around, she stared down at him. “You’re letting me choose your outfit for the Premier?”

With a mischievous smile playing across his lips, he nodded. “Yup. But make it hot.”

Thinking for a moment, she smiled suddenly. “Well if I had a choice and I do. I would put you in something comfortable, like a pair of soft well-worn jeans that hug those nice toned cheeks and a nice snug t-shirt that shows off, those arms and that hard stomach.” She emphasized her words by running her hands through his soft bleached locks. She could just imagine the full impact of his hair coupled with the jeans and t-shirt.

Pulling her down across his lap, Brad captured her lips in a hungry kiss. As long as he lived, he would never tire of these lips, silky soft and plush. He dreamed of them constantly.

Pushing against his chest, Angelina pulled back. “No…no…no. Babe…no! We don’t have time right now.” Staring up into his very determined face, she stressed, “No!”

Pulling her closer, so that her bottom brushed across his arousal. “Come on…just a quickie?”

“You are incapable of a quickie this close to a bed or bedroom. It’s not in your skill set.” Shaking her head, she tried to squirm her way out of his embrace. She would love nothing more than to give in but time was not on their side at the moment.


“Wanna bet?” “His fingers began to work at the halter’s clasp at the back of her neck.

“Hey…hey Mister Man. Hands off! Laughing she slid quickly off of his lap, almost falling to the floor in her haste. Recovering, she made a mad dash for the bedroom. Unsnapping the clasp, he’d tried so hard to open. Shimming out of the dress, she placed it on the hanger in the room’s closet. Grabbing her discarded jeans and tank, she hurried to dress.

Brad moved to go after her. His intentions clear in his determined stride. Halfway across the room he was stopped by the light knocking on the suite’s door. Muttering to himself he moved to the door. “Oh you lucky little wench.” He chuckled, calling out, he warned her. “They’re here!” Opening the door he smiled at the jeweler. And his security guard. “Come in.”

Waving them into the suite, he shut the door. Gesturing toward the large dining table. “Angelina will be out in a second. Would you like something to drink?”

The two men seated themselves. “Mineral water would be great. Thank you Mr. Pitt.”

Flashing a quick smile, “Brad’s fine, two Mineral waters, coming up.”

While Brad poured drinks, the representative began to arrange the velvet cases, and pouches around the large table. Brad returned with the drinks. Shaking hands he thanked the representative. “Thank you for making the trip over here. Walking into the boutique would have been more than a bit chaotic.”

Happily shaking Brad’s hand, the representative smiled. This was no problem at all. I’m Milo…Milo Schultz.” He hoped that his nervousness wasn’t too apparent. It wasn’t every day, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie called for a private showing. We wouldn’t dream of having you and Ms. Jolie inconvenienced by coming into the show room. It is Neil Lane’s honor to have Ms. Jolie wear some our pieces.” While he spoke, Angelina walked into the room. Her entrance sent Milo into a stunned silence. He didn’t think it was possible for any woman to be so beautiful. But here she stood.

Reaching out with a less than steady hand, Milo introduced himself.  “Hello Ms…Ms…” He had to get himself under control. Taking a deep breath, he began again.


Brad lowered his gaze, so that the poor jeweler wouldn’t notice his grin. Angie’s effect on men was lethal. Poor Milo didn’t know what hit him. Cutting a glance in the guard’s direction, Brad’s grin widen…and another one down!

“Good afternoon, Ms. Jolie.” Shaking her hand, he continued. “I’m Milo Schultz, with Neil Lane. I’ve brought over a few selections that we thought would complement the dresses your assistant described.” 

Smiling gently, Angelina responded with a soft greeting. “Good afternoon. Thank you for coming.” She glided slowly around the table. Pointing at a heavy gold necklace and bangle set.  “May I?” 

“Of course. Please feel free to handle any of the pieces.” Reaching out Milo helped Angelina with the jewels. Milo found his hands once again shaky, but he managed to fasten the heavy necklace around her neck. Stepping back, he held up the large hand mirror for her.

“This is very beautiful.” Angelina angled her neck for a better view.

“Milo smiled, “Exquisite.”

Brad knew it wasn’t the necklace the jeweler was commenting on and he agreed. “Yes she is.” His words were spoken softly but every ear in the room heard them clearly.

Angelina felt the blush start. This man could always make her blush like no one else. Reaching behind her neck she unclasped the necklace and gently laid it back in its case. Moving on, she stopped at a sapphire set.

That soft voice filled the room again. “I like this set." Glancing up, his gaze captured hers. “Come and try these on for me, Angie.”

Walking over to him, Angie like the others didn’t miss his turn of phrase and while she the impression his words gave was gossip worthy, she couldn’t help the rush of excitement.

“Here let me,” Brad removed both of Angelina’s gold hoops and gently replaced them with a stunning fifteen carat set of diamond studs. Reaching down he placed the matching nine and a half carat solitaire ring on the ring finger of her left hand. “I really like this one. I think these will work perfectly with the leather.” Brad spoke softly as he pushed a few loose strands behind Angelina’s ears, baring the brilliant earrings attached to the delicate lobes.

Hovering and ever ready, Milo took the cue and held up the mirror once more. “I agree with Mr. Pitt….umm…Mr. Brad, this is a stunning set. The settings are one of a kind.”

Eyes still on Angelina, Brad spoke to the jeweler. “And if I wanted to purchase the set?”

Milo’s eyes lit up, “The earrings are priced at one point two million and the ring is priced at nine hundred thousand. There is also an eleven carat eternity band that matches the solitaire priced at seven hundred and seventy-five thousand.

Brad’s low whistle filled the room. Smiling at Angelina, he chucked her under the chin. “Soooo are you worth three point eight million?”

Angelina winked seductively and purred, “You tell me.”

Milo and the guard stood transfixed, they knew they were watching the beginning of something historically magnificent.


Malibu, CA
Brad’s Home

June 6th

Brad stretched slowly. He made sure not to dislodge the sleeping toddler, lying across his chest. After a night of Disney and DreamWorks movies, Brad felt confident that he could name every hero and every villain ever created. Careful not to wake the child, he glanced up from where his head lay cradled in Angelina’s lap. Smiling at the sleeping mother, “Like mother, like son. Out cold.”

Sitting up slowly, Brad carried his precious burden into the guest room closest to the master bedroom. The room now sported new paint and carpet along with a ‘Finding Nemo’ Disney motif. Scenes from the child’s favorite movie were painted over the walls and ceiling. Even the furniture had been designed in the same them with a toddler bed that mimicked the ocean, with a mock aquarium built into its base. Maddox’s squeal of delight had let Brad know that he’d hit a homerun. Now for mommy.

Tucking the child into bed, he leaned down and placed a soft kiss on the smooth forehead. Inhaling deeply, Brad smiled. The child smelled of baby powder and lotion from his bath. It was a smell Brad loved so much. Pulling up the safety rails on the custom designed toddler bed; he added large pillows to the floor around the bed. He may be over doing it, but he wanted to make sure nothing happened should the child somehow fall out of the bed.

Moving back into the living room, he snagged up the remote and turned off the television. In the darkened living room, he stood for a moment just watching Angelina sleep. It took him a moment to realize her eyes were open, staring back at him.

(Love to Love - Jill Scott)

Brad wasn’t quite sure she was completely awake until she reached out for him. Holding her gaze he braced one knee on the sofa, and leaned over her. Grasping her behind the neck gently but firmly, he pulled her forward, he captured her lips.

Angelina melted against him for just a second, long enough to savor his taste. Pushing him back roughly to lie on the sofa, she followed the movement of his body with her own. Climbing onto his lap, she sat…perched on his upper thighs. Reaching down she pulled his shirt up slowly, following the material’s path with warm wet kisses and a hungry tongue.

Brad bucked at the hot pleasure of her lips on his heated flesh. Groaning as her tongue found its way into the sensitive cavity of his navel.  He nearly clawed the sofa into shreds with every wicked stroke. Impatiently, Brad whipped his shirt the rest of the way off.

Pulling back, Angelina sat up to remove the snug t-shirt she wore with a pair of cotton bottoms. Standing up on the sofa, Angelina slipped out of her bottoms. Still standing, she watched Brad kick out of his jogging pants. Smiling down at his sprawled, aroused body. Completely nude, he had no shame and neither did she.

Pulling himself up, Brad sat back against the arm of the sofa. “You look like queen of the Amazons fierce and absolutely beautiful.” Pulling one leg up, he rested an arm casually over it. He let the other leg fall to the side, slipping off the sofa. The position left his aroused blatantly spin to her gaze.

Dropping back down on the sofa, Angelina knelt between Brad’s open legs. She eyed his hard flesh hungrily as if she’d never seen something so delicious. Looking up into his expectant face, she nearly licked her lips.

Leaning forward he cupped her face between his hands. He kissed her, a long slow delicious kiss. Ending the kiss, Brad released her mouth and sat back, his hands moving to caress the soft flesh of her face, as he stared down into her feverish gaze. His fingers traced her lips delicately. Dropping his hands, he leaned his head back, closing his eyes as she lowered her head over him.

Her mouth was warm, soft and wet. Its engulfing heat tantalized every nerve in his body. His toes and fingers flexed with the glide of her exquisite mouth; the sensation so intense he nearly lost his breath. Unable to keep them still his fingers traveled to the crown her head, he stroked the soft strands of hair, cupping the perfect head; guiding it up and down.

She found his actions intoxicating she felt the heat building between her legs, her body restless with desire.  Every groan from his lips empowering her, giving her a degree of hot searing pleasure she could hear his harsh breathing and the catch in the rhythm as she held him deep against the back of her throat. She could feel him lift his hips when she paused a lengthy moment at the apex of his ascent and his deep groan of satisfaction as her mouth descended again.

Still cradling her head, Brad’s finger flexed against her scalp with every streak of heated desire, his fingers, massaging the sensitive flesh. His mind wrapped in desire, she held him in a trance, until suddenly he lifted her head.

“I’m not finished.” Her voice husky with passion as she glanced up at him through tousled hair and glazed eyes.

“You’re finished,” he answered back, his voice a gentle growl. Reaching down, he grasped her arms pulling her up into a sitting position. “Come here to daddy.” He helped her onto his lap.

Straddling his hips, she found herself eye to eye, nose to nose and mouth to mouth with her lover. Sliding her fingers the bleached strands that graced his head, “Mmmmm…I really like this hair.”

He grinned salaciously, “You do huh?” arching her back slowly until her breast bobbed forward, offering him a view and a taste. The dusky rose nipples begging to be kissed and suckled. He fondled the ripe globes. Cupping them softly he massaged and molded the supple flesh. Leaning forward, he grasped one pert nub between his lips and sucked gently at first then increased the suction until Angelina began to squirm, gliding back and forth over his aroused flesh in languid incitement, the rush of her breathing, the only sound in the silent living room.  The darkness interrupted by the moonlight and the distant lights shining weakly from the ocean.

“Lift up for me.” Sliding his hands down to take hold of her hips, he adjusted her hips on his; holding her still while guiding his rampant arousal into place, slowly penetrating her throbbing tissue, encouraging her hips with his hands, once he was inside her, easing himself in by slow degrees until she’d taken him in completely.

Bracing his feet, he pushed deeper still, surging upward so forcefully, she screamed, the sound ringing through the silent house. The cry was hot, insatiable…unmistakably one of erotic pleasure.

Angelina instantly tensed under his hands, even while the savage heat of passion bombarded her mind and searing pleasure coursed through her body, apprehension reared its head.

Swiftly cupping her head, Brad pulled her face down to his and kissed her. “He didn’t hear.” He murmured against her mouth, covering her ears with his hands. “He’s still sleeping babe.” As much as he loved Maddox and would hate to have Mad introduced to the birds and the bees, he had no intentions of stopping and didn’t really know if he could.

He kissed her swollen lips once more, softly soothingly, kisses meant to pacify. His hands still lightly covering her ears, kept the world at bay, the rhythm of his lower body persistent, bewitching, un-sated. His body was on fire, her body shaking with desire. Both their bodies slick with perspiration, gratification shudderingly close. Surging upward again, he felt the flames scorching their way to his brain.

She could feel her body humming, her womb opening up, wanting him to come in and fill her, fulfill her replenish, and ravish her. She clung to him, excepting his pistoning body, feeling him swell with every push and pull. She felt her body stretch with that swelling. She felt full.

The frantic rush of their breathing accelerated, flooding the shadowed room with the audible cadence of lust and then their two fused bodies stopped.

Clutching at his shoulders, Angelina’s gazed broke from his as a moan left her lips. Brad’s lower body moved once more, hard and ruthless. She accepted him as her gaze traveled through the dark room, finding the ocean through the wall of glass windows. Her mind a haze of ecstasy; her body swaying with every pump of his hard shaft.
Throwing her head back, she gasped for air. Delicate trails of perspiration traveled down her neck, through the valley of her heaving breast, down the convulsing muscles of her stomach to pool at the juncture of her body and his. Brad’s body tensed as hers did and both stopped again. “Look at me.”  He growled. He needed to know she was his; mind, body and soul.

As her gaze returned once more to his, their orgasms exploded. Unspeakable pleasure melted through their senses, hot rippling, fierce. With a small inarticulate cry, Angelina fell across Brad’s shoulder, her hair wild tangles streaming over his face, filling his nose, mouth and covering his eyes.

He smiled at that moment, a dozen paps could be at the window, cameras blazing and he wouldn’t have been able to move one muscle. Giving them all the ‘money shot’ they were always after. And what a ‘money shot’ it would be.

After he had a moment to compose himself, he stood up from the sofa, careful not jostle Angelina’s unconscious body. Even after a mind-blowing session of amazing sex, he was still hard enough to keep her fused to his body.

Walking into the bedroom, he had every intention of continuing throughout the night. He had her now and he was never letting go.


Mr. and Mrs. Smith
World Premier

June 7, 2005

Because I chose only one interview, I have decided to combine the other interviews they did with their red carpet interviews.

(Tonight (the best night you ever had) – John Legend)

The streets vibrated with excitement. The hum of hundreds of fans, movie goers and curiosity seekers filled the air. They all waited for one thing. The appearance of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. There were other celebrities sure, but no one was really interested in anyone else. The hum became a roar as first Brad arrived with Angelina’s car following ten minutes later.

The fans were everywhere, the screams were wild, “Brad! Brad! Angelina! Angie!” the shouts grew stronger as the actors moved in separate directions to sign autographs for a bit.

“Angelina…Brad, Look this way!” the photographers shouted. Pitt and Jolie had become arguably the two hottest celebrities on the planet. The paps would do or say anything for a pic of the two. The two actors had not been seen together since their sojourn in Kenya. The famous pictures were still on everyone’s mind and they all wanted more.


Moving back to the red carpet, Brad made nice for the camera. Hearing his name, Brad looked down the red carpet catching sight of Entertainment Tonight’s, Mary Hart waving at him. Smiling once more for the cameras, he moved in her direction.

Mary couldn’t stop the sigh of relief as the tall heart throb made his way to her. Smiling wide with excitement, she greeted him, “Hi Brad!”

“Hey! Mary, how are you?” he greeted, leaning in to hear her words as she spoke.

Gesturing to the screaming fans, she shook her head, “Can believe all of this?”


“I know! I know…it’s wild. Right?” Brad glanced around, pretending to watch the fans. Waving as his gaze found ‘her’. She was sexy as hell and she knew it. The dress fit like a glove, accentuating every curve. Curves he’d enjoyed the night before.

Mary had to practically scream above the den, “I love the hair! Why the change? Is it for a movie?”

Brad’s smile widened, running his hands through his bleached locks, he chuckled. The movement of his toned, muscular arms caused the leather jacket he wore to stretch tightly against his arms, pulling the dark blue t-shirt he wore tight against his very fit chest and abs. “Thank you.” His scalp was still a bit tender from last night’s love making; each twinge brought a smile to his face. Remembering Mary’s question, he gave himself a mental shake. “No…not a movie. I just felt like something new.” He laughed loudly, “I keep telling everyone that I was concerned that I wasn’t getting enough publicity, so I thought I needed something to draw more attention to myself.”

“Well, I’m sure it’s working.” Laughing along with him, Mary couldn’t help but wonder what the soft looking locks felt like. Deciding to stick to safer territory, she returned to the premier. “So tell me Brad, how did it feel playing married assassins?”

Brad shrugged nonchalantly, “The assassin thing is secondary to me. The movie to me plays so much more on the level of relationships. That was kind of the backdrop or the metaphor for getting lost in your work. But having said that, she’s a damn good shot,” he joked.

Mary laughed along with him, “And fighting a woman on screen, how did that feel?” She continued.

“It felt good! I felt good…very good. Well I took a few. “Brad leaned in raising his voice trying to hear and be heard. “Knowing that the thing was not to be taken literally, we could go as far as we wanted to go. And to me it’s one of the best comedic pieces of the thing.”
His handler leaned over to whisper in his ear. “I’m being shuffled along. But it was great seeing you!” Brad waved good bye and moved on to the next station.


As Angelina made her way down the red carpet; she was there to do her bit for the film but her heart leapt at the thought of seeing Brad once more. The memories of last night were as vivid as the scratched and abrasion they both carried. Waving to the fans, she posed for the photographers, stopping for a few interviews, following Brad’s path.

Making her way over to Entertainment Tonight’s station, she greeted Mary Hart. Hi!”

“Angelina, you look stunning! Tell me who design dress? It is absolutely beautiful.” Mary’s eyes traveled enviously over the younger woman’s leather clad body.

“Awww…thank you.” Angelina smiled. She genuinely liked Mary and graced the woman with all the charm she could muster. It’s a Versace…Donatella Versace.”

“It looks absolutely fabulous.” Mary responded. Moving on to one of the topics buzzing, “Brad was just here and he was splendid in his casual attire and new bleached locks.”

“Yeah, I saw the new do.” Angelina made no further comment but her smile never slipped. Turning she waved at an overly ardent fan, screaming his love for her.

Mary watched for some telltale sign that Angelina thought more of Brad then she admitted to. But the younger woman was a pro at the poker face. “So tell me Angelina, what do you think of this crowd?”

Angie could barely hear her over the chants and screams. She could tell where Brad was just by the direction of the screams. “I think that it’s absolutely wonderful. Humbling. It’s always good to see the fans.”

Mary moved on to the movie, “Now Angie, I know you haven’t major comedy, so how did it feel this time?”

Pushing a free strand behind her ear, “I was really uncomfortable and I wasn’t very sure of myself. You know…because I don’t do comedy. So I was nervous. But Brad…everyone really, made me feel more comfortable.” Shrugging her delicate shoulders, Angie finished her answer, “S I started getting silly.”

“So fighting, kicking, punching and making love ALL in one scene! That had to be exciting!” Mary couldn’t help glancing around at the screaming fans. In all her years in television, she couldn’t remember a crowd like this one…outside of Michael Jackson and possibly Tom Cruise, but she wasn’t even sure about Tom. This crowd may have usurped his huge turn outs.

Smiling, Angelina’s eyes twinkled mischievously…almost cat like in there drama. “Well I wasn’t upset about that. I mean this is odd thing I do for a living and at the end of the day, it was just a really fun script. It’s about love and marriage and so it has all those things in it. It also has all those elements required to make a great film and so it was fun to do.”

“I know you love action. Suiting up again had to fun. The guns, the stunts…it had to like old times, right?” Mary asked her final question.

Nodding, Angie laughed. “Well I do love getting to stretch myself. The guns were exciting; we actually went to a real gun range for some quick training. We are both pretty good in the gun department. He was good, I was better.” She laughed. “I always enjoy doing my own stunts and this was no different. It’s always exciting when you are doing something you love…even if it is sixty…seventy stories high. Our biggest issue was dancing. We didn’t mind the guns but the dance class was another matter.”

Mary laughed at that, she couldn’t imagine these two perfect beings needing training in anything. “Well Angie, thank you so much for stopping to talk to me.” She waved as the young starlet moved on. Turning back, she greeted Cindy Crawford and her husband Rande Gerber


Brad moved like the pro he was. He worked the red carpet, posing, smiling and shaking hands. He answered questions and signed autographs; all the time keeping his mind and eye on ‘her’. He knew where she was at all times. Lord knew that dress was an attention grabber by itself. I loved it but was so sure he enjoyed others loving it on her. He couldn’t wait until all this was over, and he would be free to remove that dress…peeling it from the body he’d become obsessed with; touching that soft skin, that he dream of.

Relief from the chaotic event in sight, Brad moved to the last station he was required to visit; Extra TV. He saw Jerry Penacoli, standing waiting for him. Jerry was alright guy. Brad thought that he was bit too into Angie, but what could he do; it came with the territory that was Angelina Jolie.

“Brad! How are you?” Jerry greeted excitedly. Brad and Angie were definitely his favorite celebrities to date. They were always polite, respectful, cool and just so laid back. No doubt about it…Brad was fast becoming the King of Hollywood.

“I’m good…great really. How are you?” Brad replied his face all smiles.

“I’m good…thanks!” Jerry motioned to Brad’s head, “First of all I gotta ask you about the hair…it’s different.”

“Aaahh…” what could he say, that he hadn’t already about his choice of hair styles.

“Is it for a new role?” Jerry filled in the spaces.

Brad couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped. Did these people think that everything he did was for work? Did they not have personal wants and desires not attributed to their chosen careers? “No…it’s not.”

“For fun then?” Jerry continued in his quest for an answer. 

“Yeah…it’s for kicks.” Brad shrugged.

“Well it looks cool.” Jerry realized Brad would say more. “I like it.”

“Okay…well thanks.” Brad would say more. “I like it.”

“Hey I saw this last night and…ummm…I was pleasantly surprised.” Jerry watched Brad closely. The crowd was getting louder and he could tell by the near frenzy of the photographs that Angelina was near.


“You guys are so funny and yet still have the action adventure thing goin’ on.” He raised his voice over the noise. “It was a nice culmination.”

Brad held up his right pressing his index finger and thumb close together. “And a hint of drama.”

“A little bit of drama…basically fun to watch, was it as fun to make?” he asked.

“Very fun movie to make.” Brad’s smile turned a bit whimsical for a second. A second Jerry did not miss. “It was a very charming…hilarious film to make and it works so well on a comedic level.”

“The gun scenes…of course you had to make that look as real as possible. The training that you guys went through, it was…like…an amazing trust factor had to be there.” Jerry shaped his questioned specifically to gauge Brad’s feelings towards his costar.

“Yeah…it was also a good excuse to play with guns.” Brad didn’t give an inch. “Both of us are…”

“Competitive?” Jerry supplied.

“Proficient.” Brad laughed. “Well she can call it competition. I didn’t really call it competition. I found it pretty simple.”

The conversation was getting pretty good, Jerry stayed with it. “Who’s the better shot?”

Shaking his head, Brad answered with a question and a smirk, “Well…who do you think?”

“Her.” Jerry laughed.

Brad couldn’t control the laughter that escaped. “Whaaat? Really?” still chuckling, “Believe what you must.”

“Well she’s Lara Craft…come on.” He explained. Every man alive over the age of twelve knew who Lara Croft was and they were still fantasizing over her.

“Yeah but I’m…I’m…” He really had no answer to that.

“What?” Jerry was really having a great time.

“I can’t think of anyone.” Pulling a name that had nothing to do with action or guns. “I’m Rusty Ryan.”

“There ya go!” Jerry gave his support. “You could have said Tyler Durden.”

“True…I didn’t want to show off…you know.” Brad stretched back a bit, pulling his t-shirt tightly across his chest. Jerry felt a man crush brewing. He was man enough to admit it; the man was just hot.                                                                                      

“One of my favorite scenes was the tango dancing scene, the knife scene. I understand that you guys had to go to dance school.”

“Oh…well…I don’t know if I’d call it school. Again, maybe she needed schooling but I consider myself a natural.” He laughed, continuing on, “Well we did have to figure out how to make it work.”

“Well I would say you two definitely made the scene work.”

“There was so much more going on than just the dance. It was the stage…but there is competition there too. I love competition.” Brad glanced around catching site of Angie. “The script said the hottest frisk in history. It was a great power struggle.”

Jerry knew he needed to finish up. He decided to make an attempt at something a bit more personal than just scenes. “You know, you guys had to really deal with just an insurmountable task of trying to keep people from infiltrating the set during the shooting of the movie.” Clearing his throat, he continued. “Doug Linman has gone on record, talking about how tough the paparazzi to get involved and tapping walkie-talkies. Were you guys aware of any of that during the shooting?”

“I try not to pay attention to it. It can over take your life.” Shrugging he continued, “I just let the people who need to deal with it…deal with it.

Understanding that there would be nothing more forthcoming, Jerry decided to move into his last question. “The message of the movie, I think…is that once your secrets are exposed, you are liberated. Do you buy into that theory?”

“Yeah…I think that’s really good. I’ll take that.” Nodding, Brad agreed. “You know…again there are a lot of metaphors underneath the thing, it’s why the thing really works.” Moving back, Brad began moving away. “Well I gotta go, my handler’s reelin’ me in. It was good talkin’ to you.”

“You too Brad!” jerry called out, watching Brad move on down the red carpet.


Angelina’s excitement was beginning to wear thin. Usually she could move through these events without so much as a sigh, but after taking endless pictures with Doug, Akiva and Simon, Angelina just wanted to be home with Mad, putting him to bed amd spending the night wrapped securely in Brad’s arms. For the first time since she began actin, Angelina honestly thought about taking a long break. Moving over to the last station, Extra TV, Angelina stopped in front of Jerry with a huge smile.

Jerry couldn’t take his eyes off of her. The leather halter dress she wore fit her like a custom made glove. Her hair was styled back off of her face. “Hi Angelina! It’s good to see you again.”

“Hi!” Using her fingers, she pushed a few wayward strands of hair back in place. The movement pushed her full breast higher against the leather of her gown. “How are you?”

“Great!” Jerry couldn’t help the quick journey of his eager glance. His body reacted the way every other man’s body had reacted the moment she’d stepped from the limo…hell from the moment she’d uttered her first lines on screen. From afar she was beautiful; up close…face to face she was absolutely breathtaking. Her face…her lips…her mesmerizing eyes. She was simply extraordinary. Shaking himself to clear his mind, Jerry began the interview. “So talk to me about the fan reaction tonight, it’s incredible.”

Titling her head sideways a bit, she answered. “Awww…it’s amazing. You know. Every time you get ready for one of these things, you think, oh, I hope…I hope it goes well and I hope people are…umm…excited to see it or at least out to say hi.” She glanced around at the lively crowds, “And it means a lot you know…it’s support and we wouldn’t be here…any of us without them. They’re great people.”

“They certainly are.” He had to continually give himself a mental shake. “Tell me about the overall experience of making this movie and what it really brings. You know I was talking to Doug Linman a bit earlier and he was saying this is the sort of thing that brings the romantic comedy back to the forefront. What was it like for you to be able to do something…you know…it’s an action and it’s a comedy but really the focus is…?”
“She didn’t let him finish. She didn’t want the focus to run too far in the direction of onscreen or off screen romance. “Yeah it was…it’s a great story and often you don’t find a script that has great comedy, great action, and…and great romance. So it had a little bit of everything and it was a joy to come to work. It was a lot of fun and hopefully it’s fun to see.”

“The fans seem to certainly love it.” He added.

“I hope so.” She smiled softly; waiting for his next question.

“How did it feel playing married assassins?” He asked his final question.

“Well, the film is a metaphor for marriage, it’s a wild and crazy one, but I do think it is a good one, and I think what makes us good assassins. But at the end of the day it’s interesting two assassins have to learn to rely on one another,” She finished her statement.

Jerry knew he had mere seconds, so he wrapped up his interview. “Fantastic! Thank you very much.”

Before she could move on, a photographer shouted for her attention. “Angelina! Can you look this way?”


He watched Angelina move on, turning only as Lindsay Lohan stopped in front of him. “Whoa! This is overwhelming!” she breathed. “And it’s not even my premiere!”

“It’s a little crazy isn’t it? How are you?” He smiled at the bubbly little starlet.

“I’m great! Thank you!” Recalling her manners in all the excitement. “How are you?”

“I’m good thanks. So tell me what brings you out tonight? I know we’ve got Brad and Angie…”

Sighing, she glance heavenward, “Ooh…I’m obsessed with Angelina Jolie.” Glancing at the rows of screaming fans. “It’s kind of a sickness.” Remembering what she should be saying, “But I’m really excited to see the movie as well and I just finished a movie with Fox new Regency. I’m out supporting.”

“You’ve got Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie in a romantic…love scene kind of movie. What really brings you out here tonight? Not just Fox for sure.” Jerry egged her on.

Pausing, Lindsay blushed a bit and glanced around the crowd searching. “Ummm…to meet Angelina Jolie!” laughing she placed a single finger to her lips, encouraging Jerry to keep her secret.

Jerry knew how she felt. Angie made her mark on everyone. “I see some of your fans calling out.” He chose to try and draw the young star out a bit more. “Are you surprised?”

“Of course but I didn’t think there would be this many people here though. I didn’t think…this is like…more than at the movie awards, I think.” Shaking her head in awe, “This is kind of insane. This is amazing. Wow! I hope to have this one day.” Giggling a bit more, “This is very cool.”

“Turn around and wave to the fans and let’s see what kind of reaction you get.” He pointed behind her.

Turning she raised her arm and waved wildly. “Hey!” Turning back to jerry, she laughed. “They’re all looking other ways.”

“Nooo…they’re dying for you right over there.” He pointed at a smaller group.

Looking in that direction, she waved. “I feel like I should be over there. I feel bad. Those are the people that make us and put us in the position that we’re in…so.” She nodded.

“And to wrap it up. What do you look forward to seeing, up on the movie screen?” just as he finished, the fans began chanting. “We want Brad! We want Brad!”

Lindsay raised her voice a bit. “Ummm…a love scene.”

Smiling at the answer everyone would agree to. “Good luck to you thanks.”

Waving good bye, she moved on. “Bye.”


Westwood, CA
The Westwood Hotel
Brad’s suite

June 8th, Midnight

She was aware of the eyes that followed her every move. From the moment she’d quietly entered the lobby to the second the elevator doors closed, she’d heard every surprised intake of breath and every longing sigh. But none of it slowed her passage. She hadn’t bothered to change her dress, but carried a small overnight bag with her.

She tolerated the close confines of the elevator even smiled and spoke sweetly when greeted. Her mind was on her final destination. Out of the corner of her eye she caught a glimpse of the elderly couple standing in the gilded elevator next to her. They stood close together, holding hands and staring at her. She let a soft smile play across her lips, wondering what it would feel like to share a love so long, to grow old with the same person. The soft chime brought her out of her reverie. She waved at the departing couple as they exited onto their floor. The doors shut once more leaving her alone in the elevator. She had a chance to rethink her choice but she didn’t want to. Why should she? This felt right. For the first time in a long while she felt wanted…desired even needed. Why should she give those feelings up to fear?

The chiming of the elevator ended her questioning thoughts. Moving out of the elevator, she glanced around at the empty floor. She knew that he was the only occupant on this level. She glided to the suite door and knocked quietly, trying the door knob. The door opened silently into a very dim living area. Dropping her bag onto the floor next to the sofa she called out, “Babe?”

When no answer came, she moved quietly into the bedroom, hoping he wasn’t sleep. Smiling she thought, that if he were sleeping, she would take serious pleasure in waking him. She knew what he liked and she knew how he liked it. Entering the dark bedroom, she reached for the wall switch. A soft command stopped her hand midway. “Don’t.”

“Where are you?” Her eyes moved around the room, pausing at every shadow and staring into each corner of the room. When he didn’t readily answer, she couldn’t help the nervous little giggle that escaped. “Brad?”

“I’m here sweetheart.” He whispered. The soft words seemed to fill the room. She couldn’t tell whether he was near her or across the room. For a second Angelina felt as if she were back in that silken tent, blindfolded, tied down and exposed. Only he could do that to her as she stood fully clothed; and she loved every uncomfortable minute of it.

Moving slowly, she inched her way toward the center of the large bedroom. Stopping suddenly, she tilted her head and opened her senses. She listened for just one sound; his breathing. Before she could find him, she felt the heat of his body move close as his traced down her arms, making her jump slightly.

Brad inhaled the sent of her hair…orchids. How he loved the scent of her hair, her body, those secret spots, he knew so well. Lifting one hand from her, he gathered the thick fall of hair and carefully draped it over one shoulder, baring the other for his lips. Running the tip of his nose along the elegant length of her neck, he nuzzled the silky soft skin.

Shutting her eyes, Angelina gave into the pleasure streaking its way from her neck to her belly button. She couldn’t hold back the sigh that escaped. Opening his mouth over the delectable skin, Brad bit down adding enough pressure to leave a bruise. Releasing the skin he ran the tip of his tongue over the same part before pulling the same tortured flesh between his lips applying hot suction as the fingertips of one hand ran lightly up and down her arm. Drawing the hand up toward the deep cleavage of her dress, he allowed the tips to tease the soft skin above the halter line.

Caught in a moment of hypnotic pleasure, Angelina simple stood before him as if paralyzed, almost afraid to move. When Brad’s fingers left her arms, moving to caress her stomach, Angelina raised one arm to wrap it lightly around Brad’s neck, her hands caressing the thick blond strands. With gentle pressure, she kept his mouth in the cradle of her neck, moaning with pleasure when he increased the pressure to an almost painful suction.

Pulling away suddenly, Brad pulled Angelina’s arm from around his neck, trailing his fingers down the soft skin of her arm he captured her hand. Moving toward a plush chair sitting in the shadows of the slightly open balcony doors, he dropped her hand and sat down. Reaching for a small remote he raised the volume on the room’s stereo, a soft, sensual jazz melody filled the room. Staring up at her, he smiled waiting.

(Rendez-Vous by Zhane)

The only light in the room, streams of illumination from the pool below. She began to sway to the music, her hips swirling to the tempo. Turning she looked over her shoulder, her eyes sparkling, still filled with desire from their earlier play. Raising her arms above her head she ran her fingers through her hair, raising the heavy mass up a second before allowing the locks to fall. Moving to the clasp of her dress, she released the catch. Hips gyrating, her back began to sway; the tiger on her lower back seemed to move to the rhythm of the soft music.

Brad was simply transfixed, by the most perfect expanse of skin, guarded by a swaying tiger and gyrating hips. Reaching out he trailed a single finger down the line of her spine. Using both hands he cradled her hips, tightening his hold a bit he watched them sway in a hypnotic dance of sensual promise. He was losing himself to a brunette enchantress guarded by a tiger. Shaking himself slightly, he turned her around to face him, forgetting that she’d unhooked the clasp to her halter. He found himself once again under her spell -as if he’d ever been free. Her breast had now joined her swaying hips, their weight causing them to jiggle more than sway. Brad reached up to capture one of the swinging globes. Rubbing the pad of his thumb over the rose tipped nipple, Brad coaxed the flesh from soft to hard. Maneuvering Angie toward him, he closed the small gap of space between them. Leaning forward, he captured the nipple he’d just abandoned between hungry lips.

Angelina couldn’t stop her hands from cradling Brad’s head, her fingers tangled in the thick, soft hair that covered it. Throwing her head back, she closed her eyes and gave in to the sensations running through her. Her legs shaking with every tug of his lips as he fed at her breast. She didn’t bother to stop the moans that were escaping with every teasing nip of his teeth.

Never leaving her breast, Brad pushed on the leather material that lay at her waist, Brad inched the tight dress down over her hips, taking the black lace thong with it. He pushed until the material pooled at her feet. Only then did he release her flesh, his lips moving to the sensitive flesh directly above her navel. He’d been obsessed with this small area of flesh since the first moment he’d seen her naked. Now it was his to tease, to taste, and to love. He ran his tongue over the flesh, dipping in and out of the shallow cave that hid her navel.  Sitting back he allowed his gaze to roam caressingly over every inch of her body. Helping her step out of the dress and underwear, he reached for her once again, only to find her further away him. Standing naked before him, her only attire, the black stilettos and the diamonds; she was a site to behold.

His eyes closed to mere slits as she raised her arms, capturing her hair once again, she swayed for him. Dropping her hair she ran her hands down her body, caressing her breast, stopping long enough to tweak the already aroused nipples. Throwing her head back she moaned at the pleasure before bending forward at the waist, allowing her hair to sweep the floor at his feet. Flinging her hair back she raised up slowly. Wrapping her long delicate arms around her waist; eyes closed she rocked sideways in a slow hula style dance. Unfolding her arms, she ran her hands along the sides of her arms, stimulating her skin. She moved like an enchantress, tongue playing along her lips, she focused her cat like stare on him, her gaze holding his hostage with a promise of ecstasy. 

Caressing her stomach and the navel he’d teased.  Running the fingers of one hand along one thigh, she allowed them to move toward the secret passage covered in a single manicure strip of soft dark hair. Her finger played delicately around the object of his intense gaze, dipping in to tease before she raised the hand to her lips, sucking each finger, her tongue moving along each digit before drawing them into her mouth. Hips still swaying, she held her arms out to him beckoning him like a siren to a sailor.

Standing, Brad went to her just as easily as an obsessed sailor to a siren. Sweeping Angelina up into his arms, he never missed a step as he moved toward the bed. Placing a knee onto the plush mattress, he gently set his burden down. “My god you are beautiful.” Staring at her for a second more before pulling his white t-shirt over his head, he tossed it behind him, his jeans joining the shirt.

Angelina pushed up onto her elbows to watch him undress. “Mmmm…commando…nice.” Tilting her head to the side, her voice hushed, “Do you own any underwear at all?”

“Should I start wearing some?” he chuckled.

“Hmmm…I think not. Why start a bad habit now.” She laughed.

“I don’t know why you do. I take them every time I take a pair off of you.” Glancing back at the tiny pair of thongs, he laughed softly. “You weren’t attached to those were you? Cuz you aren’t getting them back.”

“You are so nasty.” She laughed.

“Oh you haven’t seen nasty yet babe.” He pushed her knees apart, his gaze hot and intent as she opened to his gaze and anything else he had in mind. Brad bent to her knee, his deep blue gaze flickering upward to capture hers, holding her there. He brushed a seeking palm along the inside of her smooth inner thigh. His mouth quickly fell into its path, trailing along slowly. Enticing a sigh laced with anticipation from her lips. Angelina’s eyes closed in reflex, but the sharp squeeze of his fingers urged her gaze back to his. Grasping her delicate ankle he pulled her further down towards him, raising her leg higher he rested the long limb over his shoulder. Leaning in he took a taste, his tongue performing its own dance on the delicate pink folds that had teased him since she’d played and danced for him minutes earlier.

Griping the sheets, Angelina’s fingers flexed with every tingling flicker and heated stroke of his seeking tongue. She couldn’t help the kittenish moans that escaped her lips. Releasing the cool sheets, she clutched at his hair, as he slid one finger into her hot welcoming flesh. His tongue working the moist folds as his finger moved in and out in an age old rhythm encoded in every man and woman. Her fingers flexing painfully in his soft locks when his seeking tongue turned to the heated suction of lips and hot mouth. Pulling his finger from her body, he let his tongue take the place of his missing finger. Reaching up, Brad grasped each of her hands in his; threading his fingers through hers. He held the flexing fingers down at her sides until they relaxed and lay quietly against the sheets once more.  Dropping her leg back to the bed, he moved his exploration higher to her full breast. Taking turns at each nipple.

Angelina cried out when two fingers slid into her ready passage, the sweet nectar of her aroused body hot to his touch as it bathed him. Brad felt the surge of answering longing thickening in his groin; his erection straining against her fevered flesh in search of its favorite haven.

Releasing her hold on the sheets, she reached up grabbing his shoulders a smile playing across her lips as he groaned at the touch of her hands caressing his bar back. The caressing turned into clawing as the suction of his mouth and the tempo of his fingers increased, her body becoming a slave to his. Her hips lunged up off the bed to meet the rhythm of his fingers, just as he moved from her breast to her stomach and the sensitive line that ran down the center of it. His progress below her navel forced her to adjust her grip and her fingers found themselves once again clutched in his soft hair, holding him to her, raising her knees to give him deeper access.

When Brad’s tongue found its way back to the sweet promise of her hidden passage, Angelina nearly screamed out in pleasure. Hearing her controlled cry, Brad paused and smiled up at her, “We’re the only ones on the floor and I wanna you scream babe.” Lowering his head once more, his mouth ruthlessly covered her hot sweet core, tongue plunging deep, finding her most sensitive spot and flickering hard, over and over. He felt the press of her knees against his shoulders, tasted the delightful ambrosia of her need as it built and flowed over his tongue. Her inner muscles clutched at his fingers, seeking blindly for release. 

He was relentless, taking his pleasure, insisting on her going with him as high as he wanted to take her. He plunged his tongue deep, took the stick, wet offering and reveled in his ability to send her into the next level of sensual sensation. Blood pounded through the muscles of her wet passage tightening, contracting, until she nearly sobbed as his mouth drove her ever higher, and she could feel her body pitching toward release. She couldn’t catch her breath; her nerve endings were so tight and sensitive she felt as though she would snap at any second. The inferno built and built. She shook her head back and forth on sheets that were no longer cool, fingernails digging into his back as the snap came and she tumbled into orgasmic bliss, her screams serenading his ears.

He loved the abandon of her orgasms, the vocal cries and releasing screams. Still he pressed her, teased her, dragged out every last gasp and hitching whimper he possibly could before her strong legs practically kicked him away from her over sensitized body. “You’re killing me.” She gasped.

Giving her quivering wet passage one last forceful caress, he pulled back, looking up into her glazed eyes, he whispered “Oh no babe, now we’re getting nasty.” Before she realized what he meant to do, Brad rose above her, his eyes no longer mischievous but fierce with need and an insatiable lust. Pushing her long legs further apart, he pulled his naked body slowly over hers, along each curve; every inch of flesh touching. Coming face to face, he braced himself, a palm on either side of her head; his breathing coming in slow heavy puffs as he lay cradled between her smooth thighs.

She saw him then, poised above her brilliant in the shadows, aroused, thick and hard. She reveled in the fact that he was hers. Here in this moment in time, there was only the two of them. She was his slave and she didn’t want it any other way. She would simply lie there all night if he asked her to. She sighed heavily, moaning as he pushed the head of his shaft against her tight sheath. Holding her gaze, he watch her exotic gaze flare in wonder as he thrust deeper, stretching her. Leaning down, covering her complete, he reached up to capture her wrist. Pulling them from his neck and back, he laced his fingers through hers, pressing her hands to the mattress. Rocking with another short thrust of his hips, stretching her again as he sank deeper. She was lay happily trapped by his bod and his will and she loved every nerve tingling second of it.

“Damn babe, you’re so tight.” Pulling back slowly, he paused a second before pushing his body home. Brad easily controlled her body with his own, throwing back his head and loosing himself in the heat and fire. He had been born for her as she had been for him, no woman had every touched him so deeply or permanently.

He set a harsh, demanding tempo, rocking her with streaks of fire. Her silken sheath was tight, strangling him, pulsing and throbbing. Her body squeezed him as his shaft pistoned again and again, hard thrusts that buried him to the hilt. Each time her muscles clamped down and sensations tore through his body, the pleasure burst through him. His strokes became harder and deeper, more rhythmic as she went wild beneath him. Her head tossed on the bed, her hips arching into him, muscles tightening as the pressure built and built with no relief. She fought the torturous erotic pleasure, sobbing his name.

His hands clamped down on her thighs, holding them apart, shifting her so that she felt the caress of steel stroking over her sensitive knot of nerves already on fire. The more she fought, the higher he took her, biting back a growl, his teeth bared as he drove himself into her, claiming her, riding her, taking her with him into another sensual dimension. Leaning into her neck he whispered roughly, “Stay with me Angel.”

“I’m trying…I…can’t” she gasped, her body rocking with each thrust.

“You will” he insisted.

Angelina couldn’t stop the shudders wracking her body, or the involuntary raking at his back with her nails. She was on fire as he rode between her thighs. He felt like velvet-encased steel, driving through tight stretched muscle already inflamed and in need of release, but the erotic torture didn’t end... didn’t stop and she couldn’t stand it. The fierce thrusting of his hips, the thick cock driving deep into her stretching and burning, sending streaks of lightening flashing through her entire body, the tension inside coiling tighter and tighter as she gasped and withed beneath him was too much.

Her breath faltered as the room seemed to take on a luminous glow. Her body tightened unmercifully around his thick erection. The blood rushed into her ears as wave after wave, multiple orgasms streaked through her womb, blazing through her stomach and breasts. The waves were burning her inside and out, the sensations a pleasurable pain.

The fierce milking of his shaft by her fiery, slick sheath was too much for Brad. The sensation started in his toes, ran up the column of his thighs, tightened in his balls and burned in his belly. He lost all controlled, pouring himself into her in rushing streams of life as her body gripped him with erotic pleasure. He collapsed over her, breathing roughly, her body pulsing around his.

Angelina lay under him, limp, her breathing ragged. His body shuddered from explosive release. Never in his life had it ever been like this…only with her, his Angel. Her slick, wet heat, burning around his shaft, the tight grasp of her body on his, was an addiction he couldn’t afford to cure.

Rolling slowly, he pulled away from the heated moisture of her body. Brad brought her with him into the cradle of his arms. Brushing damp tendrils of her away from her face, he placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. “I love you.”

Reaching up to caress his cheek, Angelina responded in the only way she could, her eyes full of love and wonder, “I love you too.” Her hands traveled up into his hair pulling his head down, so that she could capture his lips in a deep thrusting kiss. After a soul shattering orgasm, she was still in the need for more. The sudden hardening his body, told her that he wasn’t finished.

“How long can you stay sweetheart?” Brad’s fingers were already weaving their way down toward the damp curls and the passage they hid. He captured her lips as his devilish fingers pushed deep into her body, still quivering from their love play.

Gasping into his mouth, she gave into him, “I can stay all night. Well until morning. Mad is with Holly.” Her hips began moving against his working fingers.

It was going to be a long pleasantly exhausting passion filled night.

(Without You by AiRis)

Copyright © 2006-2013 all rights reserved
By ‘Rica’


marine said...

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Rica said...

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You're very welcome, I've been following that story for so long :) .
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That's great news! Because someone just gave me the link to your site and your stories are absolutely wonderful. The link opened at "When Two Worlds Meet" so I started reading that one then realized you had written work before that so now I'm starting with "Back to Namibia". Is that the 1st one?

marine said...

Hi, I'm happy you're enjoying these. "Happy Times" is actually the first I wrote (back in 2006...), "Back to Namibia" being a sort of sequel to it but they can be read as individual stories.

Rica said...

Right then...I will read it next! Thank you again ma'am.

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