Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Even A-List Toddlers have Issues!!!!!!

Hmmm…today was quite interesting at PhiPhi’s. We started the day as usual, greeting the parents and taking note of any special requirements the young “heirs apparent” had acquired over the weekend.

Little Milo spent the weekend breaking in a new pair of shoes. Poor little tyke…gone are the barefoot days of yore and he is NOT happy about it! Young Apple wasn’t too pleased with mummy Gwyneth and it quickly became quite clear that the rosy cheeked produce, wasn’t the “apple” (every pun intended) of her lovely mother’s eye either. Gwyneth and Mom Blythe were heading out to catch the Day Spa Bus Tour of Manhattan and unfortunately for little kumquat…I mean plum…I mean Apple, no women under the age of 19 were allowed. So that meant that we were going to have the pleasure of watching over a very sour…sour baby (bet you thought I’d say Apple)

Young Phineas returned to us with a bit of a Supremacy complex and will only respond to “Phineas the Great” or “Lord Phin”…hmmm, note to self please make sure that his royal highness starts his personal relationship with the majestic throne during “potty time”. Sweet Hazel…well her name’s Hazel, what else is there to say. Though she has become more assertive and is now attempting to over throw her brother’s dominion she has recruited Reign Beau Rhames, Roan Bronstein, Freedom and Ocean Whitaker to help her in her bid for power.

I do believe our darling Coco took a Jane Goodall anger management communications course this weekend because she’s now using her fingers to sign instead of using them to send projectiles during naptime. I like the change…now if I could just get her to stop flipping the bird at the Daycare assistants, Rumer Willis isn’t taking it very well and the last thing I need is a Tinsel Town Teen intervention group meeting.

Angie and Brad doing the “happy family” dance of joy dropped both children off amidst many kisses and hugs. However Maddox (a favorite of our local Paparazzi) was having none of it and stomped past me a bit miffed, mumbling something about having to sleep in his own bed and complaining about a photo hog called Zippy. I now realize he meant his new baby sister Zahara. Baby “Z” as the Daycare staff has dubbed her, is definitely her own little woman in the face of her brother’s misery “Z” was full of gurgling glee. But I do believe Brad Dad may have his hands full, I spied a star struck Apple fixating on a very wary Maddox. She even offered him a slightly soggy cookie. Hmmm…I may have to speak to the parents if this goes any further. Little “Z” has fallen into the idol trap as well; I caught her drooling all over Scout’s Teen magazine featuring Paris and Paris on the cover. As brilliant as they both are, it was Latsis who’s face “Z” chose to drool all over.

Oh yeah, I have a meeting with Calista about registering her darling Liam. I’ve heard some pretty okay things about the kid; we’ll give him a trial…see how it goes. Whoops! Alley McBeal…er…uh Kalista (has she done anything else?) is here. Gotta go!

Signing off.

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jjoy said...

rica, does it mean that your not going to post fanfics at jj or ea anymore??

i hope not...i also like your a-list kids blogs/comments...

take care rica and hope that you still will post your fanfics at jj's or at ea...