Friday, November 09, 2007


Essex Hotel
Angelina’s Suite
June 1, 2005


“So what do you think Mad?” Brad handed the three year old a set of fine 24K gold bangles. They were thin but each wide enough for a special inscription.

Maddox held the bangles in his hand. Turning each bangle over in his small palms, he inspected each closely before returning them to Brad. His voice full of self importance, he stated confidently, “I like them. They’re pretty.” He felt like a true ‘big boy’. He was helping Brad pick out mommy’s birthday gift and that was really important. Giving his opinion he smiled up at Brad, nodding. “I think mommy will like them.”

Smiling Brad scuffed the child’s hair, his gaze caressing the child’s beautiful face. “Alright then.” Turning his attention to the Neil Lane representative who’d agreed weeks ago to meet him here in New York, Brad handed him the jewelry. “We’ll take these three. I’d also like to have them inscribed and ready by tomorrow. Is there time?”

Without batting an eye the jeweler smiled. “For you Mr. Pitt there we will make the time.” He assured Brad as he carefully packed the fine bangles in their individual suede bags, then placed all in a velvet lined leather case. The man definitely had superb taste in jewelry as well as women. While Mr. Pitt had not mentioned Miss Jolie’s name, he like the entire country had been reading the gossip. That along with the fact that the child sitting with him was none other than Miss Jolie’s son, could only mean that the gossip was true. At least part of it was but that wasn’t his business. The eight thousand dollar sale was. “What would you like to have inscribed on each bracelet sir?”

“Can I call you this afternoon with the inscriptions? I want Maddox to decide one and I’ll decide the other.” Brad spoke quietly, watching Maddox climb down from the sofa and make his way over to his stash of goodies.

“And the third?” the representative asked, his mind scattering to figure out who’s inscription would grace the third bangle.

Glancing back at the representative with a quick frown, Brad’s answer was short giving no room for questions. “I’ll handle the third as well.” Brad glanced down at the child who’s attention was now on the books that brad had brought to New York for him. “An hour from now…will that still allow enough time?”

“But of course. The bracelets are finished they just need to be inscribed then polished and dressed in the keep sake box that you chose. That won’t take long.” The jeweler rose to leave.

Shaking the man’s hand, Brad smiled. “Thank you. I really appreciate this.”

The jeweler stood and walked to the suites door. “It is our pleasure to be of service to you Mr. Pitt.” There was no need to mention that all would be done with complete privacy.

Brad closed the door and went to find Maddox who’d somehow managed to disappear in the time it took him to walk to and from the front door. Lord that kid was fast. Walking through the suite he made a big show of looking for the toddler, lifting the pillows from the sofa and picking up books and toys. “Nope…he’s not here or under here. Oh my goodness I seemed to have misplaced a certain little boy. Or is he hiding? Boy if he’s hiding, he sure is a very good hider.” Listening he followed the sound of the child’s giggles until he found two small feet peeking out from under one of the suites beds. An idea hitting him, Brad pretended to be completely stumped. “Wow! I can’t find him. I guess I’ll check downstairs. Walking loudly to the door, Brad open shut the door loud enough for the child to hear, then ran to hide behind the sofa.

Peeking out he watch the little boy run to the door. Moving quietly he tip toed to stand behind the child. Grabbing him and swinging him up into his arms, “Gotcha!” Brad laughed and tickled the child into a fit of laughter and giggles. Tossing him in the air and then onto the sofa, Brad performed a fake wrestling move and pretended to pin the boy. “One…two…three! Crowd goes wild as ‘Willie pins the raining champion ‘Mad Maddox!”

Still laughing Maddox remembered the promised movie. “Are we still going to watch Shark Tales?” He asked between giggles.

“We sure are but first we have something very important to do.” Sitting up on the sofa Brad helped the child sit up.

“What?” Maddox stared up at Brad expectantly.

“Well we have to figure out what to inscribe on mommy’s birthday bracelets.” Brad smoothed the child’s silky black hair away from his face.


“Inscribe. It means to write something. The man who has mommy’s bracelets is waiting for us to tell him what to write on them. So we have to come up with something very special.”

Rubbing his chin, Maddox twisted his lips in thought. His eyes brightened suddenly. “I know. How about I love you mommy this much!” he spread his arms wide showing brad just how much.

Laughing, Brad bounced the toddler causing the child to giggle loudly. “I like that.” He didn’t bother to tell the boy that his arm span probably wouldn’t fit on the delicate bangle. “So you want ‘ I love you mommy this much’ on your gift?” He spread his arms wide.

The little boy nodded emphatically. “Un…huh!” Then stop nodding and began shaking his head instead. “no…”

Brad frowned, “No?” Brad turn the child around and lifted him to kneel on his lap. “You don’t want that on mommy’s bracelet?”

“Un..un huh…no I mean.” The child seemed confused for a moment as he tried to figure out how to communicate what he wanted. “Je t’aime Mak-roe-mair!”

It was Brad's turned to look confused. “What did you say buddy?”

“I want to inscwibe ‘Je t’aime Mak-roe-mair'.” Maddox repeated.

He understood the first portion but the last he was completely at a lost to identify. “What does Mak-roe-mair mean?”

Smiling, the toddler answered easily, raising his arms high and wide, before dropping them. “Mommy.”

Hearing the word, Brad suddenly remembered what Angelina had told him about Maddox’s accent and manner of speech. She’d told him that the child spoke English, French and a few words and phrases of Khmer, his native Cambodian tongue. So Mak-roe-mair meant mother in Khmer. Maddox was truly a special and intelligent little boy. Brad felt a sudden pride in Angelina’s effort to allow Maddox to hold on to his culture. She was an amazing mother and she was doing it on her own. That is until now. He thoroughly intended to play a prominent role in Madd’s development. “Wow! I really like that! And you know what else?”

Maddox blinked wide eyed at Brad. “What?”

Leaning forward, Brad placed his forehead against the child’s smaller one. “Mommy will love it too.”

Smiling the child wrapped his arms around Brad’s neck, hugging him tightly. “What are you going to inscwibe on your bracelet for mommy?”

Brad stood and wrapped his own arms around the small body. He had to leave tomorrow night and just the thought of leaving this child and his mother again was killing him. Shaking off the thought, he carried the child around the suite. “I don’t know yet, but I have to think of something as good as yours. But remember we have to keep this a secret from mommy okay?”

Kissing Brad on the cheek, the child smiled. “Okay!”


The Actor’s Studio

*For the sake of the story I have set the time of the interview a little later than it was actually taped.*

The June 5th Prime segment of The Actor’s Studio
James Lipton interviews Angelina Jolie…

James Lipton: "Tonight’s guest has received an Academy Award, Golden Globe, Block Buster entertainment and Screen Actor’s Guild Awards for her performance in ‘Girl Interrupted’. In a career that spans only ten years, she has appeared in a Gallery of more than 30 roles in films as varied and challenging as ‘Hackers’, Foxfire, George Wallace, which earned her an Emmy nomination and her second Golden globe Award. Playing God, Gia, for which she received a Golden globe and a Screen Actor’s Guild award. Playing by Heart for which she received a National Board of Review Award, Pushing Tin, The Bone Collector, Lara Croft; Tomb Raider, which earned her an MTV movie nomination. Original Sin, Beyond Borders, Taking Lives, Shark Tales, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Alexander and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. She is the producer and director of A Moment in the World.. People Magazine has declared her one the fifty most beautiful people in the world and not to be out done, the Swedish magazine `Aften Bladik” has named her the sexiest woman alive.”

“The Actor’s Studio’ is proud to welcome Angelina Jolie”

Audience applauds…

Angelina Jolie: “Thank you.”
James Lipton: “Our goal in this series is to mark the significant steps that have marked our guest’s journey this moment on our stage. The logical place to start is at the beginning.”

James Lipton: “Where were you born?”
Angelina Jolie: “Los Angeles.”

James Lipton: “What name is on your birth certificate?”
Angelina Jolie: “Angelina Jolie Voight.”

James Lipton: “Who’s your father?”
Angelina Jolie: “John Voight.”

James Lipton: “What is the ethnic origin of the name Voight?”
Angelina Jolie: I don’t know…it’s German. I think it might be German.”

James Lipton: “Its Czech.”
Angelina Jolie: “Does it mean anything?”

James Lipton: “It means father of a beautiful woman.”
Angelina Jolie: (Laughs)

James Lipton: “What is your mother’s maiden name?”
Angelina Jolie: “Bertrand.”

James Lipton: “Her first name?”
Angelina Jolie: “Marcheline.”

James Lipton: “She was French then?”
Angelina Jolie: “Well she’s part Iroquois Indian and they were uh…she’s French Canadian.

James Lipton: “Was your mother an actress?”
Angelina Jolie: “She studied to be an actress.”

James Lipton: “Tell our students with whom your mother studied.”
Angelina Jolie: “Lee Stausburg.”

Angelina Jolie: “It’s probably the best advice she got on how to be a parent was from him, because she always…when I was growing up…she…she…every time I was emotional or I was upset about something or anything was going on, she um…she’d have me look at her and she’d say ‘What are you feeling? What are you thinking?”

Audience laughs…

Angelina Jolie: “Isn’t that funny? The method as a three year old. “I’m feeling uhh…”
James Lipton: (Laughs)
Angelina Jolie: “So I grew up very aware of my emotions.”

James Lipton: “That’s evident when you act.”

James Lipton: “The common esteem over the past eleven years of this series is parental separation and divorce. Tonight it just comes up a little sooner than usual.”

James Lipton: “How old were you when your parents divorced?”
Angelina Jolie: “I was about six months old.”

James Lipton: “Where did you live after the separation?”
Angelina Jolie: “I lived for a while in LA then my mother moved to New York for a few years.”

James Lipton: Did you have frequent contact with your father after the divorce?”
Angelina Jolie: “I…I don’t remember a lot…no.”

James Lipton: “But you were close to your mother I assume.”
Angelina Jolie: “Very…yeah.”

James Lipton: “You call her a great lady.”
Angelina Jolie: “She is.”

James Lipton: “What makes her great?”
Angelina Jolie: “She is…uh just the most compassionate person I’ve ever met.”

James Lipton: “She was a product of the sixties, was she not?”
Angelina Jolie: “She was.”

James Lipton: “How did that reflect in her personal philosophy?”
Angelina Jolie: “Uhh..she was…um…maybe a little bit more open with me. She understood me a little…ummm…my mom was raised Catholic and maybe it would have been a bit shocking to have me as a daughter if she hadn’t also experienced the sixties.”

James Lipton: “Yeah. Who were the Kissie Girls?”
Angelina Jolie: (stares at James for a moment) “Oh-My-God! As I reached for the water.”

Angelina Jolie: (Laughing) “Ummm…I…uhh…I was very sexual in kindergarten…

Audience laughter…

Angelina Jolie: ”And umm…and my mom often got called. And I was…umm…I created something apparently…I don’t really remember, apparently it was something like kissing the boys and giving them cooties and a few of them stopped and we started making out and we had to take our close off and I got in trouble a lot in kindergarten.”

James Lipton: “This is a first! Eleven years and you’re our first kindergarten…
Angelina Jolie: “I know…”

James Lipton: Whatever. Now here’s a question I thought I’d never ask you, because it just astonishes me. Didn’t you have ambitions to be a funeral director.”

Angelina Jolie: (Giggles) “un huh.”
James Lipton: “Did you do any studying?”

Angelina Jolie: “Un hun…I did. I did a home site course…(giggles)”

James Lipton: “Where’d you get the…the uhhh…the literature?”
Angelina Jolie: “They send it to you, if you…”

James Lipton: “Funeral services student handbooks?”
Angelina Jolie: “They actually do yeah.. (laughs)

James Lipton: “Questions I never thought I’d ask. Answers I never thought I’d get. Now this intrigues me. How old were you when you and your boyfriend began cutting each other?”
Angelina Jolie: “Ummm. I was fourteen when I was dating my first boyfriend. We live together for two years. We lived with my mom.”

James Lipton: “ the two of you lived…moved…”
Angelina Jolie: “With my mom, which was actually a smart thing because I wasn’t sneaking around. I had my home…my base. So I was safe.

James Lipton: “I understand.”
Angelina Jolie: “Ummm…and it was really because I’ve always collected weapons since I was very little so it was just one night that um…I mean do you really want me to get into this? Because I can.”

James Lipton: “I think our students would like to hear about it.”
Angelina Jolie: “It was that I had started having sex and that sex didn’t feel like enough and no emotions were really enough and nothing really felt like it was…I didn’t feel…like there was always something you wanted to break out of or hit to feel more…be more connected to another person, something more honest. And in kind of a moment of wanting to feel something more honest, I grabbed a knife I cut him and he cut me back. and we had this exchange of something and then somehow covered in blood…my heart racing and there was something dangerous in life and…uhhh…it suddenly felt more honest then whatever this sex was suppose to be, this connection between two people was suppose to be. Ummm…so I went through a period of when I’d feel trapped I would cut myself because it felt like I was releasing something…and it was…it was uhh…it was honets.”

James Lipton: “Did it leave any scars?”
Angelina Jolie: “I have a lot of scars yeah. And since obviously then I’ve found other ways of channeling that and understanding what that is and making use of that thing inside yourself that has that…”

James Lipton: “Where you in therapy in high school?”
Angelina Jolie: “I went to therapy for extra credit for a while.”

Audience Laughs...

James Lipton: “God bless Los Angeles. This is Hollywood. Only in Hollywood do you get credit for therapy. Now don’t you students wish that we were giving you credit? A little therapy and some credit.”

James Lipton: (To Angelina) “What was it like?”
Angelina Jolie: “I found it…uhhh…quite manipulating and a bit simple. But that’s not…you know…there is no simple answer. It wasn’t good for me.”

James Lipton: “When did you decide that you wanted to be an actor?””
Angelina Jolie: “I went to the Strausburg Institute when I was sixteen. I had a desperate need-which I think most artist do- to communicate. You know to feel whatever it is inside of me, whether its cutting…going craz…that there is something inside of us that we want to reach out…we want to talk to each other…we want…uhhh…we want to throw our emotions and our thoughts out and hope that we make some sense or we get an answer. So that was the best way to do it. To just emote and hope that there would be a response.”

James Lipton: “What made you decide to study at Strausburg?”
Angelina Jolie: “My mom.”

James Lipton: “Of course. What did they teach you?”
Angelina Jolie: “You actually have sessions where you’re trying to feel an orange.”

James Lipton: “We’re shocked…shocked!” (Laughter)
Angelina Jolie: “I still can’t feel that orange. But..umm…you know that thing of that smell, that feeling of holding that person’s hand that’s passed away or that…that does make sense to me.”

James Lipton: “Do you use what you’ve learned there?”
Angelina Jolie: um hmmm…”

James Lipton: “What was your first movie role?”
Angelina Jolie: “Serious movie role?”

James Lipton: “You were a human machine hybrid.”
Angelina Jolie: “I was. This is so funny. I did a fantastic B movie.”

James Lipton: “Called?”
Angelina Jolie: “Cyborg 2”

James Lipton: “And was that a happy experience?”
Angelina Jolie: “It was until I saw it.”

Audience laughter...

James Lipton: “Foxfire is based on a Joyce Carol-Oats novel.. I had never seen this movie until I began preparing for tonight. It surprised me…it impressed me. I’m curious to know what you think of it.”
Angelina Jolie: “I love the character. There was something about her that I felt connected to emotionally. I cared about her.

James Lipton: “What was her name?”
Angelina Jolie: “Legs.”

James Lipton: “Legs Sadofsky. In your view, who is Legs and how did you create her?”
Angelina Jolie: “I think every character is a part of you and a part of the character that you are going to evolve into that you are not yet so she was both…she was a part of me and then something about her was something that I admired that I was yet to become.”

James Lipton: “Angelina who knows how to stir up a bit of a fuss, during the promotional tour said that you had fallen in love with someone during the filming. Do you remember that?”
Angelina Jolie: “Un…hmm.”

James Lipton: “With whom?”.
Angelina Jolie: “Jenny. I got very close to Jenny.”

James Lipton: “Were you just promoting the film or were you talking from the heart?”
Angelina Jolie: “No I would never do something like that. No I was…

James Lipton: “Why?”
Angelina Jolie: I thought that she was a beautiful magnificent woman and I didn’t see…I just said it because it was what I felt.”

James Lipton: “Not for its shock value?”
Angelina Jolie: “No…no. I always still find that strange that people get shocked by something like that.”

James Lipton: “The role of Cornelia Wallace made very serious emotional and dramatic demands on you.
Angelina Jolie: “Hmm..”

James Lipton: “Angelina received a Golden Globe for her performance as Cornelia Wallace. That indicates that you meant those demands head on. Do emotions come readily to you in front of the camera?”
Angelina Jolie: “Yeah…I suppose they do. I went through a time as a teenager where I never cried. I didn’t think it accomplished anything. I still am kind of like that…I don’t cry.”

James Lipton: “In life…in life.”
Angelina Jolie: “In my life…I don’t like to cry. But for some reason yeah…maybe its because I need to when I’m acting so I can’t stop when I start.”

James Lipton: “One of the things that you bring to the screen is a palpable energy. You’ve said. ‘ I believe in instinct…something primal. I like to live life in the moment. Our students are taught to work in the moment. Is it the same thing? What does it mean to be in the moment?”
Angelina Jolie: “I think that its just uhhh…just to be who you are. And to feel what you feel and to be awa…just honest…complete honesty with yourself and those around you and…uhh just alive…completely alive.”

James Lipton: “Angelina received a Golden Globe Award, A Screen Actor’s Guild Award and an Emmy nomination for her performance in Gia.”

Audience applauses and shouts...

James Lipton: “Given roles like Gia, ‘Legs in Foxfire and Cornelia in ‘George wallace’. Do you ever find that you’ve become entangled in their lives and emotions during the shoot?”
Angelina Jolie: “Yeah…”

James Lipton: “Or hard to leave them behind?”
Angelina Jolie: “You don’t leave them behind. After Gia, I ummm…I moved to New York. I…I stopped acting.”

James Lipton: Why? Because of the experience?”
Angelina Jolie: Because I didn’t feel like I had anything else to give. I came here and went to NYU and…”

James Lipton: “Studied what?”
Angelina Jolie: “Film making.”

James Lipton: “What was that experience like?”
Angelina Jolie: I kind of got back to the basics of things for myself and got to learn my own taste for things and I went to a writing class and tried writing. It was just good for me to try and collect myself.”

James Lipton: Angelina won the Academy Award for Best Actress in a supporting role for her performance as Lisa Rowe in ‘Girl Interrupted’.”

Audience Applause…

James Lipton: “What drew you to this character?”
Angelina Jolie: “Oh god! I had actually read that book years before and…ummm…when the script came around, I found the book in my library and I realized I had underlined everything Lisa.”

James Lipton: “Really?”
Angelina Jolie: “Yeah…and I knew her.”

James Lipton: “What did you see in her that you thought you knew?”
Angelina Jolie: “I felt that she was…she was honest. Honest in a world where…where a lot of things were not. She could push everybody’s buttons and nobody could push hers. And…and I did see that as a very sad thing. I saw it as somebody who…she wanted so desperately for someone to call her out. To talk to her honestly…to be in her face…so be direct with her, to have a real connection in life.”

James Lipton: “How did you decorate your trailer while you were…”
Angelina Jolie: Laughs… “Oh No!”

James Lipton: “While you were playing Lisa…I peeked!”
Angelina Jolie: laughs “With…” laughs again. “Lots of porn.”

James Lipton: “Photos?”
Angelina Jolie: “Uh huh…”

James Lipton: “Why?”
Angelina Jolie: “Because it made me feel…ummm…provocative and open and sensual ans Transpo loved my trailer.”

Audience laughs…

James Lipton: “This is how you described Lisa: “She lived to big; was too hungry, was too full of life.” Those sound like virtues not sins.”
Angelina Jolie: “Yeah…”

James Lipton: “Tell us about the Oscar experience. What did you say in your acceptance speech?”
Angelina Jolie: “I know I said I loved my brother because everyone lost their minds.”

Audience laughs…

James Lipton: “There is an expression in French, ‘Departe de Bougiosie’. It means to rile up the Bougiosie. I assume that you and your brother did not have sexual relations?”
Angelina Jolie: “No of course not.”

James Lipton: “Okay.”

Audience laughs…
Angelina Jolie: “It’s a fair question because of all of the gossip. But we did not.”

James Lipton: “Yeah…I mean you were implying that you did.”
Angelina Jolie: “I was not implying that we did.”

James Lipton: “Oh…that’s the way the world took it…come on.”
Angelina Jolie: “That is the way the world took it but the world is a little sicker than I’d imagined laughter. I was…I was so…”

James Lipton: “sometimes you are a provocateur.”
Angelina Jolie: “But I’m really not, I mean if you knew me in my life, I…I just speak very bluntly and I really don’t see anything so bizarre about half the things that are always taken in such a…you know, I know if I’m being honest about…and someone asks me about cutting myself then I’m going to be honest. If I say…if I said I’m in love with my brother right now or I love my brother, but the thing was…he’s been that person who’s loved my movies and who’s held my hand through my entire career and…”

James Lipton: “Well sure…sure…of course”
Angelina Jolie: “And it was such a big moment for us. More than about an award. But it became about that for me.”

James Lipton: “I understand. Does it bother you that sometimes you are misunderstood or that the public and the press are often fixated on you? Do you feel that you are unfairly perceived sometimes? Does it bother you? Do you hate it?”
Angelina Jolie: “No, I feel like… the people that…ummm…that identify with me or the people that I care about, actually know what’s real and what’s not. It bothers me more that we live in a world that focuses on certain types of things in a certain way. I would be happy if someone wrote an article about my sexuality or my fascination with different things they consider dark and really analyzed it properly and really expressed it in an intelligent way, then I’d think it’s great.”

James Lipton: “what affect did winning the Oscar have on your career and your life? Change anything?”
Angelina Jolie: “Not really no. I haven’t seen it since the day I won it and I don’t hold on to awards because I think its good not to have them around.”

James Lipton: “You haven’t lost it have you?”
Angelina Jolie: “No I gave it to my mom.”

James Lipton: “Cool!”

Audience laughs…

James Lipton: “What is the UNHCR?”
Angelina Jolie: “The UNHCR is the ‘United Nations High Commission for Refugees. After I started traveling awhile I realized that there was quite a lot I didn’t know about the world. I read the UNHCR looked after 20 million people who were displaced floor their homes and that they were the most vulnerable people in the world. I wanted to learn about it and I started to travel and then I did. I went to my first war zone…the first area where I saw so much death and never again would I think about being self-destructive…or waiting for more or complaining about stupid things or thinking I knew pain ever once I saw them.

James Lipton: “do you have a position with them?”
Angelina Jolie: “I became a goodwill embassador for them.”
James Lipton: “And what I suspect is a closely related subject, how did Maddox come into your life?” He watches her smile softly…

James Lipton: “Time for Maddox…”
Angelina Jolie: “Time for Maddox. When I went to Cambodia to shoot, I was very moved by the country and very moved by these people who had survived so much. And then I went back there with the UN and something just felt like home to me…family to me and it became very clear to me that my son was there or my daughter was there. Somebody was there that was suppose to be my family. I don’t know how to explain it. I applied for adoption and then I went back. Mad was the last kid I saw. He was 3 months old. He was asleep and they put him in my arms and he stayed asleep and they put him in the bath and he stayed asleep. I thought he was narcoleptic or something.”

Audience laughs…

Angelina Jolie: “And then he opened his eyes and stared at me for the longest time and I just stared at him for the longest time and I started crying. And he smiled…and it wasn’t that he smiled at me or that he liked me. It was that I hadn’t held children in my life and I was always considered so dark and I always had so many things that made me feel like I shouldn’t be someone’s mom because certainly the world had an opinion of me and I’m not so sure about myself. Am I going to be the best mom? So the fact that this little kid seemed at ease gave me the courage to feel like I could make him happy. So we became a family right then.”

James Lipton: “Has he made you happy?”
Angelina Jolie: “Oh…unbelievably happy…yeah. He made me believe in fate. God knows how we found each other but we found each other. He’s my best friend, he’s my everything.

James Lipton: “How did the role of Jane Smith in ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ come into your life?”
Angelina Jolie: “I was sent a script and I thought it was a really fun read because there…there’s a lot of fun in it…a lot of humor to it that I am still not comfortably with. That kind of comedy. So I was a little shy to do it. It’s a very fun film.”

James Lipton: “Who directed the film?”
Angelina Jolie: “Doug Linman.”

James Lipton: “Who plays Mr. Smith?”
Angelina Jolie: “Brad Pitt.”

James Lipton: “Tell us about shooting the action sequences. There must have been pretty hot stuff going on.”
Angelina Jolie: “The stunt coordinator was the stunt coordinator that did the ‘Tomb Raiders’ and also did ‘Troy’. He realized that his two stars enjoyed action and suddenly this two day action sequence became a three week sequence. We were saying “Why do you have a slide? I don’t have a slide. Why do you have a…I wanna scale down and I wanna go through the glass...” So everything escalated into these huge fight scenes.”
James Lipton: “The moments between you and Brad Pitt are incandescent. Tell us about working with him in this film.”
Angelina Jolie: “It was great to work with him.”

James Lipton: “Good actor isn’t he?”
Angelina Jolie: “He’s a great actor. He’s also a really…really great guy. He’s extremely down to earth and he’s just uhhh…goofy and funny and very good. At the end of the day we spent most of the time competing. We still argue about who’s a better shot.”

James Lipton: “Really?”
Angelina Jolie: “Yeah.”

James Lipton: “Do you like the film?”
Angelina Jolie: “I do like the film yeah. I think it’s a really good film. It works as a film, it’s also funny. All those things a movie should be.”


New York
June 1, 2005
Central Park


Mommy and me time…

To the casual eye they were nothing more than a young mother and her small son, out enjoying a carriage ride through Central Park. To the eagle eye, they were much more.

Angelina smile happily at her three year old son as he pointed excitedly at the park sights. She enjoyed her time with Maddox, just watching him discover the world seemed to validate her role in it somehow. She felt a new role developing; the role of ‘mate’. She wondered what he was doing. Mad was still giddy from his morning with Brad, he was still talking about Brad’s funny voices in ‘Shark Tales’ and peanut butter popcorn. The thought of the treat was a bit much for her stomach to take but Mad loved it but Mad loved it and that’s what mattered most. She’d have to get the recipe. Her son’s excited shout pulled her from her reverie.

“Mommy look!” Maddox pointed to the performing mime. “A clown!”

Kissing the top of the child’s indulgently she chuckled, “He’s a mime sweetie.”

Maddox glanced away from the mime to give his mother a questioning stare. “A mime?” he frowned in thought before shaking his little head. “No I don’t think so mommy. I think he’s a clown.”

Laughing out loud, she allowed all the happiness she’d been feeling to escape. Gathering her son in her arms, she hugged the child adding a tickle here and there. “A clown huh?”

At the sound of the high pitched giggles, the carriage driver glanced behind him, never had he seen such a beautiful picture as this young woman and her child. He could really appreciate the moment for what it was; ‘A moment to be cherished.’

Angelina held Maddox as the carriage made its way through the park. She chose to ignore the constant flashes that seemed to prove that no moment was sacred or too private for the media’s intrusion. The paparazzi were out in force now and a picture of what should have been a private carriage ride with her son was now worth thousands of dollars. But did they care that it was priceless to her?


“Mommy are we going to see auntie Jill?” Maddox asked his mother as the walked down New York’s crowded streets.

“We sure are. Are you excited? You haven’t seen auntie J in a long time.” She squeezed the child’s hand. “You have gotten so big, she might not recognize you.”

The child stopped his eyes wide. “No way! She’ll rec’nize me!”

“Well if she doesn’t you’ll remind her right?” Angelina laughed and tussled the boy’s hair.

Maddox attention was caught by a hotdog vendor. He noticed the large pretzels on the cart. “Mommy can I have a pwetzel?”

Angie glanced over at the vendor. Nodding she led the toddler over to the vendor. “Hi. Can I have one pretzel please.”

Glancing over at the voice, the vendor almost choked on his own spit when he saw Angelina standing there. Quickly wrapping a warm pretzel in wax paper, the vendor handed it to Angelina. “Ms. Jolie! Here ya go!” he waved off Angelina’s attempts to pay him. “Your money is no good here. The pretzel is on the house.”

“Oh…I couldn’t…” Angelina tried to hand the money back.

“Please! It would be an honor!” holding his hands high and shaking his head.

Giving up Angelina put the money away and handed her son the pretzel, prompting him to remember his manners. “Mad, tell the nice man thank you.”

Mad thanked the man around a mouthful of pretzel. “Thank you!”

“You’re welcome young man!” the vendor smiled at the boy, but before he could say more, they were quite rudely interrupted.


Angelina moved Maddox so that he was hidden between her body and the vendor’s cart. Noticing her movement the vendor took up the helm. “Why don’t you get out of here! You’re disturbing my customers!” he yelled at the photographer who’d taken a post about twenty feet away and was rapidly clicking the camera shutter.

Ignoring the vendor, the photographer continued trying to draw a response from Angelina. “Did you break up Brad and Jennifer’s marriage Angelina?”

Angelina kept her back to the photographer and remained silent even though visions of the photographer lying flat on his back with his camera strap wrapped snuggly around his neck, were dancing quite vividly through her mind.

The vendor reached out Angelina’s hand. “Don’t listen to that nonsense.” To the photographer he spoke loudly. “Some people just wanna a story. They don’t care about the truth!” Pointing at the photographer, he laughed. “Here’s a story for ya! Me and my wife got a divorce after eighteen years and I got myself a new girl. You wanna blame her for our breakup too?”

Angelina giggled softly, grabbing the vendor’s attention once more. Winking at the vendor leaned in for a quick word, “You’re a good woman and that Brad Pitt is a good man. You two know the truth and that’s all that matters, it’s nobody’s business anyway.” He waved off the photographers. “Don’t let this madness rule your life.” Looking down at Maddox he spoke softly. “You make sure and take care of your mommy okay? You only get one.”

“Okay!” the child answered.

“Thank you.” Angelina smiled and stooped down to talk to her son. “Are you okay?”

“Yes mommy. “Nodding Maddox continued munching on his pretzel.

Spying an idle taxi Angelina Pick the child up, winked at the vendor and ran for the taxi, managing to make a quick and clean escape.


New Jersey
June 1, 2205
Home of Jillian Armenante

A little girl talk…

“Soooo? What’s this wild gossip I’ve been hearing?” Jillian asked Angelina. The two women had been good friends since meeting on the set of ‘Girl Interrupted’. Jill like the other women of the cast including Winona and Whoopi had been simply awe struck Angelina’s powerful stage presence. Simply put, the girl could act. It was supposed to have been Winona’s movie but Angelina had stolen the show. But above all that, she was a good woman; one with a kind heart; who was sexy as hell and not afraid to kick a little ass if necessary. She’d give you the shirt off of her back if you were in need of one. Jill also appreciated the fact that Angelina was straight forward and often brutally honest. For that alone Jill would defend her friend to the death.

Angelina stared at her hands for a moment. Chuckling softly, she looked up. “I love him.” She wondered how many more times she would have to admit that to her close friends and family.

Reaching out, Jill smoothed a stray strand of hair from Angelina’s eyes. “Well look at you! Our resident ‘hard-ass’ has gone all soft.”

Smacking Jillian’s leg, Angelina poured herself another glass of mineral water. “Not soft just…pliant” Both women laughed.

Sobering first, Jillian stared into Angelina’s eyes for a moment before speaking the words Angelina knew were coming. “Seriously Angie, do you know what you’re doing? I mean…this Brad Pitt…the Brad Pitt we’re talking about. They just don’t come much bigger than him.” Finishing her own drink, she continued. “Babe, I’ve been hearing some real nasty shit about you and this whole situation. You picked one hell of a man to fall for hun.”

“I didn’t pick him. He picked me, but I didn’t say no.” Angelina answered.

“Angie, reputation wise, this could be career suicide we’re talking about. You…Angelina Jolie walking away with ‘America Sweetheart’s’ man…they’ll call you everything under the sun and then some. Meanwhile ‘Golden Boy Brad’ comes out squeaky clean as ‘boy toy extraordinaire’. Hell even my guy says that Brad is a lucky son of a bitch.”

“You know I don’t care about that crap. People have been talking shit about me since I started grade school.” Angie waved the idea of bad gossip away.

“And what about your family? Jamie…Ms. Marcheline…what about Mad?” she stared into the adjacent room where the three year old was playing with her daughter. The two children were putting together puzzles. “What about that beautiful little boy in there? This mess is going to touch him sooner or later babe.”

Sighing heavily, Angelina answered. “Jill, I have thought about all of that. Brad and I have talked about this over and over, trust me.” Following Jill’s gaze to Maddox. “For Mad’s sake I even tried to stop it before it even got this far. He wouldn’t accept that. The more I said no…put up walls…and miles between us, the harder he pushed until I realized I didn’t want to say no anymore. I wanted what he was offering…I needed it.” Smiling she let out a shaky breath. “I have felt this peaceful, since I was five.”

Jillian watched her friend. “You do pick your battles girl.”

Smiling, Angelina nodded. “That I do.”

A mischievous smile lit across Jillian’s face. “Well since we are on the subject. How is he in bed?” Quirking an eyebrow, she leaned in closer to Angelina. “Tell me he put the smack down on that ass of yours?”

“Ha! Look who’s been watching professional wrestling or is it MTV? And we weren’t on that subject.” Angelina laughed. Jillian was such a mess. But she could always count on her to understand. The two had taken an instant liking to each other while on the set. Angie couldn’t remember having an ordinary best female friend before. But she was happy for Jill’s friendship…she needed it.

Shrugging Jillian continued to wait for the answer. “Well we are now. Sooo…how was he?” Holding up her hands Jillian stopped Angelina’s answer. “I have a confession to make. I saw a picture once, of ‘Mr. Golden Boy’ himself in the errr…all together.” She raised her hands to measure out length. “We’re talking what…six and a half…seven? Damn near perfect in my book. Hell I’m happy with six myself. Six is enough to know someone’s in for a pleasant visit. Six and a half is a visit you look forward to often and seven well…let’s just say seven is a permanent resident if you know what I mean. Anything bigger and it becomes a visitor you dodge like a Bill collector.”

Angelina nearly choked on her water. Putting the glass down slowly; she smiled at her friend slowly tilting her head to the side. “Six and half…seven, either is heaven.”

Jillian broke into uncontrollable laughter. “Oh…shit…you… bitch.” She whispered in a giggle so that toddler radar in the adjacent room wouldn’t pick up their discussion. “So we now know Golden Boy’s got the tools. How is he at using them?”

“I got no complaints other than a difficulty walking at times.” Angelina patted her hair into place, readjusting her hair clip.

“Or sitting…” Unable to resist a bit of fun Jillian decided to poke. “Is that why you’ve been so antsy…can’t sit still, a little sore are we?”

“Uuughhh…now that was truly bad.” She followed up the statement with a shake of her head. Raising her arms high above her head Angelina stretched. “Maybe a little.” She winked.

“Well Brad may look the ‘Golden Boy’ part, but somehow he strikes me as a ‘Freak’ and that’s the kind of man I want.” Jillian watched her friend stretch. Angelina reminded her of an exotic cat, barely tamed. Taking in the black tank, tight jeans and the black pumps, Jillian thought that Angelina had to be the only woman she knew who could make such a casual outfit look so damn sexy. No wonder ‘The World’s Sexiest Man” was hot for a piece of her. He’d very publicly chased her across the globe. “Speaking of freaks, tell me about Africa?”


“Oh no. I’ve been hearing whispers of a desert tryst in…hmmm… where was it? Marrakech…” Jillian stood and moved over to the well stocked bar, grabbing a bottle of white wine she returned to the sofa. “This story deserves a little spirit.”


Essex Hotel
Angelina’s Suite
June 1, 2005


Brad lay sprawled across the suites large, deep cushioned sofa. He watched amused as the small grumpy clown fish on the large television screen carried on a lively conversation with a large somewhat acid-burned sea turtle. Thanks to the three year old reclining against his chest, Brad now had a new found appreciation for Disney animation. It really was a good movie. The child’s infectious giggles caught his attention, causing him to chuckle out loud. It constantly amazed him that a three year old could memorize the lines of a ninety minute movie.

“Dad! Did you see me? Did you see me?! You totally rock! Slip me some fin…noggin….duuuuude. Jellyman…offspring, offspring…Jellyman.” The child mimicked the large sea turtle perfectly.

Brad laughed out loud once again at Mad’s imitation of the characters. “How many times have you seen this movie?” He tickled the child.

Giggling Mad answered. “A lot! This many Duuuuuude!” The child held up both hands to measure the amount.

Brad laughed even louder. Swooping the child up in the air, he flipped him down on the sofa, yelling in his best ‘Crush’ voice, “YOU TOTALLY ROCK!!!!”

Angelina stood leaning against the entryway wall, watching the two ate play. Moving forward into the room, she braced her elbows on the back of the sofa. “Hey duuuude…it’s time for your bath.”

Standing up on the sofa Maddox grabbed hold of its back to steady himself as he faced his mother. “Awwww mommy…but the movie isn’t over yet! Just five more minutes…pleeeaassse?” The child was ready to make a deal. “I’ll take one as soon as it’s over. I promised.” Looking up, he batted his long eyelashes trying to sway his mother.

Brad turned to kneel next to the toddler, coming face to face with Angelina. “Yeah mommy…pleeeaaassseee?” he pouted a bit to add a little charm to the situation. He wasn’t an A-list actor for no reason.

She could refuse these two nothing, both the man and the boy managed to get their way with her every time. “Okay watch the rest of the movie, then you can have your bath.” Leaning forward she offered him an Eskimo kiss.

“Mommy you didn’t give Brad an Eskimo kiss.” Maddox pointed at Brad.

Brad pouted and batted his eyelashes. “Yeah…mommy, you didn’t give me an Eskimo Kiss.”

“Oh…right.” Leaning down she rubbed her nose lightly against Brad’s. “How’s that?”

Brad let one hand casually slip up to lightly cup the side of Angelina’s head, returning the kiss. “Mmmm…Eskimos are a bit overrated now…the French…”

“You have a movie to finish; besides the French don’t usually like to visit until nine.” Angelina smiled, pulling back; conscious of the three year old eyes watching intently.

“Nine huh?” Brad pulled back to sit once more in his corner.

“Yup…nine.” Angelina smiled and floated away.

Brad followed her progress, twisting his head and eyes as far as he could to watch her progress as she left the room. Mumbling under his breath, “Oh, the French will be there a nine and invading by nine-thirty.”


“Watch me blow bubbles!” Mad splashed around in the large tub. “I’m really good at it!”

“Really? Let me see!” Brad watched the child blow soapy bubbles. “You’re part fish!”

“I can hold my breath too!” Maddox managed between swipes of the soapy wash cloth his mother wielded.

“Yeah? You know how to do that?” Brad asked the waterlogged child.

“Un..huh!” the child raised each limb for his mother to clean. “Watch me!” Taking a deep breath, he put his face into the water and kept it there for 10 seconds before pulling out of the water. “See!”

“All right!” Brad watched Angelina’s face as she bathed her son. He enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere in the bathroom. He was entranced the simple beauty of mother and child. Angelina’s maternal tenderness stirred him more than her jaw dropping sensuality. Grabbing a towel, he wrapped the wet, wiggling child up as he pulled him from the draining bath water. He dried the child as Angelina gathered pajamas, baby lotion and a pair of Pull-Ups. He was truly enjoying himself as he helped dress the toddler for bed.

“Will you read me a story?” Maddox asked Brad once he was dressed.

“I sure will. Which story do you want me to read? Brad followed the child over to a small pile of books, kneeling down he helped the tot choose a book before returning to the large bed.

Settling under the covers in the center of the bed, wrapped in his mother’s arms, Maddox listened to the story. Brad’s smooth dulcet tones lulled the child into an easy and quick slumber.

Watching Angelina closely, Brad allowed his dreams to take hold of his thoughts; a picture of Angelina cuddling Maddox against a swollen stomach…a womb full of his child. Shaking head clear he finished the story. Closing the book he kissed the sleeping child on the head and quickly left Angelina to tuck the child in.

Dreams…fantasies…prophecies, no matter how the vision appeared, it was his to realize.


Fall Into You - Soulstice

“Mmmm…” Brad growled into the pillow.

“Feel good?” Angelina asked, she sat straddling Brad’s lower body, her hands squeezing and molding the hard muscles of his back. What had started as a hot oil massage was now turning into something much more. She was learning the lines that ran the length of Brad’s back; from the corded neck to the sculpted hips and tight buttocks.

“Like heaven.” Pulling his right arm free of the pillow, Brad reached behind to run a caressing hand along the silky soft skin of her calf. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d received such sweet attention. “You know, if acting ever falls through, you’ll have an excellent career as a masseuse waiting for you.” Groaning again he sighed, “God you have wonderful hands.”

“Really?” leaning forward she pressed her naked breast flat against the woman, smooth skin of his back. “Am I that good?”

Relishing the feel of her naked, supple breast and aroused nipples pressed against his heated ski, he answered on a groan. “Oh yes…you are that good.”

Reaching behind her, Angelina’s fingers found the curve crease that separated his buttocks from his thigh. She traced the crease; her touch as delicate as the flickering tongue she use to tease his earlobe. “I think I’ll file that away for later.”

Reaching behind, he wrapped an arm around Angelina’s waist and rolled his body sideways, taking her body with him. The sudden move left a stunned Angelina lying face up, her body cradling his. Smiling down at her, Brad whispered. “Now where were we?”

“Massages…” was all Angelina could get out before Brad's lips silenced her. He traced the plump fullness of her sweet lips with his tongue, playing…tasting…feasting before scorching a path along the delicate line of her jaw to nibble at her soft ear. Finding her hands with his, he threaded his fingers through hers and guided her arms above her head, locking them down.

Angelina shivered, her body almost vibrating under his assault. Shutting her eyes, she embraced the sensational onslaught. Pursing her lips, she blew out softly as his tongue continued its moist journey in and out of the pink sensitive shell of her ear. Moving away from tortured skin he seared a path of tantalizing kissed down her throat, his target the tiny pulse beating rapidly at it’s center.

Brad watched the tiny beat for a moment, entranced. Lowering his mouth over the tiny pulse, he pulled at the skin, suckling boldly. Releasing the skin, Brad watched a red bruise appear. He blew on the reddened patch before sucking the tender skin into his mouth once again.

Opening her eyes, she stared up at the softly lit ceiling; her mind loosing the battle on awareness. She couldn’t remember her life prior to this moment and didn’t want to. Spreading her legs she allowed Brad’s lower body to fit perfectly into hers; hard arousal to damp arousal. Feeling nuzzling in the valley between her breast, her gaze traveled away from the ceiling and down toward the blonde head that lay there.

Brad could spend a lifetime right here with her, cradled by her body and it still wouldn’t be enough. He teased and circled one rose nipple with the tip of his tongue, closing his mouth over the aching bud…so perfect. Switching both her wrists to one hand, he drew his free hand down the side of her thigh to grab the back of her knee and pulled her leg around his waist. He continued exploring her breast, venturing down slowly to her flat stomach. He eased his body lower as he went. Delving his tongue into the shadowy cave of her navel, he played with the vulnerable skin surrounding it.

Releasing Angelina’s wrist, Brad grabbed both of her thighs non to gently and propped both legs; one over each shoulder. Holding Angelina in place Brad lowered his mouth to the prize he sought, drawing his tongue along the tender folds of her hidden treasure. His tongue tasted…teased and drove Angelina to near madness. Pushing his tongue deep into her passage he circled the inner walls with a rhythmic flick of his tongue; switching to the unforgettable rhythm of back and forth.

Angelina couldn’t hold back the loud whimper and sigh that escaped her throat. Her hips moved as if they had a mind of their own; a mind caught up in a masterful game of hypnotic passion’ her body reacting to the age old rhythm his tongue created. Reaching down she ran her fingers over his thick hair. It had grown since they’d finished the movie and still, long or short it was the softest, she’d every touched.

Brad’s tongue ceased its rhythm. Wrapping his lips over her body’s deep opening, Brad breathed into the dark wet passage that was solely his to enjoy and no other’s. finding the fleshy sensitive nub, Brad began to suckle as though he could find no other nourishment that would sustain him. His mouth working the aroused bud, Brad pushed a single finger into her waiting passage, moving it in the same rhythm his tongue had chosen. Adding a second finger he continued his sexual torment until he felt the tiny spasms moving through her…her gasps coming in shorter bursts. Pulling his fingers free, he pulled his body up, keeping her legs in place over his shoulders and thrust deeply into her body, pushing himself as far as he physically could. Leaning forward he captured her lips as they open in a surprised scream at his abrupt and forceful entry.

Staring into his blue eyes, Angelina offered herself completely. While her body lay impaled by his, her hands clutched at tensing biceps, and her tongue tasting her own essence upon his caused an even greater furor of desire to slash painfully through her abdomen. ‘Could a person die of too much sex?’ It was worth a thought, one that quickly dissipated as he began thrusting in earnest.

Bracing his knees against the mattress, Brad grabbed Angelina’s hands to keep them from tearing the flesh from his biceps as he thrust harder. Holding them flat against the cool sheets, he allowed his weight and the movement of his lower body to keep her legs high up and in place. His mouth capturing every scream her lips uttered, Brad withdraw completely before thrusting full force into her open, welcoming body.

Withdrawing...thrusting…sliding and grinding, he was intent on taking…marking and conquering every inch of her. She gave in to his demands, her hips meeting his every move. She stared up into his piercing gaze with a slightly unfocused one of her own; slivers of ecstasy searing her brain, her response became simple and primal. With every thrust a breathless moan rent through the quiet air of the bedroom, her moans joining the harsh breathing emanating from his own throat.

Plunging deeper, his hips pumping faster, Brad’s mind was on one track; satisfaction. It came quickly and almost painfully. His body convulsing uncontrollable spilling inside of her body’s muscles gripped and released his. As she peaked, Brad’s lips captured hers, taking her scream for himself, Brad felt as though he’d just jumped from a plane with no chute. His heart pounded painfully and the sound blared in his ears. Bringing her legs down to the bed, he released her hands and lay his head on her damp shoulder praying that his heart slowed before he had a heart attack.

Angelina bought her hands to rest; one cradling his neck the other caressing the thick soft hair of his head. After a moment of stillness, Brad rolled his weight off of Angelina. Turning her body to face away from him, Brad cradled her close, his body spooning hers, one arm wrapped protectively around her waist and the other resting above her head along the pillow. Nuzzling her soft hair, he settled into a deep sleep. “I love you so much.”

Feeling safe, secure, satiated and loved, Angelina gave into sleep’s sweet call. “I love you too.”


June 2, 2005
Angelina’s Ann Curry Interview

Academy Award winning actress Angelina Jolie, sat down for an exclusive interview with the “Today” show’s Ann Curry to talk about her new movie, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” her humanitarian work, and more. But first she responded to questions that a perhaps overly curious public has about her relationship with recent co-star Brad Pitt.

They are two of America's most beautiful people, as pretty much anyone who has seen one of their movie billboards or magazine covers or caught sight of them in person can confirm. So when Jolie and Pitt were cast opposite one another in the action comedy "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," people started asking, would these two superstars be as attracted to one another as America is to them?

Ann Curry: The chemistry between the two of you — acting or natural?
Angelina Jolie: Natural.

Curry: Why do you think you worked together so well? Because I'm telling you, I'm watching the movie, it just seems you're comfortable with each other in your roles.
Jolie: We did work together surprisingly well, more than I thought we would, because I didn't know before we met if we would actually work together really well, and we had a great time.

They play married assassins, Jane and John Smith — unwittingly assigned to kill each other. It was during the intense shooting of this film that the tabloid attack began. Jolie and Pitt, who was at the time still married to Jennifer Aniston, had to constantly deny rumors that they were intimate.

Curry: You have said, "To be intimate with a married man, when my own father cheated on my mother, is not something I could forgive. I could not look at myself in the morning, if I did that."
Jolie: Yeah, that's right.

Curry: That says a lot.
Jolie: Yeah, well, I wouldn't be attracted to a man who would cheat on his wife.
Still, reports branded Jolie as "the other woman" when Pitt and Aniston separated in January, and then filed for divorce in March. Jolie has repeatedly denied playing a role in the downfall of the marriage.

Curry: Have you been hurt?
Jolie: No, it takes a lot to hurt me.

Curry: Are you being just a tough girl?
Jolie: No, no, no, I've just grown up too much to be hurt by what people's opinion of my love life is. That doesn't hurt me. You know, attack my child, that hurts me. You know, it doesn't hurt me. It is what it is. I'm more annoyed when, because of all of it, I try to take my son on a carousel yesterday, and we've got too many people flashing pictures for him to have a good time. That bothers me. But you know, I don’t read the gossip. But it is never nice to be caught up in a whirlwind of a bunch of stuff and the world feeling they have an opinion about your life and your family.

But with a Pitt-Anniston divorce in the works, the tabloids have turned to asking,
"Are Angelina and Brad a couple now?"

Curry: Why not just say it now and not let anybody keep talking about it?
Jolie: I've never intentionally hurt…

Curry: Why not just say what's going on, so nobody keeps putting a camera in your face?
Jolie: It's not about that. And you and I both know that I could make a thousand statements right now, and it doesn't matter. It really doesn't matter.

Curry: People will still…
Jolie: They will. People will say what they want to say, and it's okay. And my life will go on, and I need to focus on my life. So, do I need to defend that I’m a decent woman? I sure hope I don't. I know I am.
Curry: I admire you for saying it's nobody's business when you could so easily just make the paparazzi go away.
Jolie: No, you can't.

Curry: You just don't think you can. Do they scare you, the paparazzi?
Jolie: Do they scare me?

Curry: They hunt you.
Jolie: You know, I've spent the last month in Pakistan and Sierra Leone in places they should be focusing on taking pictures. They're nowhere. You know, I've just come back to New York. I've been gone a month. And so now they're going to get me on a carousel.

Curry: Well, what about this picture for which a paparazzi photographer got half a million dollars. A long lens pictures of you in Africa with Brad. I mean, this is insane. I would say it's inane. What do you say it is?
Jolie: You know, you bought it. You're holding it.

Curry: I didn't buy it.
Jolie: But I mean the fact is, it's part of your program. It's something that we're talking about. Still. That’s probably why he got half a million dollars. That day needs to forever be a day that I made a sand castle with my son. And that's what that will always be.

Curry: What do you want to say to Americans on what we should be thinking about?
Jolie: I don’t have the answer for what anyone should be focusing on. I make it a point not to buy certain magazines, not because I am against tabloids or things like that, but I want to fill my mind with valid issues in the world. I'd like there to be less refugees. I'd like all girls to go to school. That's what we need to be thinking about, and working on making our own families good and strong and our own kids happy. Not to cloud our minds with things that don’t matter.

Curry: I want to know about this stunt in which it appears that you jump out of a 40-story window wearing a dominatrix outfit.
Jolie: Of course. So I happened to get this stunt that suited me. But, yeah, I was a little unsure about something the first time I went down and my coat flew off and I thought, “Oh, I have no pants on. I have no pants on and there's just a crowd of people on the floor.”

Curry: Do you mean no underpants on or no pants on?
Jolie: Yeah. Everything is rubber. So it's just not…

Curry: Oh!
Jolie: You don't feel like you're covered. Everything just doesn't feel right.

Jolie's character, Jane Smith, discovers her husband, John, played by Brad Pitt, is also secretly an assassin, and working for another agency. When they are assigned to kill each other, their marriage turns deadly.

Curry: There seems to be this deliberate attempt on your part to not be …
Jolie: The girl?

Curry: Yeah. The skirt.
Jolie: Yes. You know, I guess because I've done so many action movies, I consider girls to be pretty damn tough.

Curry: You don't defer to Brad in the violent scenes.
Jolie: We were very competitive. And we both said, “Well, if she gets to slide across the floor, then I want to break a window." And I said, “Well, if he gets to throw me across the table, then I better smash him into the … . [Laughs] Yeah, so it builds.

She says the action scenes were actually more of a problem for Pitt.

Jolie: He was uncomfortable about it. You know, the idea that he's going to hit a woman. And for any man, how do you get past that? It's not a comic book movie. I'm not a villain. It's like we're also husband and wife and now we're going to beat each other up. And domestic violence being what it is, how do you make it an action movie and entertainment, when that is something that should never be entertainment or funny in any way?
Curry: Is there too much violence in this movie? Do you worry there is too much violence in the complete film?

Jolie: You know, I don't think so. But we went all out for it. We wanted it to be that. We wanted, you know, every time a husband and wife says to each other, I could just kill you — we thought, what if they really could? What would it look like if everybody just went at it? We think this is what it would look like.
Jolie felt right at home with the guns and things blowing up around her. But she was scared by something else.

Curry: You were expressing some fear, trepidation about doing comedy.
Jolie: Yeah.

Curry: What does that say about Angelina?
Jolie: I don't know. I mean, for a long time, I was always much more comfortable in darker roles, in pain or as a quieter person, and it takes a lot for me to feel that I have something to contribute in a light way. But I wouldn't assume, yeah, I'm that fun friend that everybody feels at ease with, you know? And I would love to think I had more of that, but …

Curry: Is that something you want to be more of?
Jolie: Well, I think, having a kid, you know what I mean — he's certainly made me funny. I guess he fixed that for me. But comedy and action aside, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” is really a movie about marriage — how what begins with passion can end up stale when partners don't understand each other.

Curry: How much did you draw on your own life to do this film?
Jolie: I think for everybody, especially for every woman, we've had a moment where you're lying in bed and you're thinking about the person next to you, and you think, "You have no idea who I am.”

Jolie says both her own husbands were wonderful men. Still, she says, she could personally identify with what Jane Smith was going through.

Jolie: There was something missing ... that we didn't have the same value for how we wanted to live our lives, what we wanted to do with our lives — if we wanted to be of use to others, in what ways. We didn't have the same goals. And that, at the end of the day, as much as you can have fun with them, you can have great sex with somebody, you can have all that stuff, [but] if you don't wake up with a common purpose and a dream to live a similar legacy, then it's not going to work. It didn't for me. So, this film also came at a time where I've been analyzing what that is. And I know now what it would need to be in order to be married again.

Curry: So, it did teach you something.
Jolie: Yeah, yeah.

Curry: Something maybe changed a little bit of what may be possible in that area for you.
Jolie: Yeah, and it certainly made me think what a nice thing it would be to have a teammate.

Brad Pitt as Mr. Smith: We have an unusual problem, Jane, because you obviously want me dead, and I’m less and less concerned for your well-being.

Jolie: I kept laughing through the whole thing. We had to cut all the time because I was ruining his takes and falling over laughing.

Though Angelina Jolie says filming her latest movie, "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," was a lot of fun, she has found her most rewarding work in real life.

Jolie: To actually feel like you've done something good with your life and you're useful to others is what I was always wanting, and was always looking for.
Curry: You know, it's amazing to hear you say all this, because when we first met, I would say that you were less focused on the outside, on others.
Jolie: Yes.

Curry: And much more focused on yourself. But there has been a tremendous evolution in you in the space of less than five years, since I first met you. What caused the sea change in you?
Jolie: I know. I grew up. I feel very fortunate that I had certain opportunities to have new experiences and have my eyes opened.

Jolie began her voyage of discovery four years ago, when she swapped the glitz of Hollywood for a far less glamorous role — goodwill ambassador for the U.N. Refugee Agency. Since then she's made countless trips to developing countries and donated millions of dollars to charity.

Jolie: I just started to see the world as it really is and it completely shocked me and changed my opinion on everything — on life and my values and certainly my own sense of self.
And that sense of self has embraced motherhood for the first time. A few years ago she adopted her son, Maddox.

Jolie: Becoming a mom, as any mom will know, is just — it's everything.
Curry: Something inside you has changed with this boy.
Jolie: Yes.
Curry: You're seeing yourself through his eyes. His eyes filled with that unconditional love.
Jolie: Yes. And that focus I think you have when you're a mother, where no matter what, no matter what day it is, or whatever craziness is happening — like all this stuff, you know. Get your hair and make-up done. You do an interview. You're all taken very seriously. Then you come home and they pee on you or something. And you just feel like, thank God I know that this is the most important thing. They keep you so focused on just the right thing in life.

Curry: What is possible in your life now is to feel this enormous gratitude.
Jolie: Yeah. You wake up in the morning and you want to do something. You want to work to fight to change things.

Curry: You've been quoted as saying, “I think now if somebody would have taken me at 14 and dropped me in the middle of Asia or Africa, I’d have realized how self-centered I was. And that there was real pain and real death. Real things worth fighting for.”
Jolie: There are some amazing fights to be had out there. And I think that's what maybe I didn't know at 14. I wanted to fight, I have an aggression in me, and I'm brave, and I want to stand up against something. If I knew that I could be on the front lines in protecting somebody, then I would have understood what that fight was for. And, instead, I fought myself and nearly killed myself a lot of times.

Curry: What do you say to people listening right now, young people, who are drinking too much, doing heroin, cutting themselves, what do you say to them about what is possible in life?
Jolie: I would say to step out of your environment. To travel. Violence isn’t cool. Drugs aren’t cool. Death isn’t cool, because when you see it — so rampant in a society that's just killing everybody and there's no choice in the matter, you don’t see it the same way anymore.


Mandarin Oriental
June 2, 2005
Brad’s Suite


“Brad!” The small boy launched himself at the man he considered his hero.

“Hey buddy!” Brad scooped the child up into his arms, relishing the tiny thin arms that were tightly wrapped around his neck. “Did you have fun today?”

Nodding the child answered. “Uh…huh! Mommy took me to the toy store!’

Frowning playfully, he glanced at Angelina, “What? Mommy didn’t take me to the toy store.”

Nodding, the child answered. “Uh…huh…yes she did! Mommy said that you got to play with your toy already, so we didn’t have to buy you anudder one.“ Frowning he watched Brad spasm into a coughing fit. “You don’t like your toy?”

Amused, Angelina watched Brad stumble through the loaded conversation, never once offering help…a reprieve…anything.

From the raised eyebrow to the gamine smirk that graced those amazing lips Brad knew that she was enjoying herself. “Oh I love my toy.” Brad’s eyes traveled down Angelina's body, flashes of last night played through his mind. “Oh yeah I loved my toy.” He said to the tot and to Angelina he mumbled, “I loved playing with it too.”

As if he heard and spot on queue, the child piped up, “Can I play with your toy?” Maddox asked innocently.

Two pair of adult eyes bulged and two adult throats coughed. “Uh…no buddy it’s a big person’s toy.”

“But you are supposed to share.” The toddler reprimanded.

Brad scrambled for an answer. “Yes we should always share, but my toy is for grown up boys. You’re a big boy but you’re not a grown up yet but one day…whoa! This is getting waaaay to deep! How about PIZZA?!!!!!” Brad pointed to the dinning table.

Scrambling down from Brad’s arms the child bounced his way over to the table screaming, “YEAH!!!! PIZZA!!!!”

Angelina winked as she moved into his arms. “Smooth” she leaned in for a kiss.

“Toy huh? Oh I plan to play with my toy until the batteries run down.” Brad captured her lips in a searing kiss, teasing her lips apart to slide along her tongue.

Pulling away, eyebrow quirked, she quickly replied. “I do have one of those you know…play with it all the time.” Tracing his pouty lower lip. “It takes four double A batteries.”

“You little tease, I just bet you do.” Brad opened his mouth slightly to allow the tip of her finger in before biting down on it. “I’ll buy you all the batteries you need as long as I get to watch.”

“PIZZA!!!!” the hungry cry of the three year old abruptly ended the teasing.

Laughing at her son’s call of the wild, Angelina grabbed Brad’s hand and dragged him across the suite to the table. “Never keep a hungry three year old waiting; especially when there’s pizza involved.”

Sitting, Brad pulled Angelina onto his lap. He couldn’t’ keep his hands off of her. He held her loosely so that she could serve Maddox a slice of pizza before pulling her back against his chest. Nuzzling her hair, “Mmmm…you smell good.”

“Mommy smells like my cereal! Peaches and strawberries! Maddox piped in chewing a mouthful of cheese and dough.

“Mmmmm…I love strawberries and peaches.” Hidden under the table, Brad’s free hand crawled along Angelina’s legs to lodge snuggly between her denim clad thighs “Especially these strawberries.” He whispered against her neck.

Looking up quickly at Maddox to make sure he was still engrossed in his pizza, Angelina slapped Brad’s hand away. Changing the subject, Angelina handed him a slice of pepperoni pizza. “I spoke to Doug this morning. He asked if we were coming to the post party tonight. I told him that you were leaving tonight and that I’d planned a ‘mommy and me’ night with Mad.” Picking a slice of pepperoni from her slice of pizza, she munched on the seasoned morsel before continuing. “He almost seemed…relieved…poor man.”

“Ahhh…so that explains Akiva’s call. He wanted to know if our not going had anything to do with his warning; wanted to know if we were upset.”

“Really? What did you tell him?” Angelina continued to pick the meat from her slice. “Are we…upset?”

Pulling the mangled slice from her, he held it to her mouth. “Eat this please.” He held it until she took a full bite. “Thank you.”

“Yes sir.” Angelina pulled a face but continued chewing.

Giggling Maddox pointed at his mother. “Mommy says that to me too.”

Angelina licked her tongue out at the child. ‘Think that’s funny, do you?” She reached over and rustled his hair before turning back to Brad. “What did you tell Akiva?” She took a second bite and laid the slice back on her plate.

Watching her lips move, he answered. “I told him I was flying out tonight. That I had appointments to keep before the press conference.”

“Mommy may I have some juice please?” Maddox asked. He didn’t know what the were talking about but he did understand that Brad was leaving. “Brad why do you have to go?”

Angelina made a hasty retreat to the suite’s refrigerator to grab the fruit juice that Brad kept on hand for Maddox. Pouring a small amount into one of the sippy cups he also kept, she wondered just who was becoming more comfortable with the current situation . Was it Brad who now thought nothing of stocking his suite with all things ‘toddler-friendly’? Was It Mad who now expected to see Brad everyday, whether it was in the morning, afternoon or at bath time? Or was she, expecting, longing for and finding comfort in Brad’s strong arms as he wrapped them tightly around her in sleep; loving the sight of him at the breakfast table in the morning?

Maybe they all were. Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, Angelina grabbed the sippy cup and moved back into the room, stopping short of the entryway to watch the boys play…her boys.

Brad motioned to Maddox. “Come here buddy.” He watched the child scramble down from his booster and dance over to him. Brad picked the child up and settled him onto his lap. “Hey…you know you’re my best bud right?”

Nodding Maddox looked up into Brad’s face. “un…huh…”

“And you know that I love you right?” Brad rubbed soothing circles over Mad’s little back.

“You do?” Mad leaned sideways against Brad’s chest.

“Yeah sweetie…I do. And because I do, I’ll always be no more than a phone call away.” Brad kissed the soft Mohawk.

“But I wanna see you.” Mad didn’t like the tone of this conversation. He may be only three but he knew when someone was saying goodbye.

Brad pulled Maddox up to face him, settling the child on his knees. “I may have to go away to work or visit my house, but I will always be here and available to you. You need me…you have mommy call me okay?”

Shrugging the child answered, a muffled, “okay. Hey Brad?”

“Yeah sweetie?”

“I love you too, okay?” he wrapped his little arms around Brad’s neck.

Hugging the little boy close, Brad whispered. “okay.”

Angelina watched silently as the bond between man and child strengthen. She realized just how much Maddox needed Brad in his life…perhaps even more than she.


Maddox stood on the sofa behind his mother. “Okay mommy, you have to cover your eyes!”

“Okay.” Putting her hands over her eyes, she laughed, “How’s this?”

Maddox leaned over his mother’s shoulder to peer at her hands. “Ummm…I better help you.” He placed his smaller hands over hers. “There! That’s better. Okay! Mommy’s eyes are closed!” he yelled excitedly. This was the first time he’d surprised mommy and he felt important.

Brad walked in quietly carrying a dark chocolate and strawberry mousse cake, topped with ‘Happy Birthday Angel’ in white chocolate spell across the top and candy cane candles. Sitting the cake on the coffee table, he began lighting the candles. “Keep your eyes closed…no peeking. Come here Mad.”

The child scrambled down from the sofa and rushed over to Brad’s side. “What’s that?” he pointed to a tall skinny stick. It didn’t look like a candle.

“You’ll see.” He watched the boys eyes bulge as he lit the sparkler.

Mad jumped up and down screaming. “WOW!!!”

Brad laughed at the toddler. “Okay Angel, open your eyes.” He watched a second pair of eyes widen in pure happiness and knew that this moment would always remaining his heart and mind. “Come on Mad, hit it!”


She sat almost enraptured, the candles and sparkler hypnotizing her so deeply, she didn’t notice the tears forming in her eyes until her vision became blurry. Pulling her glance away from the cake she stared up at the boy and man who meant so much to her. She didn’t think that she could be happier, but this man always managed to out do himself. Maddox caught her attention.

“Blow out the candles mommy!” holding up his hands. “But not the sparkles okay?”

Nodding Angelina laughed. “Gotcha!”

“Don’t forget to make a wish!” Brad added.

“Yeah mommy! You gotta make a wish!” Maddox added, watching the sparkler, hoping that it didn’t go out before she made her wish.

“Oh yeah right!” holding hair to her neck, she closed her eyes, made a wish then blew out the candles.

“Yeah!” Maddox clapped his hands. “May I have the sparkle please?”

Brad handed the child a sparkler. “Be careful.” He watched the child stare at the sparkler in wonder; another moment for him to savor and archive. Turning back to Angelina, “Time to cut the cake.”

Angie watched Maddox for a second more before taking the knife and cutting three slices. “I can’t believe you did this…that you remembered.” Holding her hand out to the child she pointed to the sparkler. “Thank you.” Taking the reluctantly offered sparkler from the child she handed him a slice of cake.

Maddox looked from the cake to the sparkler as if trying to make up his mind. The sparkler was cool, but the cake…well that was cake, but…”I can have it back when I’m finished right?”

Nodding Angelina scuffed his long Mohawk. “Yes you may have it back when you’re done.”

Grabbing a plate Brad moved to the corner of the sofa, leaving one leg stationary and swinging the other up onto the cushions. Settling in he pulled Angelina back to sit between his legs. Offering her a morsel of cake, he watched her lips pull the cake from the fork before taking a piece for himself. “Absolutely delicious.”

Maddox attacked his slice of cake with all the three year old gusto his little body could muster. “Mommy do you like your birthday cake?”

“I sure do and its chocolate! My favorite!” staring up in wonder, she giggled, “I wonder how the baker knew I like chocolate.”

“Weeelll, I helped. I told Brad that you really…really like chocolate.” Seeing a crumb on the side of his plate, the child shoved it quickly into his cake filled mouth. “I helped with everything!” looking at Brad, “right Brad?”

“You sure did buddy!” Winking at the child he continued on, “I couldn’t have done any of it without you!”

Angelina laughed and accepted another bite of cake from Brad’s hand. Resting her head back against Brad’s chest, she watched Brad gesture to the child and watched the toddler dodge behind the sofa and reappear with a small gift bag. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY!!!”

Angelina stared at the silver gift bag before glancing back at the man who held her safely against his chest. “Brad…?”

Brad put the saucer on the cocktail table. “Happy Birthday Angel.”

Angelina took the bag from Maddox. Digging through the deep blue tissue paper, Angelina pulled a small sterling silver box tied with blue and silver satin ribbon from the bag. Pulling the ribbon from the box, she opened it to find a set of three 24KT gold bangles; each inscribed. Taking her time she read each inscription out loud. “Je t’aime Mak-roe-mair’ oh Mad, thank you sweetie!”

“You like it?” The child asked. His eyes wide with the anticipated answer.

Angelina gathered him into a hug, kissing him she answered. “I looove it! And I love you! Thank you!” she turned the beautiful piece over and over in her hand. “Did you think of the words yourself?” Opening her arms, she allowed the child to climb happily onto her lap.

“Brad helped!” he chimed. “Here mommy let me put it own for you.” The child carefully slid the bracelet onto his mother’s delicate wrist.

Brad laughed. “I don’t know…this little guy here is quite smart. He gave me a crash course on Khmer.”

Angelina pulled the second bangle out of the box and read the inscription. “You’ve opened my eyes, freed my soul and captured my heart.” She read the inscription once more to herself before leaning her head back against Brad's shoulder to gaze into his face. Running her tongue over her bottom lip, she smiled before leaning in for a kiss. “Thank you,” caressing his lips with her own.

Mindful of the little eyes staring at them, Brad ended the kiss sooner than he would have liked. Pulling back he spoke softly against her temple. “There’s one more.” As Mad had done with the first bangle, Brad slid the second onto her wrist, kissing the tiny pulse quickly before the bracelet covered the fine vein.

Angelina returned her attention to the box once more. There was one last bangle. Pulling it from the box, she handed the box and wrappings to Maddox. “Can you hold this for me?” At his nod she turned to the third bangle and read the inscription. “No mother loves her child more or is prouder I am of you my bunny.” Angelina’s voice broke as she whispered, “Oh…mom.” Turning to face Brad again, she spoke, her voice full of emotion. “Thank you…so much.”

Angelina’s reaction was worth all the secrecy and frustration that surrounded their life. Three simple bangles and her eyes could have lit up Manhattan. She was priceless and she was his.

“Mommy can we watch ‘Groove’?” Maddox had finished his cake and was in the process of eyeing his mother’s slice. But he knew the answer would be ‘no’ so he decided on a movie instead. “Please mommy?”

Brad frowned, “Groove?”

“I’ll think about it while I get my hug.” Angelina winked at the child

The child launched himself backwards into his mother’s arms twisting around to kiss her at the same time. “You can give me your cake if you don’t want it mommy.”

“I bet I can…” she laughed, sharing her attention between her two men was becoming easier and just as fulfilling. “He means ‘The Emperor’s New Groove’, “ she supplied.

Brad nodded, “Gotcha” Nuzzling Angelina’s hair, he placed a kiss on her temple, “I like Krunk myself.”

Laughing Angelina cuddle the toddler close, kissing his soft hair. “I don’t know, I’m partial to Yzma myself. She got that whole ‘bad girl’ thing sewn up and you know I love a good bad girl.”

Maddox followed the conversation as only a three year could-picking out what interested him the most. “You like the ‘Groove’?” at Brad’s nod the child bounced up and down, quoting his favorite line. “Beware the groooove.” Falling back in laughter the child sobered for a moment. “Mommy pleeeaasse?”

Brad joined in, thankful for all the movie nights he’d sat through with his nephews and nieces. “Yeah mommy pleeaassee?” finding a stray strand of her hair, he began twirling it around and through his fingers. “Please?”

Shaking her head she Eskimo kissed Maddox. “Alright, ‘The Groove’ it is.”


Nap Time…

Brad grabbed the remote and shut the TV off. Looking down at Angelina, who lay half asleep across his chest and Maddox who lay completely unconscious, sprawled across hers. “I thought he’d be riding that chocolate for the rest of the day.” Sliding his body from beneath Angelina’s, he stood and stretched. “I think it is definitely time for a nap.” Reaching down he helped Angelina stand as she cradled Maddox against her shoulder. “Let me put him down.”

Angelina handed the sleeping child over to Brad. “He’s all yours.”

Brad took the boy in one arm, leaning him against his shoulder. Holding his free hand out to her, he took both her hands in his and led her down the hall to one of the suite’s extra bedrooms, where he put the sleeping child to bed. Pulling the child’s jeans off he left the toddler comfortable in his t-shirts and underwear.

“He didn’t use the potty before he fell asleep. We need to put a Pull-up on him. “ Brad left the room quickly returning with the disposable underwear.

Angelina quickly and gently swapped Maddox’s underwear for the Pull-up, moved him to the center of the bed and smoothed his hair away from his face without waking him.

Brad watched her cover the child. Taking her hand he pulled her into his arms to capture her lips in a gentle but seeking kiss. “Nap time is what…two…three hours?”

Returning the kiss, she answered, “If we’re lucky four. He’s had a busy day thanks to his hero.”

Cradling her small waist between his large hands he slowly backed her out of the room, down the hall and into the master suite and shut the door, growling “Good!” he pushed her body against the closed door and grabbed the bottom of her tank. Brad pulled it up and over her head in one tug. Tossing it to the floor, he lifted his arms so that she could return the favor, tossing his t-shirt down to the floor next to her tank.

Her palms slid over his bare chest, her fingers splayed wide to taking as much of his skin as she could. She traced ever ripple, every defined muscle, aching for him. Her hands moving lower to unzip his jeans. She watched as Brad finished her handy work by kicking the pants off and concentrates on helping her out of her jeans. “We’re not going to make it to the bed.” She breathed as his fingers ventured into the dark secrets he’d uncovered.

“Somebody’s soooo fuckin’ wet.” Brad pressed his body into hers, trapping her snuggly between his body and the door, his eyes boring into hers, he whispered against her lips, “we don’t need a bed.” His palms slid lightly over her bare skin, tracing the delicate lines of her bones and soft plush curves of her breasts. His breath as he cupped the soft weight in his hands, his thumbs stroking her nipples. Watching the dark rose tipped nipples peek between his fingers for a second before lowering his head to take the aroused bud into his mouth. Licking then nibbling on the sensitive bud, he finally closed his mouth around it and gently bit down.

She felt the first shuddering spasm coil deep inside her. When he moved to the other, Angelina lost all coherent thought; her mind wandering in the abyss that was pure pleasure. A pleasure so perfect it bordered on pain. With ever pull of his lips her mind and body sought the path that led to mindless fulfillment.

Leaving her breast he returned to her lips once more. Bending his knees slightly to ease inside her. He tasted her sudden cry of pleasure as he drove upwards. Pure…sharp…white hot rapture assailed their senses head on.

He held her pinned hard against the door like a sacrificial lamb to the god of canal pleasure. He wondered if he could keep her permanently captive for his pleasure.

The enormous power of his body engulfed her, aroused, tantalized and lured her. She wanted to be where. She couldn’t think of anywhere else she wanted to be at that moment then between the hard door and Brad’s hard body. “Please…” She whispered against his lips, almost whimpering as he drew away to adjust her hips to absorb the solid rocking of his lower body. “Brad…Brad...” She wanted to hear and taste the sound of his name on her tongue, as if just the sound was enough to bind their souls forever.

The sound of his name on her lips sent him into rapturous ascension. Forcing himself deeper, he held himself hard inside her, an unknown violence compelling him as if savage penetration somehow appeased the seemingly unquenchable desire he had for this woman. He’d never experienced this ferocious intensity with other women. This woman was an addiction. One he didn’t think he could live without.

“Why can’t we……like…this?” Angelina sighed, almost delirious from the explosive pleasure intent on prolonging the sumptuous gliding sensation...totally absorbed in the intoxicating flu and flow.

“Mmmm…here?” Brad whispered, moving deep inside her so she whimpered-a cute overload assaulting her quivering senses, “how about here?” he asked in a throaty growl, lifting her under the arms so her feet completely left the ground, so his legs had better leverage.

Brad captured her lips again, as his rhythm increased the momentum of his hips, pushing her into the embossed wood of the door. She felt nothing but the peaking rapture that wrapped itself around every nerve of her body, forming a vice grip around her brain. She could do nothing but respond in the most hedonistic way.

Clutching at Brad’s shoulder, Angelina raised her legs and wrapped them around his waist. Forcing her head back against the door…eyes closed…mouth open…tongue braced against the corner of her upper lip. Her body held captive by desire, accepted his long hard strokes. The driving force increasing in tempo; she couldn’t catch her breath; he couldn’t think beyond the pursuit of climax, he tipped the scales between violence and pleasure. His and her need for erotic fulfillment bordered on violence.

Orgasmic ecstasy burst over them like a hot…sticky storm cloud of satisfaction. Breathing fast and hard, Brad gave into release; exploding into her demanding body. Surrendering to the pulsing insistence of Brad’s pounding arousal, Angelina peaked into convulsing ecstasy.

He held her still, his head against her breast. She held him; her hands caressing his sweat licked back. After a few moments rest, Brad carried Angelina to the large waiting bed with its cool welcoming sheets. “Now we need the bed and a nap.” Settling in, he held her; his body spooning hers. “I want to show you my home.”

Smiling Angelina kissed the forearm that curved across her shoulders. “Mmmm…you have more than one.”

Chuckling softly, Brad nuzzled Angelina’s thick, soft hair; inhaling the sweet scent of her shampoo. “I want you to see them all, but let’s start with a tour of the home I’m building in Los Feliz.”

“We’re going to be busy working over the next few days.”

“We won’t be working the whole time.”


“I’m serious.” Nuzzling her ear and neck, he began the art of seduction. “Where are you and Mad staying?”

With every nudge of his lips and nose, Angelina was having a hard time keeping up with the conversation. “Ummm….we….ahhhh…we are staying at the Bel…Bel…Air.”

“Stay with me instead.” His nudging became more instant, his tongue and mouth teasing…tasting and sucking as he nursed a sensitive section of her neck. “Please…sweet…Angel…stay with me.”

“We’re already…mmmmm…booked…please.” Wrapping her hand behind his head she pushed his mouth deeper into her neck.

“So?” he punctuated each word with a soft moist kiss. “Keep…your…reservation…and…stay…with…me.” Brad ran the backs of his fingertips lightly over the curve of her already overly sensitized breast. “Please…” he pressed his hardening arousal against the tight crease of her buttocks. He could spend a life time making love to this woman…dying between her soft thighs. “I need you so much.”

She didn’t want to say no. she couldn’t say. Hell! She wasn’t sure she could say anything but, “okay.” The feel of him moving against her bottom brought visions of a tent in the Moroccan desert. She would give this man anything he asked for and she would give it happily. “We’ll…stay…”

Opening his hand around her breast he molded the supple flesh, drawing his knee up between hers separating her thighs; thighs still wet from him. Trailing fingers over her breast, down her stomach he moved into the damp manicured curls that covered the delicate flesh he craved. Tracing the lips his fingers found he inserted one gently into the hidden wet opening he found waiting for his attention. Using his free hand to pull her face up to his he took her lips forcefully, pushing his arousal into the forbidden territory he’d tasted only once. Now wasn’t the time for such intense love making, he needed and empty house to catch her screams of desire and hours to induct her once again into the complete surrender.

Soon they would be free to be together and the clandestine meetings would be no more…soon…


Good Bye Again…

He stopped at the door to the suite. Dropping his large leather satchel, he turned and walked back into the dark bedroom. Sitting down on the edge of the bed he watched the small child sleep in utter abandonment. His arms thrown above his head and the covers twisted around his little body. Brad gently picked the sleeping child up into his arms and sat for a moment cradling Maddox’s small body in his arms. How many times was he supposed to leave this child and his mother behind? The separation tore more and more of his heart out each time. While he, Angie and Mad suffered, the world jovially moved on.

Sighing he kissed the child’s forehead and lay him back down on the bed. He straightened the covers around Maddox and pulled his arms down under the blanket. Smoothing the child’s hair back, he kissed him one more time before leaving the room quietly and making his way down the hall to the master suite. As he’d done before, he moved to the large bed and eased down to the bed to watch the woman…his woman sleep. Leaning down he kissed the lips that haunted his dreams; plump, moist and soft. Even after spending the last four and a half hours making love, he still needed her. Bracing his arms on either side of her he moved quietly over and simply lay his body on her sheet covered on, his head cradled against her breast.

The sudden weight woke her. “Hey…I thought you left already.” She wrapped her arms around him, embracing him and kissed his hair, shoveling it back. “Your hair is getting so long.” She whispered.

“Mmmmm…I know. I have an appointment to get it cut tomorrow.” Lifting his head he stared into her eyes. “I don’t wanna get on that plane by myself.”

“Babe…” she traced his jaw line, “I want…I wish we could go but you know better than that…”

“I know, but I just don’t wanna go. Not if it means leaving you and Maddox here.” He turned his face into the soft warm comfort of her palm. In that moment his desire for her ran from carnal to simply wanting her to envelope him in her maternal blanket. “I don’t wanna go. Let’s just go away.”

Angelina laughed softly, “ that sounds like heaven, but we do have contractual obligations to uphold.” Lifting his head to hers, she placed a sweet kiss on his forehead, a second kiss on his nose, a third and fourth kiss on each eye, and the final kiss she laid upon his lips. “It’s time for you to go babe. We’ll be there on the fifth…not that far away. We’ve been separated for a lot longer before.”

Brad simply wrapped her in his arms and held on tightly.

Pulling back so that she could see his face, she spoke softly but firmly. “You have to go now. I’ve already cried myself to sleep after the first good bye tonight. Now you’re going to make me start all over again.” She kissed him one last time. “I love you babe.”

Returning her kiss, he pushed himself up from the bed. Running the pad of his thumb over one high cheek bone he caught a stray tear. “I love you too babe.” His baby hated to cry but he would be lying if he didn’t admit a perverse satisfaction in the fact that she cried for him. Glancing once more at her he backed out of the suite. “Don’t get caught here.”

“We won’t. We’re leaving in a few hours, once the hotel quiets a bit.” She didn’t add that she wanted to lie in his bed a little longer, that she wasn’t ready to give up his smell. She and Mad would return to their hotel the same way they’d arrived at his; in secret.


20,000 feet…

Brad watched the city shrink, becoming smaller and smaller as the plane flew further away from the city that now held the most beautiful memories and the two most important people in his life. He missed them already and he’d just left them two hours ago.

Nothing was fair about this. His marriage had ended and he’d found a new hope. He’d done nothing wrong neither had Angelina and already the world was painting her as the guilty party, while he and Jennifer seemed almost untouched. Angelina was the most forthright of the three and she was taking the heat!

The world’s Sexiest, strongest most compassionate and beautiful woman was his and a part of him wanted to shout it proudly to the world! But there was the larger part that just wanted to spirit her and Maddox away and keep them for himself.

Leaning his head back against the headrest of his seat, he closed his eyes and replayed his time in Manhattan. No matter the choice, it was his and his alone to make.

Copyright © 2007 all rights reserved By ‘Rica’


Cinnabana said...

Thank you Rica.

This was well worth the wait. Their love story in your hands make it almost palpable.

Cinnabana said...

I hope we don't have to wait too long for more stories.

I know I know I am being selfish...but you are gifted.

How are you? How's Vegas treating you?

Lucero said...

THANK YOU!!! That was great

s.j.simon said...
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marine said...

Thank you so much Rica for the update! can't wait for your next instalment :D .

Nedda said...

I would like to compliment you on your writing. You make it feel true and I enojoyed reading you. I don't follow Brad and Angelina as a couple but I do admire their charity work and I think they are great actors.
I found your blog surfing the web for news on their movies. It was just a piece of luck. I'm from Italy. By the way I didn't even know he was married to Aniston like I didn't know hewas with Angelina. I don't follow gossip stories or tabloids.

Irene lau said...

Hi Rica,i am a Chinese brangelina fan,i wanted to read brangelina's fanfiction before,but

i couldn't find it in China Forum.till i found your fiction,what a surprise!!!your fiction

is very good.It makes me feel like really happened in brangelina.there is deep love in

your fiction.i think every brangelina fans can feel it.You skillfully combines imagination

and reality.I do not know how to describe my gratitude.thank you very much!
I will always support you in this fiction.can i ask you that you will update this fiction

in 2011????i hope you will coutimue it.
By the way,there are a presumptuous request,can i translate it into Chinese to share with

more Chinese brangelina fans?I will specify the original author.I just want the story on

the forum,i just want to let more brangelina fans enjoy it.If you do not agree I can

understand,but if you agree we Chinese fans will thank you very much!!

Rica said...

Hi Irene!

Thank you so much for leaving a comment. I am currently working on the next chapter. You definitely have my permission to post. But please make sure it stays there. If you post it somewhere else, please let me know. That is all i ask.

Its been slow updating, I took a year off to work on "The Forbidden Love of Achilles" I don't know if you've read that one but I'll leave the link in case you are interested. The illustrations and soundtrack make it a bit different but I told the story of Achilles and Penthesileia (Queen of the Amazon)as told in The Iliad ( The Fall of Troy).

Angelina embodies the role so she is the model in the illustrations. My partner did an amazing work. be sure to check it out. your friends are welcome to read that as well.

Thank you again!

catriece said...

Hi Rica love your work it makes you feel like you are actually there going through the motions with them can't wait until you update again.

NJ said...

I keep checking this site every now and then... I really hope there will be another update soon, this is imo by far the BEST fanfic i've ever read!!