Sunday, January 20, 2008

Could I Have This Kiss Forever- Brad & Angelina

I apologize but it seems Youtube is removing videos. I kept MCHAR's post but alas the beautiful video is gone.


Awww...Rica.. I'm on cloud 10 !! I can't believe you watched it 5 times in one sitting, favorite # 1 video for 2008 and asked my permission that you would like to add it to the 'Wildest Dreams' Blog for the up coming chapter... I'm so honored!! & so my "silent partner"!! :) Thank you very much!

Song by Iglesias & Whitney.

I dedicate this video to all my tutors
on how to make music video most especially to Angelah & jolie4ever. Thank you also to axypinaydevil and Love Angelina who answered my questions when my 2 tutors were not available. AND to my secret total video converter who would like to remain anonymous.


jpwRollTide said...

Just wondering if you're gonna update the story any time soon. It's really awesome I love it.

Lucero said...

Please update soon. Really like this story. Can't wait for the next chapter : D