Monday, April 06, 2009


Essex Hotel
Angelina’s Suite
June 4, 2005

12:00 am…
Angelina grabbed the ringing phone before it woke the sleeping child curled against her. “He…hello?”

The soft melodic voice on the other end of the line soothed her like no other could. “Happy birthday my sweet bunny.”

Smiling at the sound of her mother’s voice, she curled back against the bed pillows. Glancing at the bedside clock, she squinted at the time. “Mom…what are you doing up this late?”

“Well it’s only nine here sweetie.” Marcheline chuckled. She missed her little girl but she knew that Angelina had to experience the life that was meant for her and that experience was turning her into someone amazing. “And it’s yesterday. Which means you get two birthday greetings.”

Laughing, she adjusted Maddox on his pillow. “That’s right it’s still the third.” Sobering she asked softly, “How are you feeling?”

“I fine babe…” Marcheline’s voice faded away into silence. She didn’t call to have this conversation, but she knew her daughter well enough to know that she would not stop until she got all the answers she needed.

“Mom…don’t…don’t brush it off. I need to know. How are you feeling, really?” Angelina asked, her voice wavering a bit.

Sighing Marcheline answered softly as if the volume could soften the powerful meaning of her words. “Bunny its cancer, I’m doing as well as I can be at this point.” She’d called for a happy occasion. “Enough of this dreariness. Tell me about your early birthday celebration.”

Angelina longed ask more questions, but she would respect her mother’s silent wishes. It was amazing…like a dream. Mad and Brad surprised me with the most beautiful cake and gifts. “But then you already know that, don’t you?” she smiled.

“I guess I do.” Marcheline’s smiled traveled over the distance of the phone line.

“Thank you for the gorgeous bracelet and the beautiful words.” Angelina ached to hug her mother, ached to be held in her mother’s arms. “I miss you so much mommy.”

“I miss you too Bunny.” Marcheline wanted to hold her child…look into her eyes and know she was okay.

“Well not for long. We’ll be arriving late tomorrow morning. As soon as we check in we’ll be over for lunch. Mad can’t wait to see you and Jamie and neither can I.”

“Oh I can’t wait. That little man is in for a barrage of hugs and kisses from grandma!” Marcheline laughed. Her baby had become such a wonderful mother and an amazing woman. She couldn’t be prouder. Her one last wish was that her baby found a good, loving and strong mate. She deserved someone special, someone who would see her and accept her for who she was; simply ‘Angie’. She deserved someone who would understand her compassion and love her not ridicule her for it Marcheline wanted more than anything to see that before her time was up.

As if hearing her mother’s thoughts, Angelina her mother a glimpse, “Well. I was thinking of bringing someone along with us to lunch…if that’s okay.” She wanted to introduce Brad to both her mother and brother, it was time. He’d become so important in her and Maddox’s life, it was time to let him share her family.

“Hmmm…would that someone be a certain Mr. Pitt?” Marcheline may have been ill over the past few weeks, but she was well aware of the sensationalism following her daughter’s not-so private life.

“Yeah…not so much of a secret, I guess.” She couldn’t help smiling.

“Nope, but then you never were the secretive type. Always open and honest…don’t change now “yeksa ha”. Marcheline spoke the last two words “my child” in Oneida. An Iroquois language taught to her by her grandmother and all but since forgotten, outside of the few words and bits of conversation she’d taught James and Angelina.

“I won’t.” Reaching over she gently brushed her hand over her son’s hair. “But maybe I will try for a little more privacy.”

“Okay, I can’t nag about that, but I will say this; when you get here there is a conversation you and I need to have.”

“Yes ma’am.” Angelina let out a soft giggle. Her mother never could affect a convincing stern voice.

Marcheline changed the subject without warning. “So have you told him?”

Angelina knew without further clarification, just what her mother was asking. “No. We just…we’re still dealing with our relationship…trying to figure out our next step. I haven’t had a chance to tell him. How do I?”

“Bunny, you’re going to add a new life to your family soon. If he’s going to be a part of your life and Maddie’s life, then you owe him the knowledge that you’ve already begun the process.”

Sighing, “I know…I know. I’ll tell him.” She didn’t sound sure at all.

“Khey ha.” Marcheline admonished using the Oneida term for beloved daughter. She needed her daughter to understand that communication early on in a relationship was key to a successful relationship. Hearing the unsure tone, Marcheline thought, here is the Angelina that the world would never know…the sometimes unsure Angelina…the frightened Angelina. If they did, Marcheline wondered if they would pounce on or sooth her child.

Partially responding in Oneida, “Wakanuhte nulha...I know mom…I know, I will tell him. I…it’s just…what if he...” She couldn’t finish.

“Whether he decides to embrace your decision or he decides it’s happening too fast and he’s not ready for that much responsibility; it is his choice to make and you owe him that consideration Angelina.”

“Wakanuhte nulha…I know mom…I know.” But did she?


Brad’s Estate
Malibu, CA
June 4, 2005

Late afternoon…

Running his fingers through his newly bleached hair, Brad half listened to his manager, Cynthia Pett-Dante as she rattled off his schedule for the ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ press junket; the majority of his attention focused on the activity going on in the back of his new home.

He’d instructed the workmen to erect large tents over both the pool and tennis court areas. The all encompassing tents would allow for complete privacy, which was his goal. Catching Angelina’s name, Brad tuned back into the conversation. “I’m sorry?”

Cynthia’s laughter barked across the telephone line, “Yeah, I thought that’d get your attention.”

“Funny...not! Seriously…what did you say?” Brad frowned as she repeated her words.

“Fox wants to keep the junket focused on the movie. I spoke with Cindy and we agree with Fox, this has got to remain as professional as possible, so we are sending out press agreements.”

“Let me guess, please limit all questions to the movie only, no personal inquiries. Am I close?” Brad asked, tongue in cheek.

“Mmmmm…hmmmm and do I have to say or rather plead that you and Angelina need to keep it under wraps?” Cynthia asked. She didn’t really know how to broach the subject of his relationship with Angelina, without seeming as though she was prying.

Rubbing his eyelid in agitation, Brad lit a cigarette. Fox, Cindy and Cynthia would all freak if they knew that not only Angie but Maddox would be staying with him. Well…what she and they didn’t know…

Taking a long drag of his cigarette, Brad savored the nicotine calm. Funny he thought, since Kenya he’d cut down quite a bit. Actually if he really thought about it, he’d been smoking less since the filming. He knew why…Angelina. She’d taken his mind off of one physical addiction and substituted another.

Glancing at his watch, he noted the time. “Hey Cynthia, I gotta run.”

Sighing loudly, his manager gave up on the Jolie talk. Pitt may be seen as the “Golden Boy” of Hollywood but sunshine had a cloudy side when his mind was set and if the drum beats were correct; then his mind was already set on a path and it led straight to Jolie. “Okay, but please keep it low.”

“Gotcha! Talk to you later.” Brad hung up and made his way back into the house. Searching out his keys, he grabbed his messenger bag, stuffed his cell phone and Architectural Digest into the pockets and left the house. He stopped to speak to the workmen on his way to his bike. Choosing the Ducati, he ran his fingers over the cool chrome before getting on and taking off for Los Feliz.


Brad’s Estate
Los Feliz, CA
June 4th, 2005

45 minutes later…

Brad wondered through the rooms of his Los Feliz home. At the moment the large estate was empty, but soon he would fill it with family. It was time to make a move in that direction.

Moving back to the Japanese styled atrium, he found his bag. Sitting down on the cool stone floor, he pulled his cell phone from the bag and dialed the number he’d memorized the day he’d received it. Closing his eyes he allowed the smooth silk of the voice that answered to wash over him.

“Hi.” The voice was soft and sweet.

“Hey.” One word could convey so much; how much he missed her…wanted her…loved her. Fate was kicking his ass royally. “Happy Birthday babe.”

“Thank you. But you know…you didn’t have to call. We had our special day.” Angelina couldn’t keep the happiness from seeping through and she didn’t try. Hearing his voice was like taking air after a long, deep dive. She didn’t just want to hear his voice, she needed to hear it.

“Yes but today is your birthday. Thirty years ago today a beautiful baby girl was born and my eleven and a half year old heart stuttered.” He lavished.

“Oh stop!”

“No seriously my parents thought I had a heart murmur.” He kept going, “Test and everything.”

“Oh knock it off.” Angelina chuckled. “You’re so full of it.”

“Yeah…I am. But it coulda happened.” Brad gave in. “Who knows what I was doing,”

“You’re starting to sound like my mom.”

“Both of us just appreciate the miracle that is Angelina.” He shook his head at his own corniness. When was the last time he’d been so damn sappy? High School?

“Stop! You’re making me blush.” God help her she was actually giggling. What was it about this man? When was the last time she’d giggled? Grade School?

“Mmmm…is it all over or just your cheeks?” he dropped his voice an octave.

“You’re a mess. You know that?” Clearing her throat she moved on. “What have you been up to?”

“Oh, this and that. I have a couple surprises for you and Mad.”

“Really? What?”

“Well, now if I tell you, it won’t be a surprise.” He laughed. “What did you do today?”

“Spent the day with Mad. We stayed in the suite watching movies most of the day. Played some and had dinner, a very quiet day. Pausing a second she continued. “He asked about you.”

“Two days and it feels like two weeks…I missed you…Mad. I need to hold you both.” Why pretend. They were past that.

Angelina listened to his words, images flashing through her mind…dangerous ground. “We’ll be there tomorrow morning.”

“What time?” Relief washed over him, a few more hours and she’d be in his arms again.

“The jet lands at six-thirty.”


Laughing softly she continued, “You sound like a little boy on his way to the toy store.”

“Yeah but wait until you see the ‘toys’ I picked up.”

“Oh you are a nasty boy.”

“I do try.” Brad chuckled before blowing a kiss into the phone. “I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Maybe we should rethink…” she didn’t get to finish.

“I’ll be there in the morning to pick you up. I want to see you and Mad before this circus gets started. Holly can go ahead of you and check you guys in.”

“Yes sir!” Angelina saluted.

“You trust me right?” he needed her trust and he needed to hear it from her lips.

She answered without hesitation. “Yes.”


Van Nuys’s Airport
Los Angeles, CA
June 5th, 2005

6:30 am…

Inside the private hanger, two black SUVs stood waiting silently, windows tinted, giving no clue to the passenger waiting inside of the lead truck. The occupant watched as the jet taxied into the hanger. Once the hanger doors were closed behind the parked jet, stairs were attached and the cabin door opened.

As if on queue the truck doors opened. Leaving the truck and moving quickly up the stairs, Brad made his way into the main cabin. He nodded to the attendant as he made his way past her, stopping only to hug Holly. “Hey sexy gal! How ya doin'?”

Returning the hug Holly smirked, “Sexy huh? Well if I’m sexy…what’s your old lady?”

“Oh she’s hot!” Brad winked and wiggled his brows.

Catching sight of Brad’s newly bleached locks, Holly’s eyes widened. “Oh My God! Look at your hair!”

“Surprised?” Brad asked. “You like?”

“Very and yes. I really do.” Reaching up she spiked it in the front. “Kinda punky!” Holly glanced back toward the jet’s bedroom. “Angie will too. She likes punk! She’s getting Mad dressed, he fell asleep.” Moving off toward the door of the cabin she waved, “I’m off to the hotel. I’ll see you guys tomorrow at Shutters.”

“Don’t forget your guy!” Brad called after her.

Stopping and turning at the door, Holly pulled an innocent look. “What guy?”

Hands on his hip and foot to the side, Brad mimicked Holly, “What guy?”

Laughing she gave in, “He’s already waiting at the hotel for me.” She answered back

Shaking his head he waved and continued to the back of the plane, “Un huh…see ya later sweetie.”


Entering the jet’s bedroom, Brad paused to watch Angelina dress her sleeping son. The child was so deep into his sleep that he seemed comatose. Smiling he pulled his gaze away from the boy and brought it to rest on Angelina’s frame., his voice addressing her his gaze addressing her delicately curved bottom. “Hello beautiful.”

Glancing over her shoulder Angelina smiled. ”Hello yourself,” Shifting Maddox to the center of the bed, she turned completely and moved into Brad's arms. “I missed you.”

Nuzzling the fine hair and soft skin of her temple, he inhaled the light floral scent that was hers alone. “I missed you too.” He whispered softly before capturing her lips.

Angelina surrendered without hesitation. Her full lips giving into the pressure of his, falling open, welcoming the smooth invasion of his tongue.

Groaning, Brad wrapped his arms around her, pulling her tighter against him. She tasted so damn sweet; like an old time treat. He wanted so badly to deepen the kiss but conscious of the child sleeping closely, he pulled away with another groan; this one of need not delight. “I have a surprise for you.”

“What?” Angelina smiled; she dropped a quick kiss on his damp lips and turned to finish dressing Maddox. Pausing suddenly, Angelina swung around quickly, her eyes moving to his newly bleached hair. “Oh my god! Look at your hair.” Reaching up she ran her fingers through the thick strands. “Oooh…nice! You look like a rocker…very sexy.”

“You like huh?” Brad smiled, pleased that she liked his choice. “I thought I’d go wild.”

Standing on her toes she pressed her lips to his ear, speaking softly. “I like your choice of wild.” She bit down on his earlobe before sucking gently.

“Bad girl.” Brad ran a hand down her back to cup her buttocks, bringing her flush against his hardening body. “If you don’t stop, we’ll be spending Mad’s nap time right here.”

Nipping his lobe one more time, Angelina sighed and turned to continue dressing her son. Glancing over her shoulder, she scrunched her nose, “Spoiled sport.”

Reaching out, Brad smacked the curved bottom she presented as she bent over to grab her son’s shoes and sweater she’d dropped.

“Owwww!” Angie yelped. “Hey!” her full lips pouting more than usual. “That hurt.”

“Awwww…daddy’ll kiss it and make it better later.” He caressed the tender spot.

“I’d feel better if you told me what my surprise is.” She purred.

Reaching around her, Brad took the shoes and sweater from her and finished dressing the child. “Now if I told you then it would be no surprise.”

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Angelina watched him dress the child. He’d taken over so naturally. She loved watching him with the Maddox. He was so at ease…a man made to be a father. “So you’re one of those, huh?”

Picking the boy up and holding him close, Brad bent down to caress Angelina’s lips with his own. “Yup…sure am. Let’s go.”

Grabbing her purse, jacket and Mad’s bag, she followed him out of the jet to the waiting SUV. “Well as it happens I want to take you to lunch. A very special lunch.”

He liked the sound of that ‘special’ lunch. “Now who’s being ‘One of those’…hmmm?” He buckled Maddox into his car seat and stared at the child for a bit. “Man, he can sleep.”

Dropping her bags onto the floor, she chuckled. “Yeah…Madness can sleep through a hurricane. But don’t be fooled. He may not wake during a football game but open a bag of chips or mention a snack and he’ll pop right up!”

“That’s my boy!” Brad opened the door for Angelina, making sure she was settled before shutting her door and moving to the driver’s side.

Angelina waited for Brad to get behind the wheel move the truck out of the hanger. “No paps.” She noted as they cleared the airport and merged into traffic.

“Naaaa, their off chasing some masked bike rider who happened to leave my place about twenty minutes before I did.”

“Smart man.”

“A determined man.” He countered, turning on the radio. “Did you sleep on the plane?” he reached a hand over to caress her cheek. “You look tired.”

Rubbing her cheek against his hand, she answered. “Not really.” Leaning back she closed her eyes and listened to the music. “Too wired, I guess.”

“Sleep, I’ll wake you when we get to the house.”


Brad’s Estate
Malibu, CA
June 5, 2005


Sitting up, she ran her hands through her hair, pulling the thick waves away from her face. How long had she slept? She didn’t even remember leaving the truck, let alone getting into bed.

Looking around, she noticed that more than half of the bedroom walls were tinted glass. The headboard of the large bed she rested upon sat against one of the tinted windows. To the left of the bed a set of glass doors opened onto a wide balcony. On the right a set of double doors that were open enough for her to see a dimly lit bathroom. Getting up from the bed she, caught sight of her luggage leaning against one of the large closet doors. Grabbing her toiletry bag she ventured into the bathroom to freshen up.
Leaving the bathroom, she heard voices coming from the open balcony doors. Walking quietly out onto the balcony, she stood quietly watching them, her son and her lover coloring. Maddox sat comfortably on brad’s lap, giggling.

“Well don’t you two look cozy?” She moved to sit down at the table.

Placing his free hand behind her head, he brought her forward to receive his kiss; the kiss lingering before letting go. “Welcome back to the land of the living.”

Purring she enjoying the feel and taste of his lush lips and would have liked nothing more than to give into the feeling, but a small giggle reminded her that they were not alone. Pulling she smiled down at her son, reaching over she caressed his soft hair. “Well Mr. Man are you having fun?”

The toddler nodded. “Yeah…”

“Good…what are you doing?”

“We’re coloring!” He lifted the coloring booked he’d been using, to show her. “See mommy!”

Taking the coloring book, she looked at the bright crayon strokes. “You’re doing a good job.” Grinning she winked at the child, "Hmmm…did you do this all by yourself?”

The child nodded his head vigorously. “Un huh…didn’t I?” he looked up at Brad.

“You sure did buddy,” Looking at Angelina, he smiled. “All by himself mommy.”

“We have an artist in our midst!” She laughed.

“Well thank you. I knew I had talent but…”Brad joked.

“Oh.…not you!” She swatted him lightly against the side. “I meant Maddy!”

Before he could respond, his cell phone rang. He stared at the phone, recognizing the number. Sighing he reached for the cell.

“Mommy can I have some juice?” Maddox asked, watching Brad reach for the phone.

Not bothering to correct him she nodded and reached her arms out to him. As Brad answered the phone and pointed in the direction of where the kitchen would be. “You sure can. Come on sweetie.” He whispered.

Brad watched Angelina pick the child up and reached out to caress her from mid back to the curve of her buttocks, as he answered, “Hello?” the voice on the line his brother Doug.

“So is she there?” Doug asked without as much as a greeting.

“Yes little brother, she’s here.” Chuckling, “Anything else you wanna know?”

“Did she bring the little guy? You making any headway? Taking her to check out the spread?” Doug railed off the questions like a rapid fire gun.

“Whoa! First, yes she brought Mad. Second the fact that I got her to agree to stay with me, is definitely headway and last I’ll be taking her up to Los Feliz in a day or two, for some alone time.” Keeping an ear open for Angelina’s return he continued. “Anything else you wanna know before she and Maddy get back?”

“No, but Jen called mom again. Thought you should know. She’s really got mom’s ear on this Angelina thing.” Doug winced at the swear words that erupted. “Hey, don’t shoot the messenger.”

“Sorry. What did she say to mom?” Brad growled out.

“According to mom, she says that she’s questioning whether or not you and Angelina cheated during the filming or not. I told mom that you would never break your vows but you know mom, all she sees is that you’d rather divorce than work at your marriage. Me and dad try to intervene but you mom. She’s on her own trip. Even Lisa and Jules tried…no help there.”

Swiping his hand down his face, Brad sighed heavily. “Thanks for the heads up man. I’ll deal with that later. Right now we have to get through the promotional tour and the premieres.”

“No problem…just trying to look out for you.” Doug felt sorry for his brother. He’d always thought that Gwen had been his brother’s true love and as much as he loved Jennifer, he’d never been quite sure where she’d fit in Brad’s feelings. They’d gotten along and they’d been friends but Doug had never seen in Brad and Jennifer’s relationship, the sweet happiness that had surrounded his and Gwyneth’s relationship and it was nowhere near as passionate as Brad’s current relationship. He’d never seen his brother travel across the globe to catch a woman. If his parents could see how Brad was with Angelina, they might understand what he was coming to understand…that Angelina was more of a soul mate than ‘fling’. They’d realize that soon enough.

“Thanks dude. Talk to you later.” Brad said good bye and hung up. Pushing the ‘Jennifer issue’ to the back of his mind, he went in search of the two at the forefront of his mind. Finding them in the kitchen, he joined them at the counter.

Eyebrow cocked, Angelina spoke softly, “Everything okay?”

Brad lifted the child from his stool and sat down in his place settling the 3 yr old on his lap. He would never be able to explain it but it felt right to have the child there…his mother there…with him. He wanted to keep them safe. Smiling he answered, “Fine…that was Doug.”

Nodding, she moved on, “So, are we still on for lunch?”

“My ‘special’ lunch…that’s right!!!”

“That’s right.” She winked.


Raffles L’Ermitage Hotel
Beverly Hills, CA
June 5, 2005

Brad whistled as they walked into the underground elevator to the hotel. He switched Mad from one arm to the other, watching Angelina place a black card in the ‘private floor’ slot before selecting a number. “L’Ermitage…niiiice. Private suite?”

“You’ll see. It’s a special secret.” Angelina ran her hand from Brad’s shoulder to the nape of his neck. The elevator rose quickly making no stops in between.

“A special secret?”

“Well someone special. How’s that?”

“Not helpful at all.” Bemused he asked, “Should I be worried? I mean, no one’s waiting to beat the he…” Catching himself he finished more appropriately. “Waiting for me, right?”

Throwing her head back in a full laugh, "No…no one is waiting for you.”

Mad perked up as the doors open to small hallway. He squirmed until Brad put him down, taking off in a wild run as soon as his tiny feet hit the ground; speeding around the corner and out of sight. “Grandma!!!!!

Surprised Brad turned to face Angelina, pulling her back; he mouthed “Grandma?”

Smiling Angelina mouthed in returned, “Surprise!”

Before Brad could chicken out a sweet melodic voice called to them, catching his attention. “Bunny are you two coming in?”

Brad didn’t know what he had expected but the ethereal angel-like woman standing before him was not it. She seemed to radiate a certain peaceful calm that immediately encompassed him with a sense of well being and welcome. “He…he…” Clearing his throat, he shot a smirking Angelina a hard glance and tried again. “Hello Ms. Bertrand.”

Smiling Marcheline moved toward her daughter and Brad. Reaching out she wrapped her arms around her child. Squeezing tightly she reveled in the feel of her baby in her arms. How she missed her, pulling back she reached up and smoothed the hair from Angelina’s face. “I missed you.”

Smiling, Angie laid a delicate kiss on her mother’s smooth brow. “I missed you too.”

Marcheline pulled back a few inches to look at Brad. Stepping further away from Angelina, she held her hands out to Brad who took them gently in his. “Hello young man.”

“Mom” Angelina whispered at her mom’s choice of greeting.

“Well? Mom what?” Smiling up at Brad, she stretched up onto her toes and embraced him and planted a soft kiss on his smooth cheek. “Hello Brad.”

Smiling down at Marcheline, he was amazed at how much Angelina resembles her mother.

Marcheline lead the way into the sunken living room. They group joined Maddox, who was already in the process of pulling out the coloring books that his nana kept for him. “I see that you’ve found your things Maddy.”

Holding up an 'Adventures of Finding Nemo' coloring book, the toddler frowned, “I don’t member this one grandma. Is it new?”

Nodding and smiling down at her grandson, “it sure is. I thought you might like that one. Mommy said that your favorite movie was “Finding Nemo”.

Climbing to his feet, Maddox ran to his grandmother and hugged her legs tightly. “It is! Thank you grandma!”

“You’re welcome baby!” Marcheline bent down to pick the toddler up into her arms.

Moving toward her mother, Angelina tried to stop her from picking the toddler up. “Oh mom, he’s getting really heavy.”

“He’s not too heavy for grandma.” Marcheline nuzzled Maddox’s temple. “Are you sweetie?”

Shaking his head he laughed up at his grandmother. “Grandma, Brad can color too right?”

“He sure can. You can show him your dinosaurs too; they’re in your room.”

Brad noticed Angie’s worried look and decided to try and calm her a bit. Reaching over he plucked the child from his grandmother’s arms and swung him high in the air, flipping him upside down at the same time. “Come on Madness and show me those DINO-SAURS! AAARRRGHHH!!!!”

Giggling the child pointed to one of the open doors. “That way!!!”

The two moved off into the room, leaving Angelina and Marcheline alone. “Mom where’s Anna?” Angelina asked after her mother’s companion.

“She off visiting her daughter, I thought you two would appreciate the privacy.” Marcheline answered.

“You’re always two steps ahead.”

Hearing her grandson’s wild giggles coming from the next room, Marcheline smiled softly, her eyes glazed over with a past memory. “Hmm…I remember you at that age. Only your father could get you to laugh like that.”

Angelina knew where her mom was headed and really didn’t want to go down that road. “Mom...”

Marcheline was not going to be deterred. “Have you spoken to your father bunny?”

Shaking her head slowly, “No ma’am.”

“Bunny, I want you to forgive him…you and Jamie. I’ve spoken with him and now I’m speaking to you. Your father may not be the most compassionate man but he is your father…” raising her hand she stopped her daughter from interrupting. “You’re upset with him and I understand that babe but he is the only father you have and he and I are not getting younger. Both of us will be gone soon and I don’t want you to regret not trying that one last time. Do you understand what I’m trying to tell you?”

Nodding, Angelina wrapped her arms around her mother. “Yes ma’am” Pressing her lips against her mother’s soft hair. “Kunoluhkwa” she whispered the Oneida words for “I love you.”

“Ilkel’he Iy’ha et khey’ha yakotunhahehle” I want my son and daughter happy. Marcheline whispered.

“Wakanuhte aknulha…I know mom. Wakatunhahele…I am happy.” She reassured her mother.

Cradling her daughter’s face she whispered, “Hetsnoluhkwa? You love him?”

Nodding Angelina took her mother’s hands in hers and laid a single kiss on each open palm.
“Yes but more importantly shukwanoluhkwa…he loves us.” Angelina whispered back.

Brad stood in the doorway watching the two women. He could see where Angelina had gotten her exotic looks from. While she was at least two inches taller than her mother, there was no mistaking the lush mouth, the thick locks and the cat-like eyes. Both women were incredibly beautiful. He hadn’t meant to eavesdrop on the two but he’d been transfixed by the lyrical language they spoke. It bore no resemblance to any language he was aware of. Listening to Angelina’s velvety tone was enough to stir him.

Catching sight of Brad, Marcheline waved him over. “Hey gorgeous, come in. Lunch should be up in ten minutes or so.”

Brad moved into the room, stopping at Angelina’s side. Leaning down he kissed her temple. “I didn’t mean to eavesdrop.”

Chuckling Marcheline eased her body down onto the living room sofa. “I doubt you were doing too much eavesdropping. That is unless you’re fluent in Oneida.” Patting the cushions next to her, she invited the two to join her.

Brad followed Angelina down to the sofa. “On…Oneida?”

Angelina caressed the sensitive skin at the nape of Brad’s neck. “Oneida…it’s the language spoken by the Iroquois people. Mom is part Iroquois and my grandmother taught her to speak their native tongue and mom passed the language down to us.”

“So you’re Native American.” It was more of a statement than a question. “I wondered.” Brushing her hair back he whispered, “Beautiful”

“Thank you.” She blushed.

Watching her daughter respond to Brad’s teasing touch, Marcheline marveled at the change in Angelina. She couldn’t remember the last time her daughter had blushed. Was it grade school…preschool? “Angelina exaggerated; I’ve only managed to teach them a few phrases. Do you share any Native blood Brad?”

“My mom says that we have Cherokee in the family. I have to admit, I never really thought a lot about it.” Brad admitted.

“Don’t feel bad, most don’t. If not for my grandmother I wouldn’t have learned the little I did. I used to take the kids to the Iroquois fairs.” Marcheline reminisced. ‘Times seemed so sweet and innocent then.“

“We loved those fairs. Jamie and I would count down the days until we could go.” Angelina smiled at the memories. “There was always so much to do.”

Intrigued Brad asked, “Do you still go?”

Shaking her head sadly, Marcheline answered, “After the kids grew older and we moved a few times, I just lost track and it just became harder and harder to keep up with the schedule. It’s really too bad, the Iroquois population is almost nonexistent. The Oneida language is rarely spoken these days.”

“Mommy!” Maddox came running into the living room.”

“Yes baby?” Angie stood and moved to intercept the speeding child.

“I have to go potty!” Maddox hopped from one small foot to the other.

“Okay sweetie, come on.” Angelina took the boy’s hand and walked him quickly into the bathroom.

Seeing her chance to speak to Brad, Marcheline charged ahead. “May I speak plain?”

“Please.” Brad watched Marcheline closely. He’d never seen such a serene woman in his life. The air around her was seamless.

Sighing Marcheline spoke softly, “I have always prided myself on not being an uptight or prying where my children are concerned and there have been times when I wish I had been both. There was a time when I lost control of Angelina and she almost lost her life. She may never tell you voluntarily but if you ask her she will not hold back. So I will leave that story for her to tell you. I will however push my nose into this situation. You two are causing quite a stir in Hollywood. I know my daughter and I know her beliefs. Her beliefs stem from her father’s actions in the past, so this whole ‘cheating whit a married man’ I know is nothing more than vicious gossip.” Marcheline paused for a moment before continuing. “My daughter has already been married twice and while I love both Johnny and Billy, they never put the look in my child’s eyes that I see there now. She’s fallen hard for you. Do you feel the same?”

Though he’d been waiting for the question, he was still surprised when it came. But surprised or not his words were sure. “With every ounce of me; I’ve loved her for a very long time and want nothing more than to make her and Maddox happy. I want us create a family, but that takes time and I know she’s been hurt before, so we’re taking it slow.”

“Good. This is not something to rush into and there is Maddox to consider.
Angelina is incredibly protective of that child. She has always been very careful about having men around him. So again her actions tell me a lot about her feelings for you. And then there is this whole meeting. Besides Johnny and Billy, Angelina has never brought a man here.”

“Really?” her words caught him by surprise. “I don’t know what…”

“Shhh…Angelina is not one to wear her heart on her sleeve but that seems to be exactly where she’s placed it at the moment. Which means that you are in a position to either cherish her or hurt her. Promise me this...”


“That she will always come first…she and Maddox and that you will always take a moment and really look at her before you respond. While her words may not tell you her eyes will always show you how she’s feeling…hurt…happy…anguish…love, you just have to read her. Promise me…please.”

Brad heard the plea and knew it was drawn from heartbreaking experience and maternal love. “You have my promise.” Reaching over he took her small, soft hands in his and squeezed them gently. “I love her and I will always protect her…even if it has to be from myself.”

“Thank you.” Reaching up, Marcheline caressed Brad’s cheek. “You’re a good boy. Angie says you’re from the Midwest, I’m from Illinois myself…so I’m partial to Midwest boys.”

“Midwest born and raised ma’am.” Brad nodded.

“Let me teach you one phrase that Angie should hear from your lips daily.”

“Okay?” Brad waited.

“ means I love you in the Oneida language.” Marcheline pronounced the word again slowly. “Ku-no-luh-kwa”
Brad pronounced the word a few times before smiling, “Thank you. I’ll make sure to tell her every day.” Angelina and Maddox returned before Brad could say more. Maddox made his way over to Brad, climbing into his lap. “Brad, guess what?”

Hugging the child, “What?” he kissed the top of the boy’s silky head.

“Mommy says that Uncle Jamie is going to take me and nana to the zoo after lunch and then I’m going to spend the night with him!”

“Wow! Now that sounds like fun! A soft chime interrupted the rest of the conversation. “That must be our lunch. Bradley, you come and help me get things set up while Angie and Mad let the food in.”

Standing, Brad helped both women to their feet. “Yes ma’am.” It reminded him of Sunday lunch at home with his mother and grandmother.


Los Feliz, Ca
Brad’s Estate
June 5, 2005


The smooth tones of Chris Botti played through the dark house. He stood silently watching her stare out of the darkened windows. His eyes traced the halo lit outline of her perfectly curved body through the cream cotton tank and peasant skirt she wore. Her long legs bare; sandals tossed somewhere in a corner. She’d walked barefoot through his home all day and the sight of those long delicate feet had kept him in a perpetual state of arousal all day.

He’d taken her on a tour of the house enjoying her questions and sincere enjoyment of the property. He couldn’t remember the last time someone was actually interested in his love of architecture and design. He found her love for antiques not only surprising but admirable. She was everything he wanted and more.

Walking up slowly he stopped a hairs length from her. Using only his lips he nuzzled her ear. “What are you looking at?”

Tilting her head, giving him access to her neck, she replied softly, “Just the darkness. It’s so quite here.”

“Yup…we’re all alone…just you and me.” Taking her hands in his, he raised them above her head and placed them against the window, palms pressed flat against the cool glass. Lowering his lips to her neck, he ran his tongue lightly over the smooth skin. “I missed this.”

Giggling softly, Angelina closed her eyes, “It was only a day or two.”

“Mmmm…are you saying that you didn’t miss this?” Brad growled against her skin before catching a small amount between his teeth. Grinding his lower body into hers he used his teeth, hands and arousal to hold her against the window. Releasing her hands, he cupped one breast, teasing the hard nipple through the thin material. Over the last few months he’d found out one wonderful fact; his Angel hated bras and lord he’d been a happy man the day he found that out. Relaxing his bite from her skin, he snagged one of the thin straps of her tank and tugged slowly until it fell lazily down her arm, leaving the top of one milky breast uncovered

Angelina’s mind went blank. She could barely breathe, let alone answer, but her soft moan answered his question as surely as her words would have.

Releasing her, Brad spun Angelina around in his arms. Sliding the other strap down and yanking slightly on the material, Brad freed her full breast completely. Cupping her breast, he ran his thumbs over the seeking nipples before lowering his mouth to feast.

Responding to the feel of his hot mouth, Angelina could barely stand. Eyes still closed she gripped his shoulders, using him to keep herself upright. Lord this man knew how to use his mouth.

Lifting his head from her breast he kissed her lightly. Finding her ear he whispered, “I saved one special room.”

Looking up into his glittering eyes, “I saw the Master Suite, remember? You got frisky in there and I still can’t find my thong.”

He wouldn’t tell her he had it stashed in his messenger bag. “As special as that bedroom was there is another room.” Swinging her up into his arms, he strode quickly through the large house, moving up the wide staircase and down the hall and into the Master Suite. He didn’t stop, but kept moving into the suite into the master bathroom.

“I saw the bathroom too. “ He stopped in front of a second set of doors that stood next to the large tub. She couldn’t remember seeing the door before. “I don’t remember this.”

“I didn’t show it to you and after the tour we got a little busy and the rest…yeah.” Pushing the doors open with his foot he, he carried her into a large room that held four wide padded benches, two on each side of the room. In the center of the room a large tinted glass cubicle, seeing the chandelier shaped showerhead, Angelina realized that it was a free-flowing Shower. “Very nice.”

Sitting Angelina down on one of the benches, Brad walked over to the shower and turned on the water. Testing the temperature, he came back to Angelina. Kneeling down he began to remove her cloths, slipping her skirt from her body before pulling her top over her head. Standing he lifted her legs up onto the bench so that she reclined naturally. Staring down at her, he sighed “You are so beautiful.”

Pulling his t-shirt over his head, he tossed it to the floor near her cloths. His hands moving to the button of his jeans, he quickly removed them along with his shoes. Kneeling onto the bench he parted her legs, allowing them to fall open, giving him access to the treasure he sought. Drawing the fingertips of one hand lightly along her inner thigh, he brought them to rest a second before slipping one finger between her nether lips, deep into the creamy dampness. Listening to the breathless thighs, he smiled to himself. Mimicking the rhythm he would soon practice, Brad’s finger moved in and out; increasing the pace as he added a second finger.

Angelina felt helpless to do anything but give in to the sensations he created within her body; her hips moving in rhythm to his fingers. Moaning she rose up off of the bench, giving his fingers deeper access. She clutched at his wicked hand, adding to the momentum and held on to the bench with her free hand.

Brad pulled back to pushed a single leg up to rest partly over his shoulder and neck. Lowering his blonde head, he nuzzled her slowly. His tongue tasted, teased and drove her to near madness. Cupping her rounded buttocks, he raised her hips to his mouth. Pushing his tongue deeper into her wet channel, he relished the musky taste of her. Using one of his index fingers, he traced the crease of her round buttocks. He’d enjoyed this forbidden path before and knew she’d enjoyed it. Pressing forward, he slowly introduced the tip of finger. Holding it fingernail deep, he rotated his tongue, pushing deeper until he felt the quiver that signaled indescribable pleasure.

Nearly delirious with ecstasy, Angelina couldn’t hold back the scream that escape her full lips. Head moving wildly from side to side, hips moving against the invasion of double penetration, she didn’t think that she would last. With every deep stab and soothing caress of his tongue and wicked invasion of his finger, she found herself caught between urges of near violence and sweet bliss. With a bit more pressure of his finger pushing deeper and a strong nip on the erect bud peaking from between her plump nether lips…she gave into bliss.

Feasting on her as she screamed in orgasmic release, he wasn’t done. Pulling free he stood up from the bench. His arousal large and far from satisfied; stood erect. Bending down he once again swept her up into his arms. Kissing her deeply, he carried her quickly over to the now warm spraying shower. Closing the door behind them he watched her raise her face to the center spray trying to shake of the last vestiges of her erotic delirium. Raising his hands he pushed the thick, wet strands back from her face before planting a gentle kiss on her forehead.

Cupping the back of his hands with hers, she pulled them down, to twine her fingers into his. Using the strength of his hold, she kneeled onto the floor of the shower. Staring up at him she raised her hands to caress his hard, sculpted chest before dragging them down his chest, to his muscular thighs and back up to rest at his waist. She slid her fingers over him, wrapping them around his ever-thickening shaft, relishing the surges in heat and amazing hardness that her touch coaxed from him.

Brad’s response was vocal…loud as her tongue slipped over the very tip of his shaft, a teasing flicker that destroyed his control, then a soft sucking draw of her full lips as she closed around his hardness and brought him into the heat of her mouth. His grip on her hair was unrelenting; the sounds of pleasure escaping him were unhinged and primitive. Angelina drank it all in, the sounds, his response, his flavor, and the helpless way he drove into her mouth.

She knew she could always give him this pleasure. She knew that she had the power to take away his sense of control, the need he had to make sure her pleasure came first. She could do this if only for a violent, pulsating moment. It didn’t matter. Pleasing him was like ecstasy to her.
Every sound he made, every twitch and shudder he couldn’t contain coursed through his body down into the hard steel of him, nestled in her mouth.

His fingers tightening with the never ending velvet suction of her hot mouth, Brad growled, “Enough…stop babe.” Tugging on her hair he pulled her away. Reluctant to stop, but having no choice, Angelina released her hold on him, standing up to look him in the eyes. Stepping closer, she allowed the rigid nipples of her breast to rub provocatively against his chest. Tracing his lips with the fingers of one wet hand, she reached for the soap with the other. Soaping her hands slowly, she brushed her hips against his lower body, grazing his painfully aroused shaft, smiling at the hiss that escaped his lips. Placing the soap back in its holder, she took his arousal into her soapy hands, drawing them slowly, yet soothingly up and down the velvety steel of his shaft before moving them up his chest to tease his erect nipples. Up and down his arms her hands moved, caressing his neck, trailing down his back and exploring his buttocks, tracing the crease that separated the perfect globes.

“Keep it up little girl. And you won’t walk straight for a week.” He growled at her mischievous grin. Moving directly under the spray to rinse off, he growled again at her dangerous hands. “That’s it! My turn again. Swinging Angelina around, he grabbed the soap and quickly lathered his hands before tossing it back to the tray. Reaching out, he tangled his fist in her thick wet hair, jerking her head back against his shoulder; her neck open to his desire. Planting his mouth firmly against the wet skin, he applied the same hard suction she’d subjected him to.

With his free hand, Brad reached around to the front of her body to cup her breast. Soap smeared over her, a lavish wash of sensation under the ardent sweep of his hand. Her chest foamed with suds as he kneaded her flesh, tortured her with the rub of his fingers as the slipped quickly over her hard nipples. He brought his other hand to the task, making her moan; her body pressing back against his sensually. He cupped both breast in his palms, squeezing and molding the malleable globes to his cupped hands perfectly. He brushed back over her nipples, nipples so hard he couldn’t resist pinching and rolling the turgid flesh between his fingers , even as her cries warned him of just how tender and sensitive she was

Knowing he should stop, he couldn’t. Sliding his hands down to her stomach and waist, he grasp her hips, keeping her against his body with a taunting grind of his pelvis as he leaned her forward so he could wash her back. Soap slid down between them, the friction slippery and slick.

Angelina moaned long and deep, unable to help wriggling into the alleviation of friction. He slid right between her legs, right through heat hotter than the steaming shower, slick lubrication far more efficient than soap. She heard him curse violently then felt his him seize her hips between his strong hands. She wanted to say something…anything, but the only thing that she could do was gasp…eyes closed at the feel of him…at his nearness.

Responding to her gasps, his growl was primal in demand. He found her, breached her, and thrust as hard and as deep as he could. They would have fallen over had she not braced against the glass wall of the shower stall as she had felt his gathering surge of possession.

But at last he was there.

“Brad,” she rasped as his hands dragged her hips even tighter against himself. She felt him inch deeper inside her tight passage, stretching her to accommodate his thickness, scorching her with blinding and intense heat. Brad threw back his head, taking the full blast of the shower spray, absorbing the feeling of the sheer ecstasy of having her body closed so tightly around him…honeyed heat.

Brad withdrew and stroked deep in return, lifting her onto her toes with the collision of their hips. Her cry made her entire body shudder and he felt it in the ripples of response coursing through her body. Grabbing Angelina around the waist, he kicked her legs apart causing her to catch her balance once again by flattening her hands higher on the glass. Bending her further, he gave her no chance to recover before pushing deeply into her over aroused body, increasing the rhythmic stroke that seemed to drive her further into blissful madness. She moved with him, using her leverage against the wall to push back until both were lost in the sounds and moans of the shower and their love making.

He felt the tension building in her through the tightening vise of her body, her frantic pushes against him increasing his arousal and the depth of his strokes…harder…deeper. Bending over her, he used one hand to push the hair away from her ear and neck. Hips pounding, Brad leaned forward curving over her working body whispering hoarsely into her ear. “Come for me babe,” before sinking his teeth into her shoulder.

His words added to the shock of the bite sent Angelina spiraling into a vortex of pure ecstasy. Unable to control the reaction, her screams filled the room. Her orgasm was phenomenal, a ripping explosion and loss of control unlike anything he’d ever experienced. He had to switch his hold, wrapping his arms around her stomach and torso as she seized with her pleasure, her body clutching him with velvet steel that was near unbearable. She snatched away all of his control forcing his compliance. She did not stop until he was roaring with release, pumping hotly into her until he was roaring with release, pumping hotly into her until she had drained him completely.

They collapsed against the glass wall sliding down the glass to rest on the shower’s cool tiled floor, Angelina curled into a gasping ball with Brad curved around her, his body heaving with exertion. They sat that way, letting the water wash over their heated bodies.


Brad stood on the balcony looking out over the dark, the only light coming from the burning end of his cigarette. He should be exhausted after their last round of lovemaking, but his mind was too unsettled. They had a few days together but most of that time would be business related. With the paparazzi stalking their every move, any private time they might have been able to manage was minimized considerably. He knew one thing and that was that he was getting pretty tired of all the speculation and bullshit. Why was his private life so damn interesting to people who didn’t even know him?

He didn’t hear her moving behind him, her arms wrapped around him slowly. “You can’t sleep?” she rubbed he sleep warmed body against him. The contact of her naked breast against his back more than a little arousing. Staring out at the darkness surrounding his vast property, she realized that they were indeed completely alone. The paparazzi couldn’t get anywhere near his estate, the house was so far back on the property.

Taking his cigarette out, he blew the smoke away from her. Turning slightly he kissed the top of her mussed head. “Restless I guess. Why are you up sweetie?” Raising the cigarette to his mouth again, he looked back out at the darkness.

Rubbing her chin over his bare back, “You weren’t there.” Pulling the cigarette from his lips she took a drag from it before flicking it out into black night. They watched the orange glow disappear as it hit the ground. Blowing the smoke out in perfect rings she spoke softly, “I thought you were quitting. You haven’t smoked all day. What’s the matter?”

“I was…I am, just needed something.” Shaking his head at her, he sighed “Just thinking about the next few days.”

“What about them?”

Pulling her arms up from his waist to his chest he traced her delicate fingers, “I want more time with you and that’s not going to happen. Not with the paps chasing us.

“Mmmmm…well, we won’t be working all the time. There’ll be time for us babe.” Angelina didn’t know if she believed her own words.

“You know our every move will be watched. I want more for us than hotel rooms.” Pulling her around, he lifted her to sit on the wide railing of the balcony. Spreading her legs he moved between them. He brushed her hair away from her sleepy face, “so beautiful.”

Holding his waist she looked up into his face, “Hotel rooms aren’t so bad. We still have our privacy.” Leaning forward she planted a kiss on his bare chest. Both seemed un-phased that they were completely nude in the cool night.

“I know babe…I know. I just want more now.” Kissing her lightly more comforting than sexual at that moment. “I want more afternoons like yesterday. I’ve met your mom just once and already I love her. She's just such a sweetheart, so full of love for everyone. I see so much of her in you.”

Running her hands up his chest, she framed his face, “She loves you already I can tell. I know Jamie will love you.” Moving her fingers up and through his blonde hair she continued, “We’ll have our time, I promise.”

Sighing at the feel of her hands, he was reminded of a mother’s comfort. Something he hadn’t felt since moving to Hollywood. How could a woman be so sexual one minute and incredibly maternal the very next? Was it this feeling that made his father and brother seem so settled? “You never talk about your father.”
Hands still caressing his head, she spoke off handedly “I will tell you about my father one day.”

“I know you will babe. When you’re ready, I’m here.” Running his hands along her thighs, he leaned forward and kissed her on the forehead. “I guess we’re stuck with the hotel rooms a little while longer.”

“We just have the two premieres and then we’re free.”

“Different hotels again?” he growled.

“Just here in LA. You’re going to stay overnight at the W right?” she asked

“Yeah. You coming over to visit?” he smiled slyly.

“Call me and I’m there. Willing and very ready.” Winking she whispered, “Ask for Shiloh Baptiste”

“Shiloh…niiice.” Up until now, she’d either visited him undetected at his hotel, his home or he’d been secretly led to her room. This would be the first time he’d actually call and ask for her…or rather Shiloh. “Where did you come up with that name?”

“My mom. Jamie and I had almost had another sibling. Mom wanted to name him/her Shiloh Baptiste Voight, but unfortunately she had miscarriage. When I started becoming more of a tabloid mark, she suggested I use the name when I wanted to hide out. So I went between Angie Voight and Shiloh Baptiste.” She smiled mischievously up at him.

“Mmmmm…I take it Shiloh will be checking in Mexico City?”

“Yes she will and she will be visiting you over at the Westwood after the premiere.”

“Damn that sounds good. But right now, Miss Angelina is all I have eyes for.”” Kissing each of her eye lids, her nose and finally her lips, the lips that he called his, “Kunoluhkwa”

Framing his face once again, she returned his kisses. Proud of his use of the Oneida language, her voice full of wonder, she responded “Kunoluhkwa”

Swinging her back up into his arms, Brad carried her back into the bedroom. They had a few hours before duty once again called and he just wanted to hold her in his arms until he had to let go.


Copyright © 2006-2012  all rights reserved By ‘Rica’


marine said...

Thank you so much for this. This update was such a wonderful surprise and as usual it's amazingly written. Hope you'll find time and inspiration to continue this story really soon.

Rica said...

Thank you so much for the compliment. I'm really glad its still being read!. Thank you again! :-)

Rica said...

Thank you so much for the compliment. I'm really glad its still being read!. Thank you again! :-)

marine said...

You don't have to thank me at all. I started reading your fic at a time when things were difficult in my life and I really needed the distraction. Your fic is actually the only one I've ever printed and keep on re-reading now and then, I've read MANY (and even written a few) but none were as good and none made me stop at one moment and wonder: "Wait is this facts or did I read it in Rica's fic?" :) . I just love how you manage to stay true to the characters and situations. Anyway your fic is on my books shelf right now, in good place among my favorite novels.

Hope to read more from you.Take care.

(Sorry if the English is not perfect, not my first language :P)


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This is very well written and realistic. I love how you entwine actual interviews with private moments. And an interesting perspective that he pursued her when everyone assumes it was she who chased him. I also love the sweet family moments between the 3 (soon to be 4!) of them.
I noticed you have not updated recently and hope you have not abandoned this fic! It's hard enough to find RPF never mind well written RPF. And from the comments on your blog I'm not the only one waiting! :)
In any case, thank you so much for this excellent story and I look forward to any updates you might make.

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Hi Sophie, Anu, LAdy Luck, PunkindJ, Marine...if you ladies are still out there. I have to apologize. i took 2010 off to work on a project with a friend. I wanted to somehow incorporate Angelina into Troy. As a fan of the Iliad, I always wanted to read or create a story about Achilles and the Amazon Queen Penthesileia. A friend is very good with illustrations and agreed to create the most amazing pictures.

here is the link if any of you would like to read it.

BE WARNED IT IS FOR MATURE AUDIENCES!!!!! The illustrations and written words are risqué in the extreme.

Let me know how you like it! 2011 see's OWD updated and I begin a new tale of the Vampire Louie.

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