Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Our Wildest Dreams

“Our Wildest Dreams”Copyright © 2006 all rights reserved by ‘Rica’

Passing ships….

He saw her sitting in the dim restaurant but even the low light couldn’t hide her exotic beauty. He needed an intro, so he took the straight forward route. Sauntering over to her table. He was glad she was alone for once. "Angelina…right?"

She looked up from her aperitif. "Ye..eah?" Knowledge lit her confused features. "Brad…Brad Pitt." God he was gorgeous. What she’d like to do to him.

Brad took his chance. "Yeah, I came in to grab a bite and saw you over here by your lonesome and thought…hey why not say hello." He wiggled his fingers in salutation. "Soooo…hello." He smiled; putting every loose pheromone he had coursing through his body into that one smile. Then adding the finishing touches to his skill. "Well I’ll go and let you eat. I didn’t come to interrupt you, just to say hi." He waved again and turned away.

Her husky voice stopped him. "Well if you’re here alone and I’m alone why not share a table?" Angelina smiled up at him. This was trouble, she knew it but lord he was gorgeous. She watched as he sat slowly.

"So have you ordered yet?" Brad asked watching her take a sip from her wine glass. Those lips, god they were killing him.

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Finishing her sip, she placed the wine glass on the table and sent her tongue darting over her lush bottom lip to catch a stray drop of red wine. "I haven’t actually, so you’re in luck." She gave him a quick sultry smile. "So Bradley, what are you doing here in London?" Staring into his eyes she thought; oh yeah this was trouble…God was this going to get close.

Brad cleared his throat. "Well…do you want a lie or the truth?"

"Never lie if you could tell the truth, unless of course the lie is exciting." She leaned forward, stopping at the candle lit centerpiece. "So excite me Bradley."

Brad stared into those catlike hazel eyes. She was dangerous…a hot kind of dangerous. "Excite you?" He chuckled softly. "So you want me to lie?"

"Listen, you and I don’t really know each other. After you leave this restaurant it will be another what? Year or two…maybe more before our paths cross again so you tell me whatever story you need to make this dinner a memorable one."

Brad reached over and lifted Angelina’s wine glass. Turning it around, he placed his lips on the very same spot hers had tasted from. "So do you want dining entertainment or a bedtime story?"

"You’re a bright boy, you figure it out." Before either could speak again the waiter arrived to take their orders. Angelina turned her hypnotic gaze and sultry smile on to the unsuspecting waiter, who stuttered his way through the day’s specialties. As she ordered, she watched Brad peruse the menu. Images of his ‘Tristan’ making love clouded her mind. Momma never warned her that there’d be days and men like this.

Giving his order Brad’s gaze never left Angelina’s. He knew what he wanted and wasn’t on any menu. They just don’t grow em’ like this in Missouri he thought.

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