Monday, September 11, 2006


July 2003...

Apologizing to his family, Hollywood director Doug Liman answered his cell phone,. “This better be good, I’m in the middle of great Chinese dinner with my family.”

“Hi Doug. It’s Brad.” Brad Pitt’s smooth dulcet voice floated over the line. “I’m sorry to interrupt your dinner. If you want you can give me a call back later on.”

“No…no, now’s fine.” He stood and motioned to his dinner companions. Walking over to the entrance. “So what’s up?”

“Well, I’m sorry but I’m going to have to pass on ‘Mr. and Mrs.” Brad apologized.

“Ahhh…don’t tell me that. Come on Brad…”

Brad broke in. “Look Doug, with Nichole dropping out and the issues with the script, perhaps it just wasn’t meant to be.”

Doug knew he wouldn’t be able to change Brad’s mind, so he thanked Brad for calling and rejoined his family; the joy of the evening gone. He’d figure something out. ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ would happen and with Brad Pitt.


(Portions of this conversation are actual quotes from ‘Entertainment Weekly’ Issue #823)

So we’ve lost Nichole.” Akiva announced.

Doug Liman winced at the news. “Yeah and now Brad’s pulled out. But with the right costar he’ll most likely come back aboard.”

Screenwriter, Simon Kinberg looked as though he would cry. “What Nichole and Brad? Why?” He could see all his hard work circling the drain and it hurt.

Lucas Foster, also an executive producer for the film, cleared his throat before taking over. “It seems that Ms. Kidman’s ‘Stepford Wives’ shoot is going to run into our start date. Apparently they just started shooting and they are running ten weeks behind schedule. She had no choice but to bow out. Brad feels like fate is working against us. ”

Doug held his hand up stopping Brad’s response. “Well we do have a few other options.” He began tossing out names. There’s the ex factor, Gwyneth Paltrow.”

Simon shook his head. “Look that’s a great idea but Brad’s human and even if he were game for it, it’s wrong of us to put him in a situation where he’s going to have to relive the demons of a past relationship. That’s just a little bit too mad-scientist.”

Doug saw his point and continued the name game. “Okay, how about Cate Blanchett? She definitely has the look. Remember the photo ad she did as a spy?”

“Not available, she’s working on ‘The Aviator’” Akiva answered.

“Catherine Zeta-Jones?”

“No, I don’t think that she’s quite what we’re looking for.” Akiva answered again. “She’s gorgeous…but I just can’t see her in that role.”

“I agree with Akiva. Besides isn’t she working with Brad on ‘Ocean’s Twelve’ ? That’d just be cinematic suicide.” Lucas shuddered.

Simon agreed as well. “Yeah, I mean that would be over kill. Besides we don’t know what type of chemistry they will have.”

“It’s Brad Pitt. Most women have chemistry with him.” Lucas countered.

“Or for him.” Akiva muttered.

Simon skipped two names and pulled the last one. “How about Angelina Jolie?”

Silence filled the room as the men mulled over the last choice. Akiva was the first to respond. “Hmmm…now that would be something. What’s she working on now? I know she’s busy, she’s always busy.”

Doug smiled. “She’s finishing ‘Alexander’, after that she’s free.”

“I don’t know…this doesn’t seem to be her type of movie. She likes the darker roles.” Lucas tossed in. “You sure we can get her?”

Doug smiled. “We can ask.”

Simon almost crowed with excitement. Angelina Jolie…wow! Who better to costar with Hollywood’s hottest leading man, then Hollywood’s hottest leading lady?”

“Let’s hope she’s up for the challenge.” Lucas murmured.

Akiva laughed. “Angelina’s always up for a challenge.”

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