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Le Berber Palace
May 13, 2005


Cate watched Brad splash around in a game of Marco Polo with her three year old Dashiell. Though it was a very primary version, the toddler didn’t care, he was in heaven. He had ‘Uncle’ Brad all to himself and ‘Uncle’ Brad was his and his little brother roman’s best buddy after all. Cate was amazed at how naturally Brad took to the boys. She’d seen the pictures of Brad and Maddox on the beach in Kenya. He was a natural at interacting with children and didn’t just enjoy it he loved it. He would make a wonderful father.

She watched him carry Dashiell out of the pool. Grabbing a dry towel, she reached for her son. “Did you have fun sweetie?”

“Un huh! Uncle Brad couldn’t find me. I won!” Dashiell crowed, lunging into his mother’s towel laden arms. “Did you see me?”

Dashiell’s happiness was contagious. I did! I saw you win! You’re very good at ‘Marco Polo’.” Cate laughed, nodding at his excited explanation of how he won. She rubbed him briskly; drying him with the large, thick white towel. Kissing his forehead she sat him down and began drying his hair. “Are you ready for a snack?”

Brad watched Cate as she cared for her son. The movements were the same. The surrounding s similar. The love familiar. The only difference…Cate wasn’t Angelina and Dashiell wasn’t Maddox. He listened as Cate offered Dahiell his choice of snacks.

“Can I have peaches?” The toddler asked. His excitement switching easily from pool games to cold, sweet fruit.

“Yes my love, you sure can.” She answered, motioning to her nanny. “Madeline is going to take you in for your snack. Okay?”

“Okay!” Leaning out of his nanny’s arms, he reached over and cupped his mother’s face, giving her a kiss. “By Brad!” He yelled as Madeline carried him away.

“Bye buddy!” Brad waved at the little boy, a whimsical smile crossing his lips.”

At the door he squirmed down out of Madeline’s arms and ran back to Brad who stooped down so that he and the three year old were eye to eye. Without uttering a word, little Dashiell threw his arms around Brad’s neck and gave him a big hug. Pulling back he whispered. “Don’t forget the story. Okay?”

Brad wrapped his arms around the little boy. “I wouldn’t dare forget.” Dashiell was such a sweet little boy, his brother Roman just as sweet. The hug over, little Dashiell ran back to his nanny, who carried him into the hotel.

Brad stood, smile still in place and returned his attention to Cate. “You’re a lucky woman Cate. Dashiell and Roman are beautiful…amazing boys.”

“And you’re going to spoil them rotten; with the games, the outings, the toys, the books, the bedtime stories and the treats. What am I going to do with you? They won’t want to go home. Bradley, you spend more time with the boys than you do with the adults here.” Cate handed Brad a chilled Mango Spritzer. Watching him drink, she admired his physique. There was definitely not another pair of abs in Hollywood that were as perfectly sculpted. He was as close to a "walking God" as any mere mortal could be. With his blonde hair, pure blue eyes, gorgeous smile and flawless body, he could make women bow at his feet. But it wasn’t in his nature and that was what made women fall in love with him, he was just simply put, "a nice guy" who was extremely down to earth.

“They deserved to be spoiled. They’re babies; life needs to remain as uncomplicated, innocent and inspiring as possible fir them.” Brad absolutely loved Cate's natural British accent and it amazed him daily how flawless her American accent was. He’d wanted to do a movie with her for so long and now here they were. He’d actually chosen her as a replacement for Nicole when she’d bowed out of 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith' but he was now happy Angelina had taken the role. If she hadn’t then his life would still be in an unhappy state of limbo. “Besides I like spoiling kids.”

“I know.” Cate decided to broach the subject that most on set wouldn’t. “I bet you spoiled Maddox just as much. I can’t imagine what Angelina does, when you do.” She watched and waited for his reply.

Brad replied with an ease that astounded even him. “She nags me just like you. Giving all the reasons why spoiling is bad. I swear; do you mothers go to some kind of night school to learn these things?” Brad and Cate had bonded almost instant, she reminded him of a kid sister. “Maddox is such a sweetheart. She’s done a hell of job with him.

“You know, you never really talk about them…her.” Leaning across the table toward him, she looked him straight in the eyes. “You’re very secretive about her.”

Brad smiled, turning his gaze toward the near deserted pool. He kept his gaze on the few swimmers playing around in the water. “Not secretive, just very private. I don’t talk about her because there’s not much to discuss. We’re still trying to work things out. Before I tell anyone what’s going on…I need to know what’s going on first.” Brad looked down at his hands. “She’s amazing. You worked with her.”

“She’s definitely that.” Cate knew exactly what he meant. While working on ‘Pushing Tin’ cat had been given an up close and personal view of the unbelievable spark that was Angelina Jolie…or Angie as they’d called her on set. Cate had been completely taken aback by Angelina’s sensual beauty. Beauty aside what Cate had found truly surprising was Angelina’s mesmerizing acting ability. Everyone had been drawn to her; even Cate had found herself falling under the young beauty’s spell. When off set people wanted to be around her, men wanted to be with her and women wanted her. There was just something palpable about Angelina. When on set, no one could take their eyes from her.

There was no question, that she deserved her Oscar and Cate completely expected Angelina to receive a few more before she retired from acting. Cate remembered Billy’s fascination with Angelina and getting to know the girl, she understood his desire for the girl…a girl twenty-two years his junior. She’d warned him against pursuing Angelina but as usual Billy didn’t listen; instead he did things his own way. No surprise he’d married the girl two years later. Cate could have told him how that would have ended. She didn’t want to see Brad end that way. “Are you sure Bradley?”

“At first I wasn’t no, but now I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.” Brad reached across the table and grasped Cate's hand. “There’s something about her. She’s…she’s powerful.”

“You didn’t…?” Cate couldn’t accusatory question. Deep down, she knew that Brad could never break his vows. But still…he was a man and Angelina…well she was Angelina and there was only one like her on the planet.

Releasing Cate's hand and shaking his head in denial, Brad sat back, his expression one of disbelief. “No…come on Cate! You know I wouldn’t do that.”

“I know. I just…it’s just that while I know you, I also know Angie and she’s a wild one.” Cate added. She watched Brad’s face for some sign that he was really listening to her as much as he was her words. “She’s hard to walk away from.”

“Yes she’s hard to walk away from, but she never acted inappropriately towards me, while we were working together.” Shaking his head Brad tried to make her understand. “She wouldn’t give me the time of day until the divorce was filed. Cate, Jen and I were having problems long before Angelina came into the picture. I wish people would stop assuming that Angelina is to blame for the divorce. No matter what we say, Jennifer, Angelina and I, the public chooses to believe otherwise.”

Cate paused as a waiter sat fresh drinks along with a fruit and cheese platter on the table. “Bradley, you know how stressful this life of ours can be. Eighty-five percent of it is lived under public scrutiny and the other fifteen percent is spent trying to make our relationships work. What does it matter what people think. You know the truth.” Pausing as she grabbed a slice of sharp cheddar and an apple wedge. “Besides, I hardly think that the Angelina I met cares one wit about public speculation. If I remember correctly, she was quite a wild child.”

Chewing his own selection of fruit and cheese, a fanciful smile crossing his lips, Brad spoke, his voice full of wonder. “No…she’s not that same girl. She’s completely different. How do I describe her…she’s a man’s woman.” Brad realized what he’d just said. “No Offense!”

Though the smile was fleeting, Cate saw it and knew that Brad was falling hard. She wanted to know more…how deep was he? Holding her hands up in understanding, she went on. “None taken, but I will need you to tell me what you mean by ‘a man’s woman.’ Hmmm?”

Throwing his head back slightly, Brad let out a soft dulcet chuckle, splaying his hands out across the table he tried to summon the words that would describe his Angel. “How do I explain it? Angelina is…everything. She’s like the perfect companion. She’s that girl that likes to play pool, go shooting at the range, motorcycle riding; she plays a wicked game of poker and can drink me under the table…though she usually sticks to her wine. I’ve gotten her to take me and the crew on. She put us all under the table and managed to walk out of the bar in what?” He used his two index fingers to measure out three inches. “Three inch heels without so much as a stumble.”

His eyes turned downward in reminiscence, rubbing his bottom lip with a soothing finger. “One minute she’s one of the boys and the next she’s an earth mother. No matter what she’s doing, Maddox is her priority. You said that she didn’t care about public speculation. When it comes herself…no she doesn’t, but when it may affect Maddox she cares. I’ve seen her walk of set in the middle of a scene because he needed her; no emergency…he just needed her. She reminds me of those extraordinary mothers, that need there children as much as their children need them. You, my mother, my sister, Julia, Catherine…you’re all so dedicated to your children, but you manage to maintain your identity. Angelina is that woman…that mother. She offers so much.”

Nodding in understanding, Cate offered her thoughts. “So she’s two perfect halves?”

“No, it’s more like fifths.” He held up a hand and ticked off each finger. “She’s one of the boys, an unbelievable earth mother, a selfless humanitarian, A bit of a Diva, and a magnificent lover. She’s got it all and it’s all wrapped up in a very beautiful body.” Brad felt at ease discussing his feelings about Angelina with Cate. He wasn’t sure how many others he could say that about.

“Diva? Angelina?” Cate couldn’t reconcile the image of Angelina as a diva.

“Oh yeah! Angelina is well aware that she’s at the top of her game. She’s not even thirty yet and she already has three Golden Globes and an Oscar. How many actors can say that? She has an amazing body and a very beautiful face and she knows it. She sees it as a commodity. She has a sharp wit and an amazing intelligence. You’re almost captivated by her beauty and then she opens those famous lips and you realize that this woman is quite intelligent.” Shaking his head, Brad glanced at the crystal blue water of the pool again. “She’s just amazing and I want her…all of her”

Cate couldn’t help but wonder at his description of Angelina. How much of it was simply the result of lascivious desires and thoughts opposed to reality? But it had been six years since Cate had last spoken to Angelina. Things do change. “So? Have you invited her down?”

Brad rubbed his hands over his chest. “As a matter of fact I invited her down for your party.” He flashed Cate his winning Colgate smile. “If that’s okay with you?”

“I couldn’t think of a better time. She and I can become reacquainted.” Cate didn’t bother to bring up the fact that a very quiet rumor had surface, regarding Brad, Angelina, a dinner and an overnight stay in his suite. When he was ready, he’d mention it or not.

“Good, she yes.” Brad laughed.


Sierra Leone / Fulmer County
May 13, 2005

“Mommy guess what?” The excited voice of her small son Maddox wrapped its way snuggly around her heart.

Oh how she missed her sweet little boy. She was so lonely. “What baby?” Fighting back tears, she rolled her eyes heavenward. She missed his warm little body snuggled up against hers at night. She missed falling asleep on the couch, to the sound of Mad’s soft breathing as the child lay in semi-comatose on her chest. He’d been falling asleep like that since the day they’d become a family. Simply put, she missed her little boy…her baby.

“Mommy are you listening?” Maddox almost yelled into the phone. “Mommy!”

Angelina’s mind snapped back into the here and now. “Yeah baby, mommy’s sorry. What happened?”

“Melon had baby kittens!” The toddler squealed into the phone.

baby kittens! She missed him so much. “She did?”

“Uh huh! And she had five babies!” Maddox went on, continuing his description of the best day ever. “She has two orange babies and one black baby and one white and orange baby…can I name her sherbert? And she had a baby with a whole lot of colors too!”

Angelina had a feeling the multicolored baby kitten was a calico. “Sherbert?” She didn’t have the heart to correct him. “You can name the kittens whatever you like, sweetheart.”

Switching the conversation as only a three year old can, Maddox breezed onto the next subject. “Mommy are you coming home tomorrow?”

“I wish I was baby, but no I’m not.” She smiled sadly, her toddler’s sense of time passage was a bit foggy. “Did you look at your ‘Bye-Bye Calendar’? Remember, mommy is supposed to come home on the nineteenth…one…nine.”

“Oh yeah! Today is the thirteenth…one…three.” Maddox told his mother proudly. “You’ll be home in…” he used his little fingers to count. “Six more days!”

“Well actually five. When you wake up on the nineteenth, mommy will be there already. I’ll be coming home late on the eighteenth.”

“Okay. Will you be by yourself Sira Lion?” Maddox tried to pronounce the words but they proved to be a bit much for him.

“Sierra Leon; and I was thinking of going to visit Brad.” The sudden silence on the other end worried her. She never lied to her son and if he asked, she always found a way to answer so he could understand. “Madness? Are you okay? Don’t you want mommy to visit with Brad? If not…you have to tell mommy.”

Maddox shook his head as If his mother could see it. “No…I think you should go and play with Brad. He might be sad, ‘cuz’ we aren’t there.”

Smiling at Maddox’s reasoning Angelina continued. “Maybe. Do you have a message you want me to give him?”

“Uh…huh!” Forgetting his message just that quickly, he moved on again. “Mommy is Brad coming home with you, when you come back?”

How to answer…how to answer. “Well…”


Le Berber Palace
May 14, 2005

Front Desk…

The burly white haired man waited silently for the hotel’s manager. He didn’t have long to wait. The slightly harried man arrived in a flurry of attitude and cologne. “Monsieur Brett. I understand you have a private matter to discuss?”

Glancing around at the busy lobby, he turned back to the hotel’s manager. “Yes is there some place we can talk…privately?”

The Hotel manager sized the man before him up. This man was used to getting what he wanted. He wore danger like a mantel. The manager was a bit worried. What could this man want with him? He prayed the man wasn’t unhappy over service in the hotel. The man appeared quite capable of violence. “Wh…why yes monsieur Brett we do. Please fol…follow me. Clearing his throat he led the man back to his office. He motioned Brett to a seat. “So Monsieur Brett, how may I help you?

“I understand that you have a few very highprofile vacationers in residence?” At the manager’s nod Brett continue. “My client has arrived here in Morocco as a surprise for one of those people. I believe he’s staying on the top floor?”

“The manager stared stonily at Brett. He knew who Brett was talking about. He meant Mr. Pitt. The manager did fear Brett but not enough to verbally admit that Brad Pitt was staying in the hotel.

Brett watched the manager. ‘Good, the man knew not to give up his hotel’s clients. Brett knew for a fact that Brad, Cate Blanchett and Alejandro Inarritu were staying in the hotel. The fact that the man wouldn’t talk went a long way to reassuring Brett of Angelina’s privacy. Spying a pen, he snatched up an empty pad and scribbled two words on the paper. “This is my client.” Setting down the pen, Brett handed the manager the paper and watched as the man’s eyes almost popped out of his skull. “She’s here to visit the person I just mentioned. She’ll be here for four days. I want to make sure that she has privacy while here. If it leaks out that she’s here visiting, paparazzi will swarm. Her visit must remain secret. She won’t leave the hotel unless she’s accompanied by myself or her friend. Can I rely on you and your staff to keep her visit quiet?”

“But of course Monsieur Brett. Ms. Jolie was here on the thirtieth I believe for a late dinner with…er…her friend, no word leaked.” The Manager defended his staff.

“I know and I was extremely impressed. Which is why I’m trusting you this time. I’m sure you’re aware of the media frenzy following these two. So I don’t have to stress how important it is to keep knowledge of her presence quiet. She’ll keep a very low profile.” Brett finished.

“Yes Monsieur. We have a private entrance would Madam Jolie care to take advantage of it?” The Manager couldn’t believe his luck; Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt staying together in his hotel. If there holiday together went off without a problem, he and his hotel staff would be at the top of the confidential list. That meant the hotel would be suggested to publicists all over the globe.

“Yes she would, thank you.” Standing Brett shook the manager’s hand. “You’re a good man.”

“Thank you Monsieur Brett.”



Le Berber Palace
May 14, 2005

Brad’s suite…

Brad let himself into his suit. He was in a rush. He needed to get to the airport. Angelina’s plane was scheduled to arrive in less than ninety minutes. He couldn’t believe that she would soon be in Morocco again…with him. He’d missed her so much. He missed waking up wrapped in her warm body. He missed her companionship and her sense of humor. He missed the way she combed her hair back with the fingers of one hand. He couldn’t wait to wrap her in his arms.

Tossing the key card on the desk, he moved quickly through the living room on his way to the bedroom to change. A flash of color caught his eye as he past the balcony in his bedroom. He didn’t remember leaving any cloths outside and if he had, why didn’t housekeeping bring it in? As soon as the thought filtered through his mind, he felt a mental Jane Pitt smack in the back of his head. Rubbing the suddenly tender spot in the back of his head, he rushed into the bathroom. He’d go grab the cloths on his way out; right now he needed a shower.


Brad stood under the warm spray, the water massaging the sculpted muscles of his back, flowing lower to caress his taut buttocks. Soaping his body, his hands running down his chest, he let his mind wander to another shower in different bathroom. He remembered the body he’d soaped reverently, the hair he’d lovingly shampooed. Shaking his clear, he rinsed the soap from his body. He didn’t have time for this.

Shutting off the water, he wrapped a towel around his waist. The thick towel covered him fully but did nothing to disguise his rampant arousal. Jesus the woman wasn’t even here and she had him hard as stone. Grabbing another towel, Brad began drying his hair, as he walked into the bedroom. Glancing out at the terrace, he moved towards it, his intentions were to grab the cloths that he’d left out there.

Standing at the door he glanced out at the empty terrace. Where were the cloths? Maybe he was seeing things. “Huh…all in my mind.”

A soft voice broke into his thoughts. “Maybe…”

Spinning around, Brad stared at the vision standing before him in a royal blue silk robe, smiling. He stared at Angelina for a few seconds before speaking. “When did you get here?”

“About four. I decided to have bath and a short nap while I waited for you.”

Dropping the towel he was using to dry his hair with, Brad held his arms open, sighing as Angelina glided into them. He felt all his headaches, moodiness and loneliness fade away. She was here…in his arms.

Angelina sighed as Brad’s embrace tighten. She felt cocooned and sheltered; as if nothing could harm her as long as he held her. Wrapping her arms around his neck she drew his head down for her kiss. Raising her lips to his, she allowed his mouth to move over hers, dominating her softness, exploring her lushness and whisking them both into a world of raw sexuality.

He fed on her sweetness as a starving man would a simple meal of fruit. He wanted to devour her, take her into his body and lock her into his soul for all time. He’d never been an obsessive man, but where this woman was concerned his obsession was almost bordering on insanity.

Moving her hands slowly down his chiseled chest, she caressed every inch of skin her hands came in contact with. Her hands moved downward, coming in contact with the towel. Pulling her mouth from his she removed the towel, letting it flutter to the floor. Brad stood gloriously naked, bared for her eyes, his arousal now even larger. Glancing down Angelina took the rigid length in both hands, running her palms up the velvety smooth skin. She almost purred in delight.

Returning to the canvas of skin before her, she trailed a hot moist path over his chest, sighing at the taste of him. She missed his taste, his smell, his feel. She missed all of him. Her lips found each of his flat nipples. Sparing neither one, she began her slow torture. Twirling her tongue around one of the sensitive buds, she gently bit down adding a bit of pain before suckling him in earnest.

With every pull of her seeking, hot mouth, Brad felt as though his legs were about to give out. Moving backwards until the back of his legs hit the edge of his bed, he held her head up so that he could stare into her slightly unfocused eyes. Sitting down abruptly, he pulled her to stand between his legs. Releasing the belt of her robe, he yanked the silky material from her body, tossing it to the floor. Brad bared her body to his hungry gaze. His hands moved over her body possessively, moving up her narrow ribcage to cup her full breast. He stared at the deep rose colored nipples, swollen with need. Taking one of the sweet offerings into his warm, moist mouth, he scraped his teeth over the turgid bud, teasing her, driving her wild so that her body was pulsating with need.

Grabbing her around the waist, Brad picked her up and lowered her onto his hard, thick shaft. As she settled on him, he felt the exquisite pressure pf her snug passage as it grip him. Contracting her muscles she managed to pull him deeper still. Leaning forward, Angelina laid her head on Brad’s shoulder, enjoying the feel of him. “I missed you.” She whispered.

“I missed you too.” He whispered, not wanting to disturb the quiet of the room. Here they were alone. No paparazzi, no screaming ex-wives, no ranting friends, no wisdom giving parents. It was just the two of them. Drawing his hands through her thick hair, he let them travel down her smooth back until they cupped her gently curved buttocks.

“What time does the party start?” Angelina whispered her words breathy and forced.

He could feel her muscles beginning to contract rhythmically and it was a rhythm he knew well. “We have plenty of time. The party doesn’t start until Ten tonight.”

Angelina began riding Brad’s shaft gently. “Good any earlier and we were definitely going to miss it. As it is we may still be late.”

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