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Hotel La Mamounia
May 14, 2005

Cate Blanchett’s 36th birthday party…

“You look absolutely breath taking.” Brad’s eyes traveled the length of Angelina’s body, covered in a beaten cream satin halter dress. His eyes lit upon the large tiger tattoo that graced her lower back. Memories of a late afternoon spent paying homage to that tiger, filtered through his mind. Shaking the thoughts clear he continued on. “I'm happy you’re here and Cate will be happy you were able to come.”

“Well, I’m happy came, but I don’t know how much of it has to do with the party.” Angelina smiled, wiggling her eyebrows as her eyes targeted Brad’s crouch.

“I think you want me for my body.” Brad whispered into her ear.

“And you want me for my mind?” she countered, laughing as his tongue flicked the inner soft shell of her ear. “If you don’t stop we’re going to become the adult entertainment for everyone here tonight.”

Chuckling softly as his eyes focused on a large gilded settee, it reminded him of the furniture in his own suite. Suddenly the last place he wanted to be was at a birthday party surrounded by people he both knew and didn’t know. Spotting Cate he took Angelina's hand and led her over to Cate’s group. “There’s the birthday girl now.”

Hearing the sudden whispers of those around her, Cate turned, catching a glimpse of the reason, Brad and Angelina. She was stunned at the sheer magnificence that was Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. They were absolutely stunning together. Cate couldn’t believe that the elegant creature on Brad's arm was the same wild child that she’d worked with just a few years ago. “Amazing…” she whispered, not realizing her voice had carried to her companions.

“What?” Alejandro Inarritu asked. When Cate didn’t immediately reply, Alejandro’s gaze followed Cate’s. He felt a sudden jolt of excitement as Brad and Angelina moved in the direction of the group. His smile widened. The one woman he’d dreamed of working with, was right her in front of him. He’d had many conversations with his good friend Michael Cristofer who’d extolled the brilliance of Angelina in both ‘Gia’ and ‘Original Sin’ and after seeing Angelina's performance in both movies, Alejandro’s desire to have Angelina on his set had deepened tenfold.

Cate blinked. “Nothing, I was just thinking out loud.” She moved forward holding her arms out. “Brad…Angelina! I’m so glad you could make it!”

Brad hugged Cate. “Of course we made it! Happy birthday darlin’!” Pulling away from Cate, Brad shook Alejandro’s hand before turning to introduce him Angelina. “Alejandro this is my good friend Angelina Jolie. Angelina this is our famous or is it infamous director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, two of the greatest costars in the business, Gael Garcia Bernal and of course you and Cate already know each other.”

Angelina smiled, greeting everyone. “Hello, it’s nice to meet you.” She turned to Cate. “It’s good to see you again. How have you been?”

Cate reach over and offered Angelina a quick hug and a peck on each cheek. “I’m fine, things have been going well…it’s been a long time, how are you Angelina?”

“Yes it has been a long time. I’m fine…life’s been good.” Angelina smiled secretly at Brad before offering more. “Happy birthday.” She watched and waited, sensing Cate’s curiosity.

“Thank you. Brad told me he’d asked you and I’m glad you accepted. It gives us a chance to catch up on old times.” Cate answered her meaning clear to Angelina. She wanted to talk about Brad.

Alejandro interrupted, offering Angelina his hand. “Ms. Jolie, may I say that it is an honor to meet you. I am most definitely an enamored fan.” His accent made the compliment even more dynamic.

“Thank you, I’m quite honored myself. I have been following your work and found it amazing. Brad has explained the premise of ‘Babel’ to me and after seeing ‘Amores Perros’ and ‘21 Grams’ I can’t wait to see it.”

Alejandro stared at the vision in front of him silently.

Brad laughed. “I do believe you have rendered our Commander and Chief speechless.”

Cate nodded in agreement. “Why Bradley, I do believe you are correct.”

Clearing his throat, Alejandro found his voice. “Ohhhh…you two are real funny.” Turning his attention on Angelina once again, he waved Brad and Cate’s teasing away. “Pay them no mind; they act like children when they’re together. Michael Cristofer speaks highly of you and after following your work, I see why. Maybe you will consider working with me on a project I’m creating?”

Pointing in Brad’s direction, Angelina laughed. “I know what you mean. This one likes to joke around…a bit goofy if you ask me.” Sobering up a bit, Angelina changed the subject. “I haven’t seen Michael in years. How is he?”

Alejandro answered eagerly. “He’s fine…just fine.”

Angelina picked up were she left off. “I would love to work with you. Just let me know when and we can get together and talk about it. But you have to tell me all the most embarrassing moments on the ‘Babel’ set.” She laughed her amusement was contagious as the group began to discuss bloopers and blunders on the set. Brad and Angelina’s ease and comfort around each other and their mutual interests, did not go unnoticed. Brad rarely left Angelina’s side and when he did, she moved through the crowd smoothly, engaging other party goers in conversation. She held her own and Brad could not have been prouder.


Cate walked up behind Angelina, as she stood watching Brad in an animated discussion with Gael and Alejandro. “Angelina?”

“Cate…hi.” She gestured around the large room, full of colorfully dressed friends and working associates. “This is a wonderful party.”

“Thank you.” Cate paused, choosing her word carefully. “I was surprised when Brad told me that he’d asked you. I usually don’t put store in rumors as I have been at the brunt of a few in my time. But I did find this on going one about you and Brad intriguing.” Holding up her hand she stopped Angelina from speaking. “I never believed that you and he slept together while he was married. I know Brad…and I know you. I didn’t want you to think that I was judging you in any way. I’ve always respected you and I have a great deal of respect for Bradley. Whatever else happens, I’m happy for both of you. Brad has been so happy since we’ve been filming and I can only lie that at your feet.”

Shaking her head Angelina spoke softly. “I don’t know about that…”

“I do. You should see his face when he talks about you.” Cate interrupted. “ he has nothing but good things to say about you and that’s great, but its his expression…like he’s in heaven that proves it.”

“I don’t know what to say.” Angelina was at a lost for words. She never really expected Cate of all people to come forward and speak so openly. They had become friends…not close but friends none the less, while working on ‘Pushing Tin’. Cate had even helped Angelina work through her feelings for Billy, the older woman imparting her experience on the younger one.

“Nothing…say nothing. I wish you all the luck in the world, because if Brad makes you a tenth as happy as you make him, then you two are definitely the luckiest couple I know.” Cate offered Angelina open arms.

Smiling Angelina accepted the hug and returned it openly. “Thank you Cate.”

“There are my two girls!” Brad joined the two women. “I’ve been searching the crowd for you.”

Cate’s laugh filled the air. “Just follow the stares. I don’t think any man here has been able to take his eyes from Angelina since she walked in the room wearing this fabulous dress.” Turning to Angelina, “You’re working that dress darling.”

Brad agreed, “Yes she is. I guess I can take the stares as long as the looking doesn’t turn into touching.”

“Well thank you both for the compliment. As far as the touching goes, no pole…no dancing, no dollars, no touching!” She laughed.

“She does have talent.” Brad licked his bottom lick in memory. He’d been hitting the snooze button on his internal alarm clock for the last half an hour. They’d been at the [arty for almost two hours and as much as he loved Cate, he had no desire to turn two hours into three.

As if her own internal clock was in synch with his, Angelina sobered quickly. “Well I really hate to bow out, but I after flying in just this afternoon…I am completely exhausted. I hope you don’t mind Cate, but I’m going to have to say goodnight. Thank you again for for inviting me and again Happy Birthday.”

Cate who knew passion when she saw it and she was well acquainted with lust had a feeling, that both had shown up to her party. She would have laid odds down that Brad and Angie wouldn’t have lasted this long at the party. “I completely understand. I’m happy that you could make it…” Glancing down at the small box and card Brad placed into her hands. “What’s this?”

Brad leaned down to kiss Cate gently on the forehead. “It’s just a gift we picked up for you. Happy Birthday sweetheart.”

“Oh you…you both didn’t have to do this. I didn’t expect anyone to bring anything.”

Holding his hands up, Brad stopped her words. “I know but we wanted to give you something special.”

Cate unwrapped the small gift. “Oh…you two really shouldn’t ha…” Cate’s voice was caught in an intake of breath as her eyes lit upon the white gold charm bracelet with a heart-shaped locket attached. Opening the locket she saw a picture of her boys riding an elephant on one of their trips to the wild life park. She’d taken pictures but her camera’s batteries had died before she could capture the shot of Dashiell and Roman riding the elephant. She hadn’t realized that Brad had actually taken the picture and she was overcome with emotion. “Oh my god! I don’t…when did you…how did you…” She couldn’t find the words.

Brad wrapped his arms around her, hugging her close. “You were so heartbroken when your batteries died. I wanted to make sure that you got the picture. Angie picked out the locket.”

Looking up at Angelina with tears in her eyes, she could barely speak. “Thank you Angelina…thank you so much. I remember this locket, it was on chain when we saw it Canada, you remembered.”

Angelina pressed a kiss to each of Cate’s cheeks. “You’re welcome and yes I remembered it.” She watched Brad help Cate put the bracelet on, telling Brad the story behind the locket, “We were filming a scene near this small…out of the way cul-de-sac that housed a row of boutiques. One sold hand crafted gold and silver jewelry. I went crazy over this ankle dagger and she went ga-ga over a locket just like that one.”

Brad watched Angelina committing yet another fact about her to memory. He had no idea what she’d planned to do with the photo he’d showed her on their dinner date. He was trying to figure out what to get Cate for her birthday and Angelina offered to help. He’d given her a copy of the photo no questions asked. Now seeing the absolute joy on Cate’s face, he was happy and grateful he had. “Well I’m glad you remembered.”

“So am I. Now you two better get out while you can.” She whispered, trying not to draw anymore attention then was already pointed in their direction. “How about brunch tomorrow…say eleven?”

Brad’s eyes found Angelina’s in a silent inquiry before answering. “We’d love too. See you then.” The three said their good-byes. Cate rejoined her party and Brad and Angelina left for their suite.


Angelina Jolie finds her true love. But his heart is taken from another. Remembering the days when our love began thinking of a million ways to escape and be with you but reality wasn't just you and it was long drawn out days and lonely nights dreamin' about u. I keep dreamin' about u and keep dreamin about when u will say "Let me take u to another place were nothing ever seems to matter it's just u and me. We can take flight like thieves in the night "Stolen Moments" with u.

From: PreggyJolie


Hotel Le Berber Palace
May 15, 2005

The Wager…

They sat in the shadowed room, Angelina sitting between Brad’s legs her naked back pressed against Brad’s chest. The afternoon breeze played lightly over the sheer curtains before moving over them and through the living room, the exotic scents mingling with the scent of the golden orchids that Brad had delivered to the room. Brad played languidly with Angelina’s long delicate fingers. Cate had called to cancel their brunch; Roman her youngest son had suffered a burn and she’d decided to return to England that morning. Though he was worried about Roman and had left Angelina sleeping to accompany Cate and the boys to the airport, he was happy to have the more time with Angelina.

Brad rubbed his chin against the soft skin at Angelina’s temple. “Tell me about a baby named ‘Angelina’.”

Angelina moved into his caress. “Well first, I didn’t cry…not even whimpered when the doctor smacked me. They rubbed me…my mother says she even pinched me and I refused to cry. She says she thinks that I did it out of stubbornness.”

Brad’s laughter joined hers. “I can see that. You are a bit of mule sometimes…Ouch! Hey!”

Mouth open in disbelief, Angelina jabbed her elbow into Brad’s naked thigh. “You have some nerve!”

“Hey I’m just agreeing with your wonderful mother. Take it up with her!” Rubbing his thigh, he made a face. “And you are stubborn. Do we need to call Doug? Cause you know by the end of filming he was about as sick of you as you were of him.”

“OH MY GOD!!! You are just too funny! Doug loves me or at least he loves my tits and lips.” Angie stuck her tongue out, settled back again and continued. “Anyway…I was six pounds, eight ounces of lips. My eyes were interesting. They weren’t one true color…they had like…four different colors in them. The nurses didn’t know what color to fill in on my birth certificate.” She ran her hand up and down his shin, enjoying the feel of the fine blond hair that lightly covered it. He wasn’t very hairy and she definitely appreciated that fact. “My mother says that I was a quick baby. I liked to be in the thick of things…her words not mine. She says that I did everything pretty early. I sat up early, walked before I was a year old and started talking early. We should have known then that I wasn’t going to be your average kid…” Brad’s grunt interrupted. Angelina rolled her eyes sideways. “Don’t start!”

“I didn’t say anything. My thigh hurts, I can’t concentrate.” He pulled a pout making his lush lower lip even more enticing. “It needs attention.”

Angelina rose to her knees, turning around so that she faced Brad. Staring directly into his eyes, she bent her head down his injured thigh and caressed the warm flesh with her tongue; drawing moist circles over the area, before blessing the same area with soft kisses. Eyes still on Brad she kissed her way from his thigh to his groin and up his stomach, abs and chest before landing on his lips. Straddling Brad she wrapped her long legs around his waist and faced him. “Feel better now?”

“Ahhh…well I feel something.” They both glanced down at his aroused flesh, standing at attention between their snug bodies.

Amused at his apparent needs, she continued. “Awww poor baby. Well little Bradley is going to have to be patient.” Folding her hands on his chest, she smiled. “So…tell me what were you like as a baby?” Angelina asked, she glanced up at Brad’s face.

Brad laughed at her game; his eyes warned her that a reckoning was coming. “Well, I was the precious first born, golden child…” At Angelina’s groan Brad feigned indignation. “Hey…hey you asked. It’s not my fault I was Bill and Jane’s golden child. Anyway I was the first born and a bit spoiled…you know…first grandchild and all. I think I was kind of cute, though my head was a bit big…glad I grew into it and my ears were real small but I was still cute.”

“Really? Glad to see that modesty hang up of yours isn’t getting in the way.” Angelina muttered, laughter lacing her voice.

“Modesty Anonymous…now shhh…I’m telling this story. Let’s see, where was I?” His deep voice lulled her into a relaxed state.

“Big head…small ears…bit spoiled.” Angelina offered on a giggle.

“My gran…shhh. My grandmother spoiled me rotten, but she laid down the law when necessary. So I wasn’t allowed to get too out of hand. I was a happy baby and grew into pretty happy little boy.”

“Hmmm…sounds like you were loved.” Angelina murmured. “Loved, but a pretty routine life.”

“Are you kidding me? Growing up my life was anything but boring.” Brad adjusted their position so that he had greater access to Angelina's bare neck. “When I was five my, Grandpa Pitt taught me how to play poker with the best of them. I used to take my buddies for their Sunday school offerings…yeah that didn’t go over to hot with the folks, but Grandpa Pitt got a kick out of it.” Leaning down her kissed her pulse gently, lapping at the soft skin.

“Mmmmm…poker huh?” Angelina was having a small problem keeping her mind on the conversation, raising her right arm; she combed her hands through Brad's soft, thick hair. “Do you still play?”

“Oh yeah, poker is definitely my game.” Brad bragged happily. Moving his head so that she could run her hands deeper through his hair. He couldn’t remember the last time someone had simply soothed him this way.

“You still any good?” Angelina asked.

“Why? You know how to play?” Brad’s curiosity was peaked. There was nothing sexier than a beautiful, sexy woman who could beat you in pool as well as poker.

“I’ve played a time or two in my time.” Angelina glanced up from the corner of her eyes, smiling sweetly.

A more coquettish look, Brad had never seen. Lord she had beautiful eyes and those lips. “Yeah?” At her nod he continued. “So do I smell the makings of a game?”

Angelina moved out of his embrace, still facing him. “Wager…no wager?”

“Wager. Let me find some cards. I think there are some in one of these desk drawers.” Opening each drawer searching for a pack of cards, “Aha! Here’s a new pack.” Brad pulled the pack out and tossed it on the suite’s dinning room table. Moving quickly into the bedroom, he returned a moment later with two sarongs blue and black for him and gold and melon for her. He’d bought three more sarongs since her last visit; all for her. Wrapping his around his waist, he helped Angelina into hers. “Ready?”

“Oh yes, Mr. Pitt. Let’s play.” Angelina seated herself across from Brad. “What should we wager?”

“I’m easy…do you have any suggestions?” he asked softly.


“Okay. How much?”

“Hmmm…how about twenty-five thousand to any charity of the winner’s choosing.” She smiled.

“You’re on.” Handing her the new deck Brad smiled with confidence. “One hand…you deal.”

Taking the deck, Angelina shuffled with an ease born of experience, the cards a blur of color in her quick proficient hands. Finishing, she handed the deck back to Brad offering him the right to shuffle.

Brad took the cards, sliding them to the tips of his fingers before fanning them out in a ruffled glossy array. Flipping them over with his fingertips, he racked them together with his other hand, cut the deck in two and slid the cards back across the table toward Angelina.

Angelina dealt them each five cards and set the deck between them.

Brad glanced briefly at his card and sat them face down on the table, holding his hand up. “No cards for me,” he spoke softly, no expression on his face. “Bet’s on the table, twenty-five thousand.

Glancing down at her cards, “I’m good.” She watched him closely. Was he bluffing? “I’ll see the twenty-five thousand and raise the stakes. Fifty thousand.” Angelina felt confident she’d win this hand and the wager.

“Fine but lets make the stakes more enticing, shall we?” Brad sat back in his chair and stared at Angelina, taking in her lush and exotic beauty. He watched her teeth toy with that impossibly full bottom lip. His eyes moved down to capture her full breast; pressed against the soft cotton of the sarong she wore. “The fifty thousand is still on the table, but let’s couple it with ‘Winner’s Desire’. If I win, you’re mine anyway, anywhere and anytime I want you. You can’t say no to any position or any rules. If you win, the same applies.”

The thought of four days spent in uninhibited sexual excess caused her blood to race. “Agreed, I call…full house” She flipped her cards over, showing him three jacks and two aces.

“I have two pair.” Brad announced. Angelina’s crow of excitement interrupted his words.

“Oh baby! I win!” She reached out for the deck. Brad's hand stopped hers.

“Un un…” He flipped his cards over to show four kings. “Two matching pair. I win. ”Brad watched her intently, waiting for her response. She was a great looser, her answer a beautiful, crafty smile. “My desires.” He whispered. “Undress,”

Staring him directly in the eyes and bowing her head slightly, she responded softly. “Your desires.” Standing, she loosened her sarong and allowed it to fall to the floor.

“Come here sweetheart.” He waved her in his direction, removing his own sarong as she walked toward him. “Do you want to ride?”

She moved forward barefoot and naked. Her body bathed in the afternoon light. Her gaze caught by his huge arousal. “Yes.”

Brad steadied Angelina as she climbed onto his lap, sliding his hands around her waist after she straddled his legs, lifting her, helping her guide the cresting head of his erection to her slick, heated entrance. As she settled down on him, he felt the exquisite pressure, her passage too tight despite her moist arousal. “You’re very tight.” He murmured, adjusting his upward movement.

“God I don’t know how I survive without you…without this.” She sighed, her hips gently rotating drawing him in more deeply.

He eased up slowly, careful not to hurt her. “Careful now, we don’t want to cause any damage.” He cautioned, holding her immobile for a moment, letting her catch her breath, caressing her hips in a soothing rhythm, as if calming her fevered body. “More?”

“Yes, please.” She spoke, her voice breathy in anticipation as he invaded her another small distance.

He pushed upward into her yielding flesh until she whimpered, her sounds of ecstasy breaking the exotic silence of the room. When she’d calmed a fraction he gave her another demand. “I want you to do something for me. Hold your breasts up, I want to taste them.” He knew how much she liked having her nipples sucked…almost as much as he liked suckling them. He knew that he could make her come just by suckling and he intended to.

Angelina knew what he was thinking, what he intended to do, and her passage throbbed in an answering rhythm. Cupping a breast in each hand she offered their bounty up to him, like a virginal sacrifice.

“Give me the right one first,” Brad requested. “Lift it higher.” He ordered quietly. “Use both hands and no noise. If you make a sound, I’ll be forced to stop. You don’t want that now do you?”

“No.” She took the breast into both hands and raised it to where his mouth waited. When his lips closed over the nipple, she felt the tingling…almost numbing pressure in her toes and spine. She felt the almost painful tension deep inside were Brad’s erection stretched her wide. With every tug at her breast, she was forced to clamp down on the hysterical screams rose in her throat.

“Very good. ” Brad murmured, lifting his mouth from her nipple to praise her constraint. “You didn’t wake the neighbors.” He languidly licked the tip of her nipple before he drew the plump pink offering back into his mouth with a strong, hard pressure.

She could feel herself open as he sucked on her, the stirring quiver and quake of her breast as he nursed on her, palpable in her cupped hands; she could feel his arousal sink deeper as if he knew how to operate the code for the secret door.

A master at gauging minute degrees of arousal, Brad lifted his mouth at last when she was hovering on the brink of orgasm, almost beyond reason and cold air on her wet nipple brought her to a shuddering awareness.

“Now the other one,” he ordered, demanding to be obeyed. The sheer force of his voice drawing her as if she had no control over her body, as if he possessed her, owned her, mind and soul. “You’ve been so quiet you deserve a reward.”

His deep voice stirring mental images in her mind of her reward, Angelina could hardly wait.

“Bring it closer.” He rested his head against the back of the chair and waited for her to lean forward to offer him the breast that always brought her to climax. As if he read her mind, he spoke. “Are you ready to come?” his breath was warm on her nipple.

She didn’t answer, her mind so inflamed she had difficulty concentrating on his voice.

“You didn’t answer me.” He ran his tongue over the turgid crest.

“Yes.” She said, trembling with the effort it took to gather her thoughts, her body trembling.

“You can’t scream Angel.” He cautioned; his voice stern. He opened his mouth slowly, so that she could feel the slippery passage of her nipple over his lips. He paused then, licking the hard peak, nibbling on it, and then soothing it with his tongue before teasing once again. And when he closed his mouth and bit down, the first shuddering spasm began spiraling, coiling deep inside her.

He knew that there was nothing she could do to stop the flow and he drove deep inside her in a hard steady rhythm, intent on meeting her climax, on joining her fevered journey to paradise. Seconds later when he sucked hard and ravenously like a man starved for sustenance, her climax exploded as he knew it would and he released himself into her sweet welcoming body, filling her with rivers of sperm, invading her so deeply, she screamed at the reeling pleasure. Holding her hips between his large hands, he pressed down with such savage intensity she peaked for agonizing moments on the rapturous crest.

She clung to him as the convulsive violence surged through her body, her orgasm intense, so prolonged that she simply collapsed insensibly in his arms.

He held her sudden weight for a moment, then lifted her free and settled her in his lap, his own breathing still labored, his heart drumming, a smile of triumph gracing his handsome face. Brushing the thick dark strands from her face as she lay in his arms. He gazed at her beautiful face. Her beauty could make a man weep; it wasn’t a soft beauty nor was it an accepted beauty. Women were threatened by it and men feared it. None of that mattered. What mattered was that she now belonged to him and for three and a half more days, she would do whatever he asked. Standing slowly he carried her over to the sofa, where he gently placed her near inert body. When she began to move, he joined her. “Shhh…rest.” Using the throw from the sofa he covered them both, adjusting her head comfortably against his chest, he settled down for an early nap. He warned her before drifting off. “Winner’s Desire”.

Angelina whispered sleepily. “Winner’s Desire.”

Brad smiled above her head. “I want you tied, blind folded and face down.”

“Face down…” she knew what he wanted, he shown her on her last visit to Morocco. Only this time she knew he wouldn’t be using his finger.

“Face down.” He placed a kiss on her temple. “Winner’s Desire.”

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