Monday, September 11, 2006


On the set of Mr. and Mrs.Smith…

“To dodging bullets.” Jane held her shot glass of Tequila up.

“To dodging bullets.” John tapped his shot glass into hers. Tossing the fiery liquid down before slamming the glass onto the table.

Jane stood slowly, a seductive smile gracing her full, luscious lips. Holding her glass in one hand she leaned in giving her companion a glimpse of her plump breast as she moved past him. “So it speaks, but does it dance?” Her husky voice was like a sirens song leading him to his doom.

As the tribal tones of “Mondo Bong” filled the air of the Cantina, John watched her glide all the way to the dirt covered dance floor, John finally inched his way over to her. Watching him as intently as a predator does its prey, Jane finished her drink, tossed the shot glass in a close can fire, wipe the moisture from her mouth and held her arms high above her head; her hips swaying seductively. Finally reaching out with one hand, luring him, drawing him into the dance.

He grasped her hand and drew her into his arms. The momentum brought Jane flat against John’s chest. Raising her arms, she wrapped them slowly around his neck. John lowered his hand casually caressing her waist as he lightly pressed her hips forward into the cradle of his. He began leading her into seduction’s dance; the floral smell of her hair, his lips against her soft neck, whispers in her ear, the feel of her curved bottom arousing his over sensitized groin. One turn and his lips danced dangerously close to her full slightly parted lips…waiting.

“Cut!!!!” Doug Liman shouted. “Angie, Brad…that was great. We’ll keep this last take.” Pointing to the table they’d left he barked instructions. “We’re going to shoot the kiss, so stay in character guys.”

Brad took hold of Angie’s hand and led her over to the table. Sitting down, he pulled her onto his lap. “You’re a pretty good dancer.”

Angie laughed. “Thanks…I try. All those years of pole dancing are paying off.”

Brad enjoyed hearing her laugh. This moment wasn’t sexual, it was sweet. Something he hadn’t experienced in a long time. If only they’d known the furor a photo of this moment would cause. They would know soon enough.

Angie was analyzing her own feelings. She liked Brad…she really liked him…he was…sweet.

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