Monday, September 11, 2006


January 2004

Filming begins...

(Some quotes are from Entertainment Weekly issue 823 and Vanity Fair issue)

“Hey Angie!” Brad flagged Angelina down.

Angelina waved back, waiting for Brad and his companion to reach her. “Hi!”

Brad made the introductions. “Jen this is Angelina…Angie.” Brad smile excitedly at Angelina. “Angie this is my wife Jennifer.”

Angelina offered Jennifer her hand. “Hi, how are you?”

Jennifer smiled in return. “I’m fine. How are you?”

“Fine, thank you.”

“You know, Brad is looking forward to this movie, he’s very excited to be working with you.” Jennifer added.

“Me too. I called him for his opinion and ended up letting him talk me into it. Let’s hope it works out.” Angelina offered.

Jennifer agreed. “I hope you enjoy working with him?”

“I’m sure I will. He seems like quite a character.” Angelina rolled her eyes skyward and threw her head back, her laughter filling the air, the husky peals ensnaring Brad on the spot. “I’ll see you inside Bradley. It was nice meeting you Jennifer.”

“You too.” Jennifer waited until Angelina was out of earshot, before turning to Brad, her smile gone. “You didn’t mention that she’d called you. When was this?”

Brad’s exasperated sigh filled the air. “Come on Jen, It was a long time ago. Doug and Akiva told me to try and convince her to do the movie. That’s all.” Brad glanced around. He hated it when she made a scene. “Besides you were there the day she called. You, me, Courtney and David were watching Pirates of the Caribbean, when she called. I got up and left the room.”

“No you left the house.” Jen insisted.

“Yeah I did! So I wouldn’t disturb the movie.” Brad threw his hands up and lowered his voice to a low growl. “It was a five-minute phone call, not a dinner date gone over.”

“Why didn’t you mention it?” Jennifer asked, sticking to the subject.

“You saw me get up and leave. Why didn’t you just ask me who it was? Did you even care?” Brad was reaching his tolerance level. “Look…we can’t talk about this now. I have to go to work and so do you. I’ll see you later.” He turned and walked away, leaving an angry Jennifer in his wake.


Doug sat back and watched his two stars. He just couldn’t believe that he had two of Hollywood’s biggest stars sitting in front him. “So Brad…Angelina, any thoughts on the script?”

Brad spoke up first. “Yeah, I have an issue with the scene where Jane grab’s the golfing trophy and is about to club him over the head with it and he says…” Brad glanced at Angelina, who picked up where he left off.

“No! Don’t, I’m only the custodian of that for the year!” Angie nodded. “Yeah, I think that’s just a bit too goofy for these two. They’re assassins and the over all tone is a bit serious…not so slap stick.”

Brad laughed, glancing at Angie he continued. “Good word choice.”

“Thank you…” The low ring of Angelina’s cell phone interrupted the jovial air of the room. “I’m sorry.” Angie apologized and left the room.

Akiva glanced at Simon. “Did Angie sign off on her Amenities Ryder?”

Simon nodded, leafing through papers, until he found what he was looking for. “Yes she Okayed everything. She really just wanted to make sure that Maddox will be okay. One part-time nanny, trailer equipped for her son. She’ll be bringing him to the set with her everyday. Other than that she didn’t really ask for much.”

“Are we supplying?” Akiva asked. He like low maintenance stars and Brad and Angie were two of the lowest maintenance he’d met; considering their caliber and status. He liked that. So he wanted to make sure that they were happy.

“Yeah.” Simon confirmed just as Angelina returned to the room.

Angelina returned to the room. “Sorry about that. Maddox is home from school. If I don’t pick him up he makes Holly call me so that he can speak to me and tell me about his day.”

Brad leaned forward his attention caught at the mention of Angelina’s son. “How old is your son?”

“Maddox is two and a half. He’ll be three in August. He’s my little man.” A sweet and gentle smile lit Angelina’s face as she spoke.

Brad watched the glow and couldn’t help but think of how beautiful Angelina truly was; inside and out. Do you have a picture of him?”

“Do I?” Angelina reached for purse and pulled a slim wallet from its side pocket. Flipping it open to the picture section, she showed off her colorful photos with pride.

Brad looked through the pictures. He smiled whimsically at the small laughing child. His favorite photo, one of Maddox and Angelina caught in an Eskimo kiss. The look of love between both mother and child somehow soothed him. This was what he wanted…what he’d yearned for over the past four years. He wanted that to be him in the photo. Sighing he handed the wallet back to Angelina. “He’s beautiful.”

Taking the wallet, Angelina noticed the look of longing on Brad’s face. “Thank you.” She couldn’t think of anything else to say. So she busied herself with putting the wallet away.

Brad shook off the feeling of old regret. “He must be a handful…yeah?”

“Oh yeah. Lately he’s been going through his super hero phase.” Leaning in closer to Brad she whispered loudly. “He thinks he’s Superman or Batman…or Spiderman. Either one will do these days.” Angelina shook her and snorted. “Yesterday I caught him trying to fly off the back of the couch with one of the bath towels tied around his neck.”

Brad laughed, living vicariously through Angie’s words. He could just picture the scene. That’s great…that’s great!”

Doug broke into the conversation. “So where were we?”

Simon answered. “The golfing trophy debacle.”


“Our Wildest Dreams”Copyright © 2006 all rights reserved by ‘Rica’

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