Monday, September 11, 2006


April 2004

“So what are you going to do for the next couple of months?” Brad asked Angelina. They were hanging out with the cast and crew at one of the local bars. He watched Angelina take her shot, she was good. He had to up his A-game, if he wanted to win this match.

Angelina straightened from the pool table watching the balls disappear. Smiling and cocking an eyebrow. She could taste victory. “I have UN obligations. Mad and I are off to Lebanon and Afghanistan.”

“Really? What’s the situation over there?” Brad’s interest was peaked. They’d spoken several times about their individual humanitarian efforts. He knew he had a ways to go before he reached her level of dedication. But he was willing to make the journey. He’d been speaking to Bono about the One campaign and the DATA organization and what he could do after Mr. and Mrs. Smith finished shooting.

“Refugees…disenfranchised and dying to survive.” Angelina began to explain her agenda through the UNHCR and what they all hoped to accomplish.

Brad listened intently. “Wow! And I’m just going to make a movie.” He watched her smile widen. “Watch this.” Brad performed a pool trick that ended with all the balls finding their way to the same hole.

Angelina was amazed and that was no small feat, she was rarely surprised these days. “How did you do that?”

Setting the balls up again; Brad moved around to her side. “Here, hold the pole.” He had to make adjustments because Angelina was left-handed. Wrapping his arms around her he began to show her how to execute the shot. “Pull back just a bit…” He leaned in and caught a whiff of her perfume. His fingers moved up the pool stick to lie directly on top of Angelina’s; caressing lightly. He had to stop…he knew it. Resting his face against the top of her head, he murmured. “This is getting dangerous.”

Angelina leaned back for a moment before extricating herself slowly. Turning around to stare directly into Brad’s eyes she answered. ““No…it’s wrong and we need to stop it here…now.” Looking around she found her jacket. “I need to get home. Thanks for the game and the trick.” She grabbed her purse and left the bar.

“My treat.” Brad answered, watching her go.


May 2004
Premiere of Troy

She promised him she would attend the premiere and so she did. Entering unnoticed through a side door she found a seat in the back, the left corner. She watched him glance surreptitiously around; knowing he was looking for her. She watched his eyes light upon her. He waved a bit. Smiling, she sent him an answering wave.

Brad finally saw her. She was sitting in the back by herself. He hadn’t realized he was holding his breath until he released it at the sight of her. He knew she’d only come because he’d asked her. Friends…that’s what they called themselves, but friends was much to simple a word to describe what was growing between them. It wasn’t sexual…it was comfort…understanding…acceptance. But the tabloids were having a field day and all they needed was just a peek at Angelina here and all hell would break loose.

The lights dimmed and the movie began. Angelina watched as a naked Brad filled the screen. “Hmmm…Jen you’re a lucky girl. I hope you appreciate what you have.”

Once the movie ended, Brad looked back to find Angelina gone; as if she had never been there. He had to return to the ‘Ocean’s Twelve’ shoot on Monday, so seeing her was out. God his days were getting long and his nights longer.

He missed her and Maddox, he’d gotten use to seeing them everyday and now he was finding himself lonely without them.

“You have a wife Bradley, concentrate on her.” His inner voice instructed, but was he listening?


August 2004
Shooting resumes

“Braddy!” Catching sight of Brad entering the set, Maddox broke away from his mother, running as fast as his little three year old legs could carry him.

Brad had just enough time to drop his bag, before the toddler launched himself into Brad’s arms. He’d bonded with Maddox and become close friends with the child’s mother. He’d missed them…both of them. Swooping Maddox into the air, Brad laughed aloud. God why couldn’t he have this at home? “Hey Mad! How are you? Good?”

“Un huh. I missed you. You went away and I didn’t see you...for a long time.” Maddox pouted.

Brad jostled the child around, eliciting the manic bout of giggling that always left both he and Angie in amused tears “Remember I had to go finish another movie.” He smiled at Angelina as she joined them. “Hi.”

“Hi yourself. How was the shoot?” Angelina reached over to caressed her son’s back.

“Great! We’re done. No more re-shoots.” Returning his attention to the bouncing toddler in his arms. “Did someone have a birthday? I can’t remember the name of the bot.”

“Me!” The child bobbed up and down.

Pretending not to hear the child, Brad continued. “Who’s three years old?”

“Me!” The child laughed.

“So that’s why there’s a big gift in my trailer!” Brad laughed, hugging the boy close.

Maddox looked over at his mother. “Mommy can I get my gift?”

Angelina smiled indulgently, her love for the child evident in every line of her face. “Yes you can ‘get’ your gift.” Leaning forward she kissed Maddox on the forehead, not realizing how close she was to Brad until she glanced up from the kiss. Their lips a mere inch or so apart. “Welcome back.”

“I’m glad to be back. I missed you and Mad.” He stared at her for what seemed minutes, but was only seconds.

Clearing her throat she stepped away. “Why don’t we go and see what Brad bought you.”

She knew that sooner or later, they were going to have to talk and that’s what she feared the most.

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