Monday, September 11, 2006


August 2003

Beverly Hills...

“Brad, how are you?” The voice of Akiva Goldsman, one of the executive producers for ‘Mr and Mrs. Smith, sounded over the line.

“Fine Akiva, thanks and you?” Brad finished purchasing the latest ‘Architectural Digest’ and walked out of the book store.

“Fine thanks.” Akiva moved on quickly. “Brad, we need to meet with you. Can you make a long lunch today?”

Moving on to his Confederate F124 Hellcat, Brad agreed. “Sure, my schedules pretty clear, what time?” Brad asked, a bit curious but not worried.

“How’s one-thirty sound?”

“That’s fine. I’ll see you then.” Brad ended the call, put his helmet on and drove toward the home he shared with his wife Jennifer.


“Brad, we have some good news regarding ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith. We have a candidate for Jane. “ Doug offered. “Our choices were narrowed down to Catherine Zeta-Jones, Cate Blanchett and Angelina Jolie.”

Brad’s listened intently. “And?”

“Well Cate is busy and we just thought that you and Catherine in another movie back to back would be overkill. So we decided to offer the role to Angelina.” Doug watched Brad’s expression for some sign of agreement.

Brad nodded slowly. “Angelina…hmmm…she’s good. Has she accepted?”

“We’re still waiting. She’s not sure that she can do the part justice. I told her to give you a call.” Doug offered. “I thought…you know, that maybe you could kind of talk her into it. That is if you agree with our choice.”

Brad laughed. “Oh I agree and if she’s willing to do it. I’ll definitely sign back on.”

Akive smiled. “Good she’ll be calling with in the next day or two. The quicker we can get this settled, the sooner we can get started. We are already behind schedule.”

“That’s fine with me. I’ll help her out as much as I can.” Brad added. Smiling he thought, ‘Angelina Jolie’ hmmm…nice choice.


“Hi Brad?” The husky voice spoke quietly over the line. “It’s Angelina, how are you?”

“Hi, I’m fine and you?” Brad responded. The woman definitely had a voice.
“Fine…umm… Akiva and Doug told me you’d help me out with an opinion about the material.” Her thoughts similar to his, she’d always found his voice sexy.

Not wanting to disturb the movie he, Jennifer, and Courtney were watching, Brad moved outside to the poolside patio. “Did you get a chance to read through the script?”

“Yeah, I like the script, it’s pretty funny, but I’m not big on comedy.” Angelina sat down on her sofa, grabbed the script, and began leafing through it. "Or rather...its not big on me."

“Come on. I’ve seen your work. I think that you can pull it off.” For whatever reason, he couldn’t explain, he wanted her on this film. “You’ve conquered more genres of film then I can count. I know you can do this. It’s more of a dark comedy anyway.”

Her sultry laugh engulfed him in velvet. “I do know dark; it’s just the comedy part that I’m uncomfortable with.”

“In my honest opinion Angelina, I really believe you can do this.” Brad urged her on, “I doubt you’ve ever backed down from a challenge in your life. Why start now?”
Angelina thought it over for a moment. Brad waited almost anxiously. “Alright. I accept. Let’s hope it’s not a mistake.”

Brad breathed a silent sigh of relief. “I have nothing but positive feelings about this.”

“Hmmm…yeah sure. Thanks for the input. I guess I’ll see you at the read through.” Angelina ended the call in true Angelina fashion. “Oh and Bradley, please don’t call me Angelina, the name’s Angie.”

Laughing softly Brad answered. “Alright, see you at the read through, Angie.”

“Our Wildest Dreams”Copyright © 2006 all rights reserved by ‘Rica’

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