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The lighting in the hotel lounge was muted enough to conceal both Val Kilmer and his table companion, Angelina Jolie from the prying eyes of fans. The two shared a small table.

“So…?” Val persisted. He’d along with a few others had noticed Angelina’s sadness. Her mind seemed a million miles away from the premiers. He’d finally managed to get her away from the rest of the cast.

“So…what?” Angelina absolutely adored Val. He’d become a very good friend over the last few years.

“You know what. What’s going on with you?” Val continued. “You haven’t been yourself since you arrived here for the premiere.” Leaning across the table he whispered. “What happened in Italy Angie? Why are your eyes so sad? They don’t have that spark that I’m used to seeing.”

What did she tell him? That she pined for a man who could never be hers; a married man? That she’d almost given in to the desire of her body, heart and soul? How did she explain how weary and disappointed she was after her trip to Darfur. How did she put in words, the suffering that she’d witnessed, of the refugees of Darfur? What would make sense to him? Her answer, nothing. “Nothing, I’m just tired. That’s all.”

“Bull!” Val took a sip of his drink. “I’m going to ask you something and I want you to be honest with me.”


“Does this have anything to do with all the ‘Brad’ noise that I have been hearing about?” Val asked. He and Angie had always been upfront with one another, why change now?


“Don’t.” Val held his hand up to stop her. “Before you go to the trouble; I know you. I’ve heard the rumors and you and I both know that no matter how scattered or twisted there usually is usually a modicum of truth in there somewhere. So which is it in this case?”

“We haven’t slept together if that’s what you mean?” Angelina’s voice a bit on the defensive side.

“That’s not what I said.” Deciding to try a different approach, Val reached across the table to capture Angelina’s hand. “Angie…baby I know you didn’t. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be attracted to one another. Hell, look at Colin, he’s half in love with you and you wouldn’t give him the time of day.”

Angie suddenly felt the need to just release it all. Unload it on Val and let him deal with it. Maybe he could make sense of it all. “I never…Brad is.” She stopped and started over. “He’s so down to earth. He was kind sweet, and a little goofy. I never expected to feel this way. While we were in Italy we talked about his marriage, my life and his.

“But?” Val prompted.

Angelina’s lips quirked into a quick smile. “Huh…there’s always a but, isn’t there?” She sipped her drink and continued. “But…things just got a little to tight…too close, so when we parted I suggested that we not see each other anymore and I sent him home to work on his life. So he went back home to California and I went on to Darfur. None of it worked…the distance…the other responsibilities…other people. I sat there in that refugee camp watching the people…their suffering and while I did my job, my mind was on him. So what do I do? What can I do? Nothing…he’s married.”

Val read the confusion and longing on her face. “Baby, I don’t know have an answer for to that. You did the best you could. We can’t help who our heart yearns for. You did the right thing. It may hurt but it was morally right. He’s back in the states with his wife. That’s where he should be at least for now, trying to work everything out.”

Her voice a strained whispered floated across the space between them. “He calls me almost everyday. At first I didn’t answer or returned any of his calls, but he kept calling and I…I couldn’t…couldn’t” Her voice broke. “Then there’s Maddox, he’s constantly asking for Brad. I tell him that Brad had to go home, but he doesn’t understand. I started to letting Brad talk to him when he calls. It’s the only way Mad will sleep. And now we’re all in deep.” Dropping her head into her hands she moaned through her palms. “Awwww….what was I thinking. I guess I just needed to hear his voice…I needed…I don’t know.”

Reaching for hands, he drew them away fro her face, Such a beautiful face. “Shhh…It’s okay. Trust me I understand.” Val knew she wasn’t ready for the ‘L’ word but he had a feeling that was where she was headed. It wouldn’t be quick, knowing Angie. She had Mad to think of so ever cautious, this was liable to drag out. Maybe he should try to feel Brad out to see were his head was at.

Angie tried to cleared her throat but the lump was still there. “I’m starting to to feel discombobulated.” Shaking her head she stared almost frantically into Val’s eyes. “I don’t want another ‘Billy’ episode.”

“Baby there is nothing remotely psychotic about this situation with Brad. Billy Bob? Now…that was just strange. I love Billy, don’t get me wrong, but he was just a dirty old man.” Laughing he continued. “Hell! Half the population of 40 something year old men wanted you…like I said dirty old men.”

Angelina’s laughter tinkled through the quiet lounge. “Thank you…”

“For what?”

“For just listening to me.”

“Always my pleasure Angel.” He gave her hand a gentle squeeze.


DECEMBER 9, 2004
Pre- Ocean’s Twelve-Premiere

“Is Jen coming to the Premiere tomorrow night?” George had been having a one-sided conversation with himself, since the yacht had disembarked. Now almost two hours later, he realized he wasn’t really into the ‘alone thing’.

He tried again. “April asked about you?” George tried teasing his long time friend. But he seemed to be preoccupied, just as he had been for the last two months. “Brad! Did you hear me?”

Brad snapped out of his reverie. “What?”

“I said that April…April Florio asked about you/” George looked out over the Pacific Ocean, visible from the yacht that they were sailing.

“Oh yeah? What does she want?” Brad barely remembered who she was and was not particularly interested in anything she had to say.

“She just asked me how you were.” George smirked. “Wanted to know if you wanted to get together.”

“What did you say?” Brad asked.


Brad’s attention was on full alert now. “George!”

George laughed and handed Brad another beer. “Just kidding man! I told her that you weren’t interested.”

“Thank you.” Brad took a swig from his bottle. “For a minute there, I thought that I was going to have to kill you and throw your body overboard.”

“And here I thought we were good friends…best buds!” George swallowed his own beer.

“Yeah, best buds don’t set there buddy up with a stalker.” No problem though if you ahd told her yes. We would have just double dated with you.”

“Me and who?”

“The love of your life. “Juliana Dipandi”

“Oh…Ha…ha…ha!” George grimaced at the name. Juliana was a nice woman but a bit stalk-er-ish. She actually scared him. “Yeah…she scares me.”

Brad grinned. “That’s just wrong.”

George chose his next words carefully. “So now that I have your attention, you wanna tell me what’s been going on with you?”


“You heard me. What’s going on. You haven’t been the same since you returned from Italy. What went on there?”


“Ahhh…” George had heard the rumors, but he also knew his friend. But he’d gotten a good look at Ms. Jolie and if beauty and sensuality needed a name, it needed only to knock on her door. The woman seemed to positively ooze sex. He yet to meet her but depending on how this whole situation worked out, she was definitely on his ‘look up’ list.

“No ahhh.” Brad mimicked. “We didn’t do anything.”

“I know you didn’t Brad.” Shrugging he continued. “I can also see that something’s bothering you, so talk to me.”

“She’s not what people think. I remember thinking that she was more than a little weird. I was wrong…completely. She’s got to be the most misjudged person, I’ve ever met. She’s down to earth, compassionate and loving. She enjoys a successful career but yet motherhood is her number one priority. I can’t get Jennifer to so much as think about having a baby and here Angelina is adopting them from orphanages around the world. Do you know where she is right now? She’s in Lebanon for the UN. She’s so selfless…why couldn’t…” He simply broke off his words.

“Why couldn’t, what? Jen be more like her..or is there something else?” George asked. “Finish what you were going to say.”

Frowning at George had no affect, so he was forced to continue. “Why couldn’t I have met her in 2000?” Did he even know what he was saying these days?

Shaking his head George set his beer down. “Because, she was married to Billy Bob and you were busy shaking off Bradley and morphing into ‘Brad Pitt; Golden Boy’. She was too wild and you were too superficial. You ended up married to the right woman at the time.”

“So I should work on my marriage and forget about Angie?” He asked.

“I said that you had married the right woman at the time. Now four years later, you two are moving in separate directions. If one of you is willing to compromise and walk the others path then yes.” Chuckling he finished. “Do you know why I’ve vowed not to marry again? Because I’m not good at it, but you Brad…you are. You enjoy being with someone and creating a family. And in the right setting I think you’ll flourish.”

“Yeah but which setting? Exotic or domestic?” Rolling his eyes heaven word, he twisted his lips. “I’ve tried walking her path for almost seven years. I just don’t know how much longer I can keep doing it.” Shaking his head in defeat Brad stood and moved over to the yacht’s railing. “I’m just so tired of being the only one in this marriage who’s compromising, and sacrificing.

“Then you have your answer.”

He had an answer but what was it? Jennifer was in London. He would go and spend time with her. Maybe they’d celebrate his birthday together.

If he wanted this marriage to work, he would have to let Angelina’s and Maddox’s memories rest. “Yeah, I have my answer. “

That was much easier said than done…

Especially when one’s heart became involved…

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