Thursday, September 14, 2006


"There'll be some lovemaking, heartbreaking, soul shaking
Oh, lovemaking, heartbreaking, soul shaking."
From: cinemuse


Diani Beach. Kenya
Alfajiri Villas

April 19th

Angelina opened the villa door to find Brad standing there, a large overnight bag on his shoulder. A very soft “Hi” was all she could muster, before Brad enter the villa.

Brad dropped his bag halfway through the door before roughly grabbing Angelina’s face with both hands, using the momentum to shove her non too gently against the opposite wall. Lifting her face up toward his, he nuzzled her before seeking out and finding her lips. Biting and teasing them, he growled “Open!” When she complied he tongue began its pillaging; sweeping over, under and around. Angelina whimper as he captured her tongue began sucking it rhythmically. He held her up as her knees gave way. Using his knee to forced her legs apart and her lower body to cradle his he began grinding in rhythm to his tongue’s movement. Those lips, he’d dreamed of. Lips that had him waking up stiff and sweaty at all hours of the night. He couldn’t even play ball anymore, because just a quick mental picture of her left him painfully aroused. Damn her! He wanted her so bad he would kill to have her at this moment and nothing would stop him nothing except…

“Mommy? Mommy are you and Braddy doing another movie?”

Yeah nothing but a sleepy 3 year old! Stooping down groaning as his arousal brushed painfully against his jeans. “Hey Mad. How are you buddy. He pick the toddler up and headed toward the living room but not before his gaze found a very flustered and aroused Angie. Good let her have a taste of his torture. “We’re not finished…not by a long shot.”


Pointing at a flock of birds flying overhead Brad caught the toddler’s attention. “Hey Mad, look at the seagulls! See!” He laughed as the child jumped up in down. Walking slowly over to Angelina, who stood a few feet away, Brad spoke quietly. “What are you thinking about?”

Angelina looked up as if surprised. “Huh…you.” She glanced over to make sure Maddox was okay.

“What about me?” He asked softly, following her gaze.

“I was remembering the first time I saw you.” She smiled tenderly. “You were sitting next to me and Billy, trying not to notice us practically having sex right next to you…yeah small chairs.”

Laughing, Brad shook his head. “Hey I was trying to play it cool. You two were all over each other. I was jealous as hell of Billy. All I could see was lips and legs. Damn you were hot. You walked in like you owned the world.”

“You played cool, well.”

“You liked that huh?” Brad moved closer.

Angie swiped an insect from her bare shoulder, “Yeah, I liked that. I was so into Billy but I glanced up and you glanced over. I can still see your expression.” She closed her eyes for a moment. “Billy’s mouth on my neck; your eyes on my lips. Oh I remember. I kept wondering what Billy would have done had you joined us?”

“Killed me. I would have.” He ran his fingertips up her arm, dragging the nails lightly. He smiled dangerously at her shiver.

“Don’t. Not here.” Angie whispered,

“Why? It’s deserted beach.” Brad groused.

“You know the paparazzi are always sneaking around. They’ll make a mountain out of the simplest touch. People are already calling me a home wrecker, not that I care what they say about and to me but I don’t Maddox hurt by any of it. Please just…let’s just play with Maddox…no touching out here.” Angie pleaded for understanding.

Brad understood, the ink was still wet on his divorce papers and he too wanted to protect Maddox. He was falling hard for both mother and son. He didn’t want to see either one hurt. “Okay. No touching in public, at least for now.”

Angelina smiled. “Thank you.” Wanting to reward him, she continued. “Holly is going to take Maddox on a little trip this evening. They’ll be back tomorrow afternoon.”
Brad’s smiled widen. “Where?”

“A colleague from the UNHCR is having a birthday party slash sleep over for her four year old son. He and Maddox have become little buddies.” Angelina explained sliding her hand down the back of her right leg.

“Hmmm…I do love sleepovers.” Turning he grabbed a fallen bucket and headed back to Maddox. “Hey Mad lets make some more sandcastles.”


Submerge: Til We Become the Sun - Maxwell

Diani Beach, Kenya
Alfajiri VillasApril 20th 12am

Angelina leaned back against Brad’s wet chest, sighing when he ran a soapy hand over her full breasts. A moan escaped her lips as he cupped the weight of each breast, massaging them, squeezing roughly, then gently; barely touching the nipples which rose erotically in anticipation.

Angelina closed her eyes as sensations rippled through her, leaving her breathless. She growled softly as Brad’s hands slid down her flat stomach, stopping to tease the tiny hollow of her navel. “Tell me what you want Angel. Do you want me here?” He asked as he drew a single finger down the invisible line that ran from her navel to her dark sheath, sliding one then a second finger into her deeply before pulling out. He continued teasing until her breathless moans began to fill the quiet bathroom, he whispered in her ear. “You like that? More?”

“Yes, Please.” Angelina raised her arms and wrapped them around Brad’s neck, her hips moving against the push of his fingers. Her body on fire, her moans and sloshing water the only sounds. Brad leaned forward and bit down gently on Angelina’s ear lobe. The tiny pain sent her over the edge. Her moan becoming a load drawn out growl of completion as orgasmic pleasure took over.

Brad pulled his fingers out and stood up, the water flowing down his rippling chest, accentuating that world famous six pack and a few things the world wasn’t aware of. He lifted Angelina’s limp form into his arms and stepped from the tub. Neither cared that they were dripping water every where, it would dry. Brad carried her into the adjacent bedroom and laid her on the bed. Leaning over her he caressed her lips with his. “Now it’s my turn.” He moved onto the bed with fluid grace, slid over her in a ripple of muscle and sinew and gently lowered himself between her legs. Resting there he began his sweet torture. He’d waited almost a year for this, four if you counted his secret desire after their first meeting. She was his now and he no intentions of ever letting her go.
Leaning forward, Brad’s lips ravaged her mouth, his tongue dueling with hers; not just a taste of paradise, it was heaven. Leaving her mouth, his lips blazed a damp trail of heat down her breast. His tongue swirled over nipples, leaving them burning for more. His teeth scraped longingly along the contour of the creamy swells, following the path into the valley that cradled her heart. "God you taste good." His mouth continued down the plain of her torso, feeding from the hidden pool of her navel. He smiled against the twitching muscles of her stomach. Brad’s hand cupped the near bare pink flesh at the apex of her thighs that was adorned with a thin strip of hair that enhanced the heated sheath he sought. Thank god for the signature wax. Uncovering the moist treasure, he moved in for a taste. "God help me but I could die from the pleasure of you.”

Angelina’s mind was engulfed in flames; her only answer a groan that grew in volume as well as intensity. Her hips moved against the rhythm of his tongue. Her mind and body complete in their desire for erotic oblivion. Paparazzi, Jennifer, Maddox and her father could have all converged on them at once and she wouldn’t have batted an eyelash. John's mouth replaced his fingers in an instant. Brad’s tongue felt like fire to Angelina’s over heated and sensitive body. "AHHHH!!!!!" She grabbed a fistful of his hair tightly.

"Shhh...let me taste." Brad breathed against her flaming core. Spearing her with his tongue, he mimicked the ancient erotic rhythm of love. Her hips continued of their own volition, matching the mating rhythm. Brad needed…wanted more. He pulled away lapping at damp salty skin of her thighs, moving back up toward her mouth. Grabbing her legs he positioned them on each of his shoulders. He thrust his hard thick shaft into her invading her body in the most intimate of ways. She was slippery wet, hot, sleek and deliciously tight. The friction so sharp, they both felt the penetration, his every movement now a goal, procreation. Possession was paramount, this woman beneath him, his woman, the answer to his beating heart and hopefully the mother of his child. She’d said several times that she didn’t want to give birth to her children, but he knew better. She just needed to find that one man that touched her soul and he was that man, just as she was that woman for him.

She clung to him, every heated cell in her body welcoming him, every pulsing bit of flesh that came into contact with his experiencing a degree of enchantment she’d never before felt. He was huge and growing larger with each thrust. “Please…oh…pleeeeaaasssee…Ahhhhh! Her screams once whispers were intensifying.

Brad felt an almost savage veil come over him. Even as he took her, he wanted her more; the desire to cause pain almost over taking him. Bracing himself on his knees he caressed her long delicate neck. Not realizing his actions, his large hand gripped her throat in a punishing grip tightening with each powerful thrust. His hold was enough to be erotic yet not enough to kill and she loved every minute of it. Finally a man who knew how to make her scream!

Withdrawing from her body completely, Brad flipped Angelina onto her stomach, shoving her face down into the pillows as she tried to rise up. Lifting her bottom and using his leg to once again separate hers, Brad rammed his thick shaft into her wet burning sheath once again. Covering her like a stallion on his mare, he withdrew and plunged forward forcefully. Grabbing fists full of Angelina’s thick raven tresses, punctuating each word with a hard thrust, he whispered in her ear. “Scream…for…me…babe.”

As wave after erotic wave of orgasmic bliss coursed through her body, Angelina’s animalistic screams filled the air inside and outside of the villa. Her body convulsively clutching his and milking him as his thrust pounded into her body, seeking his own completion. Their movements uninhibited and wild, her hot sheath clench his hard, swollen shaft as he released his seed, milking every drop of his essence that flowed from it in orgasmic euphoria; his growls joining her screams. Brad had never come so hard or long in his life. He almost lost consciousness as wave after wave of tumultuous pleasure washed through his body. His body still pumping into hers in tiny convulsive spurts caused her to continue to whimper and scream. Angelina now lay flat on her stomach with Brad’s full weight holding her down. He was a nice heavy and she like the feeling of being held down.

Both were jolted from their sated calm by the sound of pounding on the door. Brad withdrew from Angelina’s body. “Stay here, honey.” Grabbing a robe from the settee he shrugged it onto his damp body.

The Shouting and pounding continued. “Mademoiselle Jolie!”

“Are you okay?“

“Please open the door!!!!”

Brad reached the door yelling through without opening. “Everything’s cool guys! You can leave - we’re okay.” Brad glanced back toward the bedroom to find Angelina standing naked in the doorway. Turning back to the door, he continued. “We just got a bit carried away. But we’re fine! Good night and sorry about the disturbance.

They should have known that the paparazzi would get their hands on the disturbance logs.

“Disturbance reported April 20th”

Quote from Alfajari’s security:

“People here have great respect for men with sexual prowess who keep their women pleased.”

Onlooker quote:

“Miss Jolie got so excited, the guards thought maybe Mr. Pitt was taking juju herbs to give him the strength of a lion.”


Diani Beach, Kenya
Alfajiri VillasApril 20, 2005


Brad smiled dreamily as a moist heat traveled slowly across his chest encircling each nipple. The moist heat became a strong, hot suction. His nipple; each engulfed in an erotic moist heat, Brad moaned loudly. “Mmmm…yeeesss.” The seemingly disembodied heat moved its way south, leaving a trail of melting destruction in its wake. Brad nearly fell from the bed as the hot wet cavern engulfed him. Throwing his head back into the pillows, Brad felt every muscle in his body tense. Opening his eyes slowly, he stared down at the dark strands of silky soft hair that covered his lower abdomen and groin. “God you are beautiful.”

Touching her tongue to the delicate tip of his thick shaft, she teased the tiny opening before drawing it to the back of her throat. Her mouth worked him, lips moving in time with the hand that cupped and massaged his sack. Every tug of those luscious lips sent streaks of pleasurable pain coursing through each leg and moving steadily down to his toes. He wanted to scream, Lord she was talented. Reaching down he grabbed a handful of her hair, using the leverage he had on her head to guide her movements. As her tongue and lips worked aggressively, Brad’s hands pushed demandingly against her head.

Opening her mouth wider and relaxing her throat and tongue, she drew him deeper into her mouth, further down her throat. She’d never enjoyed the taste of a man so much, as a rule she rarely went in for oral sex unless the mood was there. But Brad…Brad had looked so damn sexy in his sleep, she couldn’t help herself, she wanted to taste him…all of him. Releasing his shaft and forcing his hands to release their hold on her hair, she trailed her tongue down the side until it joined her massaging fingers at his sac. Opening her mouth wide, she teased and sucked until Brad’s breathing became shallow and erratic. Moving back up toward the large rigid shaft, she’d been deliciously torturing, she once again paid oral homage to the appendage that was now her new morning toy. Sucking and grazing her lips moved faster and tighten just a bit until Brad felt as though he were caught in a hot, wet vise grip. His hips jerking harder and harder, his hands once again guiding Angelina’s head, the room once quiet now filled with the sounds of Brad’s moans and Angelina’s oral ministrations became their sole world. Nothing else mattered nothing but the bliss that Angelina’s mouth promise. The orgasmic flood of ecstasy that washed over Brad brought him to a near faint. DAMN she was good!!!!

Watching her sit back on her heels, a lazy smile creasing his lips, he murmured, “Baby you do know how to start a man’s day out right. Wow!”

Smiling she licked her lips and quirked one eyebrow. “Baby for you, I’ll be happy to start all your mornings this way.” Leaning forward she tongued a tiny drop of his essence from the tip of his shaft. Tonguing her way up to his belly button, she purred, glancing up at him through her tangled hair. “Better than a banana milkshake, don’t you think?”

“A banana what?” Smiling he fingered a stand of her long hair. “Most definitely better.”


Kenya Wild Life and Plant National Park
April 20, 2005


“Brad Look… monkeys...see!” Maddox shouted, jumping up in down pointing at family of Sykes monkeys, playing around in a large tree.

Brad reached down and picked the three year old up so that he could get an even better view. He was enjoying this special time with Angelina and Maddox. As he periodically pointed out the crowned eagle and mountain buzzard soaring over head, the elephants, rhinoceroses, forest hogs, that also lived in the dense forest areas and helped Maddox take pictures of the lions lying so deceptively lazy out on the grassy plains; he remembered his own words spoken not long ago. ‘I’m just really aware of the responsibility of putting your life second, and your job is to show this little one around the world’

Glancing over at Angelina he found her smiling gently, her eyes a bit misty. Reaching over Brad brushed her hair from her face. “What’s the matter baby?”

Intertwining her fingers with his, she brought his hand to her cheek and then to her lips. “He’s so happy. He loves being with you.” She nodded to her son, who was busy talking to the guide. Here in the dense bush and spacious planes she, Brad and Mad were allowed to experience their time together without the intrusion of the media or the public. She was free to lean on him, free to hold his hand, Free to kiss and be kissed, free to allow him to hold her, free to allow him to hold and enjoy time with Maddox, Maddox was free to hug and bond with Brad and they were all free to express their true feelings.

“I hope the same applies to his beautiful mother.” Brad smiled; he didn’t bother to hide his emotions. He was falling hard and knew that he couldn’t let her go, couldn’t let Maddox go. He just couldn’t. Pulling Angelina over to sit in the crook of his arms he placed a gentle kiss on her lips. Maddox moved over to crawl onto his mother’s lap, his need for a little ‘mommy cuddling’ over coming his curiosity. “Are you having fun Mad?”

Nodding the toddler smiled up at his mother and Brad. “Un hun.” Scooting back into his mother’s lap he leaned his head back against her breast.

Brad returned the boy’s smiled and placed his arm around Angelina. He felt at home…at peace. He felt as though this was the start of his life. Sighing happily he sat back and enjoyed the rest of the tour.


Diani Beach, Kenya
Alfajiri VillasApril 20, 2005


Leaving a sleeping Maddox in his room after a long story, Brad decided to have a shower. Taking complete pleasure in the tepid water sluicing over his well chiseled body, Brad soaped his body slowly, paying close attention to his world famous torso and fantasy driven behind. Returning to the waterfall, he allowed the water to massage his over excited muscles while his mind drifted over the past two days. He was in the middle of making a movie and all he’d been able to think of was Angel and Mad, and now he would have more thoughts filling his head and deeper desires filling everything else. DAMN!

Washing his hair, Brad finished his shower. Turning off the water and stepping out of the large shower; he grabbed a towel and dries himself off. Wrapping the towel low around his hips, he towel dried his hair. His mind still on Angelina he went into the bedroom that they shared. He saw her immediately. She lay facing away from him towards the view of the water. Her body still, covered in a short red sarong that stopped at mid thigh, red was definitely her color. Dropping his towel, he joined her quietly, trying not startle her awake, He had his own idea on how to wake her. Spooning her body he ran his fingers along her thigh, pushing the thin cotton material away, from the treasures he sought. Thank god for sarongs that came unraveled with the smallest tug.

Kissing the back of her neck, Brad traced a path from her nape to the pulse that beat slowly below her ear. Cupping an exposed breast, Brad massaged the smooth, full globe; flicking the nipple, pinching gently before soothing the aroused bud with the pad of his thumb. He knew the moment his attentions had seeped into her subconscious. Her thighs parted gently and she pushed her hips back into Brad’s groin. Fingers seeking, probing and finding the secret opening that had given him immense pleasure, Brad toyed with the sensitive nub hidden among the tender pink lips. He could feel her body beginning to almost vibrate under his titillation. Her flesh was simply delicious to touch, warm and wet…becoming wetter with ever stroke of his large fingers. His fingers coated with her body’s pearly wetness, Brad knew she was ready. He could hear it in her quickening breaths.

Lifting Angelina’s leg, Brad exposed his target. Thrusting just the tip of his shaft into her deep passage, he held himself still allowing her thrusting hips to pull him completely into her incredible warmth. Brad began thrusting, his penetration deep. Her heard her gasp and knew she’d awoken. Her moans began filling the quiet room. Grabbing a handful of her thick hair, Brad pulled her head back against his shoulder, capturing her lips as she turned her head towards him.

Tongues dueling and hips pumping, orgasm became the focal point. Angelina met each thrust with a backwards push of her hips. Pulling her lips away from his, her voice breathless. “Please…oh please…”

“Shhh…Mad will hear you. You don’t want him to call out do you? Then I’ll have to stop.” His hips stopped pumping and he pulled out of her clenching sheath.

“No…please.” Reaching behind her she grasped his buttock and pulled him forward, demanding he finish what he started. Brad was happy to oblige. Surging forward hard and deep, his rhythm quickening he pushed her over the edge and followed close behind.

Her breathing erratic, Angelina gripped the arms he now held her with and whispered, “I don’t know if I will be able to let you leave.”

“Baby I don’t know if I’ll be able to leave.”


Diani Beach, Kenya
Alfajiri VillasApril 20, 2005

“Come on Mad…you have to eat the spinach.” Brad watched the toddler shake his head vehemently. “Come on buddy; remember…if I ate mine you said you would eat yours?” Pointing down at his plate. “See, my spinach is all gone.”

Maddox looked over at Brad’s plate then back at his own. He really didn’t want his spinach and if it were just him and mommy, he would have eaten it by now. Mommy never joked about vegetables. But Brad was here and Maddox thought that he might get away with not eating the spinach. But Brad was just like mommy! “Yuck!”

“Maddox” Angelina called quietly. “Eat your spinach, it’s only a spoonful Khmer…please.” She’d watched the byplay between Brad and Maddox. It had been quite entertaining but it was almost time for Maddox to go to bed and Brad had promised Maddox a walk on the beach and a story before bed.

“Okay.” Maddox stuffed the spoonful of spinach into his mouth, smiling at his mother’s expression. Chewing the food, he swallowed and made a face. Sticking out his tongue, he showed an empty mouth. “See…AHHHHH…all gone!”

Brad smiled, shaking his head. “So does that mean you’re ready for a walk on the beach?”

“Un…huh!” Climbing down from his chair he moved as fast as his little legs would carry him. “Come on mommy! We’re going to walk down to the beach.”

“First you have to wash your hands little boy.” Angelina laughed at her son’s excitement.

“Awwww mommy.” Frowning, Maddox looked up at Brad for help. “I can wash them in the water by the beach, right Brad?”

Brad laughed and turned to find Angelina staring at him. She was not smiling. “Uh…well Mad I think that it would be better if we all washed our hands first then went down to the beach. How about that?” He reached down to grab Maddox under the arms and flip him up onto his shoulders. “Here we go!”

Angelina followed Brad and Maddox to the villa’s kitchen, The three spent an unusually long time washing their hands as the washing up became a water fight, which ended in all three changing cloths before setting off down the beach, the sun setting as Brad and Angelina walked slowly with Maddox swinging between them. No paparazzi…no fans, just them and a few people who saw them as a husband, wife and child…a family.


Diani Beach, Kenya
Alfajiri VillasApril 21, 2005


He sat quietly watching her sleep. This was their last morning together. He would be returning to the set of ‘Babel’ and meeting Diane Sawyer for an interview. He’d managed to talk Diane into accompanying him to Addis Ababa and Soweto for the interview. They would be leaving tomorrow morning. As much as the people of South Africa meant to him…he simply didn’t want to leave Angie and Maddox.

Brad’s eyes followed the curved lines of Angelina’s body. She lay on her stomach facing him. One hand was thrown above her head; the other curled into her exposed breast. The white cotton sheets covered only a small portion of her body, leaving her legs and torso completely bare. Leaning forward Brad stared at the lush lips that had ushered him so fervently, time and time again into ecstasy’s addictive embrace. Moist, pouty and parted; the mere sight of them causing him to harden,

Billy Bob’s words from an old interview played through his mind. “I was looking at her sleep and I had to restrain myself from literally squeezing her to death. Sex for us is almost too much. It’s so intense…”

In that moment, Brad understood Billy’s meaning. She was so exotic…beautiful…so wildly sensual…she reveled in her sexuality. Sex for her was as natural as breathing. His desire for her was almost synonymous with raw pain. Several times during their love making he’d wanted to make her hurt…cry out…bleed. He would kill to be her, kill for her and if she left him at this moment he believed he might kill her. No woman had ever drawn such a dichotomy of emotions from him…no woman. Fate had waited patiently to introduce him to his match. Like most men faced with fate, he was willing almost eager to go down into the flames naked as the day he was born.


Late Morning…

Listening to the exotic rhythms of an African song playing on the radio, bare-chested Brad danced around the kitchen, moving smoothly; his only covering a gold and black ankle length Kenyan sarong swaying around strong legs, his bare feet tapping out the rhythm.

Brad slid a large six egg vegetable and cheese omelet along with several strips of bacon to the warm platter. He added a plate of flatbread, a small bowl of preserves, butter, and two glasses of orange juice.

Pulling a yellow orchid from the arrangement that Angelina had delivered daily, he laid it across the tray and carried his treasures into the bedroom where the object of his every waking fantasy, still slept. Sitting the tray down next to the bed; he used the orchid to tease Angelina awake. Pushing her thick curtain of hair away from her soft shoulders, Brad trailed the orchid lightly across the exposed skin, laying kisses in the fragrant flower’s wake, his kisses ending in a moist caress on the corner of her lips.

Angelina couldn’t tell if it was the delicious aroma, the petal soft feel of the orchid or the gently arousing kiss that woke her but she opened her eyes to find heaven. “Good morning” she smiled up into his blue eyes.

Returning her smile, he caressed her cheek. “Good morning.” Helping her roll over and sit up, he kissed her full on the lips, before bending down to get the breakfast tray. “Ready for breakfast?” he waited for her to adjust the sheet around her naked form, before placing the tray across her lap.

“You cook?” Angelina stared in awe at the beautiful omelet…the huge omelet. “Please tell me that you’re going to share this with me.”

Brad speared a piece of the delicious concoction with his fork. “Yes I cook and yes I plan to share this breakfast with you.” He placed the hot cheese and vegetable filled morsel into her mouth. “My mother has two sons and one daughter. She made sure that we all well trained in domestic duties. I cook, clean, take out the garbage and even put the toilet seat down.”

She slid a piece of bacon between his lips. “Hmmm…yeah I noticed that and let me say that my nighttime visits to the bathroom have been very pleasant.”

“You like that huh?”

“Yeah…I like that. There’s nothing like a man who knows how to keep his woman’s ass dry.”

“Is that what you are? My woman?” Brad became quiet, waiting for her answer.

“Ye…” Angelina cleared her throat nervously. “Yes…that’s exactly what I am.” She smiled and leaned forward to place a kiss on his lips. “Now feed me before the boy gets up. I’m starving.” She opened her lips.

“I aim to please my lady.” Their time together was nearly over. They had mere hours left and he wanted to make the most of them.



Maddox’s goodbye…

“But why do you have to go?” Little Maddox Jolie sat on the beach next his hero. He stared up at Brad with large watery eyes. He was really trying to be a big boy about this, but it just wasn’t working out.

“Well, because I have a new movie that I have to do. It’s called Babel. We start filming in a few days.” Brad tried to explain so that the three year old could understand,

“But…then you can leave in a few days right?”

“I have to go back to Ethiopia to visit some friends before I start working.”

“Can’t you go another time?” Maddox little voice was reaching the whine factor quick.

Brad stood and picked the toddler up into his arms. “They are expecting me. They need help, food and medicine and if I don’t go they might not get it. You wouldn’t want that, right?”

Maddox stared down into Brad’s eyes. Placing his hands on Brad’s cheeks he answered. “No. Is it like mommy’s work?”

“Un huh.”

The child thought about it for a moment the wrapped his arms around Brad’s neck. “Okay, then you can go. Will you come back?”

“I’ll always come back for you Mad, all you have to do is call me, okay?”


“Besides you won’t have time to miss me. You and mommy are going to Sierra Leone for a few days.” Brad held the little body close. He would miss their bedtime stories and their games. He would miss this little boy and the ache was truly unexpected. How had he become so attached and in love with this child and his mother? They seemed to fill an emptiness that he’d only been slightly aware of.

“I’ll miss you. But I can call you at night right?” Mad asked; his little heart in his eyes. He loved this man. His friend Ryan had a daddy like Brad. He wondered if Brad would be his daddy. He’d have to ask mommy about that one though.

“You can call me anytime you want…anytime.”

Early evening

Angelina and Brad’s goodbye…

Angelina watched Brad silently as he packed his toiletries. He’d spent the last hour and a half with Maddox, exploring the beach and reading three of Mad’s favorite books. Adding a final item of clothing to Brad’s suitcase, Angie closed the case. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d packed a man’s cloths. Johnny never packed, he just threw cloths in a bag and Billy only carried an extra pair of jeans and a t-shirt, no packing needed. She hadn’t realized how much something as normal and private as packing for her man would satisfy her, but it did and she would gladly do it again…she actually looked forward to it.

Brad moved to stand behind her as she closed the suitcase. “Thank you, but I could have packed myself sweetheart.” Pulling her back into his embrace, he planted a kiss on her temple. He felt a sudden sense of ‘being’ as if this was where he was supposed to be; with this woman and this child. He had to admit, that as much as he’d loved Jennifer, this feeling was completely different. He felt at home with Jennifer, but he hadn’t felt the ‘comforts of home’ with her. They had never spent enough time at home or together in order to make their house a home. Here he was in a foreign country with Angie and Mad and he felt as if he were leaving ‘home’ for a business trip, to return to a few days later to his family. Was he betraying his past with Jennifer? He prayed not, because he really wanted this.

“I know you could have, but I wanted to do it for you.” She turned around in his arms to face him. “I’m going to miss you, you know that?”

“Oh baby I’m sure as hell gonna miss you too.” Brad brushed Angelina’s hair away from her eyes. She only ran a brush through it occasionally during their vacation and he liked that. Angel wasn’t a primper…she didn’t need to be and she knew it. She was as comfortable naked as she was clothed. A swipe of the brush, a little lip gloss and she was ready to go. God she was natural beauty. He preferred her without makeup…she didn’t need it. She was completely natural and he appreciated that fact more and more each day. She actually reminded him more of the girls back home than Jen had. She was always up for anything and it didn’t take her two hours to get ready and walk out the door. He didn’t want to let her go. “When?”

With just one word, Angelina knew what he was asking. Staring up into his beautiful face…and he was beautiful, god he was beautiful. It surprised her that she’d been so attracted to him. Usually ‘pretty boys’ turned her off, but once away from the glitter of Hollywood and the red carpet he became Missouri born William Bradley Pitt; a man comfortable to be in his own natural skin. She much preferred the rough, down home ‘Will’ to Hollywood’s ‘Brad Pitt’. Will was more her speed, will was the man who’d made her breakfast, read stories to her son, made love to her…who’d fucked her and who soothed her. The man she was falling head over heels in love with. But were they moving to fast? She didn’t want or need another ‘Billy’ episode, so she answered cautiously. “Don’t ask that question. I don’t want to make promises I may not be able to keep. Let’s just take our time and move slow…okay?”

“Angel, I don’t wanna wait another two months to see you and Mad…to hold you. Slow is one thing, but a dead halt is another. I have to see you again. We have to make this work. I can’t…I’m not willing to settle. I’ve done that…not interested in doing it again.”

“It won’t be months. Just call me and if I can, I will come to you, no matter where you are.” Angelina soothed.

“And Mad?”

What words did she use? “Brad…I don’t want Mad drawn any deeper than he already is. Not only do we need to move slowly, we need to be extra careful with Mad. I don’t want him hurt. This vacation was a start…a big one. We need to give him time to adjust. He’s already so attached to you…” Her voice trailed off.

Brad understood Angelina’s caution, but his understanding did nothing to sooth his desire for her. “Okay I hear you… Maddox gets to adjust and you promise to come when I call.”

“You’re the only man that can say that.”

All playfulness gone, Brad almost growled. “I better be Angel…I better be.”

Laying several kisses on Brad’s neck, she murmured. “Scout’s honor, I come when you call…you and only you.” She found the idea of his possessiveness both sexy and sweet.

Bending down, he traced her full lips with his tongue. “You are a naughty…naughty little girl.”

“Well I do try…I do try. How long will you be in Soweto and Ethiopia?

Brad released Angelina, grabbing his bag he set it on the floor next to the door. “I’ll be there for five days.”

“I’ll miss you.”

“I know baby I’ll miss you too. I’m already missing you.” Lifting her chin, Brad stared down into her eyes. “I’m coming for you soon Angel…real soon.”

“I’ll be waiting.” Came the soft reply, before it was lost to the power of his kiss.

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