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Mr. & Mrs. Smith Publicity Junket:
Las Vegas, NV
March 17, 2005

They arrived separately. Angelina with Maddox in tow; Brad by car, alone. Knowing all eyes were watching, ready to latch on to even the smallest bit of proof that Brad and Angelina were in fact more than just friends. But they would find nothing today. The two waited off stage, while Maddox waited in the actor’s lounge with an assistant. They never said more than the casual ‘hello’ to one another.

“Ladies and Gentleman, I hope that you have been enjoying your time here at ShoWest. We’ve seen quite a bit already and still there is more to come. So let’s keep the show going by bringing out two of Hollywood’s biggest stars. They stop by to give us a taste of their upcoming film, Mr. and Mrs. Smith premiering June 7. Ladies and gentleman, please help me welcome the sexiest man and woman alive Mr. Brad Pitt and his co-star Ms. Angelina Jolie!”

Brad allowed Angelina to precede him up the steps to the stage. He cast a quick glance at the silky multicolored dress she wore. His gaze inched down to watch the gentle sway of her hips…hips that he’d caressed just last night. They were still at the ‘talk’ stage of their relationship but those talks usually ended with Angelina asleep in his arms his body spooning hers on his over-stuffed couch. He wanted to hold her now…touch her silky skin…finger her thick healthy hair…taste those succulent lips…all his now, but he knew that would be suicide.

Stopping at center stage, the two stood three feet apart. They never touched and barely glanced at one another. They stood for five minutes, smiling on queue for the photographers before moving onto the podium. Brad again allowing Angelina to precede him, waited until the raucous applause had subsided a bit before speaking. “Hello! Glad you guys could all make it out.” Brad shot a quick glance at Angelina, who caught it and quickly sent him a shy bashful smile in return.

Pushing her hair back from her face Angelina acknowledged the crowd. “Thank you for coming! We brought you guys a little something.”

“Yeah, we hope you like it. We spent a few months working on it.” Brad signaled the film technician to begin the trailer. As the lights dimmed Brad moved imperceptible inch towards Angelina who managed to follow suit. Sending him another bashful smile when his elbow ‘accidentally’ bumped her.

The trailer ended and the lights returned. Brad and Angelina resumed their original positions and went through the Q and A portion of the show.


Entering the Actors Lounge they found Maddox being entertained by the assistant assigned to both Brad and Angelina, Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon, who were there promoting their new film ‘Fever Pitch’. The assistant left, leaving the four adults and toddler alone.

“Mommy!” Maddox ran headlong into his mother, who crouched down and caught him in an embrace.

“Madness!” Angelina stood, lifting her small son in her arms as she straightened. “Did you have fun?”

“Un..hun! Drew showed me how to make a paper airplane.” The four year old pulled a crumpled paper airplane from his jacket pocket. “See!”

Hugging him close, she took the airplane and tossed it at Brad.

Following the airplanes path Maddox’s dark gaze lit upon Brad. Scrambling down from Angelina’s hold, the child ran to his friend…his Brad. “Braddy!”

“Mad!” Brad bent down to catch the child up into a strong bear hug. “Hey little man, how are you?”

“Fine.” Mad placed his little hands on Brad’s cheeks, “Why don’t you call me anymore?” The innocent question spoke volumes to the true closeness that existed between Brad and Maddox and presumably Brad and Angelina.

The silence in the room was almost deafening. Drew and Jimmy glanced at each other. Drew broke the uncomfortable moment. Brad! Angie! How are you?” She hugged both stars and drew them into a pleasant conversation with Jimmy. The group enjoyed a light conversation until Drew and Jimmy were called out onto the stage. Saying goodbye they left the lounge leaving Brad and Angelina alone.

Brad waited a mere five seconds before pulling Angelina into his arms. Maddox’s squeal stopped his lips from capturing hers. “Owww…you’re squishing me mommy!

Pulling away she smiled up at Brad, her eyes never straying from his, she Answered Maddox. “I’m sorry baby. Mommy didn’t mean to squish you.”

Brad watched her move away. He wanted her so bad his groin ache constantly. She was always in his mind. No matter what…whether he slept, ate, bathed or worked, she was always with him. He wanted to taste her…all of her, but right now Maddox was more important. She was allowing him time with the child. This was an important step and he was ready to take it. Carrying the child over to a large floor to ceiling Cocoa Cola display Brad began telling him a story.

Angelina sat perched on the couch watching Brad with her son, laughing and smiling at their antics. Watching the man and child wrestling on the floor, Brad uncaring that his suit was becoming a mess and Maddox in the height of hero worship; Angelina felt a warmth wash over her. At the soft knock Angelina rose and opened the door.

The assistant assigned to them was there with a pad in her hand. “Would you like something for lunch?”

Angelina looked over at her boys finding them completely engrossed in play, she decided to order for them. “Let’s see, is peanut butter and jelly possible?”

The assistant smiled, nodding her head. “It sure is.”

“Okay, I’ll have one peanut butter and jelly sandwich and applesauce. Two turkey sandwiches, one with Provolone and the other with Swiss…oh and chips…he likes Doritos” She jerked her head in Brad’s direction.

“Drinks?” The assistant asked. She was more than a bit star struck and more than a bit enamored of Brad and completely awed by Angelina.

“Oh yeah…ummm…milk for Mad and bottled water for me. “ She turned to Brad. “Brad…What do you want to drink?” Brad so deep in play didn’t hear her. Turning back to the assistant with an indulgent smile. “Make that two bottled waters and a pepsi. He’ll drink it.”

Shutting the door behind the assistant, Angelina leaned against it. She continued to watch Maddox, rolling over Brad in a fit of uncontrollable giggles. Her smile turned into laughter as she went to join her men on the floor; unmindful of her dress.


Using one of the plastic knives that were added to the trays of food, Angelina cut the crust off of Maddox’s sandwich, before cutting it into four small squares. She added a small handful of chips to his plate and a spoon for his applesauce. Adding Doritos to Brad’s plate, she snagged one before calling them over to the table. “Boys! Come and eat.”

Brad stood, flipped Maddox up onto his shoulders and headed for the bathroom that was attached to the lounge. “We’ll be right back mom! Have to wash our hands.”

Maddox giggled and repeated Brad’s words. “Yeah, we have to wash our hands.”

Angelina listened to the child’s chatter. Maddox was so happy to see Brad. He’d never bonded with anyone else. She felt as though she should be jealous but she wasn’t. She actually felt comfortable…safe. “Come on guys, we have to leave for the airport after lunch.”


“Mr. Pitt, your car will be here in five minutes.” Turning to Angelina. “Ms. Jolie, would you like me to call for your car now?” The trusty assistant peeked around the door.

“No, we’ll go in Mr. Pitt’s car. Thank you…for everything.” Angelina was in the process of putting a very sleepy Maddox’s jacket back on.

“My pleasure, Thank you for coming out to ShoWest…hope to see you again!”

“Brad smiled at the young woman. ‘Thanks for having us.”

Brad’s black SUV arrived and the trio made their way surrounded by bodyguards, to the waiting vehicle. Angelina carried an already sleeping Maddox.

Brad held Maddox as Angelina entered the truck. Once she was seated, Brad handed the sleeping toddler to his mother who strapped him into the car seat. Turning back to Brad in wonder, she asked. “How did you know that we’d be going with you?”

Brad entered the SUV, fastening his seatbelt he waited until the car began moving before answering. “I didn’t…a man can only hope.” Reaching over he cupped her face drawing her lips to his. He captured them…drinking their essence as If he were a parched man wandering the desert and she the only fountain within miles. His mouth ravished hers, drawing a tiny moan from her. Pulling away before the kiss got out of hand, his words quiet. “I missed you…I missed this and after today, I realize just how much I missed Mad. I can’t go back Angel. I want it all, you, Maddox…us.”

“I can’t go back and I won’t take Maddox back either, but we have to go slow with him Brad.” Angelina caressed Brad’s smooth cheek.

“Shhh…” cupping her cheek, he ran his thumb over her lips. Moving in he suck the bottom lip for a moment, teasing…tormenting. Dropping his hand he cupped her breast lightly before dropping his hand. Maddox’s presence was definitely a conscience minder. I would rather die by own hand than to ever hurt Maddox…or you.”

Angelina stared into Brad’s eyes for a moment before answering. ‘I know…I just have to be sure. This is a big step for both me and Mad.”

“It’s a big step for me too Angel…for me too. Fly home with me. Why should we use two planes, when we are going to the same place. Fly home with me.”

The answer was an easy one. ”Okay.” She was fast coming to the point where she would follow this man anywhere.


From: alekziel

Holding the little body close to his protectively, Brad carried a sleeping Maddox up the plane’s steps. Walking through the main cabin, Brad entered one of the Plane’s two bedrooms. Laying the small child on the bed, Brad removed his jacket and shoes before taking Angelina’s hand and leading her to the other Bedroom.

Angelina stood quietly, her breath coming in labored pants, as Brad wrapped his arms around her, and began nuzzling the sensitive skin of her neck. Grasping his hands she guided them from her waste to her breast. Moaning as cupped and massaged their heavy weight. She gasped as he flicked the turgid nipples pressing against the silk of her dress. She needed to feel his strong hands on her. Being with him, she felt safe…desired…cherished.

Brad molded the soft full globes, his mouth working the sensitive spot behind her right ear. He pinched the bold nubs painfully, causing Angelina’s knees to buckle. Sweeping her up into his arms before she hit the floor, Brad deposited Angelina on the bed, following her down and removing his jacket and her shoes in the process.

Angelina couldn’t stop her hands from exploring his body. She raised her hips allowing him to push her skirt higher so that he could settle between her silky thighs. He knew that there would be no sex, but he needed to be close to her. He needed to be here with her at this moment. Grasping her wrist he held them above her head as his lips took possession of her mouth and his hips ground rhythmically into hers.

His lips traced a heated moist path from her mouth, to the hollow at the base of her throat. Her skin was so delicate that he could almost see the throbbing blue vein there. Catching the thin skin between his teeth, he worried it until a red bruise appeared. Sucking the tortured flesh he erased the pain. His lower body still grinding into hers, He moved his lips further down, searching out the silk covered buds that begged for his attention. She almost fainted when his lips closed over her nipple…silk dress and all. Sucking and nibbling, his lower body still grinding rhythmically into hers. Brad tightened his hold on her wrists, he knew she would have bruises and the Alpha male in him glorified in the idea…his marks on his woman. Biting down on the nipple he growled when she tried to jerk away.

Angelina whimpered as his mouth pulled strongly on her oversensitive nipple. Her whimpers becoming breathless moans. Brad released one of her wrists, his lips still working at her nipple. Tracing her cheekbones he lowered his index finger to her lips, pushing the digit in and out of her wet mouth, matching the rhythm of his hips. Adding a second finger her released his seductively torturous hold on her nipple. Growling into her ear. “You can’t scream…you’ll wake Mad and the attendant will feel compelled to burst in and help you. Use my fingers, Angel.” He returned to her breast, focusing his attention on the other nipple as yet un molested but just as aroused. He could feel the heat coming from her dark core. It was all he could do not to break his word. He might not be able to consummate his relationship, but it was definitely time for his Angel to fly.

Angelina’s lips closed over his fingers, her tongue caressing and teasing. The warmth having a the same affect on Brad as his mouth was having on her. Brad felt the pull at his groin with every pull of her lips on his fingers. He felt her lower body moving in unison with his. ‘Just a little more.’ He released her other hand, which plunged into his hair, grabbing at the short soft strands; her moans coming quicker, her panting heavier. His swollen linen covered shaft grinding against her wet center, Fingers of one hand invading her mouth, fingers of another torturing one nipple, his lips and teeth nursing the other, She felt helpless to all but release and like a willing slave she gave into the waves of passion that burst upon her like a wave mercurial heat, touching every nerve ending in her body. She nearly passed out from the intensity. What should have been bliss was only a sign of things to come. She wasn’t sated…she was hungry and she wanted more and the only man who could satisfy her lay above her fully clothed and rock hard. Keeping his word…

Yes, she wanted more…needed it…needed him inside her, on her, around her, behind her, under her...however she could get him. Damn him and his word! Damn her for insisting he keep it!

Like a game of chess she’d maneuvered herself into this inescapable position.


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