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DECEMBER 18, 2004
Los Angeles, CA
Chateau Marmont
Bungalow 3

Brad grabbed the ringing phone. “Hello?”

“Happy birthday son.” William Sr.’s voice spoke over the line, joined by his wife Jane. “Happy birthday sweetie.”

“Mom…Dad!” Brad was happy to hear the familiar voices of his parents; they made him feel safe again. He’d answered no calls since returning from London. He’d wasted no time moving his immediate things from the house and had checked into the Chateau Marmont within hours of his arrival. “How are you? How’s everybody?”

“We’re all fine. We called to wish you a happy birthday.” Jane spoke. She missed her oldest child, he rarely came to visit these days an when he and Jennifer did, they didn’t seem as close as they had been. “So what do you and Jennifer have planned for tonight? Some lavish party?”

Brad had never lied to his parents and he wasn’t going to start now, but he didn’t want to worry them to much. “Nothing today, Jen’s still in London and I had to return home. We’ll see each other later.”

Bill heard the strained tone in his son’s voice. He’d talk to the boy later, once Jane hung up. So he was content to listen on as Jane and Brad spoke to each other.

Jane continued her maternal twenty questions. “So are you and George going out…hanging with friends?”

“No mom, I just want a quiet birthday…maybe have dinner, but I really don’t feel like partying. Maybe I’m just getting old.”

“Well I can’t say that I’m not happy with that decision, I think that you party a bit too much, but I still think that Jennifer should have at least been with you for your birthday.” Jane passed on her motherly advice. She didn’t like the idea of him spending his birthday alone…he never had before. She spoke a bit more before saying good bye and leaving William on the phone with his son.

Bill spoke quietly into the phone. “What’s the matter son?”

“Nothing, just tired…” brad half answered, dragging a hand across his eyes.

“There’s more, what is it? And before you say nothing again, I can hear it in your voice.” Bill waited patiently for his son’s words. But he wasn’t prepared for what came.

“Jen and I had an argument and I left London and came home alone.” Brad answered. It felt good to be able to talk to his father.

“How bad an argument?” Bill knew that his son and daughter-in-law had been going to counseling but he’d hoped that it would help them.

“Well, I moved out of the house.” Brad got up from the couch and wandered over to the bar and mixed himself a drink; vodka and orange juice. “I told her that I wanted a divorce.”

“Brad…maybe you’re rushing this. Why don’t you two try a separation?” Bill hated to see his son’s marriage crumble and end. He and Jane worked hard to keep their marriage a happy one and he hated to see his son give up.

“No dad, we have been heading in this direction for quite sometime.” Brad responded. He knew his father saw things from the vantage point of a successful marriage and family. Brad didn’t have that luxury. “Besides we’ve spent the last year separated.”

“That was due to work. I’m talking about a true separation, to try and think things through.” Bill answered. He didn’t agree with separation but he would take that over divorce.


“No son, I want you to really think about this.” Pausing, Bill chose his next words carefully, not wanting to offend his son. “Brad I know you haven’t broken your vows, but does this girl Angelina have anything to do with this?”

“It’s not like that dad. I didn’t cheat with her. She just made me aware of what was missing in my life. Angelina is nothing like I was led to believe. Dad she’s a genuinely good person. I know people think she’s wild and a bit dark and crazy, but she is as far from that as I am. She gives more of herself, her time and money to the poor than most of Hollywood put together. Her devotion to her adopted son Maddox is unconditional. She made time for him everyday of filming. She’s honest…tells you like it is. How could I not be affected by her?”

Bill heard a tone in his son’s voice he hadn’t heard since Brad’s days with Gwyneth. “Brad what’s going on? It sounds like something more than simple admiration. Are you falling for this girl?”

“I already fell dad, hard.”

“Love?” Did he really want to know?

“No…Not love…not yet but utter and complete distraction, bordering on obsession.” Brad swallowed the rest of his drink.

“How does she feel?”

“She’s fighting her own attraction.”

Sighing Bill asked the question that hung between them. “Did she tell you to divorce your wife? Hint that you and she would be together if you left Jennifer?”

“It’s funny Jennifer said almost the same thing. Asked me if I was leaving her for Angelina. I should have told her what I’m telling you.”

“And what’s that son?” Bill’s hand clutched the phone so tightly that his knuckles were burning.

“That Angelina is the one that sent me back to my wife. She never asked me to leave Jennifer, on the contrary she told me to go and work things out. You see, that’s the kind of woman she truly is.”


The beep of his cell phone roused Brad from his late afternoon nap. He found his phone, ready to answer it he realized that it was a text message, reading it, he check the sender information attached, he smiled. ‘She’d remembered…his Angel’

December 2004
Diane Sawyer & The cast of ‘Ocean’s Twelve’.

(Though this actually took place before the Premiere I decided to use some creative licensing and added it after the London fight.)

"God, I'm going to say it," Looking down away from the camera, his voice full of emotion, Brad paused briefly before continuing. "Kids…family, I'm thinking family. Yeah, I got family on the mind.”

Catherine Zeta-Jones sent her friend a gaze full of sympathy. She like everyone else on the cast knew and understood Brad’s longing for children. She’d seen him with her own and knew he’d make a wonderful father. She couldn’t understand why Jennifer refused after so many years to have a child. For seven years Brad had waited patiently standing by Jennifer while she over came her personal issues and tried to pave a road through Hollywood. In Catherine’s opinion, neither venture had been successful. Catherine shook her head Brad was good man and deserved a family of his own and sooner or later he’d be blessed with one. Whether Jennifer would be part of that family was up to her.

Uncomfortable with the deafening silence behind Brad’s statement, Andy Garcia simply looked down at his hands. He’d met Brad when they’d both signed on to do ‘Ocean’s Eleven’. He’d met Jennifer as well and thought her to be a nice woman but a bit disconnected. She seemed to be unaware or uncaring of the pain her decision to not start a family caused her husband. His heart went out to Brad; he couldn’t imagine life without his own children. Fatherhood was a joy that wished whole heartedly on Brad.

Don Cheadle stared at nothing, he like everyone sitting in the room, was aware of Brad’s desire to become a father. Jennifer was lucky to have a man that actually yearned for the title of ‘father’. There were many men out there who didn’t want to be a father and completely ignored their responsibilities. His family was the most important thing in this world to him and he wouldn’t give them up for anything in the world. Don knew that given the chance, Brad would cherish his children just as much he himself cherished his.

George was the only one to watch his best friend’s face as he answered Diane’s question of future goals. George alone knew the fight that was warring within Brad. He knew like everyone else how badly Brad wanted children. But unlike the others he knew that Brad’s hunger for fatherhood had only increased during the past year. Brad had become almost obsessed with Angelina Jolie and her son Maddox. Angelina had been another bit of proof that career and motherhood could be a balance and not a win or loose decision. Angelina’s tireless devotion to her adopted child had inspired Brad in more ways than he could count. George wanted what was best for his friend…brother and he just wasn’t so sure Jennifer was it.

Matt Damon had no words for his friend. As long as he’d known Brad, being a father had always been at the top of his list. Matt himself planned to start a family one day and he hoped to find a woman who knew the importance of family and was willing to help him raise one. He only hoped that Brad would have that same chance. Jennifer was a decent enough woman. She wanted a career and Matt could understand that but if that was her goal from the beginning, why didn’t she just tell Brad that instead of putting him off time and time again. After Ocean’s Eleven, Brad had become a bit depressed. He’d lost his sense of humor and Matt remarked upon it to George. George had told him in confidence that Brad and Jennifer had been having marital problems, some stemming from Jennifer’s indecisiveness regarding children. He wondered how long Brad would stay in the marriage. He also wondered how much of the rumors regarding Angelina were true. If any were true, having met Angelina a few years back himself, Matt knew Brad wouldn’t be in the marriage for long at all. Angelina was quite a woman and worth the time it took to really get to know her. Whatever the outcome, he would stand by his friend.


Pitt home
Beverly Hills
December 2004

“Why must you constantly make me out to be the bad one in this marriage?” Jennifer snapped. She’d just watched the Diane Sawyer special.

“I don’t make you out to be the bad one in the marriage. Diane simply asked about future goals. She asked everyone. My wanting children is no secret. You’ve known since day one that I wanted them.” Brad almost seemed bored with Jennifer’s argument. “Look Jen, I came for the rest of my things…not to get into a verbal slug match about babies with you.” Brad finished his drink, grabbed his jacket and headed for the door.

“That’s all you ever seem to talk about these days…babies.” Stabbing and index finger into her chest. “what about me…my wishes? Do you ever think about them?””

“Baby I thought about you and your wishes for seven years. All done now!” Brad watched his wife, his emotions indifferent.” Oh and don’t worry I’m done begging you for children.” Stopping at the door, he turned to her, his expression one of complete seriousness. “If you don’t want to have my children, I’ll find someone who will.”

“Let me guess, your new friend and playmate Angelina?” Jennifer snarled, she wanted to throw something…anything but knew that would have no affect on him at this point. “Gonna play daddy to her little Cambodian baby?”

The slight smile that curved Brad’s shapely lips, didn’t quite reach his eyes. “That Cambodian baby has a name, it’s Maddox. And I’ll gladly be his father. He’s a wonderful little boy.” Pulling the door open Brad finished. “As to Angelina having my baby, Why not? She’s young, gorgeous, talented…” He snapped his fingers as if he’d forgotten something. “Oh and she already has an Oscar, so that won’t be a problem.”

“Fuck you!” Jennifer hated him in that moment, more than she ever thought possible. How could he bring up her insecurities in such a callous way?

“I wish she would.” Holding up his hands in surrender. “Look, Since we planned this stupid Holiday, we might as well see it through. I’ll call you with travel arrangements.” He left without another word, leaving Jennifer near tears.


JANUARY 6 , 2005
Shoal Bay West, Anguilla
Altamer Resort - Brazillian Emerald Villa

“Are you two sure that this is the only way?” Courtney’s sad gaze traveled between both Brad and Jennifer.

Jennifer nodded at her long time friend. “We decided that this is for the best.”

“Brad?” Courtney looked to Brad for a better answer but found none.

“Jen’s right, this is for the best. We wanted to tell you two and our family before going public. We feel that a separation is in the best interest of our relationship.”

David spoke for the first time since the discussion had started. “When did you decide this?”

“It wasn’t just decided, we’ve been leading up to this for years and you guys know it.” Brad answered. While he considered David and Courtney good friends, he didn’t appreciate having to defend their decisions. “We need some time apart.”

“Yeah, it’s just for a few months while we decide were to go with our marriage.” Jennifer joined in. she could tell by the set of Brad’s shoulders, that he was not going to answer too many more questions. “We just seemed to have drifted apart, and we believe that this will help us get back on track.”

“So this isn’t permanent?” Courtney asked, she had been aware of their problems and though she acted surprise, she couldn’t say that she really was. Jennifer as right, they had been growing more and more distant with each other and it had begun long before the whole ‘Angelina factor’.

Brad had nothing more to say. He allowed Jennifer to answer the rest. Walking over to the bar he poured himself a drink. “Hey Dave you want something?”

“Yeah…uh…give me a shot of JD no ice.” Dave asked, getting up to wander over to the bar. He felt for his friend but he knew that this was for the best. While he didn’t dislike Jennifer, she was not his favorite person and damn sure didn’t believe that she was right for Brad. Brad hadn’t been happy for the last two years and while it wasn’t all Jennifer’s fault, her attitude towards his desires for their marriage had played a pretty hefty part. He almost wished Brad had gotten a piece of Angelina, it would have put a smile on his buddies face. Angie was all woman…she always had been. He’d met her when she was just nineteen and even then she’d been wild and untamable. She hit hard, ran faster, played longer than most guys. Dave had watched guys fall all over her and Angie had moved through them treating them like brothers. Brad never had a chance. “Thanks.” He took the drink Brad offered him. “A few monts huh?”

Brad sipped his on drink. Looking Dave in the eye. “Yeah.”

“Somehow I don’t think it’s a trial separation. You two are heading for divorce, I can smell it.” Dave waited for Brad to answer.

“Listen to your nose.” Brad saluted Dave and finished his drink.


They walked arm in arm. “Smile the photogs are out with a passion.” Brad leaned into Jennifer as they walked the beach.

“Thank you for keeping the vacation plans. After London I didn’t think that you would. I mean you wouldn’t even take my calls. I tried to call you on your birthday.” Jennifer laid her head on Brad’s shoulder as they walked.

“I know, I got your message. Sorry…I just wasn’t ready to talk. “Brad glanced up at a photographer in the distance. They would never leave him alone. He realized that they were a necessary evil but damn, a moment…just one moment of privacy Is all he asked and they wouldn’t even give him that.

“I’m sorry for the things I said, I was just so angry. I felt as though you were just leaving me another woman.”

“I told you Angelina has nothing to do with my decision.” Brad responded, why did everyone keep throwing Angelina’s name into the mix, as if his marriage had been perfect. They were wrong, his marriage had been far from perfect and now it was simply time to end it. “Why did you tell them it was only a separation?”

“Well I just don’t think that they are ready to hear it.” Jennifer hedged.

“They will find out soon enough when the divorce is filed.” Brad hugged Jennifer close. We need to tell my parents and your father, before we go public.”

“I know, This is going to a true wild ride. Do you think the public and the paparazzi will leave us alone?” She knew answer even before she asked the question.

“Not a chance. Get ready…they’ll be ruthless.” Brad answered, watching the paparazzi scramble to take more pictures. God, how many pictures of the same pose did they need?

Jennifer was right this was going to be a wild ride. It was going to get even wilder when he went after Angelina. Three months and the chase was on, He’d waited for almost a year and now it was his turned at satiated happiness and Angelina,,,she would find out what it meant to be hunted, captured and conquered by a true man.

Brad smiled to himself…he could just taste her and soon it would be more than a dream.


JANUARY 7, 2005
Access Hollywood

“For months it was a mere rumor! But now the unbelievable truth has come out! The Golden Couple is calling it quits. That’s right Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston are calling it quits after nearly five years of marriage. The couple released the following statement”:

“We would like to announce that after seven years together, we have decided to formally separate. For those who follow these sorts of things, we would like to explain that our separation is not the result of any speculation reported by the tabloid media. This decision is the result of much thoughtful consideration.”

“The Golden Couple was no more.”

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