Tuesday, September 12, 2006


DECEMBER 16, 2004
The Naked Chef, Jaime Oliver’s Restaurant
London England

“I really love this restaurant.” Jennifer spoke softly; smiling at the passing patrons as they recognized her and Brad.

Brad smiled and waved as well, though his mind was hundreds of miles away. “Yeah, Jaime’s a great chef.” Though the opposite seemed obvious by the full plate of food that sat in front of him.

Jen noticed the plate as well. “You wouldn’t know it. Look at your plate. You’ve hardly touched a thing.” Though for some reason her appetite was healthy.

Shaking his head in distraction he half answered. “Not that hungry.”

“Bullocks! You usually have the appetite of a horse.” Jaime Oliver’s East End accent broke into their quiet conversation.

Brad stood up to greet his friend. “Jamie! How are you man?” Brad returned to his seat, watching Jaime greet his wife. “Join us for a bit.”

“Well just for a bit.” Jaime seated himself and gestured to one of the waiters, requested a glass of wine.

“We were just talking about the wonderful meal. This is truly a wonderful restaurant.” Jennifer reached for her glass of wine.

“So I heard.” Jamie responded.

“How did you know we were here?” Jennifer asked

“I just followed the den of excitement. As if the great Brad Pitt could move about without a furor starting.”

Jennifer, a bit peeved that Jaime seemed to forget that she was there with Brad, added her own thoughts. “I know they’ve been interrupting ‘us’ all evening.”

Jaime corrected his snafu and amended all by including Jennifer in the assessment. “Well you two are the ‘Golden Couple’ after all. I apologize for any inconvenience.”

Brad’s annoyed gaze found Jennifer. “Jennifer?” He waved off Jaime’s apology. “No apology needed. The patrons haven’t been interrupting, they were simply greeting us. Jen is just a bit sensitive that’s all.”

“Well just the same, I’ll have the word put out that you two are to be left alone, while you are here.” Jaime was happy to let the matter drop. Snapping his fingers loudly, Jaime proclaimed. “Yeah now…wait. If memory serves me…you’re another year older in a day or two, eh mate?”

Laughing Brad nodded. “Yeah, don’t remind me!” Jaime’s presence seemed to lighten his mood considerably. Why couldn’t he be this happy without additional company…when it was just he and Jennifer? There was a time when they laughed…now they just seemed so distant.

“So you have any request for your birthday?” Jaime asked, assuming that his friends would be eating at the restaurant.

Jennifer took charge of the conversation. “Well, we were thinking…”


The Dorhester Hotel
London England

“I’m glad we decided to spend your birthday here alone. We haven’t been spending enough time together.” Jennifer glided up behind Brad wrapping her arms around his waist. “I’ve missed you.”

He’d made the decision to work this marriage out. He’d made the decision to let Angelina and Maddox rest reverently in his mind and heart but never in his life. His life was here now, with this woman whom he’d pledged his love and soul to. He remembered that day and his feelings, and he as he stood here now he knew that his feelings were no longer the same. But he had made his decision and here he’d stay.

Turning towards Jennifer he cupped her face between his large, strong…capable hands. He had to try and make this work. ‘Get her out of his mind’. “I missed you to sweetheart.” Raising her face to his he captured her lips in a soft, soulful kiss. Trying not to think of another pair of lips, so bountiful a man could feast for an eternity. As his hand began their caressing descent from Jennifer’s smooth face to her slim healthy body, he tried not to remember the curves of another body…curves that would tempt a man to kill. ‘STOP!’ his mind yelled bringing him back to the reality that lay before him; his wife.

At that moment Jennifer knew that this was her chance to gain the upper hand. He was willing to work on their marriage and tonight they would rekindle their sex life. It had been so long sine she’d lain in his arms and that was about to change. She would be damned if she lost him to some puffy lipped psycho, who’s reputation as a man stealing, sexual deviant was legendary. Well Angelina wasn’t getting this one, not if she could help it.

Returning his kiss, Jennifer unbuttoned Brad’s silk shirt. Her fingers moving lightly over the soft silk that covered a chest so well chiseled it made her want to weep. Freeing his chest from the material, Jennifer pulled her mouth from his, trailing her moist lips from his mouth to the pulse beat at the base of his throat, sucking forcefully.

Every pull of her warm wet mouth caused his shaft to stir. The rhythm, hot suction and moist heat were all that he needed. His mind blank to all but the woman he held in his arms, Brad began walking her slowly backwards into the bedroom, stopping at the foot of the bed. Grabbing a handful of Jennifer’s soft straight hair brad again pulled her mouth up to his; his tongue demanding and finding easy access to the soft dark recesses hidden within her hot mouth, encompassing her tongue with his own, he drew it into a lover’s tango.

Leaving her mouth wanting, he wound a path of moist kisses up the column of her throat to nibble her ear. She shivered and tingled with his assault. When she tried to move away, Brad captured a handful of soft strands, holding her steady. His tongue traveled a remembered path into the delicate shell of her ear, Jennifer moaned, as he traced the pattern of her ear and delved into its crevice, she felt an uncoiling deep within her belly. Squeezing his eyes shut, she tried to control the sensations, only serving to heighten them.

So caught in the sensual inferno Brad was building within her, she didn’t notice that he had almost completely disrobed her until the faint chill of the room hit the bare hot flesh of her full breast arousing their rosy nipples. She gasped loudly when he seared a path back down her neck, placing tantalizing kisses at the base of her throat repeating her own earlier actions. Brad released his hold on her hair to let his hand roam down her back, cupping her buttocks through her thin skirt, bringing her lower body tightly against his bulging erection. With a gentle push from Brad, Jennifer found herself sprawled across their bed, staring up at him. Staring into her eyes, Brad grabbed the hem of her skirt and pulled slowly on the thin fabric of her skirt, pulling it completely off, within seconds. Her nylons and thong followed in quick order. Brad managed to rid himself of the remainder of his own clothing.

Standing there at the foot of the bed, Brad stared down at the woman who was his wife. And in an instance, for no more than a few seconds Jennifer’s visage and body changed and he found him self staring down into the face that haunted his every waking moment. Those eyes…lips…breast and never ending legs. He desired them and here they were…

“Brad, baby…?” Jennifer’s voice brought him back. If she only knew who had joined them in this…their marriage bed. Shaking himself free of all distraction, he kneeled upon the bed, griping the back of her calves as he pressed moist kisses along her soft thighs, finally burying his face and tongue in the thin honey curls that guarded the treasure he sought. He inhaled the scent of her, feasting hungrily at the delicate flesh.

Jennifer moaned, her nerves vibrating under the sensations coursing through her lower body. Brad’s tongue left no fold unattended. He was definitely well versed in the art of oral pleasure. A gift Jennifer definitely appreciated. Leaving her moist core, Brad trailed his wet tongue up the path of her navel, taking a moment to pay it special homage. Jennifer almost screamed as the hot streaks raced from her navel to her toes. Brad continued his hot trail upwards where he buried his face in the soft valley of her breast. He leisurely circled one pale rose colored nipple with the tip of his tongue. He closed his mouth over an aching peak. Jennifer whimpered clutching at his shoulders, as hot painful pleasure snaked its way from her breast to her stomach, finally settling in the moist pool between her legs. She arched her back, groaning deeply, her breath coming in ragged pants.

He raised her hips once more, penetrating the swollen, moist haven. He moved slowly forward until he was seated as deep as her body would allow. Brad shuddered. He began moving in deep fluid strokes, pushing deeply, with draw almost completely, only to thrust home again. Jennifer arched her body to meet each thrust, wrapping her legs around his waist; he drew him even deeper. Brad's thrusts became quicker, harder with an urgency born of pure ecstasy. He felt Jennifer’s nails leaving their burning mark on his shoulders and back as her body rippled in convulsions. She cried out her tension giving way to the tumultuous climax. Brad found his own blissful release, flooding her with his seed, wasting his life’s essence.

They lay quietly in the aftermath, snuggled in each other’s arms. Jennifer kissed Brad’s shoulder and chest. Smiling to herself she felt triumphant. He was here in her bed. She’d won him back and on her terms. She had to thank him for understanding. “Thank you.”

Brad was almost asleep, but woke at her words. “Thank you for what?”

“For tonight, for understanding and agreeing with me.” Jennifer felt the tension in Brad’s body, long before she heard it in his voice.

Brad glanced down at Jennifer. “What do you mean agreeing? Agreeing on what?”

“You know…about waiting a few more years before starting a family. I thought that was what this was about.” Jennifer referred to their lovemaking. “That...you had decided to come and work things out.”

Sitting up, Brad pulled away from his wife so that he could see her face. “You thought that because we made love that I agreed to wait a few more years to have children?” Shaking his head in disbelief, he left the bed. Grabbing his pants and shirt he left the room.

By the time Jennifer found a robe and joined Brad in the suite’s living room, he was dressed his pants in place and his shirt on but left hanging open, baring his well sculpted chest and abs. “Brad what just happened?”

“You…you just happened.” Brad’s index and middle finger stabbed the air in Jennifer’s direction before settling on his lips as if to stay the tide of words that could not…would not be contained.

“Me? You said that you wanted to work things out.” Pacing back and forth Jennifer continued. “We had a beautiful dinner and came back to our suite and had amazing sex. If that isn’t working things out then what was it?”

“Jennifer that was dinner and sex; that was not us talking about our future plans.” Brad stared at Jennifer for a moment before moving on. “You need to actually talk.”

“So let’s talk…work this out.” Jennifer moved to face Brad.

“Yeah and where do we start?” Brad stared into Jennifer’s eyes. “Do we start at our lack of communication, or our goals? Where? Where would you like to start?”

“Well…let’s start with are you willing to wait a few more years before we start a family?”

The disbelief returned to his eyes. “A few years? Exactly what do a few years equate to Jennifer? WHAT!!!”

Jennifer jumped, startled at the sharpness and anger in Brad’s voice. “I just want to finish the movies and then we can start…two…three years at the most.”

Snorting Brad shook his head. “You are truly a piece a work. You know that?”

Jennifer went on the defensive, how dare he. “Why? Because I want what you have…a successful movie career? Because I don’t want to be bogged down with a pregnancy or a kid right now? Or because I finally have the chance to walk outside of your goddamn shadow for once.”

“What!!! My shadow? My shadow…amazing…fucking amazing!” Brad’s lips pressed in and out as he glanced up towards the ceiling and back at his wife. He began to speak in a lilting feminine voice. “How do I look? Are you sure this is good enough? No maybe I should change. I can do it if you come with me. How does my nose look? Do you think I should have plastic surgery? Should I take the role? Do you think I can pull it off?” He stopped suddenly and brought his voice back to its normal tone. “I never asked or insisted that you be my shadow, as you call it. You’re the one who has the need to walk there. I never relegated you to the position of my shadow, I wanted a wife! One who would walk beside me…not two steps behind.”

“You seemed to be content to keep me there!”

“Keep you there, you took up permanent residency there all on your own sweetheart. So don’t lay that at my feet!” Walking over to the fully stocked bar, Brad poured himself a drink. “You know…this is a prime example of our communication problem. If you felt like this why didn’t you say something to me before? Why now…after almost seven years?”

“Did you even want to hear it?” Jennifer yelled. “You were so busy being ‘The Brad Pitt’, when did I have time to tell you? We never talked. It was one party, movie or family function after another!”

Brad finished his drink and poured himself another shot, swallowing it in one gulp. Pouring himself a double shot again before turning back to Jennifer. One thing for sure he’d either work it out or end up drunk. “You didn’t complain about being ‘The Brad Pitt’s’ wife. In fact you didn’t complain at all when we attended those many parties and you sure as hell didn’t have a problem walking that red carpet. Or how about the special treatment being ‘Mr. Brad Pitt’ afforded you? Didn’t complain about that. As far as my family functions were concerned, you barely went to any…we barely went to any. So don’t throw that in face. I WILL NOT apologize for being Brad Pitt.”

Jennifer had no real words, he was right. But she had to try. “I’m not asking you to apologize for being Brad Pitt. I’m just saying that we have been on this whirlwind of your career and now it’s my turn. I want that same success.”

“Oh I’m sorry, excuse our marriage for getting in the way. Say what you want to Jennifer but I never put my job above our marriage. When you needed me I was there. Name one time..ONE, when you called for me and I didn’t come. Just one. Name one time when you needed me there for your Premieres, your television show or your family and I didn’t come through for you. Cause you know what I can name plenty of times when all I wanted was you to be there with me and you couldn’t be bothered. You were busy…”

“I HAD TO WORK!” Jennifer yelled.

“I HAD TO WORK TOO! But I always had time for you. Ocean’s Eleven…remember you needed me I left in the middle of taping to come to you. Troy…I left Mexico to come to you . Why? Because you needed me. I never questioned, I just came. You could never do that for me, but I accepted that. You never confided in me…but oh you did with Courtney. It was always ‘Courtney says this’…’Courtney suggested that’…or ‘Courtney thinks’. I thought maybe once we had children things would level out. I would cut back on working take a year or so off, your show would be over and we could concentrate on our family. That you’d begin confiding in me, but you never wanted that did you? Oh, you enjoyed being the wife of ‘Brad Pitt’’…a part of the famous ‘Golden couple’ but it was being William Bradley Pitt’s wife, that you seem to have a problem with.”

“I didn’t say that! Why are you making this so hard?I just asked for a few more years. Then we…” Brad’s soft laughter cut her off.

“A few years…hmmm…yeah and you’ll be what thirty seven…thirty-eight? Maybe you even thought to wait until forty. The only problem is, that’s not what we agreed to.”

“Things change Brad.” Jennifer wasn’t backing down.

“Yep they sure do and in your case they change constantly. The only problem is you don’t admit it. We dated for what two years before getting married? Neither of us was ready for a family then but we discussed it. When we were married you asked me to give you two more years and I did gladly, because I knew you weren’t ready. After the two years, you asked me to wait until ‘Friends’ ended I agreed. I couldn’t understand why…I mean your character was pregnant that would have been the best time. You said no, not yet. I agreed to wait. ‘Friends’ ends and I find out that you have gone behind my back and agreed to do three movies, with another what two…three in the works. You didn’t even have enough respect for our marriage to discuss it with me.” He stared down into the amber liquid that filled his glass. “You never planned to have children did you Jen? It was all a lie.”

“It’s not a lie, I do want children! I just want to get my movie career situated. I can’t afford to take what…one or two years off to have your baby right now!” Why couldn’t he see that she just wanted a little piece of what he had.

Brad only heard one thing at that point. “My baby. Interesting choice of words, not our baby…just mine huh?”

“That’s not what I meant. You’re not hearing my words.”

“Oh I think that I’m hearing them fine, or rather the meaning behind them.” Brad answered. “You want success. You had success on ‘Friends’. You want a successful movie career. What if you never rake in the big box office hits? You want an Oscar? What if you never achieve that award? I’ve been in this business for over fifteen years and I don’t have one.”

“Yes but you do have the prestige of an Oscar Nomination. It’s a matter of time for you. Time I don’t have.” Jennifer walked over to the window and glanced out at the early morning traffic of London.

Brad watched his wife, wondering if he ever really knew this woman. “And whose fault is that Jennifer? Mine? Four years ago you asked me if I thought you should continue on with ‘Friends’, I told you then that if you wanted to branch off completely into movies that you should move on. You decided to stay safe and finished out the run. Now you’re known as two things “Rachel’ and Brad Pitt’s wife and you’re blaming me for your choices.”

Glaring at his reflection in the window, she yelled. “I NEVER SAID THAT!” After a few seconds she turned back to Brad. “I’m not blaming you…”

NO! You’re just using them as an excuse to go back on your word. You want me to wait indefinitely for children while you hash out some kind of movie career you’re about fifteen years late in starting.” Brad knew that he was being cruel, but he’d had it. He was done coddling her. If she didn’t give a damn about his wishes, he was damn sure done taking hers into consideration. “You had a chance to continue on in your movie career, before ‘Friends’ but you played it safe. You know what happens when you play it safe? The industry type casts you. You dug your own hole and six movies aren’t enough to change public preference and to them you are ‘Rachel’. It will take at least a minimum of five years doing hard…solid and diverse characters to change that. So going on that timetable you’ll be forty and I’ll be forty-six before you will even consider keeping your word and having children.”

Jennifer watched Brad and in that moment knew that her marriage was over. She’d gambled and lost. She’d control the ‘starting a family’ situation for so long she’d assumed that she could for a while longer…she was wrong. “Brad…”

“Why don’t you just admit that you don’t want children that you’ll never be ready for them or the demands that they will make on your life. Admit that and then explain to me why you lied all this time. Why you didn’t just tell me this when we were dating. I’ve always been up front with you. I’ve always discussed business, script choices with you. Always invited you on location with me.” Sadness began to infuse Brad’s tone. “You never did any of that with me unless you were unsure or afraid. For me it was simple marital respect. I wanted you to know that we were partners. But it takes two to form a partnership and sweetheart; I’m just plain tired of being a solo partner.”

Jen couldn’t believe her ears. “What are you saying Brad?”

“I’m saying it’s over.” A sad smile formed on Brad’s lips. “I think it’s time we called it quits. We have nothing left to offer each other. Counseling hasn’t worked and we are at an impasse that neither of us seems interested in over coming.”

Jennifer tried to swallow the bitterness that was welling up in her throat, how dare he! “You’re leaving me?” Jennifer grabbed a pillow from the chair nearest her and threw it at Brad. “You bastard! You don’t get to just walk out on me! Let me guess…it’s her isn’t it? This...” Waving her hands over the suite. “This suite…dinner and the sex, you were planning to leave me all along and this was all just a lie! What was that in the bedroom Brad? A sympathy fuck? You haven’t touched me in God knows how long, but I bet you’ve touched her plenty. How many times did you fuck her? Is it…”

“Jennifer! Quiet!” Brad bark out.

Jennifer went on as if Brad hadn’t spoken. “Is it true what they say about her? That she’ll fuck anything…anywhere? They say she’s a slut, You know I believe it! Look at her, no woman looks like that and doesn’t enjoy fucking anything with a di…”

“Shut your mouth!”

“Oh but wait she swings both ways right? She admitted to that. Maybe that’s what turns you on, the taste of another woman’s cunt on her lips.”

Brad rushed towards Jennifer grabbing her by the shoulders and began shaking her. “Shut the hell up! What is wrong with you? This is between me and you? Not Angelina or any other outside influences.”

“What the hell is wrong with me? You…you’re what’s wrong with me. You and that slut! You think I haven’t heard about you two? About Italy…is she pregnant? She is, isn’t she? That’s why you want out of the marriage isn’t it?”

“She’s not pregnant! And what about Italy? Nothing happened and you know that. I never slept with her!” Brad yelled into Jennifer’s face, before shoving her away from him in disgust. “I heard…I heard…that’s your goddamn problem Jen. You listen to gossip instead of dealing in the truth! I would never believe someone else’s word over yours. One more time…the last time I’ll tell you, leave Angelina out of this.” His voice so quiet now, it was almost a whisper. “I don’t want to hear her name on your lips again.”

Jennifer knew she’d gone too far. Reaching for him she tried to apologize. “Brad, I’m sorry, I just flipped out. Maybe we could…”

Again a quiet voice. “No.” Brad walked away from Jennifer locating his coat he searched the pocket, until he found his cell phone. Dialing he spoke into the phone, his eyes remained on Jennifer’s face. “Hey it’s Brad. I need to get to the states ASAP. How soon can you make it happen? Okay I’ll be waiting at Luton. Thanks” He hung up the phone. Walking over to Jennifer he placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. Caressing her face he lifted her face up to his, kissed her on the lips and whispered. “It’s over. I want a divorce. I’ll have my stuff moved out of the house by the time you get back.”

Jennifer watched Brad gather his things and salute her at the door before leaving. The door shut with a finality that seemed to mark the end of her marriage to ‘Golden Boy Brad Pitt’.

Copyright © 2006 all rights reserved By ‘Rica’

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