Thursday, September 14, 2006


April 27, 2005

Hotel La Mamounia
Brad’s Private suite…

“Sooo…?” Douglas took a healthy swallow of his imported beer and waited for his brother to answer. He’d arrived last night on a mission from his mother to make sure Brad was okay. Their mother wasn’t exactly Angelina’s biggest fan at the moment even though Brad had told her constantly that Angelina had not been responsible for Brad and Jen’s divorce. Jane just wasn’t ready to let go of Jennifer. The only problem…Brad was and his decision was the one…the only one that counted.

Brad glanced over his shoulder at his brother who lay draped across one of the suite’s sofas. He had to admit, he was happy that Doug had joined him for a few days. He had someone he could talk to…someone he could trust. “Sooo…what?” He knew what Doug wanted to know, but why not make the brat wait a bit longer.

“Come on man! You know what I’m asking. Do I need to spell it out?” Doug sat his beer down and began spelling words. “ A-N-G-E-L-I-N-A and K-E-N-Y-A.”

“Excited much? Geeze you’d think nothing was going on in your life.”

“Don’t play with me.”

“Fine it was wonderful. I had a great time, Angie…she hates Angelina, is a nice girl. Mad is an adorable little tyke.” Brad had to almost bite his tongue to keep from laughing out loud.

Doug stared in disbelief. “Nice…adorable…tyke? Who the hell are you grandma Pitt?”


“Well my ass! I want the juicy details. Is she as wild in bed as they say?” Doug asked. He just couldn’t believe that his brother actually had thing going with Angelina Jolie. The thought simply boggled the mind and raised the libido levels of any red blooded male with an active imagination. Lucky son of a bitch!

Brad turned around and leaned against the balcony staring at his brother. “Oh Yeah”

Doug inched closer, waiting for more. “And…?”

Brad moved into the suite joining his brother. He dropped down onto the couch that Doug had vacated just moments ago. “She’s an amazing woman. She’s a dedicated mother…she really cares about Mad and how things affect him. She’s really a good woman Doug. I don’t want you to think of her any other way. No matter what you hear.”

“So you two didn’t…the whole Jen thing…” His voice faded away under implied meanings.

Brad shook his head emphatically. “No. We never slept together before the divorce was filed. People will think what they want and that’s cool. But I want my family to know the truth. Angelina is a very decent…kind and beautiful woman. She’s dedicated to her son, to her humanitarian work and acting. Doug, she’s just a good woman.”

“What is this I’m hearing… seeing?” Doug asked his brother. He couldn’t remember the last time Brad had referred to a woman, any woman as simply yet tellingly as a ‘good woman’. Just what were Brad’s feelings for Angelina and did she reciprocate those same feelings? Doug believed that he was catching rare glimpses of the brother he’d grown up with.

“Nothing.” Brad smiled. Just the thought of Angelina made him smile…it made him almost bubbly. Damn that was sickening.

“Nooo….there’s something there. I can hear it. Just what do you feel for this girl?” He moved to stand directly in front of his brother. “It’s there in your eyes, they just light up at the mere mention of her name. I thought this was just a hot and heavy weekend. I’m seeing something else Bradley. So tell me what’s really going on?”

“I’m trying to figure that out myself. I thought that what I had with Jennifer was it. You know family, kids, travel and love. I can’t say that I expected us to last forever. It was never that kind of relationship but I did expect the natural progression. But in the end we simply couldn’t get it together. We wanted separate things that’s all.”

“And Angelina, where does she fit in?”

“She doesn’t. I’m not trying to fit her into my life as it is. She starts a whole new chapter, a chapter that does include happiness, honesty, comfort and understanding, those things that I have been missing for so long. I want what you and Julie have with your spouses, what mom and dad have… And this woman…this amazing woman makes me feel that it’s possible.”

Doug watched his brother’s face…its expressions…as he spoke of Angelina and he realized something. For the first time his brother was in a very deep abiding…almost obsessive kind of love. This wasn’t the same man who’d married his golden princess in front of Hollywood. This man…he could see it so clearly…this man wanted something much more profound yet fundamental. This man wanted back rubs, backyard barbeques family vacations and family reunions. This man wanted to cut the umbilical cord after catching his own baby. This man…whether he admitted it or not, didn’t want to grow old alone. “Wow…so when do I get to meet this paragon, who managed to separate Hollywood's Brad Pitt from Missouri’s Will Pitt?”

“Don’t. She’s not a paragon. She’s just a remarkable woman, the likes of which you’ve never met before. Once we figure out what’s really going on between us and where our feelings are, then I’ll bring her home.”

“Whatever you call her, Love is definitely in the air.”

“Hmm…” Brad looked at his brother with a gentle smile and an almost whimsical expression. “I call her Angel.”


April 28, 2005
Fulmer, England
Angelina’s Estate

“So, have you decided on seeing him again?” Holly asked her boss and friend. The two had been friends for the last five years and had grown extremely close in that time. “I know you had a good time and so did Maddox.”

Glancing up from gathering the toys her son Maddox had scattered across his playroom. “How do you know we had a good time?”

“Because neither of you have stopped smiling since you’ve returned home.” Holly grabbed a stuffed giraffe and tossed it at Angelina. “I also heard the disturbance reports. Someone had a raunchy time.”

Angelina tossed the toy back at Holly. “Oh ha…ha!” After spending five days in Sierra Leone on UN business, Angelina needed a laugh.

Holly batted the toy away. “Oh admit it. You animal you. Go on and admit that he turned you out!”

Angelina finished clearing the toys, before she began cleaning the art table. How could such a small child make such a big mess in under six hours? “Weeeelll…he is very…very good at what he does. And he has one hell of a tongue.”

“I knew it! You freak!” Holly laughed. “Or is he the freak…naaah you’re both just freaks. Now answer my question.”

Angelina stopped cleaning and stared down at her hands. “I don’t know.”

“Do you want to?” Holly pushed on. In her opinion Angelina had changed considerably for the better. Her demeanor was brighter and the fact that she was willing to introduce Brad to Mad and then allow him to spend time with the child told Holly more than any words Angelina could ever utter.

“Yes I want to…of course I do. But I have Mad to consider now. I can’t just embark on a relationship. Not to mention there is Jennifer to consider. She does have feelings.”

“So consider him. Consider just how attach he is to Brad already. Consider that though you weren’t looking for a partner, fate has decided to send you one anyway and he’s a good man, who’s crazy about you and your son.” Holly paused for a second, choosing her words. “Don’t let him slip away. Make this work, for you and for Mad. As far as Aniston is concerned, that ship sailed years ago. She and Brad are no more and she made sure of that when she filed for divorce. She threw him away and you caught him. Now he’s yours to claim Angie!”

Angelina heard the words, as did her heart. She knew her answer long before the words escaped her lips. “Yeah, you’re right. If I want him, I need to claim him. I’ve been second guessing myself…fighting against the inevitable and why? Because I’m scared to walk that path again. I don’t think I could survive another break up.”

“You have to try Angie or you’ll never know what could be or could have been.” She watched Angelina pace restlessly. Angie always reminded her of an exotic leopard, beautiful, wild and dangerous. “How do you feel about him…this whole experience?”

Angelina walked over to one of the room’s large windows and stared out at the pool. She could see her neighbors. They were playing tennis. She didn’t mind the husband but the wife just talked too much and she was quite nosey; always asking the most annoying and personal questions. Without turning around she began answering Holly. “How do I feel about him? Obsessed with him, anxious about him, aroused by him, terrified of him and what he makes me feel.”

“You’ve known him now for over a year and though most of that time was spent in the hands off mode, feelings don’t stop changing or deepening. Do you love him?”

“He makes me laugh. No man has ever made me laugh the way he does. He’ll tell the goofiest stories or the craziest jokes and I’ll laugh for hours. He’s so laid back…so sweet.” She turned, smiling. “Do I love him? Yes.”

Holly smiled gently. “Well now you have your answer and you know the next step.”


April 30, 2005
Fulmer, England
The Black Horse Pub

Angelina dug down into her small leather backpack to find her phone. “Hello?”

“Hi ya stranger.” Brad’s deep voice floated over the connection.

Her generous lips forming a bright smile at the sound of his voice; she recognized the line and responded automatically. “Hi ya back”

“What are you doing?” Brad moved through the crowed airport quickly, ignoring the following fans, in a rush to get to his destination.

“Well I’m having lunch with Holly and Mad.” She nodded when Holly mouthed “Brad” while pointing at the phone. Smiling at Holly who took Maddox and made a hasty retreat toward the swings behind the pub; giving Angie privacy. “So what are you doing?”

“On my way to pick someone up.”

“Who?” Angelina wondered who he was picking up, maybe it was family. She knew his brother had visited him for a few days, maybe it was his parents.

“You.” Brad didn’t bother to elaborate. He climbed into the black SUV waiting at the curb.

“Me…but…but when?”

“Now, how soon can you be ready to leave?” Brad left no room for negotiation. He wanted what he wanted and he intended to get it.

Angelina was in shock., her words disjointed. “Me…wait…Brad…”

“How soon Angel?”

“Uhhh…well I…wait…where are we going? For how long?” He was moving too fast, she couldn’t keep up.

“Morocco for one night. I want to have dinner with you tonight. I want to hold you. I miss you…I need you.” Brad’s voice dropped an octave and his words seemed to hypnotize her.

Angelina couldn’t fight his desires and she’d given up on winning over hers. “How long will it take you to get here?” How long was the flight from Morocco to England?

“I’ll be there in half an hour. Mad and I will catch up, while you pack.” Brad spoke into the phone his gaze following the country scenery.

Angelina couldn’t believe he was here already. “You’re here? When did you land?”

“Doesn’t matter, I’ll see you in thirty minutes. An overnight bag is all you need. I’ll have you back by tomorrow afternoon.”

“Okay.” Angelina gave in without a fight. Why fight what she herself wanted more than anything. “See you in thirty minutes.” She hung up the phone and went in search of Holly and Maddox. She found them out by the swings in the park behind the pub.

“And?” Holly questioned. She took Mad down from the swing and the trio started the ten minute walk home.

“He’s here to pick me up for dinner tonight. Can you sit with Mad for me?” She asked. She never took Holly for granted. Holly had a life and a husband and Angelina made it a point to make sure that Holly spent more time with her husband than with her and Maddox.

“Sure, but where are you going and when did he get here?”

“Morocco and he wouldn’t tell me how long he’s been here. I get the feeling that he just landed.” Angelina cautioned Maddox to slow down before continuing. “He’s definitely sweeping me off my feet.”

“Yeah and into a long distance booty call.” Holly grinned. “Must be nice to be the object of Brad Pitt’s affection. M-e-o-w! I’d give up the booty anytime he wanted it.”

“Hmmm…yeah well he’s mine and I intend to.”


Mile High Club…
April 30, 2005

Angelina stared out at the clouds. “I can’t believe that I let you talk me into this.”

Brad stared across the small space that separated their seats. “Do you regret it? Want me to have the pilot turn around?”

Angelina shook her head. “No and if I said yes, would you?”

Brad’s answering chuckle came softly and more than a bit dangerously. “No. I wouldn’t. I would like to say that I would or that I’m sorry but unfortunately I wouldn't and I'm not.”

“Why? Because you’re getting what you want?” Angelina asked. She already knew the answer; it was there in his eyes.

“If you know the answer already Angel, why bother with the question.” It was said more as a statement of fact then a question. But the meaning was strong. Brad’s eyes glided over Angelina, taking in her appearance. Her beauty flawless, she reminded him of a fantasy come to life. She wore a silky olive green dress, which showed her tanned body off to perfection. He couldn’t remember ever seeing her in anything quite so colorful. She was breathtaking. “Very nice dress, you look gorgeous.”

“Thank you.” Her gaze touched on his gray silk shirt as it stretched across his chiseled chest and black slacks. “You’re quite an eyeful yourself.”

“Thank you lady mine.”

“You are most welcome. So what time will we arrive?”

“We should be there about nine…nine-thirty.”

“Are we going to restaurant?” Angelina had never been one to ‘wait and see’; she needed to know what was going on at all times.

Brad smiled devilishly. “It’s a surprise.”

“I hate surprises.” She responded, only half believing her own words. For some reason she looked forward to his surprise. That was a first.

Before he could reply the flight attendant interrupted. “Excuse me Mr. Pitt and Ms. Jolie is there anything I can get either you?”

Brad glanced at Angelina, who declined before answering. “No we’re fine. But we are going into the back. Just notify us thirty minutes prior to landing.”

“Yes sir.” The flight attendant couldn’t believe her luck when she’d been asked to fill in for the usual attendant on Mr. Pitt’s flight, but now Angelina Jolie was on the flight as well. Wait until she told her mother- which was strictly against the rules. Policy also prevented her from approaching the passengers for anything outside of flight related matters, so she couldn’t ask for an autograph or ask Ms. Jolie about her humanitarian work. “If you need anything, there is an intercom system in the sitting room and the…uhhh…bed…bedroom.” The attendant could have kicked herself for stuttering.

“Thank you.” Without any further words, Brad nodded to the attendant dismissing her. He watched her return to the little lounge where the attendants stayed during the flight before standing and holding his hand out toward Angelina. “Shall we?”

Placing her hand in his, Angelina allowed him to pull her up onto her feet. “Shall we what?”

Leaning forward Brad whispered into her ear. “Well you have heard of the ”Mile High Club” haven’t you?”

Nodding, Angelina ran her tongue over her lower lip. “Um…hmmm”

“Well I thought we could add a new couple to the ranks.”

“You are a naughty boy.”

Brad pulled her towards the jet’s large bedroom. “A naughty boy for a bad girl.” He opened the door and guided her into the quiet room. Closing the door behind them, he leaned against the door. Leaning there he watched her, their eyes watching each other. “Undress for me Angel,”

He spoke softly but his voice wrapped its way around her body, almost smothering her in its intensity. She remained silent, her hazel blue gaze trapping his as she slipped the thin straps off of her shoulder. The silky material slithered down her long curvy body, pooling at her stiletto heeled encased feet. Stepping out of the dress; Angelina slinked toward Brad, removing her bra as she did.

Brad rubbed his chin slowly as his tongue caressed his bottom lip. He began unbuttoning his shirt as he watched as the object of most men and quite a few women's desires glided to him, clad in a deep olive green thong and a pair of dark green stilettos, her breast bobbing with each step. Jesus, she was fine!

Reaching out, Angelina pushed Brad’s hands away from the shirt’s buttons and ran her hands caressingly down Brad’s chest. Reaching his waist, she pulled his shirt from the pants. Returning to the shirt she continued unbuttoning where he’d left off. Leaning forward, she pressed a light kiss to the skin she exposed, flicking her tongue against the tanned skin.

Pressing back against the door, Brad shivered slightly with every touch of her tongue, the fingers of one hand found their way into her thick curls. He loved her hair. Straight or curly it always seemed alive, as though it caressed her shoulders and upper back. While in Kenya she gone without curling or blow drying and the thick hair he’d assumed was bone straight turned out to be very soft and slightly wavy. He’d asked her why she kept it blow dried and she’d said that as a child her hair had been straight but around her late teens it began waving up and had become uncontrollable until she began applying heat on a regular basis. Straight, wavy or curly…he loved her hair.

Angelina kneeled down in front of Brad, unbuckling his belt; she pulled it free. With deliberate slowness, she opened the material and tugged the pants down his legs. She almost purred at the fact that he’d gone commando. Her eyes feasting, she watched as he spilled out; thick, hard and throbbing with need.

A groan escaped Brad as her full lips traced the past that her fingers laid. Her lips moved over him, her tongue tasting and teasing. Gently at first, she enclosed the tip of his shaft with her hungry mouth, her tongue swirling around his thick length.

Brad felt wave after wave of ecstasy as Angelina’s moist, hot mouth enclosed his shaft, sucking rhythmically. Glancing down, Brad focused for a moment on the dream kneeling before him. Hollywood, the media and the public all thought they knew how sexual she…Angelina was, labeling her at every turn. They had no clue. Grasping the door knob with one hand, he brutally clutched a fist full of Angelina’s hair, using it to guide her head and mouth.

Angelina allowed his forcefulness to aid her. Every shove of Brad’s hand brought his shaft deeper into the heated moist cavern of her mouth; his shaft slamming rhythmically against the back of her throat. She felt her own arousal building. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d come so close to orgasm while giving another oral pleasure. She felt the tremors racing up Brad’s legs before she heard his moan of fulfilled pleasure.

Brad’s release almost brought him to his knees, using the door knob he managed to remain standing while Angelina’s mouth worked him fervently, milking him dry.

Still on her knees Angelina glanced up into Brad’s somewhat clouded blue gaze and lick her already wet lips. “You definitely taste good”

Stepping out of the pool of cloths at his feet, Brad swept a still crouching Angelina into his arms. “I bet you taste better. Why don’t we find out.”


Dinner by Orchids and Candleight
Hotel La Mamounia
Brad’s Private suite…

“Keep them closed.” Brad peaked over at Angelina to make sure her eyes were closed.
Using his key card, he swiped at the lock and pushed the door open. Moving to stand behind Angelina, Brad placed his hands over her eyes and guided her into the suite. Moving her into the center of the living room, he dropped his hands. “Okay, open your eyes.”

Angelina opened her eyes slowly. “Oh my God!” she whispered. “When did you…the phone called you made at the airport when we landed. Right?” She moved through the candlelight suite, her eyes touching on the golden and ivory orchids that were strewn throughout the suite. She could see flowers trailing into the bedroom as well as the dinning area and balcony. They were everywhere, the scent filtering through the air. Angelina closed her eyes again, enjoying the fragrance. She loved orchids and was amazed that he had remembered. But then, that was the kind of man Brad was. “Beautiful.” She whispered, describing more than the flowers.

Simply mesmerized by Angelina’s beauty, Brad glided -as if in a trance- to stand behind the object of his affection. Encircling her waist with one hand and caressing her neck with the other, he whispered. “Very.”

Spinning slowly in his arms, Angelina smiled. “I meant the suite…and maybe one other thing.”

Brad smiled in return. “Well I definitely meant you.”

“Hmmm…well…” A knock at the door caught their attention. Angelina watched Brad saunter across the room to open the door and allow to hotel attendants to enter, each pushing a large cart, one laden with exotic dishes and the other with Moroccan wine and deserts. Both watched silently as the attendants set a small dining table up on the balcony. Angelina couldn’t help but notice that the scene was similar to the dream she’d had in Italy. Once done they turned to Brad and bowed.

“Your dinner is served Monsieur Pitt.” Turning to Angelina, they smiled and bowed. “Bon Appetite Mademoiselle.”

Angelina bowed in return. “Merci, Bon Nuit.” She watched Brad tip the attendants handsomely before shutting the door. “Dinner looks wonderful.”

Brad walked slowly toward her, taking her hand and leading her out onto the balcony. Seating her before pouring them both a glass of wine and sitting; he held the glass up in a toast. “To us and this very memorable night. Thank you for coming.”

Angelina tapped her glass to his. “Thank you for the beautiful surprise.” She suddenly became aware of soft stringed tones drifting up from the floral garden below. Smiling in bemusement, she stood and walked over to the balcony rail and glanced down where she found four men playing qanuns; the music simply exquisite.

Brad watched her for a moment before walking over and pulling her back to the table. “Shall we?”

Smiling and completely under Brad’s influence she responded. “We shall.”

Amidst orchids, candlelight, qanun music, exotic food and each other’s presence, the two enjoyed themselves. Brad couldn’t remember a time when just a simple romantic meal had moved him so deeply. Angelina couldn’t remember ever having a meal so beautifully designed and prepared. No man had ever swept her off of her feet, until now.


Alpha Male meets Alpha Female…

Brad handed Angelina another glass of wine. They were on their third bottle and both were a bit more relaxed. Joining her on the sofa, Brad maneuvered himself into a corner, swung one leg up onto the cushions and left the other on the floor. Once settled he pulled Angelina back into his embrace so that she lay against his chest. “Did you enjoy the dinner?”

Snuggling deep into her position and sipping her wine, she giggled…something she never did outside of her time with Maddox. “Mmmm…oh yes. I’m so full. I do believe I made a pig of myself.”

“Was that a giggle?” Brad glanced down at her. “Did Hollywood’s most wicked bad girl; the ‘Wild Child of Tinsel Town, just giggle?”

Poking Brad in the chest with her elbow, she responded. “Oh cute…very funny coming from Hollywood’s ‘Golden Boy’. What would they say if they knew that you were here with me?” kicking off her shoes she drained her wine glass and sat it on the coffee table near the sofa. Twisting around, so that she lay facing him, she continued. “They would say she vamped him. She used her sexual wiles to ensnare him. Poor sweet Brad never had a chance. They obviously don’t know you.”

Smiling brad finished his wine and sat the glass next to hers. “You’d think the dark roles I chose to play in ‘Legends of the fall’, ‘12 Monkeys’ and ‘Fight Club’ would have tipped them off. I think that the blonde hair wooed them in another direction. Hell I wasn’t even a good guy in ‘Thelma and Louise’. It’s the blonde hair I tell ya. It used to get me out of trouble in Sunday school.”

Laughing, Angelina traced his pouty bottom lip. “Sunday school huh?” She moved her hands down to his chest. “I think these perfect abs, those deep baby blues and this perfect ass, had something to do with the ‘Golden’ title. No man that looks like you can possibly be a bad guy. If they only knew…you’re A FREAK…a sexual deviant!”

Running his hands down Angelina’s back and up under her dress, his strong hands caressed her bare bottom. He still had her tiny green thong in his pocket. Squeezing the supple flesh, he gently inserted the tip of his index finger between the tight cheeks, pushing gently. “And this freak intends to turn you completely out. You’re not that bad my beautiful Wild Child. I’ve had wilder.”

Pushing against his finger Angelina moaned at the titillating invasion. “You are bad.”

“Baby you have no idea, but you will soon.” Brad pushed his finger deeper. His mind wandering in a direction he knew she wasn’t ready for. He needed more time to initiate her into his brand of sex and love making. Tonight was for her. He’d have his chance later and when he did…Lord help her. Taking her lips in a rough kiss, he allowed his tongue to match and mimic the same movement of his finger. Taking her moan into his mouth.

Angelina moaned, his invasion wasn’t uncomfortable but it was unexpected. She’d never really appreciated anal play but he somehow made it seem more erotic then embarrassing. She could feel the moisture starting and could have cried when he removed the invading digit. She caught her breath as Brad pushed her away from him and onto her back, following her to the other end of the sofa.

Brad straddled Angelina and for a moment he just sat there watching her. Finally reaching down he pushed her dress down off of her shoulders, baring her breast. They never did find her bra, exposing her breast to his feral gaze. How could any man let this woman walk away? Johnny…Billy…they were both fools! She was so beautiful and vulnerable…easily hurt but not easily consoled. He continued to push the dress down away from her body. Tossing the dress on the floor, his cloths were quick to follow before returning to Angelina.

He bent his head to the warmth of Angelina’s skin, his tongue swirling over her full breast, indulging his ravenous hunger for her. He felt her response, her body tensing. His mouth was hot and needy as he lowered his head to take possession of her breast. He suckled her, his hands sliding along her ribs, across her flat stomach, pausing to trace the large black cross tattoo. The cross intrigued him along with the tiger on her back. His hands drifted lower to find the well manicured strip of curls at the junction of her legs. She was moist and hot as he pushed his palm against her, her hips pushing against him in response.

Moving lower his lips followed the lines of her body, seeking out the treasures his hands had discovered. He spread her legs wider and lay between them, continuing his strokes and caresses. His finger found her hot core wet, pulsating and tight as he pushed into her. They’d had sex on the plane and she was still snug…life was good! Withdrawing his finger her added a second digit; inserting two fingers. Pushing in…pulling out, the rhythm was set. Brad leaned over her cross tattoo and tasted every inch of the decorated skin.

Angelina grasped the back of the couch with one hand and ran the other through Brad’s thick hair. This man would be the death of her. Spreading her legs a little wider was all she could manage to do. Withdrawing his fingers, Brad replaced them with his mouth, his tongue probing deep; the exchange was smooth but electrifying. Angelina’s cry spread through the suit like a captive’s cry of freedom. Her body rippled with life, fragmenting, imploding. Angelina was shocked by the waves of pleasure that raced through her. His tongue moving deeper, with quickness of a piston. She thrashed beneath him, unable to control the fire racing through her body. It almost took her breath away. Releasing Brad’s hair Angelina clawed at the side of the sofa. Her nerves were screaming for release. “Please…I’m dying.”

His answer was to deepen his thrust, his tongue picked up the rhythm and pulsed deeper into her body. The man’s tongue was lethal. Angelina’s body kept winding tighter and tighter until she knew she would explode. He was ravenous, driving her over the edge ruthlessly as her body twisted and bucked beneath him. He rose above her, shoving her thighs apart to accommodate him, opening her fully to him. His erection was thick and heavy and intimidating. Forcing her eyes to focus upon him, she stared up into his wild unfocused stormy blue gaze. He almost seemed more than a man…her Alpha Male and in that moment Angelina felt an instant of fear before her mind slipped back into the wild haze of the Alpha Female that was her mind’s constant shadow.

She growled softly as he pressed into her thick entrance. She could feel him there stretching her as he thickened more. He waited there as if stalking his prey. He waited while her body tensed in frustration of need and throbbing desire. If he were a doctor he could take her pulse by the rhythmic contractions of her vaginal walls. God she felt like heaven…like home. He felt as though he’d finally found his way home, after years of searching.

She wanted to move, to thrash…anything to bring on the pinnacle she so desperately sought, but she couldn’t he held her hips still, pinning her to the cushions. Brad thrust hard, driving deeply, a hunger taking him, filling him with a ravenous need that finally erupted in a fever of frenzied pounding. Her searing tightness, gripped him with a fire that nearly drove him mad.

Angelina felt as though she were loosing herself to him her voice raspy and almost inaudible, she whispered. “Brad please! I can’t…it’s too much. It’s just too much.” Thrashing her head from side to side she released her grip on the cushions and clutched at Brad’s back, now slick with sweat.

Brad caught Angelina’s wrists in his vise grip, pinning them above her head against the arm of the sofa. He needed to pull them away from his flesh, not from pain but in need; a need to master, control and overcome. He needed to impose his will and she needed to submit. Taking her mouth with his, he drove his tongue deep setting the rhythm to match that of his thrusting hips. Pounding harder and deeper, he wanted more and he took more.

With every thrust, Angelina made a gasping noise; this man had crawled through her body and found her soul. If lightening struck she’d gladly die at that moment. Brad could feel her muscles tightening clenching him, preparing to milk him dry. The orgasm burst over her, endless, mindless. She felt him growing thicker even as he continued to pound mindlessly into her contracting sheath. His bruising grip on her hip intensified, as he erupted deep into her body, sending her into yet another orgasmic spiral ending in blackness.

Breathing heavily, Brad pressed his forehead to Angelina’s and whispered “Magnificent,” before joining her in unconsciousness.



The Question

Her hand moved slowly over the bright sheets, searching for the warm body that had lain beside her. The sheets were cold and empty; waking Angelina raised herself up to her elbows, shoving waves of hair from her eyes. She searched the dark room, her eyes traveling into the dark corners and the adjacent bathroom and sitting room but both were dark. She lit upon a sliver of moonlight and followed it to the open balcony doors. She saw him then, standing at the railing wearing one of the wraps he’d gotten in Kenya. She loved the way he looked in native clothing. He was comfortable in them. She watched him for a while, watched as he stood staring out at the moonlit night. He seemed so alone in that moment. Leaving the bed silently, Angelina wrapped the sheet around her waist leaving her breast bare and walked undetected to the balcony. Wrapping her arms around his waist, she pressed her naked torso against his bare back. “Hey baby, why are you out here?” Laying her head against his back, she rubbed her cheek across the expanse of smooth skin, pressing soft kisses here and there.

“Mmmm…I woke up and came out here to think. I didn’t want to wake you.” Closing his eyes, he relished the feel of her soft skin against his, her sweet lips on him. He could stand like this for hours but they needed to talk.

“What were you thinking about?” Angelina stepped back, allowing Brad to turn around and face her. He seemed so solemn. She was almost afraid to hear what he had to say. But cowardice had never been her strong suit. She preferred facing things head on. Why change now.

Brad reached out to caress the ivory globes she offered so freely. He didn’t think that he could ever tire of her body. But he needed to control himself at the moment. “We need to talk and I can’t do it with you naked. I may be golden but I’m not a fuckin’ saint.” Unwrapping the sheet from her waist and rewrapping it around her in a sarong style, he led her back into the bedroom and sat her down on the chaise lounge across from the bed. Before joining her, he turned on one of the small lamps. I have a question to ask you.”

Angelina watched Brad move around the room, turning on a lamp and tightening his waist sarong before returning to sit with her. He almost seemed lost. “What is the question?”

Contemplating his next question; Brad stared into Angelina's catlike eyes. Those eyes…they could see into a man’s soul. Taking a deep breath Brad pushed on. “Angel, where do you wanna take this?”

Shaking her head Angelina spoke softly, carefully. “Brad you ask me this every time we’re together. I’m no closer to an answer now then I was in Kenya. I need time.”

“I’m out of time Angel, my mind is tied up in knots. I can’t think, food is almost irrelevant, and sleep is uncomfortable at best. You’re in my head constantly.”

“What do you think will happen if it becomes known that we…Hollywood’s Golden boy has been seduced by its resident vamp?” Angelina tossed out.

Caressing her hair, twisting strands around his fingers, Brad answered cautiously. “I don’t know. One, I’ve always hated that moniker. Jen was the one that thought it was cute. I thought it was pretentious.” Sighing heavily Brad shook the memories free. Raising Angelina's face so that he could read her expression, he asked softly. “Would it bother you? I mean would you care?

Angelina couldn’t lie. “No. I’ve never really cared what people thought of me. I just worry for Maddox, that’s all. I don’t want anything negative to touch him and I don’t see this being a positive situation.”

“So we’re what just friends who meet here and there when we have a free moment? Is that all there is?” Brad asked.

“What do you mean?” Angelina asked. She knew what he wanted, but she was just a bit afraid of the answer she’d soon have to give.

“Don’t…you’re too damn smart for that.” Brad shook his head. “What are you feeling right now?”

Angelina didn’t bother to evade his question. “Secluded…safe…” her voice faded away.

Brad wanted more. “How do you feel about me?

Angelina stood suddenly and walked towards the bed. She needed to put a little bit of space between them. Sitting down on the bed, she allowed her gaze to wander, briefly touching on Brad’s face before moving on. “I don’t know…” It was a lie and she knew it even before the words slipped out.

Brad knew it as well, he wanted the truth. “You do know, or you wouldn’t be here…now…with me. You do know and now I need to know.” He paused and stared directly into her eyes. “Do I mean something to you or am I just a convenient hotel fuck? After all you were the one who said that you preferred to meet your men in hotel rooms.” Brad stood; anger in his every move. “Last time I checked, I was…am very much a man and this is definitely a hotel room. So I ask you, do I mean something…does this all mean something, or am I just an exotic hotel fuck?”

At Brad’s harsh words, Angelina’s eyes dropped downward. They had been having such a wonderful time and now everything seemed to be crumbling. “That’s not fair. You invited me here and now you’re throwing daggers.” What the hell was wrong with her? If he had been any other man she would have laid him low by now. But with Brad she had no words nor did she want to fight.

Brad moved toward Angelina, not bothering to speak until he kneeled before her. “I didn’t say that to hurt you and I’m sorry if it did baby. I just want…need to understand what’s going on.” Cupping Angelina’s face, Brad raised her head so that his expression was clear to her. “I want you to understand.”

Staring into those impossibly blue eyes, Angelina asked the question who’s answer would forever change her life. “Understand what?”

Pulling her face close, Brad touched his nose and forehead to hers. “How much I love you. That I’ve fallen so fast and so deep that I couldn’t climb free if I wanted to.” Brad feathered kisses against Angelina's pillow soft lips. “I love you Angel. The question is, do you love me?”

Staring into his eyes as his lips teased hers; Angelina felt it, that sudden click as the puzzle pieces that represented her life snapped into place. She felt none of the giddiness she’d felt with Johnny or the manic desperation she’d experienced with Billy. This just felt right, quiet, easy and natural. No man had ever accomplished that. The answer was there waiting to be given and she ushered it out as easily as breath. “Yes, I love you.”

Brad thought he’d mistaken her words until he looked into her eyes. “Yeah?” Brad felt as though a whole new world had opened to him, a world full of wishful possibilities. Possibilities that were all embodied within this one beautiful, breathtaking woman.

Nodding Angelina rubbed her nose lightly against Brad’s. “Yeah, and you are not a convenient hotel fuck.”

Brad stood and gathered Angelina up into his arms. Carrying her back to the bed, where he removed her sheet and spread it out over Angelina and the mattress. Untying his sarong he let the red material fall to his feet. He did love the native dress. The sarongs were comfortable and easy to wear. He’d purchased five while in Kenya and another three in Morocco. He original purchased them for his family members but now all he could think of was Angelina wearing them around the house. House…she had him dreaming of houses, exotic trips, family picnics, babies…beautiful full lipped babies with cat eyes and strong personalities. He wanted it all.

Joining her in the bed he began turning her so that they could lay in spoon fashion. Angelina stopped him. “No, I want to hold you this time. Spreading her legs she invited him to lie at her center. Brad adjusted his weight so that his head lay pillowed on her breast. Caressing the perfect globes he couldn’t fight the desire to suckle them. Angelina ran her hands through his hair and down his sculpted back, cupping his buttocks. Both feeling content and in love fell into a peaceful sleep, determined to cherish the few hours they had left before Brad would have to put Angelina on a plane for home.

She loved him…

He loved her…

Life would never be the same.



May 2, 2006

Us Magazine
“Brad and Angelina”

In Touch Magazine

The hunt was on!

Copyright © 2006 all rights reserved By ‘Rica’


Joyce said...

I found this page the other day, and I must say that your are an amazing writer! I hope you update soon, I LOVE this story.

Rica said...

Thank you ma'am. I'm pleases you like it. It feels good when others like your writing.

Can i ask you how you found the page. Did I give you the link or did someone else...


Nedda said...

I found this blog while surfing the web. You are a very good writer and have a fervd imagination.

Nedda said...

Sorry I meant to write fervid. I am a fan of Angelina Jolie as actress and was looking for news of her new movie. I didn't even know that she was together with Brad Pitt as I didn't know that he was married to Jennifer Aniston. I am italian and as you may have understood I don't follow gossip but your story is interesting and could even be really how things went between them. Carry on writing and have good fun. I really enjoyed reading you.

punkindj said...

Such a fan of this story.. Just wondering Rica when and if you plan on updating. I and many other fans of yours and theirs are eagerly waiting..

Please we want more..

Rica said...

Thank Nedda and Punkindj...I've been trudging along on this story for years and it just never seems to get old. I love both Pitt and Jolie separately and as a couple. I should be posting more in the next month or so. Thanks again for reading.

mazhambe2000 said...

Thanks Rica I just cant put my laptop down now.Awwww your story is amazing. You a very very talented writer. I grew up reading Mills and Boons but nothing ever comes close to this ever.I just love Brad and Angie too much, lol. Anyway I better rush back to the next chapter. xx

Rica said...

Thank you very much Mazhambe! I'm really glad you like it.It is still a work in progress though, I hope to finish it by early 2011.

Thanks Again!

anu said...

its so brad and angelina so much..u r a fantastic story teller..great job..plzz update next chapters