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May 9, 2005

People Magazine – Special Double Issue
“The 50 Most Beautiful People”

Most Beautiful Woman – Angelina Jolie
Best Body Part – Lips

Most Beautiful Man – Brad Pitt
Best Body Part – Abs

Over the last month, more than 500,000 votes were cast in’s online poll. Are you psychic? You named couple-of-the-moment, Brad and Angelina the most beautiful man and woman.

Excerpts taken from article in May 9, 2005 issue of People magazine, written by:
Michelle Tauber, Jason Lynch, Chris Strauss, Todd Gold, Mike Fleeman, Julie JordanSandra Marquez and Brenda Rodriguez in LA., Bryan Alexander and Sara Hammel in London, Xan Rice in Kenya, Neil Michael and Lisa Ingrassia and Courtney Hazlett in New York City.

Brad & Angelina
And Now Brangelina!

Their Beachside Getaway:

On April 19 Brad Pitt landed in Kenya for a holiday with Angelina Jolie and her 3-year-old son Maddox. They strolled on a beach and retreated inside the heavily guarded walls of the luxurious Alfajiri Villas on the Indian Ocean. During their stay the pair shared aa four-bedroom villa and enjoyed a safari at the neighboring wildlife reserve. At the resort “They wanted absolute privacy”, says a worker. Adds another source inside the hotel: “They acted as if they had known each other a long time”

Meanwhile Jen:

Though she frowned at LA paparazzi on April 24 after news broke of her soon-to-be ex-husband’s African rendezvous, people around Jennifer Aniston say she’s doing fine. After all, rumors of a Pitt-Jolie dalliance aren’t a new issue for her. Before Pitt and Aniston’s separation, “Jennifer knew that Angelina got under his skin and it bothered her.” A source told People in January.


Pitt Family Home
Springfield, Missouri

“Don’t answer it!” You know it’s just those people.” Jane Pitt shook her head. Ever since those pictures had become public, their phone hadn’t stopped ringing. She felt as though she were loosing her mind.

Doug knew his mother’s frustration; it was the same frustration he felt. He couldn’t understand the world’s obsession with his brother’s personal life. Yeah he knew his brother was “Brad Pitt” but there were other stars that were in the midst of a divorce, other stars that were trying to keep their private lives private. Why couldn’t they hound them. Reaching for the phone, Doug snatched it off of the base. “Yes?”

“May I speak to Mr. or Mrs. Pitt please?” The disembodied voice seemed to screech its way over the line.

“Who’s calling, please?” Doug knew it was the media. Lord he was sick of this!

“This is Laren Kastle with Celebrity Living and I wanted to know if The Pitts would like to give a statement regarding their son Brad and Angelina Jolie.”

“Listen, my parents have nothing to say. My sister has nothing to say. Her husband has nothing to say. I have nothing to say and neither does my wife. Stop calling…you’re wasting your time. The answer will always be the same!” Doug disconnected the line and slammed the hand unit back onto the base.

“I told you not to answer it.” Sighing heavily, Jane walked into the kitchen to finish preparing dinner. It’s constant. I can’t imagine what Brad is going through.”

A cheeky smile formed on Doug’s lips. “I can.” He murmured.

Jan turned from the stove to shoot Doug a stern look. “What do you mean by that?”

“Nothing mom…just that Brad is thousands of miles away on the set of ‘Babel’. He’s working and doesn’t have time for all this shi…”

“Watch your mouth!” Jane interrupted. No matter how old her children got, there was absolutely no swearing in her home.

“Stuff…he doesn’t have time for this stuff.” Doug gave his mother his best Sunday school smile. His thoughts regarding Brad, Angelina and their Kenyan vacation were far from Sunday school.

Jane watched Doug closely; she knew her all of children well and knew when Doug was keeping something from her. She could guess who he was thinking about. “What did you and your brother talk about, when you went to Morocco?”

“Mom…come on…” Doug definitely didn’t want to get into a discussion about Brad and Angelina with his mother, but somehow he knew that she wasn’t going to let it drop.

“Don’t come on me. What did you talk about? Did you talk about her? About this vacation he spent with her?”

“Mom…” Why bother to evade the question. Sooner rather than later, she’d get the information out of him. “Yes we talked about her…Angelina.”


“And what?” Doug felt like he was thirteen again, being forced to rat out his older brother for kissing the neighborhood hottie.

“Douglas!” Jane wasn’t in the mood for her second born’s games. The phone began ringing again. She stopped Doug as he dived for the handset. “Nooo! Leave it! Now talk.”

“Mom listen, Brad is going through something right now. He’s changing.” How could he make his mother understand, that for the first time in years Brad was on his way to becoming a truly happy man.

“Changing…hmmm. Not for the better. This changing has him leaving his wife, spending days doing God knows what with that loose girl and she has a child too! I heard the stories while he was making that movie with her. I wonder just how much of it is really true. He’s not even willing to try again…because of her no doubt.”

“First of all, he didn’t leave Jen, she filed for divorce. Don’t lay this at Angelina’s feet. Brad and Jen were through long before Brad started working with Angelina! And you know that Brad would never cheat on his wife.” Doug defended his older brother.

Raising the ladle she was using, she shook it at her second born. “Don’t raise your voice. Not cheat on his wife…what do you call that? He’s still married.” She pointed to the magazines on the table. “He spent four days with her and I doubt they were just talking. What kind of woman behaves that way around her child?”

Doug shook his head. “Mom come on. You know better than that. Brad and Jen are over…they have been for the past two years. He’s going through a divorce…which I might add again, Jennifer filed for. As far as Angelina’s character, you have no idea what kind of mother she is, you don’t even know her. In fact if memory serves me right, I believe you were the one that kept calling her “Indian Princess” whenever you saw her in a magazine. You thought she was sweet then.”

“That was over thirteen years ago, she was a child and she did look sweet. She’s an adult now and far from sweet.” Jane refused to give an inch.

“You don’t know her. You never did, you are basing your opinion on magazines, You saw her in a magazine while on vacation in England years ago and you saw her in the tabloids today. What are you doing buying this trash anyway?” Doug snatched the tabloids off of the table and tossed them in the recycling bin.

“I didn’t buy them. Margaret Gregory brought them over. She just wanted something to gossip about.” Turning back to the stove she stirred the sauce she preparing. “As far as this girl’s character is concerned, let your brother defend her. You worry more about Jennifer; she’s the one that needs us now.”

Doug couldn’t help but feel for Angelina. Mom would forgive Brad for what she thought of as a transgression against the sanctity of marriage but poor Angel, she would need more than Brad as a champion. Doug knew his brother…knew him well. He’d been there when Brad had taken off in Hollywood. He’d been there when Brad had gone through the women of Hollywood like clean underwear. He’d been there when Brad had fallen for Jennifer. He’d been there when Brad had put his dreams on hold out of consideration and love for Jen. He’d been there when Brad had finally realized that there would be no family for him. He’d been there as Brad fought his attraction for Angelina. He’d been there the day Brad and Jen had decided to end their marriage. And he’d be there the day Brad’s most precious dreams came true. Yes he’d stand by his brother and champion his Angel as well. Any woman that could put the smile that Doug had seen in Morocco, on his brother’s face, deserved his understanding and his friendship.

William Pitt entered the kitchen in time to hear his wife’s words. “You leave Jennifer alone. Don’t take sides between these two girls Jane. The only side you take is Brad and you keep your advice regarding his marriage to yourself.”

Turning the stove’s eyes off, she turned to her husband. “What? Jennifer has been in this family for seven years…”

“And Brad has been in it for forty-one. You remember that right? William Bradley Pitt II is our son.” William tossed his keys in the holder sitting by the back door. “Seven years…in all that time she never gave that boy an ounce of consideration.”

“William! How can you say that?”

Doug stared at his father. He’d never heard his father talk about Jennifer that way.

“How can I say that? How many times did she actually come here for a visit? How many times did she promise Brad a baby only to back out? How many times did Brad stand by her no matter what her situation was? How many times did she actually stand by him? Her career was always first.” Shaking his head in frustration, he continued “No…no interfering. Love her yes but leave Jennifer alone and let her deal with her choices. She’s not your child. Your child is trying to deal with his place in life, let him work this out on his own. If he comes to us then offer advice. And if he chooses to make this girl, Angelina and her son a part of his life, then we will accept her.”

Jane listened to her husband, but knew that it would take more than his words to sway her in Angelina’s direction. She remembered the first time she’d seen Angelina. She’d been leafing through a couple of fashion magazines and there she was modeling a silk poet’s blouse with lace cuffs, her hair a riot of long, thick dark curls. In the second picture her hair was straight and fell to her waist. She’d been dressed in an exotic beaded halter dress. Jane remembered thinking how beautiful the child was and she was a child…couldn’t have been more than seventeen or eighteen. Jane thought that in a few more years she’d be truly breathtaking. Angelina’s exotic looks reminded Jane of a Native American princess. Jane had been right, the girl had grown into an exquisite woman…with loose morals it seemed.

Funny…she still had those magazines.


May 9, 2005
Morocco / Sierra Leone

“Hey baby. Are you okay?” Brad spoke softly into the cell phone. He was on break from the set and Angelina’s call had been a much needed and pleasant surprise. But he could tell that something was bothering her. He guessed that it had something to d with her UN mission in Sierra Leone. He was constantly amazed by the scope of her dedication. She seemed to almost instill in him the need to do more.

Some women complained that there wasn’t enough time in the day to juggle a career and a family. But here she was, juggling both plus taking on the World’s most needy. Angelina was an amazing woman who didn’t receive half of the credit she deserved. One thing she didn’t deserve was a viper’s nest full of tabloids with blaring headlines accusing her of adultery. He’d been fielding calls from his family, Jennifer, Courtney and even George. Cindy his publicist was up to her neck in request for an “Official Statement”, regarding his and Angelina’s relationship. The shit simply had to stop!

He was on the verge of loosing his mind and his poor Angel; this was her worst fears coming true. He wished them somewhere private…away from prying eyes and snapping photographers.

“I’m fine, how are you?” She needed to hear his voice. That smooth baritone that engulfed her in solace. Surrounded by so much violence, desolate need, and death she craved his presence, his arms, and his person but for now she’d take the soothing sound of his voice.

“I’m fine, but you don’t sound fine. Is it Sierra?” Brad asked. The small pause on the other end of the line was too long for his peace of mind. “Baby?”

“It’s alright. I’m just a little tired that’s all. The UN’s expectations regarding Sierra Leon’s international aid are far from met. I don’t know…it’s just all so depressing.” Angelina answered softly. She missed Maddox, Brad…she missed the tranquility they brought to her life. She knew about the magazines, but here in Sierra Leone, Angelina was insulated. The paparazzi wouldn’t dare come to Sierra Leone. They weren’t interested in real issues. They were only interested in intruding on her most private moments.

She sounded so tired, he wished he could help her…hold her…brighten her day…make her smile. He wanted to erase all of her disappointment and hurt. But for now all he could offer was understanding and love. “You know it takes time baby. You’ve been at this a lot longer than most.”

“I know, you’re right.” Trying to shake her disappointment, Angelina lightened her voice and changed the subject. “How many calls today?”

Brad allowed the subject change, because he knew she needed it. The daily paparazzi calls- since the Diani beach pictures- were a running gag. They had a standing bet on the daily total of calls regarding ‘The pictures’. “So far Cindy has gotten fifteen calls today, I’ve gotten five from the family, and one from Catherine.”

“And?” Angelina asked. She knew there was more.

Brad hesitated for just a second, before continuing. “I got a call from Jennifer too. How did you know?”

“I can hear it in your voice.” Pausing to smile at a passing camp worker, she continued. “Brad, you can tell me anything. I need you to talk to me…tell me what’s going on with you…in your life. Don’t ever think that you have to hide any part of your life from me, in order to spare my feelings. Jennifer shared your life for over seven years, baby. She’s not just going vanish because you two aren’t together anymore. Take it from me, it doesn’t work that way. There are still feelings, memories and thoughts…it’s natural. I went through them with both Billy and Johnny. I expect you to go through them and I don’t want you to feel as though I won’t understand. I do and I’m here for you.”

God! He loved this woman. She was extraordinary. He didn’t know too many women who would have meant those words, let-alone said them aloud. He was almost speechless. He could only think of one way to respond. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” It felt so good to simply have those words said to her and to be able to say them in return. She knew this relationship was about to become as high profile as it could. Brad Pitt had achieved a near god like status and had been a media darling for the last ten years. A status Angelina knew for fact he didn’t relish. But that meant nothing to the media. “So what your family and Jennifer have to say?”

“Well my dad wanted to know what to say to the media. I told him not to say anything and that I would have the lawyers handle it. My mother called an hour later hysterical because she and Julie were pretty much stalked while picking the girls up from school. Doug called to complain about the constant calls coming in on his cell phone and to tell me that they were calling the office too.” Taking a deep breath, he continued. “Lisa even called to tell me that Jen had called her complaining that I never consider her feelings, at which point Jen called me on the other line. I had to listen to fifteen minutes of ‘How could you? You never take my feelings into consideration. Sometimes you can be so insensitive.’ Yadda…yadda…yadda.”

“Breath.” Angelina could hear the frustration building and she knew he was due back on set soon. He needed to stay as close to character as possible and a recounting his soon to be ex wife’s whining tirade or his family’s worries about media intrusion. “Breath again…in…out. Calm deep breaths.”

Brad allowed the breathing exercise to help and the sound of Angelina’s smooth husky voice to sooth him. “So how many have you had today?”

“Well, my brother called me this morning and my mother called twice today. She wanted to make sure that I was okay and to warn me about the barrage of paparazzi waiting for my return. She called the second time to congratulate me on making ‘People’s’ top fifty most beautiful. Oh and congratulations by the way.” Angelina joked. “So you win, that’s twenty-two to my three. I’d say media wise my day was a hell of lot calmer than yours.”

“Ha ha…very funny…lucky you. You know I think people truly fear you Angel. The paparazzi wouldn’t dare call and harass you or any member of your family, for fear you’d dream up some truly evil form of retribution.” Brad laughed. He moved out of the shade of his trailer into open view. Pulling the zipper of his gray hoody down he opened the jacket, catching the glint of yet another paparazzo’s camera. “Ahh, the rats are out today as well.”

Knowing exactly what he was talking about, she joked. “Say cheese!” Laughing at his groan, she continued. “Make sure that they get your good side. Oh wait! You’re Brad Pitt. All your sides are good sides.”

“You’re funny ha…ha…ha, a regular laugh riot. Maybe I should give them your address. You’ve got quite a few good sides yourself, though I’d prefer it if you’d keep those that I’m partial to, clothed and away from the cameras.” He moved out of view of the camera. His voice serious once more, he spoke softly into the cell phone, looking out at the burnish golden sands that surrounded him. “I miss you.”

“I miss you too. Mad told me to tell you hi and that you forgot to call him yesterday. I told him that sometimes you have to work late.” She felt as though she were in one of those television shows from the sixties, where the mother gave the father a report on the children after work. It felt right.

“Yeah, I didn’t get in until two o’clock this morning. Oh by the way, I picked something up for Mad while I was at the wildlife park.”

“Brad, you’re going to spoil him.” Angelina admonished, but she was secretly thrilled that Brad was thinking of Mad as well. It was hard to find a man interested in more than just sex. Someone willing to take on a young child.

“He’s worth spoiling Angel. Maddox is a wonderful little boy and I want make sure he knows it. I didn’t just fall in love with you. I love him too and I want as much time with him as I want with you.” He pushed his point home. “He’s worth spoiling and so is his mother.”

Angie was speechless. Brad was an amazing man. He had accomplished so much in his life time. She had the feeling that if he needed to, he could be quite ruthless in getting what he wanted. And he left no doubt as to what he wanted.


“I…I’m here. My mind just wandered that’s all.”

Brad smiled at her hesitation. “I was thinking…”

“Oh, that can’t be good.” Angelina jokingly giggled. She’d never been one for goofiness or jokes. Her life prior to Maddox had been depressing, dark and bleak. She’d spent more time questioning her existence and her purpose, living from one night to the next testing fate every step of the way; death becoming her fascination and at one point, her goal. Maddox had brightened her life and with his entrance a whole new meaning had emerged. She lived for him; he was her companion, death and depression no longer held sway over her thoughts. Now fate had brought another light into her life and every gut wrenching instinct she had told her to grab it and never let it go.

“Oh you’re hilarious. Who knew the great ‘La Jolie’ had such a sense of humor.” Brad groaned. He laughed more these days and in his eyes, Angelina was the reason. He listened to her husky giggles for a moment before going on. “What does your schedule look like?”

Why? Is there another special surprise waiting?” She liked his surprises. There was nothing wrong having a great dinner and a little horizontal role playing was an added incentive.

“Well…not a surprise. Cate is having a birthday party on the fourteenth of this month. I wanted to know if you would do me the honor and accompany me Ms. Jolie.” Brad knew he was asking a lot, but the secret as it were was already riding the cover of every mag and tab out there. The silence on the other end of the line seemed to be his answer. “If you’d rather not, I’ll understand.”

“No…no I’m just surprised. With all the attention you’re getting, I didn’t think that you’d be up for a somewhat public appearance. But if you want me to, I’ll be happy to accompany you Mr. Pitt.”

“Brad! We’re ready for you!” He heard the director, Alejandro yell out.

Angelina heard the call as well. “Uh Ohhh…your lord and master calls.”

The load of the Party invitation lifted, Brad groaned playfully. “I hear and must obey. I’ll talk to you tonight baby.”

“I’ll be waiting. I love you.” She sent the words over the line to him wrapped in promises.

Brad received them and responded with his own. “I love you too”


May 12, 2005
Los Angeles/ Morocco

Brad rolled over from his nap to grab the ringing cell phone. Glancing at the face, he read the caller id, the name immediately causing frustration to build. He’d thought it was Angelina but it wasn’t. “Hello” He didn’t bother to hide the sleep from voice. With any luck she’d get the hint and hang up.

“Brad, we need to talk.” Jennifer’s less than jovial voice broke over the line.

Nope! She never was one to catch on to veiled hints. “Let me guess, the pictures.”

Jennifer didn’t bother to beat around the bush, she moved right in on the attack. “Yes the pictures! What the hell is wrong with you? I mean do you have an ounce of consideration for my feelings?”

“I’m sorry Jen; I was under the impression that after you filed for divorce, we no longer had much to do with one another. I didn’t know that I had to check in with my ex-wife before taking a vacation.” Brad wasn’t in the mood for this. His head ached and he missed Angelina and dammit if he wasn’t having Maddox withdrawals. He really missed that little boy. The last thing he wanted to hear was his ex harping on about pictures he nad absolutely no control over.

“Not ex! The divorce won’t be final until October.” Jennifer protested.

“What are talking about Jen? The divorce has been filed. We are no longer engaging in a marital relationship. You did understand that when you filed right?” Brad snapped.

Jen felt a bitterness begin to bubble up in her throat. How dare he talk to her this way! “Yes Bradley, I got that. I didn’t call to talk about the technicalities of our divorce.”

“Then what Jen? Did you really call to bitch at me about some photos I have no control over? I mean really, you can’t keep them from taking pictures of you sunbathing every other month and you believe that I can stop some tourist from snapping photos?” Brad sat up, running his fingers through his thick short hair.

“Tourist? I heard that she called the tabloids and tipped them off. Telling them where you would be. And sure enough he gets a picture of you off playing happy families with her and that Cambodian orphan of hers. You…” Brad’s cold voice interrupted her.

“One time…and one time only. DO NOT bring Maddox into this. He’s an innocent child, who’s done nothing to you.” Responding to the rest of her statement, Brad went on. “And as for the pictures, Angelina had nothing to do with that. They were taken and sold by an independent. She neither called, nor set up the picture. I told you about reading those damn tabloids. I see that you still don’t listen.”

Knowing that she wouldn’t get any further she moved on to the next insult. “You know it’s not really about how they were taken; it’s the fact that they were. You claimed for months that nothing was going on between the two of you and now a mere two and a half weeks after we filed for divorce; you’re on vacation with her! How do you think this makes me look…do you even care how I feel?”

Lord have mercy! Why did everything have to revolve around her? “JENNIFER! Angelina and I aren’t living our lives just to spite you!” His head was really beginning to pound. He just didn’t need this shit! “Don ’t you dare pull that card out! I never lied to you! Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t I admit to being attracted to her? Yes! Now why would you think that after you cut me loose, I wouldn’t move on?”

“Your mother is right, you can be so dense…” Again he interrupted.

“Why are you talking to my mother?” Brad wished his mother would stay out of this. He loved her and knew she was only trying to do what she felt was best, but it was not helping. Jennifer had attached herself to his family and didn’t seem to want to move on. He didn’t begrudge her his family’s love and he didn’t want to be intentionally cruel but he was uncomfortable with her constant whining to his mother when things didn’t go her way. She had been doing it since they’re first fight. What a mess.

“I needed someone to talk to and she said that she would always be there for me. Why? Do you plan to put a stop to it?” Jennifer’s voice sounded as belligerent as a sleepy four year old not wanting to nap.

“Jen, if you want to talk to my mother fine, but stop taking all of your problems to her. Especially things neither of you can change. Angelina is in my life, she and Maddox and my mother is going to have to deal with that and so are you.”

“You could at least let me know ahead of time the next time you and that woman go on another vacation. That way I’m prepared to give some kind of statement.” Jennifer insisted.

“Look Jen, I have a headache and was in the middle of a nap before you called. I’m sorry about the pictures and the upset they caused you. But I have a late set call this evening and I need to rest.” The best retreat was a quick one.

“We’re not finished Brad…”

“Oh yes we are. Good bye Jennifer.” Brad hung up before she could draw him further into her madness. He did feel bad about the pictures and the affect they were obviously having on Jennifer but was he supposed to live in a cave until she deemed it okay for him to get on with his life. He wanted a new life, an understanding, mature and compassionate companion, he wanted children…he wanted his life to matter. He’d spent seven years loving her and helping her chase her dreams, now it was time for him to do more than chase his; he meant to make his dreams a reality.

The cell phone began ringing again, believing it to be Jennifer, he answered it without checking the caller id. “What!?”

The sultry voice on the other end soothed his nerves immediately. “Baby what’s the matter? Are you okay?”

“I am now.” A second later, he realized just how true the words were. His day seemed to brighten with every word she spoke. “Lord…sweetheart I love you.”

“Well that is definitely always nice to hear.” Angelina’s voice almost seemed to purr across the long distance connection. “I love you too baby.”

He also realized something else. His headache, so painful only moments before was completely gone.

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