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October 2004
Private Promenade…

“You’re not funny Bradley! Stop.” Squealing, Angelina tried to pull away from Brad’s tickling fingertips but Brad refused to let her go. His fingers finding her most sensitive and ticklish spots. "Bradley!”

Laughing Brad finally decided to stop his torture and let her up from his lap. “Who knew that the beautiful and dangerous Ms. Jolie would be so ticklish?”

“I thought that you were supposed to be a good guy?” At his shrug she punched him non-to-gently in the arm.

“Eh...I never claimed to be a good guy.” Brad’s mood change within mere seconds. “Yeah, I seem to be far from a ‘good guy’ at home.”

“Still bad huh?” Angelina sat down next to Brad. “I thought you two were making some kind of progress.” She knew that he and Jennifer were having serious problems and that they were currently seeing a marriage counselor. It didn’t seem to be helping.

“Yeah just not in the right direction.” Standing, he held his hand out to her. “Walk with me.”

Without hesitation, Angelina stood and allowed him to grasp her hand. They walked quietly for a moment, simply enjoying the view. Brad didn’t release her hand and she was content to let him hold on to it. After what seemed like twenty minutes, Angelina decided to break the silence. “So, you want to talk?”

“It’s just not working, the counseling. Even my parent’s advice doesn’t seem to be working. I’m trying to be understanding. I realize that Jennifer has a few issues to resolve within herself. I understand that but…” Brad’s voice trailed off as he stared out at the clear blue waters that caressed the coast. “She signed up for three movies and is considering three more and never once did she bother to discuss it with me.”

“I thought you two were working on starting a family.” Angelina kept her emotions regarding Jennifer’s perfidy to herself. From what Brad had told her the ‘baby’ issue had been going on for the last two years. He’d given her the two years she’d asked for at the beginning of their marriage and she’d been putting him off ever since. Was the wman out of her mind? Who wouldn’t to create a family with this man? His wife, that’s who.

“Yeah, well she decided that I could wait another two years.” She caught the glint of tears in Brad’s eyes. “She’s never going to give me any children. I guess I should accept that. But I just hoped and wished she would. I even asked her about adoption, that was a resounding no!”

Angelina pulled her had hand free to rub Brad’s back. “Give her time to think about it. She’ll change her mind.”
“No…she won’t. All she wants now is a movie career and an Oscar.”

Angelina made a choking noise. Really? An Oscar…her?” Angelina decided to let it go. But inside she knew that it would be a long time before Jennifer Aniston ever won an Oscar.

Brad laughed at Angelina’s humor. “Yeah…an Oscar.”

The two laughed a bit longer before the mood once again became a sober one. Angelina stopped walking, turning to Brad she reached up to smooth his hair, ending the gesture by cupping Brad’s jaw. “If you want your marriage to work, you know what you have to do?”

“No, not anymore. I’m tired of being the only one trying to infuse a bit of sincerity and romance into our marriage. If she wants a career then she can have it.”

Angelina shook her head. “No. She can have both. Hello! Actors do it all the time.”

Exasperated Brad sighed heavily. “Yeah but she doesn’t seem to know that or rather she sees only one way to do it!”

She could only think of one thing to say and so she did. “I’m so sorry Brad.”

Brad saw his own anguish reflected in her beautiful Hazel eyes. “Hey don’t worry, if my grandma Betty is to be believed; all things have a way of working out. This is no different.” Taking her hand again, he pulled her towards the open market. “Let’s look around.”


The evening was clear, the weather warm and enticing. They’d decided to have dinner on her patio. Here they could enjoy their meal without the paparazzi snapping endless photos that would somehow find their way to the highest bidding tabloid.. They wanted privacy away from prying eyes and speculation.

“Here try this.” Angelina held out a forkful of her chocolate ravioli dessert for Brad to try.

Brad’s mouth enveloped the fork and gently pulled the tender dessert pasta from it. :Mmmmm…very good.” He managed around the rich morsel. “Try this.” He held a spoonful of his vanilla bean confection out to her.

Leaning forward she opened her mouth to allow him to feed the morsel to her. Instead Brad traced her lips with the sweet and dabbed a bit on to her tongue before returning the uneaten piece to his own mouth.

“Hey! No fair, what about my taste? I guess I’ll just have to be satisfied with my lips huh?” Angelina’s tongue darted out, seeking and tasting the corners of her mouth. Before she could move any further, Brad stood and moved over to Angelina’s side of the table. Pulling her to her feet, he spoke. “You want a taste? Here/” He opened his mouth to show her the morsel still lying there on his tongue.

Her voice husky, Angelina reacted to the intense feelings engulfing them. Too many nights alone… too many day wishing...wanting. Too many days trying to hide a desire that grew stronger each day. She wanted him so bad she could smell him. If nothing else she had to taste him, just once. Leaning in she met his mouth with her own, tasting and exploring until she captured the elusive piece of dessert. “Mmmmm…very good.”

Brad’s hands found their way into her hair. That glorious mane of hair, he’d secretly been itching to touch. Grasping a handful of the brunette locks, he pulled her head back roughly. Using his tongue he began to trace her full luscious lips. ‘God, he’d dreamed of those lips; their plump softness.’ He nipped gently at the puffy lower lip, until she whimpered, giving him permission to move further. Sucking gently on the well teased lip, Brad allowed his hands to cup her face, holding her still for his oral invasion. He aggressively went after the prize, his tongue dueling and subduing hers. Nothing tasted so sweet. She reminded him of a ripe sweet orange with just a hint of tartness.

Angelina deepened the kiss, allowing her own tongue to entice. Her hands began exploring his body, delicately running up his arms to well formed Biceps. ‘Oh his arms, He had the most wonderful arms. Thick and hard…made to carry a woman. She continued her exploration, moving over his should blades and roaming downward toward that magnificent butt. Their kiss so demanding, that she was sure her lips were bleeding. The more he took, the more she gave.

He wanted more. Allowing one hand to caress its way down into the succulent valley of her full breasts, he tested the weight of one perfect globe in his hand, squeezing the softness and teasing the already rigid nipple into a stiff pebble. Brad’s other hand glided slowly down her back to caress her curved bottom. Even through the thin material of her white cotton skirt, his fingers sought and found the crease that split her buttocks. Following the crease until both hands cupped her bottom. He needed more!

Never breaking the kiss, Brad carried her over to the balcony’s sofa, laying her there, he followed her down. Pushing her skirt up over her impossibly long legs slowly, he caressed every inch uncovered. Using his knees to spread her legs, he settled into the hot moist apex of her thighs. His hands still searching, they found the softness of her naked buttocks. ‘Lord he did love a woman’s thong.’

Angie’s own hands were doing a bit of exploration themselves. ‘The man had the world’s greatest ass. There was no other like it. Her hands pushed and fought their way into the waste of his cotton summer pants, needing…wanting to touch flesh. When they finally found the warm flesh she sighed. When his hands caressed and molded the supple flesh of hers she moaned. “Braaaddd…”

Hot, hard and heavy. She needed more, ; he wanted more. Reaching between them he found button to open his pants. Leaving his fly open he once again reached up to hold her head still, while he captured her mouth in yet another bruising kiss. Grinding his groin into her as his tongue moved in and out of her mouth mimicking the rhythm of loves age old dance of lust, fulfillment and love.

Pulling her mouth away from his, Angelina had to catch her breath. She had to stop him, she had to stop herself. God this was a married man, what was she doing? “Brad…Brad!” Still fighting to catch her, she fought him as well, dodging his seeing lips. When he couldn’t capture her mouth again he settled on her throat, sucking and laving the pulse that beat at the base of her throat. She was dying and in mere minutes they would be past the point of no return and that was definitely not a journey they needed to take right now. “Brad, please…we have to stop…please.”

Her voice came to him through a haze of lust. However it wasn’t her voice or the words that stopped him. It was the panic in her eyes. He had to stop for the sake of his marriage and for Angelina’s sake. He couldn’t destroy the trust that he’d built with her over the last ten months. With one last caressing kiss, he pushed away from her and fastened his pants. Reaching over he helped her right her own cloths. “What do we do now?”

Angelina stared into his heavenly blue eyes and gave an answer that would end it. “We’re done shooting for now. So you go home to your wife and make it work. I’ll go home to my son. This can’t happen again Brad. I think it best if we stay away from each other.”

“Just like that?” Brad knew it was for the best. He knew she was right. But the decision just hurt so bad; it was an ache that went further than the massive arousal he’d be nursing tonight. It consumed him, just as the thought, feel and taste of her enslaved him.

“We don’t have another choice.” She bent over; the pain of arousal she could deal with, it was the pain of the soul she was having a problem with. How was she supposed to simply let this man go? But she had no choice, he belonged to another woman and she would never be a married man’s mistress. She’d almost broken her vow; no other man had ever made her test her vow.

“Will you see other men?”


“Fine. But know this Angel, one day I’ll be free and heaven help anyone who stands between me and you.

If they knew then what we all know now…
That it would be just a matter of months until Brad was a free man…


“Mommy…mommy” The little voice along with the incessantly patting hand finally penetrated the deep fog surrounding her dreams. “Mommy…mommy…wake up mommy.”

Angie rolled over and pushed the thick curtain of hair away from her face. She squinted at the sleep swollen face of her three year old son. “Hey sweetheart.” Sitting up, she reached over and pulled the toddler into bed with her. Cuddling him she cleared her fogged mind and focused on him. “What’s the matter baby? Did you have a bad dream?” Maddox shook his head no as he cuddled deeper into his mother’s arms.

“Okaaay…do you have to go potty?” Again the child shook his head. “Water?” Another shake. Settling back down with the child onto the pillows she snuggled him down under the covers with her. “So you tell me…”

“You had a bad dream mommy.” The child answered.

“What?” Angelina asked softly.

“You had a bad dream. You woke me up.” He began playing with his mother’s hand as he spoke. “You were making noises, so I came in hereto wake you up.”

Glad the child couldn’t see her face, Angelina kissed the soft hair that ran the center of his head in a punky Mohawk. “Well thank you for waking me up. Now I think that we should both go back to sleep. Huh?”

Looking up at his mother he asked. “Okay but can I sleep in here with you now?”

“Sure baby.”

“Goodnight mommy.” He rolled over in snuggled closer into the only embrace he knew… that had been his protection for most of his life.

“Goodnight baby.” She began rubbing his hair gently. If he only knew how much he meant to her. He’d saved her from herself…grounded her and she do or give up anything for him. “I love you my Madness.”

Already half asleep the toddler responded before giving in to slumber. “Love you too mommy.”

She held him for a moment longer, to make sure he was asleep before leaving the bed and walking out onto the balcony of her bedroom. The light fragrant wind wafted soothingly over her sensitive skin. She knew she wouldn’t be able to sleep. She was afraid to close her eyes. Behind her lids there waited hell’s desire. A desire she had no hope of assuaging.

“Couldn’t sleep?” There it was; the voice that haunted her every conscious and subconscious moment.


He came awake, his taut body covered in sweat. “Now that was a wet dream.” He murmured to himself. Getting up he went into the bathroom to splash cold water on to his face.

Looking up he stared at his reflection in the bathroom mirror. If he had any hopes of salvaging his marriage, He had to get her out of his mind. He had to let her and Maddox go. Walking out onto his private balcony, he stood watching the Ocean waves roll lightly up onto the deserted beach below.

A small sound registered and warned him that he wasn’t alone. He knew before he even turned that it was her; the Angel that haunted his day and night dreams. Looking to his left he saw her, she wore a large black sleep shirt that stopped at the top of her thighs, leaving the length of her pale legs open to view. Her thick hair left unbound, fell in mussed waves down her back, ending just below her shoulders. Ahhh…his Angel, worth tens of millions of dollars and still she remained low maintenance. He spoke softly, “Couldn’t sleep?”

Angelina’s gaze jerked around until it found him. “Ye…umm…Mad woke me up.”

Brad stared at her for a moment before speaking. “Hmmm…is he sleeping now?”

“Yes.” She smiled softly. “He wanted to cuddle I think. So why aren’t you sleeping? Bad dream?”

“Not bad, just intense and forbidden.” The heat suffusing his eyes was almost visible or maybe it was his intense stare that warmed.

“Mad said that I was moaning…or rather he said that I was making noises.” She admitted. “Dreams…”

“What were you dreaming about?” He prompted quietly

“You.” A simple answer. Her eyes roamed over his body noticing that he slept in a pair of lthin cotton pajama pants and no shirt. Hmmm…he was addictive/

“Then I wasn’t alone.” Sighing heavily he ran his hand over his bare chest “What do we do?”

“Nothing. You go home and work on your marriage and Mad and I go home and live our lives.”

“Fine. But know this Angel, one day I’ll be free and heaven help anyone who stands between me and you.”

He echoed the exact words spoken in her dream. “You’re suppose to have Jennifer on your mind.”

“And I will just as soon as you and Mad get the hell out of it. Good night Angel.” He turned and walked back into his bedroom, leaving Angelina standing there wondering what to do next.

“Goodnight Bradley.” She whispered.

She and Mad left for England the next day. She was due to make a UNHCR visit to Darfur in a week and needed to get her mind back in order.

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